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jyn erso re-imagined✨//

tbh i’m not 100% sure on the motivtion behind the color scheme, style or just overall anything of this drawing??? all i know is that i wanted a poc jyn erso

Thursday was unofficially supernatural day at the farmers market. The late hours were convenient for the crepuscular crowd, and the tradition had spread from there. There were always humans there, of course, but the mix was at least half supernatural. Lynn fell in with college students with their backpacks and office workers just getting off work and old folks with their shopping baskets. There were constructs and changelings, shifters and weres and witches, supernaturals of all stripes. A good number weren’t bothering with glamours either.
Lynn felt the tension in his body easing, his gait softening to an easy prowl, and people gave him the space a big predator deserved. A pair of deer shifters, wide-eyed and slender, nervously tucked their fawn between them, away from Lynn. A young jackalope with the dusty scent of the desert clinging to her clothes looked right at him and grinned, buck-teeth and the sharp little horns on her forehead glinting, just daring him to make a try. Lynn knew better than to go after a creature that could manipulate luck itself, even if he had been on the hunt. No, he was a civilized cat with no inclination to hunt other sapients. The only things Lynn was hunting at the farmers market were already dead and neatly packaged for him.
—  TS Porter - “Cat and Ghost (working title)”

Michelle Murphy awoke on the night of September 12th 1994 to find her life forever altered.  Her son Travis, just 15 weeks old, had been brutally stabbed to death, his body left on the kitchen floor.  After more than 7 hours of police interrogation 17-year-old Michelle admitted to accidentally killing Travis, in a confession which is now widely regarded as being coerced (and of which only 26 minutes was recorded). Her other child, a 2-year-old girl, was promptly placed with another family who later adopted her.

Michelle was found guilty and sentenced to life without parole, though the evidence submitted at trial was highly problematic.  The conviction was largely based upon the testimony of Michelle’s 14-year-old neighbour, William Lee, and on faulty analysis that indicated Michelle’s blood was found at the scene of the crime.  In fact, at the time of the trial, the prosecution had received a report stating that Michelle’s blood type was categorically different to the blood found at the scene - information which they decided to keep to themselves.  A troubled teen with a violent past, it is thought that Lee held a grudge against Michelle for turning down his advances, and his claim to have seen her with blood on her arms was completely unsubstantiated. Lee never made it to trial after accidentally hanging himself while masturbating.

In 2014 further DNA testing was ordered and the District Attorney (who happened to have been the prosecutor at Michelle’s original trial) requested that Michelle’s sentence be vacated, stating that he realised his arguments in the case had not been based on science. After spending 2 decades behind bars, Michelle was finally declared innocent.  Travis’ killer has never been found.
Macross Gets New TV Project in 2018, 35th Anniversary Project
Macross Delta's Walkūre concert on Sunday gets home video release

Breaking news! New Macross productions were announced at the end of the second Walkure Live concert recently.

The series’ 35th anniversary is this year (new logo below) and will be marked with a mysterious “super dimension visual project”, whatever that ends up being. Then, in 2018, a full television project is supposed to be released.

My thoughts - this is honestly a little sooner than I expected new Macross on TV, since Kawamori had announced an original TV IP he was working on which isn’t released yet. Will he be handing more responsibility to a newer generation of creators? Of course, we don’t even know yet whether this is a Delta continuation or something else. I was expecting movies next, but there’s certainly plenty of plot threads they could run with for a full series.

Gamera vs. Barugon (1966): Episode K04 (December 4, 1988), later re-aired as Episode 304 (June 22, 1991)

This was the first theatrically released movie spoofed on the show, and the first of five films from the Gamera series on MST3K.

(Part of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Project, documenting every movie and TV show spoofed on the series.)


I was gonna wait and post this tomorrow, but…!

This is my 2D production final for this quarter!
It’s more or less a preview of what I have in mind for my thesis film, so get excited! I know I am!!


Takane: The real question is WHY IS HARUKA SO TALL?? Do you get taller instead of getting fatter???

Haruka: Eeh? B-but I think that Takane being a liiiiiittle short is cute~~ ehehe~

Takane: I’M NOT SHORT!!!////////////