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ALRIGHT NEW LION SWITCH EXPLANATION inspired by a discussion with @bisharpshooter as a tangent from this

the lion chooses its paladin and forges a mystical bond with them. these lions have already chosen their true paladins. their choices for new paladins are for the sake of their true paladins. 


in s2e1, black only responded to keith because shiro was in danger and keith could save him. in that same episode, shiro told keith that he wanted him to lead when shiro was gone. 

in s3, shiro was gone, and although allura is the “decision-maker”, black chose keith.

it all comes back to the trust between black and shiro, something that grew between them throughout two seasons. it’s the foundation of their mystical bond. 

black has been used and abused by zarkon, but shiro respects her and knows that she cannot be commanded. this has earned black’s trust. if shiro truly believes in keith as the leader of voltron, then black will trust that.

EDIT: as an anon pointed out, keith was talking to shiro when black chose him, making it even more obvious that black is carrying out shiro’s wishes, not her own. black literally responded in shiro’s place here, trying to tell keith, as shiro would, that he can lead the team. 

lance even said, “i respect its choice” when black chose keith. by extension of respecting black’s choice to trust shiro’s judgment, lance and keith are trusting shiro’s judgment as well. the very thing that keith doubted so much. 

furthermore, this would add significance to black rejecting the shiro in season 3. she didn’t reject him because he was unworthy or because she’d moved on; she rejected him because she does not trust him.

TLDR: the mystical bond between black and shiro is founded on trust. black chose keith because shiro chose keith, and she trusts her true paladin’s judgment. 


red called out to lance only after keith literally called out to lance for help. essentially, red called out to lance because keith called out to lance. her desires mirrored keith’s. if keith wanted lance to be there, then by god lance would be there. 

get in, lancey lance, we’re going shopping to save my son.

throughout s3, lance looked out for keith both physically and emotionally, more so than any other character. without his help, it’s not fun to imagine what would have happened to keith and the rest of the team. 

red has demonstrated on two major occasions that she is very concerned with keith’s welfare and will do anything to keep him safe. this is particularly interesting, since she was so temperamental when she first met him that she waited until he was about to die to let him in. the foundation of their mystical bond is protection

we know that lance in particular is great at keeping keith safe, even if he wasn’t before… (hmmMMMMMMMM. HMMMMMMMMMMMM.)

furthermore, allura emphasized that red must have chosen lance to be keith’s right-hand man, to which lance said, “i won’t let him down.” he explicitly made the connection between red calling out to him and keeping keith safe. this is red basically saying, “please keep my idiot son from getting himself killed. be his impulse control, i believe in you.” 

TLDR: the mystical bond between red and keith is founded on protection. red chose lance because he will keep her true paladin safe. 


lance said it himself: “i’m glad it was you.” it’s as simple as that. despite his obnoxious flirting that he’s done in the past, he deeply admires allura. this dynamic in particular really appealed to people, but it was a new angle that had yet to be explored until this opportunity arose. 

blue must have know that lance being separated from her would be difficult, but she guessed (correctly) that allura taking his place would put him in a position in which he wants to be supportive and feels the least upset about it. despite all my complaining about blue shutting him out, i think this decision was made with lance’s self-doubt (which is exactly what blue responded to in allura) in mind. 

blue supports lance. she’s his best bud, his old girl, his blue, his beautiful. she makes him feel useful and happy. as the “mom” of the lions, she’s there for him. the foundation of their bond is support

TLDR: the mystical bond between blue and lance is founded on support. blue chose allura because blue knew that lance would be supportive of allura

as for why lance needed to lose blue at all, maybe she knew that red would continue to refuse allura (being temperamental about keith), and thus needed to force red’s hand. this one is still…kinda fuzzy as to the “why”, but the “who” absolutely matches up with the pattern. that fuzziness also lends itself to a potential explanation for blue being so…cold about the whole thing, both to lance and to allura. 

black’s true paladin is shiro, red’s true paladin is keith, and blue’s true paladin is lance. the lions chose new paladins for their respective true paladins, not for themselves as they did initially. this is merely emphasis as to who their true paladins are.  

it’s interesting that lance was the one to confirm the true reasoning behind all of these switches. black: “i respect its choice.” (respect shiro’s choice to trust keith.) red: “i won’t let him down.” (protect keith.) blue: “if i had to lose blue to someone, i’m glad it was you.” (support allura, thereby supporting lance.) 

this highlights why season 3 was so effective in strengthening the bonds that lance has with both allura and keith. the switches were based on the bonds that their true paladins had with the other paladins, so of course the switch would strengthen those bonds. lance and allura always had the potential to mutually respect and admire one another, and now they do. lance and keith always had the potential of being leader and right-hand man, and now they are. 

