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Dunno if i should do more of those…

One week until the con! Chibis for stickers. I had to adapt my chibi style heavily since my usual kind of half chibi-ish style doesn’t fit small stickers. So this will have to do.

jyn erso re-imagined✨//

tbh i’m not 100% sure on the motivtion behind the color scheme, style or just overall anything of this drawing??? all i know is that i wanted a poc jyn erso

Velma Dinkley: A 17 year old Junior at Coolsville High Class of ‘75. Seen by all as quiet, calculating, and reserved, she has a difficult time making friends outside of her six siblings.
After school Velma goes straight home to assist her parents on the family farm, so while she is bookish she is also quite sturdy. Her eldest brother swears he’s seen her hoist a full grown pig over her shoulder, but this claim has yet to be proven. The Dinkleys moved from West Virginia to California nine years ago and as a result she has quite the accent when her temper is lost. 

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“One day. You only get one day to change her life.

On May 21, 1893, Tonalite Noir is a normal young woman living alone in her late parents’ manor with her faithful butler, Ashe Blanc.

You, as the player, get to control her life for the day. Will you lead her through a happy, normal day? Uncover the dark secrets within the house and those around her? Or, perhaps, inside herself?

Good luck, dears. I’ll be with you.”

(Hello, everyone! This is the devblog for my first RPG Maker project, Porcelain. I hope to get to know everyone well!)

Too Much Planning Made my Novel Boring

Anonymous asked: “I’m trying to change the process in which I write. Instead of me just going in full steam ahead without planning anything whatsoever and just ad-libbing my way through it all, I’m trying to instead make a plan for what I want the plot, setting, and characters to be like. But now I feel like I’ve tried to plan so much that the feeling that originally prompted me to start writing is gone. How do I know the difference between when I’ve done too much planning and not done enough?”

Great question. A mentor of mine once said it’s a little bit of a dance. You want to keep an air of mystery around the project - it’s why you’ve found it so intriguing in the first place, so you don’t want to ruin it by plotting it out point by point. Some people can do that and have no problem writing after the fact, but others can’t. I cannot plan everything. I lose interest too. I try new techniques all the time and the truth is, some just will not work for you. 

Instead of planning everything, I plan only a few scenes ahead. I have a general sense of direction for the story and I have an idea of what the next scene will look like and pretty much not a clue beyond that. My plan changes often but the story’s trajectory really doesn’t change that much. This way, it’s always something exciting and new. The more I learn just a little more the deeper I fall into it, trying to piece together the mystery of it. Sometimes I have to fix some earlier pieces to make it all fit, but it comes together with some later edits. 

Some ways to stay on track include writing every day. It sounds tedious and at first, it is, but after awhile, you don’t want to write anything else. 

If you’re still in love with the idea of the project you’d worked on - even if you can’t bring yourself to write it, try changing all the character’s names. Don’t plan that. Just start writing. Reimagine the setting. New city. Same basic events, but things are different, then just start writing. This is an old trick that helps me get reinvested in a dead project. Looking at it with forced-fresh eyes can help a lot. 

Happy writing! 

The strange life of video game voice actor Ashly Burch

It took two years for Ashly Burch to record all of Aloy’s dialogue in Horizon Zero Dawn.

This was after about a year of auditioning for a mysterious new project from the creators of the Killzone series – Burch had no idea what this new game was or even which role she was auditioning for. She had no idea it was the beginning of a new mainstream, multi-million dollar franchise from Sony Interactive Entertainment, and she didn’t even realize she was reading for the lead role.

“I think I’m just extremely lucky,” Burch says. “I had no idea what Life is Strange was going to be when I auditioned. I had no idea what Horizon was going to be when I auditioned.”

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One of my absolute favourite Pines twins photos! ;u;

Mabel - @partychickencosplay

Dipper - @anyapanda-official

Photo - @lemonaid-cosplay

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Our behind-the-scenes video from this shoot

Norville Rogers, known colloquially as “Shaggy”, is a 17 year old Junior at Coolsville High, class of ’75.
He stands at 6 foot 2 with a wild head of hair that refuses to be tamed and forest of facial hair that must be shaved twice daily.
Shaggy has a tendency towards anxiety, and with permission from his father he often smokes pot to calm his nerves. When marijuana is unavailable he heads straight to the nearest diner to stuff his face with as much food as he can. This is just perfect for his dog and best friend Scooby, as there are plenty of leftovers for the Great Dane to scarf down once his owner is home.

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Michelle Murphy awoke on the night of September 12th 1994 to find her life forever altered.  Her son Travis, just 15 weeks old, had been brutally stabbed to death, his body left on the kitchen floor.  After more than 7 hours of police interrogation 17-year-old Michelle admitted to accidentally killing Travis, in a confession which is now widely regarded as being coerced (and of which only 26 minutes was recorded). Her other child, a 2-year-old girl, was promptly placed with another family who later adopted her.

Michelle was found guilty and sentenced to life without parole, though the evidence submitted at trial was highly problematic.  The conviction was largely based upon the testimony of Michelle’s 14-year-old neighbour, William Lee, and on faulty analysis that indicated Michelle’s blood was found at the scene of the crime.  In fact, at the time of the trial, the prosecution had received a report stating that Michelle’s blood type was categorically different to the blood found at the scene - information which they decided to keep to themselves.  A troubled teen with a violent past, it is thought that Lee held a grudge against Michelle for turning down his advances, and his claim to have seen her with blood on her arms was completely unsubstantiated. Lee never made it to trial after accidentally hanging himself while masturbating.

In 2014 further DNA testing was ordered and the District Attorney (who happened to have been the prosecutor at Michelle’s original trial) requested that Michelle’s sentence be vacated, stating that he realised his arguments in the case had not been based on science. After spending 2 decades behind bars, Michelle was finally declared innocent.  Travis’ killer has never been found.

the1directioner  asked:

How do you know / why do you think that Liam is gay and closeted? He seems so happy with Cheryl - much happier than Louis seems with Eleanor. I ship Ziam/Niam but not romantically because I don't see Liam, Zayn, or Niall as being gay. Larry, however, I believe is real.

First of all, I’m going to say that the way a celebrity “looks” is never a good indicator of anything.  Part of the job of a celebrity is to project a certain image, so anytime you see them in public, especially at work events or times when there are pap pictures or pictures with fans taken, you have to assume they may be projecting a certain image.

I intended to answer this privately like I usually do for asks that are off anon.  I hope you’re ok with me answering publicly instead.  I had to save a draft because it was so long and I forgot that takes away the option to answer privately.  I know it’s long, but do me the favor of reading the whole thing and looking at all the resources linked before you ask me any other questions about this topic.

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Pretty much all the gif I made made some use of fast forward. In trial especially. For the sake of proper play, it is necessary for the text to stay long enough for it to be read and understood. but when demoing features, it kind of drags on.

After some little shader observation (thx @cakeprediction) I came up with something to be a sign of fast forward. still room for improvement though.