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Gon or chocorobo-chan who's your bff,? =w=

Look, it should be clear that there’s a distinct difference between my best friend and the love of my life. Gon’s my best friend…

Also the best friend who happens to wear my clothes as pajamas and steal my pillow when he goes to sleep, I guess.

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Wait did I miss something? I just came online, did your mysterious anon prove to be correct and confirm sprousehart or something? 🙏🏼

They seem to be legit and have been dropping hints but haven’t explicitly confirmed anything yet. 

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A mysterious anon Love(??) letter has arrived! - Dear Miss Rhoswyn: You are terribly beautiful and always so energetic to spend time with, and I am most certain that resting my head on your lap would be the best, not that I would do such a thing, ever, without permission. I mean. Let's have drinks again sometime!

Originally posted by lateirishteen

Also seriously, jesus fuck, I dont care if you’re one of my friends or something
I’m actually kinda terrified that you’re one of my friends or something
And apparantly you’ve held this much of a negative opinion about me and I never knew??
Seriously, why did that ask have to be so goddamn AGGRESSIVE about it? i would still have said ‘no, wtf, just unfollow me or dont look at the damn posts’, but I wouldnt have been so rude if they hadnt been like UGH YOU FUCKIN ASEXUAL YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT GAH
cos like yeah THE BEST WAY to get what you want is to fuckin insult someone
wtf does my sexuality have to do with this seriously THAT BLOG IS RUN BY OTHER PEOPLE. Clearly this is NOT only my minority opinion influenced solely by a sexuality I dont fuckin share with them :P
And why on earth is THIS the breaking point for miss/mister/mx mystery anon?? its not like im fuckin quiet about feeling annoyed about MMO options and like.. caring about feminism or whatever. And I’m DEFINATELY not quiet about being asexual! Though i’ve never fuckin said everyone has to conform to tiptoing around my sexuality or something. The vast majority of my friends are not asexual, the vast majority of people are not asexual, and I would never fuckin think of asking these people who’re reblogging explicit anime screenshots all over my dash to tag them for me or whatever, thatd be REALLY FUCKIN RUDE. And it would also be rude to unfollow them in my opinion, cos even though our blogs are on entirely different subjects and all I feel like they’d take it as ‘I dont wanna be your friend’ if I unfollowed them. And man i was actually worried that my reblogging a lot of stuff from that bikini armour criticism site might have upset this particular friend, so i made sure to reblog the posts that were actually discussing the issue and bringing up sex positive points and all.
I dont see what I did to deserve this treatment, whoever you are.
I didnt say anything as rude as you fuckin said to me.
And you’re a patronizing git if you think anyone who ever dislikes something you like is only doing it because they have some fucking undeveloped opinion in their pea-sized head that they’d totally abandon if only they became normal. Yeah SURE lets say my opinion is entirely based on not being attracted to women, and not the fifty bazillion other arguments I actually reblogged!
Suck a fucking lemon, anon.

DONT WORRY! I’LL STILL BE IN TUMBLR! BUT NOT ON THIS ACC. JUST A RESTART! tho i could still post my mother 3 drawings here but no. this is a swapcest blog. now i shall make a mother 3 blog. 

lets answer some of my asks one more time! then no more! (still can’t screenshots so yeh)

@anon: Just found your goodbye post. Even though I showed up really late I loved your blog and your work. Keep up that amazing work! You are loved and will be missed. <3

thank you so much anon! i will never forget the people here tho. such amazing people. who knows. maybe one day i might love swapcest again.

@anon: We will all miss you, hope you have fun with your new fandom <3

i am already obsessed ;w;

@anon: Nuuuuuuuuuu *cries* you were da best ;-;


@anon: Wut about the game ;-; ? Why so soon I miss u already..“

i’ll still be semi active in my games dev acc but ….IM SORRY! i won’t be continuing it. ;A;

@anon: The game thooo nuu ;-; it was much goood. I miss you senpai


@isisariasaleolv: DON’T LEAVE THE BLOG I don’t care if you leave the fandom just– YOU ARE SO COOL ;-;

You know what. Here’s my NEW BLOG 
i’m so glad you’ll still like my work even tho i move fandom. *cries*

@soratayuya: Your Underswap art is beautiful and fantastic. We shall never forget your lovely works, good artist. Thank you for your contributions.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I’M SO GLAD I WAS APART OF THIS FANDOM. will never forget 2k15-2k16 vw,v


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bakura considers his most dangerous theft ever to be the time he pick-pocketed kaiba's phone, changed his wallpaper to ''sexy'' blue eyes white dragon fanart and put it back.