TLDR: lance’s bond with keith was strengthened because red chose him to protect keith, her true paladin. allura’s bond with lance was strengthened because blue chose her to support lance, her true paladin. black chose keith to trust shiro, her true paladin, and rejected new shiro because she didn’t trust him. 

if this is the explanation, then i’m honestly okay with the whole thing. 

(if you’re wondering where allura would end up…)


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Good luck, your odds are better here than with the Mystic Forge!

It’s odd going back to episode one because

  • Todd finds the clown doll in his apartment
  • Dirk says “hey that’s mine!” but he sounds surprised, like he didn’t expect to see it there?
  • Does it actually belong to Dirk? Or is it something that he “borrowed” because he thought no-one would yell at him?
  • If Dirk’s living out of a duffle bag, why would he waste space lugging around something and yet act so blase about losing it?
  • Martin’s already got it in his hand by the time they’re feeding on Dirk
  • If Dirk didn’t leave it in the apartment and yet he claims that it belongs to him, how did it get there. Did someone else leave it?
  • Or did it fall out of Dirk’s duffle bag because it wanted to be found?
Otome Husbands

Gosh, I feel so flattered being tagged by @letsmysticmeessenger , ☺️. Anyway… 1)Zen-MysMess 2)Yamato Kougami-My Forged Wedding Party 3)Seven-MysMess 4)Takeomi Shiina-Rental Boyfriends 5)Saeran-MysMess 6)Jumin Han-MysMess 7)V-MysMess 8)Etsuya Tomihara-Rental Boyfriends 9)Inuchiyo-Samurai Love Ballad 10)Tie:Ren or Saeki-My Forged Wedding Party Tagging some of my favorite blogs: @sparklymysticboys @o0w0o @iammrskougami

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Ty as Merlin...

I just reposted an older blog of Cassie’s where she tells of how the Wicked Powers will be loosely based on the Arthurian Legends. With that clue I’m proposing some new theories. The Wicked Powers main protagonists will be Kit, Ty and Dru. I think Kit would most likely be Arthur’s equivalent. But what about Ty?

I keep going back to the scene between Ragnor and James at the Academy, after James turned into a Shadow:

       “I waited for you to ask me for help,” Ragnor told him. “I thought perhaps you might make a warlock.”

       “I never wanted to be anything but a Shadowhunter,” James said helplessly.

       Ragnor said, sounding disgusted as usual: “You Shadowhunters never do.”

Does this mean that James could have chosen to leave the Clave to become a Warlock? It’s sounds like a definite possibility. Since Ty is a descendent of Lucie’s, could he then have a latent warlock ability as well? I have a theory that stress is what triggers warlock abilities: Tessa’s was triggered by her imprisonment with the Dark Sisters, James by nearly dying, and Magnus when his step-father tried to kill him. I can’t even imagine the ‘stress’ to Ty, caused by Livvy’s death.

And after what Ty saw of the Centurions, he changed his mind and said didn’t want to be one anymore. After seeing what the Shadowhunters were like in that Council meeting, would he still want to be a Shadowhunter—or would he choose becoming a warlock if that was an option? I like this idea too, because it’s an angle that Cassie hasn’t explored yet in any of her books—something new for her to do with a character and storyline.

Cassie: “Sure, Dru is never going to replace Livvy. But because of Livvy’s death, Ty does something that makes Wicked Powers possible. And no, he wouldn’t have done it if Dru died, because indeed his relationship with Livvy is unique.” What does Ty do?

Someone mentioned in an earlier post (I apologize, I tried to find it again and couldn’t so I can’t site) that Livvy might connected in some way with the Lady of the Lake—protector of the hidden realm to Avalon. Could she take up that metaphorical mystical role? Could Ty forge a connection between the two of them (using his twin bond) to wherever she is?

And Dru. Would she correspond with Morgana? Could she have a latent warlock power too? I admit I don’t know the Arthurian legends well enough to go any further in speculation. Cassie did say parallels are good, but like TMI, TWP may be a ‘mash up’ too.

Love to hear feedback and other ideas!

