the mysterious moose

The Mysterious Case of Missing Moose Items

Warnings: None. Just fluffiness
Characters: Sam & Dean Winchester, Sister Winchester Reader
Summary: You keep taking Sam’s stuff
Reader’s Age: Any
Word Count: 588(like I said it’s a drabble)

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: Wrote half of this awhile ago when I still had my laptop and I finished it a few days ago and boom here it is! Also figured y'all needed something nice and fluffy after the last imagine… Heh… Enjoy!

“Dean, have you seen my laptop?” Sam asked his brother, looking frantically around the library.

“No. Did you lose it?”

Sam gave Dean the classic Winchester bitch-face. “If I hadn’t lost it, I wouldn’t be asking you,” Sam snarked.

“Well looks like you also just lost my help,” Dean picked up his book and walked off.

Sam’s alarm clock blared in his room and startled him awake. He rolled over with a groan and shut it off. Sighing, he got up and dragged his feet, heavy with sleep, over to his dresser. Sam opened a drawer, realizing he only had two flannels left. With a confused look, Sam took one of the two flannels left and came to the conclusion that simply no one’s done the laundry in awhile.

Sam had a shower, got dressed and made his way to the library.

“Is Y/N up yet?” Sam asked once he saw Dean scrolling on his laptop, feet up on the table and leaning back in a chair.

“Not that I know of,” Dean answered, noticing Sam’s flannel. “Didn’t you wear that a few days ago?”

“I thought so too…” Sam looked down at his clothes, “All my shirts and flannels are disappearing. Has anyone done the laundry?”

“Yeah. Y/N did it yesterday,” Dean told Sam, fianlly getting into this odd mystery.

“Maybe she hasn’t brought my clothes to my room yet.” Sam said just above a whisper, but with the quiet that the Bunker always had, Dean heard.

“Dean!” Sam yelled from down the hall, peeking his head out of his bedroom door.

“What?!” Dean yelled back, not bothering to get up from his comfy spot in a chair.

“Did you take one of my books?” Sam yelled back, walking around the corner into the kitchen.

Dean called back, “Dude, I haven’t taken any of your stuff.”

Sam’s eyebrows furrowed together, wondering why his stuff keeps magically disappearing.

Sam’s thoughts were interrupted as he saw you waltz into the kitchen. His eyes instantly went to the flannel you were wearing, not just any flannel, his flannel.

Sam cleared his throat. “Y/N?” You turned around, giving him a silent cue to continue. “Is that my flannel?” He pointed to the giant red plaid flannel you were wearing. You looked down at it and fiddled with the soft, long sleeves.

“Uhmmm… no?” you answered, avoiding Sam’s eyes in hopes he won’t make you give them back.

“Are you the one stealing my stuff?” Sam couldn’t help the grin that wormed it’s way in.

“Okay,” you huffed in defeat. “I usually just take like one or two of your flannels, but then I kept losing them so I kept taking more…”

Sam gave you a straight and unreadable face, making you crack like an egg. “They’re comfy!” you defended, waving your hands around and the long sleeves flew around, nearly hitting a pan.

“I want my flannels back, and all the other stuff you took from me,” Sam chuckled, “but… you can keep one.

“Fine…” You pouted, shuffling back to your room to find all the hidden flannels you stole. Dean started laughing as he watched the mystery unfold.

“I don’t get why she goes after my things,” Sam chuckled.

“As long as she doesn’t take my stuff…” Dean snarked, earning an eye roll from Sam. “Y'know… Some of my blankets have been going missing- Y/N!!” Dean yelled, racing out of the kitchen after you as he heard Sam burst out laughing.

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

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(Just cause I love the title so much I gotta give cred to @20secspnfam4 who came up with it XD)


its like humor video almost? idk 

mystery-moose replied to your post: mystery-moose replied to your post: …

Yeah, in my head Barry had a real Clark Kent kind of childhood! Small town wholesome Fantasy Kansas boy who wants to do something important and good. It just happens to involve necromancy, is the thing. (His parents were… concerned, but supportive. His mother remained convinced it was just a phase until the day he got his doctorate.)

barry bluejeans, good kid, weird kid, likes dead things a little too much. 

also like……man, what a contrast to lup and taako’s childhood, you know? 

blue-mood-blue replied to your post

:Now I’m thinking of a tiny Barry on a farm finding a baby bird that fell out of its nest and died, and he’s upset because that’s not fair. He wants to fix it and Barry is very bookish, and ends up researching necromancy at the library (and it’s years before he understands necromancy, it’s a small library and they have like… one book on the subject). The interest never leaves (but Barry is interested in everything and he knows a little bit of everything bc of it).

shit thats so good im headcanoning it. 