Anon oh my god

The only person who’s ever allowed to see Kaiba’s phone EVER is Mokuba. When Mokuba sees it, his first reaction is “NII-SAMA THE FUCK???” followed by Kaiba shutting down all telecommunications in KaibaCorp to try and locate the security breach. This lasts for several days with no leads whatsoever.

After a few days pass, Marik is genuinely upset at how easily Bakura was able to compromise KaibaCorp. “If I had known that was all it would take I could’ve taken Obelisk without breaking a sweat.”

Neither of them ever told anyone about what Bakura did. Hilarious as it might’ve been for everyone to find out, it wasn’t worth Bakura mysteriously going missing one day and never returning.

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Why hello, all knowing anon here: gosh sorry I've been MIA but so much has occurred. First off: the show will actually be better than people realize. 2: don't get twisted over Betsy, she is just to push a particular storyline, she and crane don't "hook up." 3: this season is all about Abbie and her history and how it ties to Crane's. 4: excellent chemistry with this cast and some sexual encounters. This season is going to be what you all hoped for. And then some!

Mysterious Anon!!! Why hello! It feels like forever since you graced my inbox with your presence! Hope all has been well over in All-Seeing-All-Knowing-Sleepy Hollow - Land.

Thanks for dropping by with this little nugget of goodness. I, for one, am one of the few who is actually rather optimistic for season 3. I’m excited to see what the new regime comes up with. I think most people are just plain ol weary, especially given Fox’s lack of or ridiculous direction with promotion. We’ve had so very little to thrive on these long, dark months of hiatus. 

As for your crystal ball of knowledge, this is not only everything I wanted to hear especially sexual encounters but it’s also pretty much everything I expected. Well…not the Abbie-centric part. As much as I desperately wanted that, I didn’t think we’d get it, especially given Fox’s propensity to forget all about her in their descriptions and spoilers. Glad to see that isn’t the case.

Now…. when you say….sexual encounters…… what sort of encounters are we talking about here? Ichabbie?? please God yes! please say Ichabbie! Joenny? Dabbie/Aniel/Rills?? <- do we have a ship name for Daniel and Abbie yet? Are they tropey or legit?? Clearly I know there’s only so much you can reveal but I mean, you did open Pandora’s Box here with that little information drop. 

Thanks for dropping by Mysterious Anon! Feel free to continue to do so. And ya know…. if you feel so inclined to tell me who you are, that’d be pretty freaking sweet. After all, you’ve been right about pretty much everything you’ve sent me before (excluding ur initial S3 outline which I assume changed when the show’s hierarchy changed.)

Once upon a time..

“Once upon a time, there was a young girl – fair, kind, and loved. Once upon a time – tragedy stole her away.”

The Mysterious Miss Anon, or so she was called, was once a single, kindhearted anonymous girl simply living and loving life. The day she awoke and became aware, she was all alone. Desperate for some sort of friend, she ventured out into the strange world she’d awoken to. Along her quest, she found many a character – fun, sweet, caring, kind. She treasured them all so much. With a recently claimed family and large cluster of friends, she was sure her future was set for a sunlit path. She was so very happy.

And happiness, as many know, never lasts forever.

One day, after a terrible accident, she was stole and claimed by a women. A women who happened to be her true mother. After many hardships, rescues, adventures, and tears, a single sacrifice had been made.

Just like that, the fair, kind, and loved girl was gone. Not a single farewell uttered.

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I literally just finished watching the entirety of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries yesterday (it was... sort of the only thing I had to keep me going after a really rough patch; I think it saved my life) and I wasn't sure how popular it would be if I searched it on Tumblr. You have no idea how ridiculously happy it makes me to see I have several new blogs to follow and information and gifs to pour over. >w< So just have a lil anon joining you all in wishing for a series four! -shuffles off-

Thank you for the message and a warm welcome!

Enjoy the series, the madness on tumblr and join the prayer circle for S4!

As for the rough patch, I hope it’s now behind you and here’s to better times.

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“Where the hell did you all come from..!?”

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