the mystery of meteors

The Lanzhou screw is a mysterious object discovered in recent years that seems to challenge mainstream archaeology and history. It was discovered in 2002, and has since then, generated great amount of attention among researchers. The most mysterious part of this object is that, within a piece of rock, a metal screw was discovered. The mysterious pear-shaped stone is about 6×8 cm and weighs around 466 grams. But it is not a common rock and the metal shaped screw inside just adds to the mystery of a rock, that according to researchers is around 300 million years old.

The mysterious black rock has geologists scratching their head. Tests have failed to show the exact composition of the mysterious rock, researchers that include geologists and physicists from the National Land Resources Bureau of Gansu Province, Colored Metal Survey Bureau of Gansu Province, the Institute of Geology and Minerals Research of China Academy, Lanzhou Branch, and the School of Resources and Environment of Lanzhou College, are unsure of the origin of the artifact and point out that at this time, all theories are possible.

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anonymous asked:

Does Snow have a preferred size to get back to if its too hard to get all the way back to her usual thin size, as a sort of baby steps process?

it’s actually a mystery* how she gets back to her lean, old self after becoming a walking meteor!

*mystery means i have no idea how it actually works and I will never try to learn


The day that I first met you,
I saw stars.
I’m not talkin about the stars you see in cloud banks,
I’m talkin about the kind that live in your eyes.
You’ve shown me that we’re all galaxies of passion
Just waiting for someone to gaze into us with
A telescope that’s been focused just right.
And I think most days, I’m a stormy sky.
I like to rain down on people and take them by surprise.
I don’t want to be glimpsed.
I like being mystery darkness with a full moon
And a meteor shower on Friday the 13th during the witching hour,
Scaring people into telling ghost stories.
Distance keeps me cool headed and safe.
You like people to jump into your pools of swirling stardust,
Soak in your planets,
Find your weather patterns,
Skydive through your air currents…
People live by the way your heart beats.
I live by the way your lungs sing fresh air into old ideas.
The hiking trails in your brain waves are unexplored adventure
Waiting to be discovered.
I know I will never uncover every
Bit of your passionate being
But standing near your fiery soul is enough to set me ablaze.
Honey, I’ve never wanted to turn kerosene before,
Still I adore the shadows you make when you’re at full strength…
So let me be the compound that drives you to erupting
Every dormant volcano on every one of the planets
Your soul is hiding just behind your eyes.


Aradia wanted to research some plants growing near Terezi’s hive. The young Pyrope didn’t really care much about them, so she said a grand, whopping “sur3.” Unfortunately, neither of them could predict that a meteor would kill Aradia. That was just ridiculous. And as the meteor hit her friend, Terezi just couldn’t look away. “4R4D14 JUST D13D R1GHT 1N FRONT OF MY 3Y3S. do you th1nk th4t 1 could poss1bly look 4w4y?” No. Of course not.

Terezi was blinded by the light. Guided by her unborn lusus, she slowly made her way towards the crater left by the meteor. Inside was Aradia’s dead body and a mysterious envelope with the words “SBURB” written on them. She couldn’t care less about that. Aradia, her friend, was dead, of course she was. So she weeped.

- - artifactAcquested [AA] started trolling garnetCaecity [GC] - -

GC: who th3 fuck 4r3 you 4nd wh4t 4r3 you do1ng w1th 4r4d14’s troll14n 4ccount.

AA: terezi, its me aradia

AA: dont worry, im a ghost!

GC: ghosts don’t 3x1st, stup1d.

AA: please trust me 0n0


AA: terezi… are you blind? as in literally

GC: …

GC: 1 h4v3n’t told 4nyon3 y3t. how do you know th1s.

AA: because im right in front of you! heheh

AA: oh, but you cant see me

GC: … 4lr1ght. 1’ll trust you. for now.