Beca’s Fanfic Appreciation Post: Here I can share with you all the fics I read along the week.



One Shots


Feel free to tag me in your stuf (it’s actually encouraged), it will be a pleasure to know more writers and add you to my appreciation list. You can tag me in any fic (Reader insert, it needs to be reader insert!!!!), just don’t tag me in OFC or Male Reader.




A New Friend Series: Crowley takes you at a young age and makes you hate your brothers. (Goes from 6 to 15 years old)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


The Accident Series: You get into a car crash while being chased by vampires, your brothers take you to a hospital to find you in critical condition. (17 years old)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Bonding Series: Oneshots where a 6 years old Winchester sister bonds with the characters of Supernatural. 

Bonding 1: Kevin

Bonding 2: Dean Winchester

Bonding 3: Sam Winchester

Bonding 4: Castiel

Bonding 5: Bobby Singer

Bonding 6: Charlie Bradbury

Bonding 7: Crowley

(Other ones coming soon!)

Run Away Series: You get into a fight with your brothers causing you to run away. (15 years old)

Part 1: 

Part 2:

Part 3:

A Date Series: You go on your first date and your brothers aren’t too happy about it. (Highschool Age)

Part 1

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(Might do a Part 4)

The Truth Series: Your best friend finds Crowley in the bunker dungeon. (Highschool Age)

Part 1

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Faith: Based on the episode Faith(1x12) but with a teenage sister.

Part 1

Part 2

Sister Winchester OneShots:


  • Girls Day Out: You and Charlie go shopping (Any Age)
  • Bonding: You and Charlie bond for a day (6 years old)
  • Big Reveal: You and Charlie have been dating for a few months, but your brothers think you’re straight and you finally come out. (17+)

Sam Winchester:

Dean Winchester:

  • Nicknames: Dean gives you the nickname Chipmunk.(Age:6 years old)
  • Bonding: You and Dean bond for a day (Age: 6 years old)
  • I Won’t Leave You: You get kidnapped by a demon and your brothers rescue you and take you to a hospital where Dean never leaves your side (Any Age)
  • We Have Each Other: Takes place when Dean is with Lisa after Sam jumps into the pit and you have a tough time dealing with it so you get into fights at school. (Highschool)
  • Jail: You and Dean go to jail after a hunt gone wrong and while Sam tries to get you out, you start freaking out. (Any Age)
  • Late Night Drive: You and Dean can’t sleep so he takes you out for a night drive. (Any)
  • He Still Cares: Takes place when Demon!Dean was around, you and Sam get kidnapped by Cole and he ends up hurting you which Demon!Dean isn’t too happy about. (Any)
  • Closer Than Ever: After a bad nightmare you go to Dean, and you two work on becoming closer. (6 years old)
  • Drunk Brother: Dean gets drunk so you have to go get him. (Old enough to drive)
  • Not Who You Say You Are: A shapeshifter disguises as Dean and it tortures you. (Any)
  • Flying: You’re from England so the boys plan a trip there, the only problem is Dean hates flying. (Any)
  • Father Figure: Dean gets upset that you have a bigger bond with Sam than you do with him. (9 years old)
  • Happy Birthday, De:  It’s like a progression of Dean’s birthdays. (Goes from 5 to 15 to 26)
  • Cured Demon!Dean is stuck in the bunker, you’re scared of him so you run away. (Teenage+)


  • Awkward: You try explaining what Netflix and Chill means to Castiel. (Any Age)
  • Can’t Sleep: You can’t sleep so you call Castiel to tell you some stories.(Any Age)
  • Bonding: You and Castiel bond for a day (6 years old reader)
  • Say The Right Things: Castiel is left to watch over you while your brothers are on a hunt when you get your period Cas doesn’t exactly know what to do. (Any)
  • Subtle Hints: You start using cheesy pick-up lines to get Castiel to notice that you like him. (16 years old)
  • Too Young (Part 1): You are Castiel’s soulmate. (16 years old)
  • Questions: Castiel keeps picking bad times to ask you questions. (Any)

Sam and Dean Winchester:

  • First Drink: It’s your 21st birthday and your brothers throw you a party.
  • Sick Days: You get sick and your brothers take care of you. (Any age)
  • Heroes: You get bullied at school and your brothers come save the day. (Age: 14-16)
  • Hunt Gone Wrong: Your first hunt goes terribly wrong (Around 14-16)
  • This Means War: Your brothers hide your phone. (Any Age)
  • Hidden Talent: Your brothers find out that you draw (Any Age)
  • Too Much: You’re on your period and you collapse on a hunt because of the pain. (Any Age)
  • Storms: You’re scared of storms and when a big one comes and you’re brothers aren’t home you break down. (Any Age)
  • Fight Song: You’re brothers come home from a hunt early and hear you playing the guitar and singing. (Any Age)
  • Break-Ups: You girlfriend breaks up with you and your friend group shuts you out so your brothers make you feel better. (Highschool)
  • Scars: You and Sam get kidnapped by a demon and it finds your self-harm scars. (Any)
  • I Missed You: Back to the pilot where Dean goes to get Sam and you tag along not too happy to see him after he left. (15 years old)
  • Wing-Men: Your brothers go undercover at your school and they end up setting you up with your crush (High School)
  • Bad People: You and your brothers get kidnapped by a shifter and he tries to rape you. (Any)
  • Sassy Winchester: You and your brothers go to a bar where a guy tries to pick you up but you sass him to hell and back. (Any)
  • Car Problems: The Impala breaks down in the middle of nowhere and you have to call your brothers to help. (Old enough to drive)
  • School: Demons invade your school, you and your brothers have to save the students that are locked inside. (High school)
  • Oldest Winchester: You are the eldest Winchester (Older than Dean)
  • Pool: You hustle some guys playing pool and they’re not happy about it, Sam and Dean come and save you. (15ish)
  • Let Go of the Past: You visit your hometown where your dad is in a coma, and it’s time to let go. (Any)
  • Pokemon Go: You’re obsessed with Pokemon GO and you get your brothers to play it. (Any)
  • Saving People: You get tired of killing demons instead of exorcising them. (Any)
  • Favoritism: Your brothers favor your sister over you. (Teenage)
  • Asthma: You get an asthma attack during a hunt. (Any)
  • Cafe Worker: You get a job but your boss is a total creep. (Teenager/Adult)
  • Convention: You and your brothers find yourselves at a Supernatural Convention. (Any)
  • Flirting: You get a spell cast upon you that makes you flirt with everyone. (Teenage/Adult)
  • Your Puppy: You grow up with a dog but your world comes crashing to an end one day. (Any)
  • Little Fear: You’re scared of sleeping next to the door until one day you’re forced to face your fear. (Any)
  • Is One Simple Birthday Wish Too Much To Ask For: You celebrate your birthday in a special way. (Any)
  • Just Listen: You get into a fight at school and no one believes it wasn’t your fault. (Highschool)
  • Tired: You’re tired of absolutely everything and everyone. (High school)

Bobby Singer:

  • Bonding: You and Bobby bond for a day (Age: 6 years old)
  • Leviathans: Your brothers leave you with Bobby, but when Bobby leaves you have stay with Jody Mills. (17 years old)


  • Hell Hound: Crowley gets you a Hell Hound for your 15th birthday.
  • Bonding: You and Crowley bond for a day. (6 years old)


  • Cabin Fever: You’re put in charge of watching Kevin, but when you two hide in an old cabin, you two kiss. (Around 18)
  • Bonding: You and Kevin bond for a day. (6 years old)

Adam Milligan:


  • Fourth of July:  You’ve never been to a firework show, and Cas doesn’t know what the 4th of July is. (Any)
  • Fireworks: Sam and Dean bring you out to see fireworks. (Any)
  • Father’s Day: You, Dean’s daughter, make a card for him for Father’s Day. (6 years old)
  • More Like a Father: Sam is more like a father to you so you decide to do some things on Father’s Day. (Around 13+)
  • Easter: Your family sets up an Easter egg hunt. (5-6 years old)

Team Free Will:


Sam Winchester:

  • Stressed: You get stressed from all the exams and tests coming up, and your dad (Sam) calms you down (Highschool)
  • Trust: You lose your little cousin Mary at the park so your Uncle Dean flips out causing you to break down. (16 years old)
  • Music Room: You and your little cousin Mary find a hidden room in the bunker full of instruments. (16 years old)
  • Pie Fixes Everything: You get into a fight at school so your Uncle Dean takes you out for pie to make you feel better. (Highschool)
  • Antidepressants: Your little cousin Mary finds your antidepressants. (Any)
  • Mario Kart Festival: You get TFW to play Mario Kart. (16ish)

