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One week until the con! Chibis for stickers. I had to adapt my chibi style heavily since my usual kind of half chibi-ish style doesn’t fit small stickers. So this will have to do.

jyn erso re-imagined✨//

tbh i’m not 100% sure on the motivtion behind the color scheme, style or just overall anything of this drawing??? all i know is that i wanted a poc jyn erso

Velma Dinkley: A 17 year old Junior at Coolsville High Class of ‘75. Seen by all as quiet, calculating, and reserved, she has a difficult time making friends outside of her six siblings.
After school Velma goes straight home to assist her parents on the family farm, so while she is bookish she is also quite sturdy. Her eldest brother swears he’s seen her hoist a full grown pig over her shoulder, but this claim has yet to be proven. The Dinkleys moved from West Virginia to California nine years ago and as a result she has quite the accent when her temper is lost. 

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ascendants in the composite chart

ascendant in aries: a very active couple! others see you as confident and courageous and perhaps adventurous. you have a live in the moment sort of attitude and like doing things by yourselves. you might be competitive with each other and find compromising difficult.

ascendant in taurus: others see you as a more traditional and realistic couple. others know they can count on you. you don’t like to flash your relationship around and find stability and reliability very important. changes don’t sit well with you two.

ascendant in gemini: you thrive off mental stimulation. you communicate and think together, and may be a bit of a restless couple. you’re very flexible with each other and in the general public, people see you as friendly and sociable and very changeable. 

ascendant in cancer: security is important and when that seems to be threatened, insecurities can arise. you have more emotional reactions to each other rather than mental. you value longevity and comfort. commitment is easy but directly dealing with problems may not be.

ascendant in leo: others see you as a flashier and more confident couple. you like to be creative together and are very warm, loving, and possessive. there is a level of pride both of you reach that can hinder addressing important issues. you need attention to keep the relationship alive.

ascendant in virgo: you two have a very reliable image. you like to do tasks and analyze things together. you could have a tendency to be too picky or cautious with one another, and because you focus on smaller details- you’re pronse to nervousness and tension. you’re a very helpful couple. 

ascendant in libra: people generally like your relationship. you come across classy and romantic. decision making can be difficult and taking issues directly can also be. you have too much emphasis on balance but easily commit and love each other. you have diplomatic responses to each other.

ascendant in scorpio: others might find your relationship more closed off or mysterious. you project intensity and depth. this placement would make for the least superficial relationship and you are both very susceptible to each other’s emotions and passionate with one another. issues with jealousy and possessiveness can arise.

ascendant in sagittarius: open-mindedness and adventures are right up your alley. you two are more optimistic together and can become quite restless. you are both more free in this relationship than you might be with others, and like to discuss philosophy and perhaps travel together. 

ascendant in capricorn: you’re a steady and wise couple. good for business relations. commitment and responsibility is important, as well as stability. you are not flashy at all in public and are very classy. you might push each other to work harder and be more grounded too often.

ascendant in aquarius: others see you as a fun and erratic relationship. you two can be a bit unpredictable and even rebellious together. you embrace and resist change t the same time. friendship is important and you give each other plenty of personal freedom. 

ascendant in pisces: you two pick up each other’s emotions very easily. the general public sees you as dreamy and imaginative, and sympathetic towards each other. you don’t like to put each other down but you might give each other too many chances due to over idealizing each other and the relationship.

i feel like faith lehane is the kind of girl who’d be really into harmless conspiracy theories (bigfoot, aliens, etc) and even though she’s not big on doing the actual research she’d fall asleep on her couch watching documentaries a lot 

Help Wanted!

According to @gabbiillustrates, the Mystery Kids 2 team most likely disbanded.


Now I know this fandom is not what it used to be, but if anyone is interested in starting fresh with a brand new script, cast, and art team, DM me!

We need:


•Voice Actors


•Audio a/o Video Editors

If you can’t get involved, we totally get it, but SIGNAL BOOST so others can join the team!