Even in death, Aradia Megido is still alive.

the signs as goofy actions people of those signs have done
  • aries: found a mysterious item at the bottom of a meteor wreck, decided to wear it as a hat
  • taurus: played pokemon, wouldn't use any offensive moves against the enemy pokemon because they hate animal cruelty
  • gemini: fell into a toilet when cosplaying as a pirate, politely pulled the flush
  • cancer: discussed with their significant other in great detail the intricacies of the romances in dane cook movies
  • leo: posted temmie emotes all over their friend's furry porn collection to make it safe for work
  • virgo: ate a moth just to see what it would taste like. it wasnt that great.
  • libra: stacked all of their student books to use as a stand so they could lick a chalk drawing on a wall
  • scorpio: screamed at the sky for a concernable amount of time because they were angry with the shape of a box
  • saggitarius: tried to run alongside a horse and claimed they were a free spirit
  • capricorn: used facepaints on a sculpture they had worth about £1500 as a kid
  • aquarius: drank a fizzy pop that they found on the shore of the beach. it was alright.
  • pisces: collected all the tadpoles in their back garden and raised them in their bedroom

He looks up at a night sky that is absolutely clear of anything but void, and stars, and the occasional meteor, and mysterious lights moving at impossible speeds, and the faint glimmer of spy satellites looking back down from the nothing to the something.

“I’m sorry,” he says, although not to anyone that still exists and can hear him. He just says it, leaves some undirected words in the hot night air, and then returns to the car.

He may be crying. I know if he is or not, but I am choosing not to tell you, because this is private information and you have no real need to know it.


Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 45 - A Story About Them

quick upd8 thoughts

diggin the egbert punch!!  concerned about the absence of the wallet.  presence of two murderstuck perpetrators on the meteor journey could be interesting.

options for mysterious leader: gamzee (not seeing it, but could be a weird suckerpunch), vriska (more likely but also not seeing it, unless she undergoes some serious character development en route), or john (if this is the timeline where he was supposed to die on the battleship, maybe this version of him stays on the meteor?).  Or: someone else who just plain comes out of left field.

still concerned about the “dead” girls’ amnesia.  maybe it’s there so nothing gets revealed too soon, maybe other stuff is afoot.

I feel like I was also thinking about other stuff, but I can’t remember what it was so…more later, maybe.


Homestuck: A Tale of Two Timelines

I’ve been working on this theory for a while now, and with the latest updates, I’ve become completely convinced of it.

Here’s the short version: I believe that (akin to all timelines existing within a given universe’s Genesis Frog) John’s powers don’t necessarily change or erase anything, especially not the dream bubbles. Rather, he has the power to alter which set of events is designated as the alpha timeline, and we’re dealing with two key timelines here:

  1. The LOWASplode timeline, the alpha, where John and Davesprite died early on in the meteor trip, where Jade met alt!Calliope in a dream after being alone for three years, where Jade mysteriously disappeared just as the meteor was arriving, leading to Jane and Roxy being killed during the scuffle on Derse. I believe this is the same timeline where the retcons occurred, where Terezi tied up Gamzee, leaving him unable to interfere with the cherubs’ upbringing, or perhaps doing it differently, leading to the doomed cherub timeline with Alt!Calliope dominating.
  2. The doomed, previously alpha GAME OVER timeline, where Terezi did kill Vriska before the meteor trip. Basically, this is the set of events we followed throughout the entire comic, up to and including GAME OVER and its aftermath, just before John went back to retcon everything. I believe this is the timeline where Gamzee raised the cherubs as we saw, using time travel devices to travel back to B2 after he was done helping Caliborn. This is the alpha cherub timeline, and led to the rise of Lord English.

I’ll make a few other posts with details on the individual parts of this theory, or maybe one big one, later on.


Epic Meteor Adventure and Ozone Mystery

SciShow explores two celestial mysteries: the origins of a meteorite that crashed into a house in California, and who’s releasing chemicals into the atmosphere that were banned more than 25 years ago?