Dean Winchester:

  • VidCon: You’re a famous Youtuber so your Dad Dean and Uncle Sam take you to VidCon where you meet a bunch of your YouTube friends. (Any Age)
  • Books: Dean gets jealous because you always talk to Uncle Sam about books you read so he feels like he’s left out. (Any)
  • Astronaut Dad: Dean goes to hell and leaves you. (9 years old)
  • Astronaut Dad Part 2: Your dad comes back from hell. (11 years old)
  • School Trouble: You keep getting into fights at school. (Highschool)
  • First Hunt: Your dad takes you and your twin brother on your first hunt. (16 years old)


Sister of Other Characters:


  • Protective King of Hell: You’re Crowley’s sister and you meet the Winchesters for the first time but Crowley is very protective over you. (Any)

Actor/Actress Oneshots:

  • We’re Always Here: You are an actress on Supernatural when you get a call that a family member is hurt and Jared and Jensen help you through it. (Any)
  • Weird VS Normal: You get sent into an AU where Supernatural is just a TV show and you have to decide whether or not you want to go back. (Any)
  • Reverse French Mistake: You and the cast of SPN get teleported to the SPN world and meet the characters. (Any)
  • Pranks: You and your sister prank each other and people on set. (Any) 
  • Big Role: You get a role in a new show and the topic comes up a con (Any I guess)

1K Contest Winners:

Episode Based Imagines:

mystery-moose  asked:

OH MAN IS IT YOUR BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY (also I saw that ten-thousand-note post you did cross my dash from someone totally unrelated and it felt like it had circumnavigated the globe to get to me, that was an odd feeling!)


Thank you, my darling :) I’m so glad to know you (IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME NOW WOW) and thanks for being such a great part of my tumblr experience! <3

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So some people (@mystery-moose and @silksieve) have been asking (@mystery-moose and @silksieve) to seer pictures of the new house, and I finally remembered to take some pictures this afternoon before it got dark. It’s larger than I was looking for, but it was about 30k under budget and in a great neighborhood, and I loved the main room so much I couldn’t pass on it. There’s definitely some problems with it, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a little effort, and the first two weeks here have been fantastic. Part one of two!

Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day

I infer from my dash that it is today?

First, my apologies for inevitably forgetting people I do not mean to forget. Second, my apologies because I have not had the time to really read much fanfic in recent months, so doubtless many many many things have slipped under my radar. 

Thank you, first of all, to everyone who sits down and creates content for free. Thank you for sharing your love. Thank you for plugging away even when it feels like no one is listening. Thank you for continuing when you feel like giving up, and for putting work aside when it no longer brings you joy. Thank you for trying so damn hard. As fic writers, we know we’ll virtually never be acknowledged by the source creators the way other fanartists (art, cosplay, etc) are. You are wonderful and the work you create is just as valid and valuable. Thank you for giving the fandom so much.

I want to put in a few brief and specific mentions here, though, because it’s important to me to spread some love to some of the folks who’ve made a deep and lasting impression on me with their words. In no particular order:

  • @w0rdinista My partner in crime. So many hundreds of thousands of words would never have been written if not for you. Thank you for entertaining me for so very many years with your words (both the ones we wrote together, and all your other ones, too.)
  • @dearophelia Thank you for giving me so many unique, beautifully-realized, beautifully-flawed characters to love. I treasure them all.
  • @todisturbtheuniverse Thank you for writing my favorite pairing and giving them such vividness and life, and for capturing their voices so well.
  • @loquaciousquark I’ve been reading your work as long as you’ve been writing it, and every word, every story, every iteration of the pairing you write so well brings me fresh joy and fresh appreciation for your skill and grace.
  • @twigcollins I’ve been in awe of your way with words since long, long before we became friends (and ate so much Shake Shack together!). I cannot wait to see what you do as a writer. There are few people I so wholeheartedly believe should have their original work published.
  • @spinninglenny You may not write as often as you craft, but I love the care you have for your characters, the attention you pay to them, and the amount your love of them comes through your words.
  • @faejilly Thank you for writing about characters I love with such tenderness and thoughtfulness. You bring depth and emotion (and often just the right kind of sexiness) to everything you write.
  • @janiemcpants I still think of your Isabela at least once a week <3
  • To @fistfulofgammarays and @fourthage and @servantofclio and @thievinghippo and @theherocomplex, to @orchidcactus and @mystery-moose and @eponymous-rose and @bloodbright my experience in the Mass Effect fandom would not have been the same without your stories. Each of you has written things that moved me deeply, stayed with me, and which I still think on with tremendous fondness and gratitude.