Michelle Murphy awoke on the night of September 12th 1994 to find her life forever altered.  Her son Travis, just 15 weeks old, had been brutally stabbed to death, his body left on the kitchen floor.  After more than 7 hours of police interrogation 17-year-old Michelle admitted to accidentally killing Travis, in a confession which is now widely regarded as being coerced (and of which only 26 minutes was recorded). Her other child, a 2-year-old girl, was promptly placed with another family who later adopted her.

Michelle was found guilty and sentenced to life without parole, though the evidence submitted at trial was highly problematic.  The conviction was largely based upon the testimony of Michelle’s 14-year-old neighbour, William Lee, and on faulty analysis that indicated Michelle’s blood was found at the scene of the crime.  In fact, at the time of the trial, the prosecution had received a report stating that Michelle’s blood type was categorically different to the blood found at the scene - information which they decided to keep to themselves.  A troubled teen with a violent past, it is thought that Lee held a grudge against Michelle for turning down his advances, and his claim to have seen her with blood on her arms was completely unsubstantiated. Lee never made it to trial after accidentally hanging himself while masturbating.

In 2014 further DNA testing was ordered and the District Attorney (who happened to have been the prosecutor at Michelle’s original trial) requested that Michelle’s sentence be vacated, stating that he realised his arguments in the case had not been based on science. After spending 2 decades behind bars, Michelle was finally declared innocent.  Travis’ killer has never been found.

WHO KILLED MARKIPLIER IDEAS (not really full or even partial theories)

(brought to you by yours truly, @the-crankiest-crew , and @erinquisitor

This is also super out of order (these were taken down as we went on) so bear with me!

  • Before we dive in, it is totally and very much possible that this has nothing to do with the Egos. 
  • however in the case that it DOES involve them 
  • the fact that the Jims are already introduced spikes the interest of ego affiliation
  • This could be similar to Markiplier TV, with Wilford trying again to win over the channel with help from the others 
  • And to get the fans’ attention? Send them on a wild goose chase with the death of Markiplier himself
  • thousands are blindly following all of this, gives all attention they need, right? 
  • seems like the sorta meta thing mark would do similar to ADWM 
  • In the occurrence that Damien = Dark, that would very interesting, especially with the fact that he saying phrases that directly contradict Dark’s character entirely
  • For example, Damien’s “life is ours to choose as I always say” opposed to Dark’s  “I’m tired of giving people a choice.”
  • As for the correlation of the Colonel = Wilford, it is totally possible, however not enough character dev (not as much as Damien anyway) 
  • The signs that point to the possibility of Wilford = Colonel being a part of this so far is that 
    • He uses the same guns as Wilford 
    • He obviously has that military background
    • He has the same drawl Wilf does
    • if that mustache isn’t hiding something then I don’t know it’s true purpose 
    •  On a darker note doesn’t react very emotionally and even jokes about death as seen with the fight between Damien and the Colonel 
    • Overall just has a very similar brash, reckless personality so far
  • Let’s not forget that if this is set up by egos it could also be put on by a certain story-telling somebody we know ;) 
  • Also to minorly drag back to the connection to Markiplier TV we have a very cartoony title screen 
  •  In all honesty, the egos could have killed Mark by making him drink because goshdarnit mark no 
  • In the best case scenario for those hoping for egos, this could have no relation to videos before this but be the perfect way in advance their timeline/story arcs 
  • The whole invitation with “Y/N, District Attorney” creates a connection between Damien and the viewer. 
  • Rounding back to the mayor, he does give off the manipulative, somewhat suave vibes that Dark tends to give off as well 
  • With him pulling at the viewers’ emotions with “he was my friend- and so was Mark.” attempts to gain the overall trust of the viewer

Alright, I’m done. Feel free to add to this!

Norville Rogers, known colloquially as “Shaggy”, is a 17 year old Junior at Coolsville High, class of ’75.
He stands at 6 foot 2 with a wild head of hair that refuses to be tamed and forest of facial hair that must be shaved twice daily.
Shaggy has a tendency towards anxiety, and with permission from his father he often smokes pot to calm his nerves. When marijuana is unavailable he heads straight to the nearest diner to stuff his face with as much food as he can. This is just perfect for his dog and best friend Scooby, as there are plenty of leftovers for the Great Dane to scarf down once his owner is home.

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