Okay Voltage Fandom

If you make ANY content for; Star-Crossed Myth My Forged Wedding Kissed by the Baddest Bidder Butler until Midnight Enchanted in the Moonight Mystic Messenger PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! TAG ME! I NEED CONTENT! I AM RUNNING OUT OF THINGS TO READ AND I LOVE FAN ART. I am an adult so anything is fine. Smut. fluff. angst. ANYTHING! I love head cannons. Th only thing I want to be warned about is main character death. i can’t handle the feels without a warning.

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when you have a full stack of mini queen jennah’s you can put them in the mystic forge to make yourself an actual, real-life sized queen jennah


So I’m sure some others have already taken some screens of this, but I wanted to take a look and upload some for any who might have not seen yet! With the recent Current Events achievement, Burden of Choice, you had the option of siding with the Priory or the Consortium. Anticipating that a lot of my buds would be going with the Priory, I decided to go with the Consortium (and hey they put up a solid argument!) to see if any differences would come from it.

And a few days late, here we are! With the Mystic Forge returned, we now see that, if you’ve done the achievement, the model you take on is now reminiscent of the race of whatever character you’re on. I played with the asura and charr in particular. With the Priory, the model takes on a warmer color and the eyes are mostly standard. But with the Consortium, the form is a cool color and the eyes are far more wide and round, with the inclusion of a third, identical eye on the forehead.

I’m super stoked to see where this ends up leading!

Also, taking screens in the Mystic Forge is the most inconvenient thing. ;__; Dumped my graphics into the lowest end possible since otherwise it was difficult to get a good look at the color and feature differences.

Also also, big thanks to a buddy of mine that tolerated me using them as a comparison subject for these screens. <3


Free-to-Play games I am currently playing:

  1. Destined to Love
  2. My Forged Wedding Party
  3. Midnight Cinderella
  4. Mystic Messenger
  5. Sweet Scandal Returns (EN and JP)
  6. Office Lover 2 (EN and JP)
  7. The Cinderella Contract
  8. Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale
  9. My Sweet Proposal
  10. Rental Boyfriends (EN and JP)
  11. Love Never Dies
  12. Samurai Love Ballad Party

My favorites (in no particular order, except the first two):

  • Destined to Love
  • Midnight Cinderella
  • Mystic Messenger
  • Sweet Scandal Returns
  • My Sweet Proposal

Some of these other games are too new for me to say how I feel about them one way or another. Mostly OL2 and Rental Boyfriends.

Favorite otome bachelors:

  • Isuka, Asena, Yuri (The Cinderella Contract)
  • Sid, Louis, and Leo (Midnight Cinderella)
  • Ryoma and Takasugi (Destined to Love)
  • Zen (Mystic Messenger)
  • Yamato (My Forged Wedding Party)
  • Leonhardt, Luca, Silvio, Kite (One Upon an Fairy Love Tale)
  • Eishi, Masaya, Shinya (My Sweet Proposal)
  • Shinobu, Masato (Sweet Scandal Returns)
  • Joshua Lieben (Be My Princess Party)

As for funnest, I enjoy the CYBIRD games the most (Destined to Love, Midnight Cinderella) because of the MC and how the stories are written. Though the Ever Afters in MidC…. I could do without them. I have yet to be impressed by them. But the mains are all solid.

Through what precinct of life’s forest are you hiking at this                 moment?
Are you kicking up leaf litter or stabbed by brambles?
Of what stuff are you made? Gossamer or chain mail?
Are you, as reputed, marvelously empty? Or invisibly ever-                   present,
even as this missive is typed? Have you been to Easter Island?             Yes?
Then I’m jealous. Do you use a tongue depressor as bookmark?
Are you reading this at an indecent hour by flashlight?
Plenty of scholarly ink has been spilt praising readers like                     yourself,
who risk radical dismantling, or being unmasked, by rappelling
deep into sentences. Your trigger warnings could be triggered             every
second, yet you forge on, mystic syllables detonating in your               head,
the metal-edged smell of monsoon-downpour on hot asphalt
raising steam in your imagination. You hold out for the phrase
with which the soul resonates, am I right? Reading, you’re                   seized
by tingly feelings, a rustling in the brain, winds that tickle your           scalp,
bubbles erupting from a blow hole at the back of your neck.
You forget the breathy woman talking softly on TV across the           lobby
(via TiVo you’ve saved her for later.) Birds outside are cracking           jokes
and cackling. Reader, smile to yourself, rock the cradle, kiss
everyone you wish to kiss, and please keep reading. It beats
fielding threatening phone calls for $15 an hour which is what
yours truly is meant to be doing right now, instead of                            speculating
on the strange and happy manifestations of, you, dear reader,            you.
—  Amy Gerstler, “Dear Reader,”

Remake of an older post. All my current legendaries with images from their original creation shoots.