Thank you to the fic writers of the Dragon Age and Mass Effect fandoms. This place has been my online home for a lot of years now. Thank you for making it so magical. I truly, truly hope that your inspiration continues to flow, and that these fandoms stay alive and happy and productive for many years to come.

And, because I’m Canadian, one more sorry for all those I neglected to mention. If I’ve ever liked or kudosed or commented or reblogged something of yours: thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

So Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a pretty great video game.

Highlights thus far:

  • A crab that just wants world domination.
  • Me booping a guard on the nose, resulting in a giant battle.
  • @loquaciousquark stealing a potato, resulting in a giant battle.
  • @mystery-moose slapping a lizard dude on the snout, resulting in a giant battle.
  • The evil demon monster thing that lurks in my character’s head got a little riled up when I was talking to an elf and at one point all the dialogue options were just “Kill the elf. Kill the elf. Kill the elf. Kill the elf.” at which point I did, indeed, try to kill the elf. The party had to almost kill me before I snapped out of it. I feel that this was a teambuilding exercise and that I am now a valued and respected comrade-in-arms and everybody definitely has my back.
  • We’re too invested in the friggin’ cat that follows us around. So far we’ve reloaded an earlier save and had to refight two long battles because the cat accidentally died at the end of them. Don’t walk into pools of poison, cat.

It’s a very neat game and so far the co-op experience is 100% seamless. There’s also a Game Master option where you can create your own games using their system. 10/10, would total-party-kill boop again.

mystery-moose replied to your post: on a scale of one to ten how likely do you think…

Griffin or Travis are more likely solely because Justin seems WAY too busy to be able to keep up a second online persona in addition to his current one and also raising a daughter and also having like four podcasts and also doing live shows and also having a day job.

okay that is very fair. thats a good point. but tbh that’s also the same for griffin who has Many Podcasts, a son, and a day job. 

and travis would have told us like, immediately. 

anonymous asked:

Hi tarysande!!! I just caught up with all your mass effect works on AO3 and they're all so great so I shall patiently wait for more :). I was wondering if you have any shakarian fic recommendations that I can read in the meantime xD? Preferably longer series' though one-shots are fine too! Thank you very much!!! I look forward to your suggestions :D :D

Thank you very much!! <3

Okay, so I have been suuuuper behind when it comes to reading fic. Really. I went through a whole thing and so I was really only catching what I happened to see on my dash. I also (I know, hypocritically) have a really hard time with WIPs, so there are probably some really good ones out there that I just haven’t read.

That said: if you check the “favorite stories” tab on my profile, there’s some good stuff. More than that, most of the authors I’ve noted there have continued to write even more good stuff since I stopped updating that list.

There’s also stuff in my “tara recs things she likes” tag (though that’s more of a hodgepodge of stuff across multiple fandoms.

I trust the taste of the person who runs @fuckyeahshakarian, so you can definitely find fic recs there!!

I’m going to leave people out and that makes me feel TERRIBLE, so I apologize in advance, but let me at least get you started with a handful of tumblr folk (who have AO3 accounts and write Shakarian I have loved): @w0rdinista, @fistfulofgammarays, @fourth-age@dearophelia, @todisturbtheuniverse, @madamebadger, @damalur, @servantofclio, @thievinghippo, @theherocomplex, @mystery-moose, @meggannn, @loquaciousquark (there are so many other folks like @bloodbright and @eponymous-rose who didn’t write specifically Shakarian and/or who don’t write in the ME fandom anymore, but still: good stuff) On AO3 orchidcactus and promisespromises have written stuff I really loved. I AM MISSING PEOPLE I’M SORRY.

And on the plus side, I’m pretty sure if you ask any of THEM who THEY like, you’ll get an even wider reading list to draw from!

mystery-moose replied to your post: You know what’s fun? Listening to MBMBAM and…

Yeah it’s a liiiiittle bit weird for me? But I can’t help but picture certain bits as conversations that Taako, Magnus, and another character (Avi or Carey or Angus or Lup or Barry or literally any NPC) have during their downtime at the Bureau/hanging out post-canon. Munch Squad especailly, but there’s a bit in a Best Of about Jamiroquai that I still picture with Angus and it makes me so happy.

oh no this is so good