the mystic swing

HEYYYYYYYY the party I’m in switched DMs and we’re restarting the game. Twelve’s a little too cowboy for the setting so this time around I’m gonna give Mystic class a swing. Whipped up a dude bro Fire Genasi named Gil. He wants to be a hero. He wants to be your friend. He wants to look cool.

Edit: I’ll probably add some yellow/orange to his hair to make it look more like fire/explosion

anonymous asked:

May I request the rfa reacting to MC having mood swings? Sorry if that's a little vague ahah;;


- he’s pretty surprised

- asks if you want to see a doctor or therapist about it

- dodges a punch after asking

- respects your answer if you say no

- just thought he’d give you the option in case you wanted it


- slightly nervous

- doesn’t want to upset you in any way

- if you’re suddenly in a bad mood he’ll try to help you through it

- but if you don’t want any help he backs off quickly

- tries not to bring it up


- so scared when he first sees you have a really bad mood swing

- is paranoid of upsetting you

- after some time passes he does calm down a little

- obviously tries his hardest not to say anything upsetting

- but he has a better idea of what can set you off, so just avoids those topics

- when something else cause a bad mood swing he’s very patient and does his best to help you


- she’s had to deal with a variety of people

- so she has no trouble coping with your mood swings

- extremely patient

- if you get mad at her she doesn’t takes it personally

- asks if you’d be interested in seeing a therapist

- whatever you answer is, she’s supportive


- he has his own kind of mood swings, so he doesn’t mind at all

- sometimes takes it personally if you get mad at him, even if it’s not actually directed at him

- has to learn how to remind himself that you’re not actually angry at him

- does try to help cheer you up

- which works about half the time

- it’s 50/50 whether you’ll tell him to leave you alone or not

If my heart is
A crazy little bird,
Are you the solace
Of blue sky
To its soaring wings ?
Or you are
The intangible mystic cage
Swinging to the rhythm of its song ?

Pluvial moon’s
Ethereal caress ,
Golden bars ..
Guitar strings

What you are ,
I know not.
What I am ,
I have seized to think of.
Wilderness flying
Into endless eternities
Or hapless captives
Tangled in mellowing breaths,
Whatever we are..
We are.

So let the sun in
And lend me your hand
Let love play the tune
And we..
Shall dance.