Juggernaut: October 14th 2015 (precursor from mystic forge)
HOPE: March 2nd 2016 (precursor crafted)
Sunrise: October 1st 2016 (precursor crafted. mats gathered but forged on october 27th) 
The Flameseeker Prophecies: February 15th 2017 (precursor from exotic weapon container)
Nevermore: July 24th 2017 (precursor crafted. mats gathered but forged on july 25th)

Please, we beg of you, only read this list if you’re worthy to do so.

: Clicker bait.

Ladybug and Cat Noir celebrate a miraculous year at No. 2.
Shadowhunters’ spoilers are leaking. All these rumors push the show up to No. 12.
Girl Meets World and it’s full of tragedy and hardship. It falls six to No. 20.

Movies: Gene Wilder’s impact was so strong, he essentially took over the list. He will be terribly missed.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory fizzy-lifts to No. 8.
Young Frankenstein is alive at No. 11.
Blazing Saddles is steady as a rock at No. 20.

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Music: Beyoncé is now old enough to be President. Of the United States. Of America.

⬆ Celebrations of Beyoncé’s birthday lands her at No. 1.
Drake moved up twelve spots to No. 4.
⬆ But Rihanna still bests him at No. 3.

Celebrities: A real mixed bag of types below.

☆ Thank you for over 50 years of genuine laughter, Gene Wilder (No. 5).
☆ Strange thing: this is Finn Wolfhard’s (No. 7)  and Millie Bobbie Brown’s (No. 8) first time on the list.
⬇︎ Kendall Jenner falls to No. 20. Time to release a new lip kit?

Games: All the pew pew pews and tap tap taps you can handle.

Mystic Messenger is still forging ahead, up to No. 2 now.
☆ The upcoming Persona 5 returns at No. 13.
⬇︎ Dragon Age: Inquisition seems to be going the way of the dinosaurs, falling three to No. 14.

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Web stuff:  The web celebs are taking over.

Carmilla bulldozes its way through fourteen spots for the coveted role of No. 1.
PewDiePie tries his best to follow, but lands short at No. 14.
Joanne the Scammer makes an iconic debut at No. 19.


Into the Mystic Forge I threw: a bow, a boot, a chain-mail vest and a ring (all rare)

and out came: MY VERY FIRST PRECURSOR!! 《《o(≧◇≦)o》》

I didn’t even recognize it at first, just thought ‘oh wow sweet warhorn!’ :’) But next to that the new box gave me Scarlet’s rifle skin and a new mini. Reagan is officially my luckiest toon of ‘em all <3

the full manufacture of the HMS Divinity requires something like 30,000 each of elder wood and mithril

my bank cap is 1000

which means the stacks of 250 will take up 116 fucking inventory slots if they were bought all at once

the good news is that i’ll never need all of those all at once, and that i can get into the airship in gendarran where the mystic forge is three steps away from the trading post

Bowl of Basic Vegetable Soup

So you wanna be a chef, huh? Well first you have to give up the huntsman profession, since you think artificer is too valuable for some reason.  Fantastic, you have the stuff to make applesauce. So exciting. But a hamburger is also an option, so keep crafting kiddo. Hot damn, a bowl of salsa! Soon your inventory is going to be full of food you’ll save until you have to eat 25 for a daily!

At this point you’ll turn to the inventing part of the crafting station, where, much like with the mystic forge, you toss random ingredients together and hope for the best. Although, unlike with Zommoros who gulps down your exotics and rares with a side of mystic forge stones and spits back out second-rate equipment, you might get something delicious at the chef station. Like a Bowl of Staple Soup vegetables. Made from potatoes, celery, onions, and carrots, that … actually sounds terrible. Luckily, with some vegetable stock, green beans, and tomatoes you can make a Bowl of Simple Vegetable Soup.

You know what I like? Ratatouille bisque. And this kind of soup can be a lot like ratatouille, except that I hate celery, and I’m not feeling the carrots or potatoes. So, like with the Bear Offering, let’s give em’ the old razzle-dazzle and make this a Bowl of Not-So-Simple Vegetable Soup. This might get you to lv 53. The recipe is under the cut. 

-MJ & K

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