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A Guide To Pucci’s Weird Hair

So, it’s not uncommon to see people struggling with drawing Pucci’s hair, and that’s fine. It’s weird, both versions of it, and even I have trouble with it sometimes. A while back, as you might recall, I tried to draw up a handy guide for drawing Pucci’s hair, but it was shitty quality. So now, I’ve drawn up a much better one, and I hope it sheds some light for all you aspiring Pucci-drawing-people.

This package includes: the Original and Final versions of both hairstyles, from a variety of interesting angles, all for the low, low price of free! Enjoy!

Sorry for the delayed wait, but Bloom is delivering some more eggs again! No edited eggs this time, because so many people wanted an egg, and it really surprised me! But I still randomised the Pokemon, so I’m going to tag everyone with the Pokemon they got!

@shinyfurretdaily got a Rattata egg!
@lusaminehotsuin got a Hypno egg!
@vajra-furor got a Baltoy egg!
@lampentdaily got a Gloom egg!
@nightfurywitch got a Roselia egg!
@saltybuddy (Once again it’s not letting me tag) got a Wigglytuff egg!
@the-occasional-gijinka got a Swalot egg!
@sometimes-flareon got a Purrloin egg!
@dailydoseofpink got a Drampa egg!
@daily-mantine got a Bronzong egg!
@dailyarcticvaporeon got a Snorlax egg!
@pull-the-trigger-grove got a Chansey egg!
@sometimespikachu got a Type: Null egg!
@themadamharu got a Bulbasaur egg!
@gengardaily got a Spearow egg!
@latias-daily got a Sandshrew egg!
@natu-daily got a Mightyena egg!
@cold-hard-petrified got a Fearow egg!
@dailyhoppip got a Deerling egg!
@dailyemolga got a Wartortle egg!
@cheekycheepcheep got a Vivillon egg!
@ask-backpack-hypno got a Salandit egg!
@dart-the-llama got an Alolan Diglett egg!
@askabeheeyem got a Zigzagoon egg!
@pichudaily got a Heatran egg!
@bat-the-mun got a Solrock egg!
@valisartbin got a Drifblim egg!
@alpha621 got a Whiscash egg!
@zubatsometimes got a Cubone egg!
@sometimesvictini got a Flygon egg!
@daily-zygarde-cores got a Panpour egg!
@bewearium-z got a Zweilous egg!
@houndoom-daily got a Lileep egg!
@fluffsthedragon got a Swellow egg!
@trubbish-daily got a Seadra egg!
@occasionallybeheeyem got a Finneon egg!
@badlydrawnshinymawile got a Ursaring egg!
@chesterdidthings got a Whismur egg!
@bidoofdaily got a Graveler egg!
@queen-antlers (Not tagging again for some reason) got a Emboar egg!
@dailyseviper got a Snubbull egg!
@most-likely-daily-eevee got a Buneary egg!
@zorua-daily got a Beheeyem egg!
@nettnettnett90 got a Quilava egg!
@pokemonfangirl99 got a Bruxish egg!
@dwantless got a Octillery egg!
@bmassacr got a Regice egg!
@theresomethinginthewifi got an Alolan Raticate egg!
@kalam1999 got a Delibird egg!
@pinkiepegasus got a Popplio egg!
@ask-the-pokemon-guardians got a Gumshoos egg!
@occasionally-surskit got a Mamoswine egg!
@dailyspheal got a Ludicolo egg!
@dailywick got a Basculin egg!
@hunterx700 got a Lugia egg!
@alexinbox got a Giratina egg!
@meike11 got a Gothitelle egg!
@joltyjolt got a Natu egg!
@neon–nightmare got a Luvdisc egg!

And that’s all for today! I will get the rest of the eggs up either later today or tomorrow!

rioludaily  asked:

hey! we're egg buddies! i have no clue when mine is gonna hatch though... but i can't wait either way! OH i forgot! i came here to give you a box of pokepuffs! *lucario(riolu with m!a active) handed over the box of assorted pokepuffs!*

Thanks for the pokepuffs! I hope your egg hatches soon!



(( A Wooper hatched out of the egg! Now he needs a name… Any suggestions? ))

I just had a pokemon epiphany.

We all joke about the g-rated world of pokemon, and how breeders profess to not have a clue how pokemon eggs mysteriously appear and all that.

But I totally doubt that now. Breeders know exactly what’s going on. It’s just that, when they talk to you, the player character, you’re only *12 years old*. That’s anime 12, which looks more like 14 or 16 but that’s besides the point. How many adults actually have the nerve to explain the birds and the bees to a 12 year old? Not many, which is is why they universally resort to the pokemon equivalent of the stork story.

(from the egg @blacklynx14 gave me THANK YOU SO MUCH BTW)

Decided! This is Drani, Sunny’s PokeRehab friend!

Drani is smol but will hurt if friends are being hurt. They are in the Rehab not b/c of abusive trainers but b/c of other reasons.

Though Drani won’t be making too many appearances (cuz they are busy getting doted on in the Rehab center by doctors/nurses and Sunny), I hope you like them like you would like the Woops! :3


Hey, that Umbreon dropped this! …Is this an EGG!? I… I guess I have to take care of it now…

(( Acute has recieved an egg courtesy of @occasionallyshinyumbreon! There are 5 asks remaining until it hatches. ))

TD Season 7 Mysteries & Eggs

Those of you who are feeling anxious about the finale spoilers and no mention of Beth - just repeat in your head these little mysteries that still don’t have closure: 

1. Boots has yet to be revealed on the show. This is a big one. There is no way in hell they introduced this mysterious character (in a post-credits scene no less) and kept them anonymous for 2 episodes only to have it revealed in a talk show quiz that it was a tertiary character who did not have a big reveal at all. Nope.   

2. Morgan’s emphatic line “Who’s the girl?” to Benjamin when he tells Morgan a girl helped him with the bullfighter painting.  If you aren’t going to show her, why the fuck does it matter?  Because it does…”It does matter.” Yeah I shamelessly sneaked that Beth quote in there.   : )   

3. Daryl’s ongoing wardrobe parallels. They are still doing the black/white shoe laces that call back to Beth’s converses in Grady. Now there is an empty patch over his left breast pocket (aka HEART IS MISSING). And of course…the recent knife thing, which even if it isn’t technically Beth’s knife it is a huge call back to it and perhaps a reminder that her actual knife is still hidden like its owner. 

4. Daryl’s depressed character arc. I still think they must be tying his arc to Beth’s because he has not progressed in any way since her death. Casual viewers are really starting to dislike his character and the writers because of this. So why aren’t they sucking him up already instead of beating him down with deaths and torture? If someone dies, Daryl is 90% likely to be there/be involved. His light has to come from somewhere…soon.   

5. That damn romance novel. The stock photo of the piggy back couple on the romance novel Carol was reading was a sneaky callback to Bethyl. Doesn’t matter if it was Carol that was reading it, Beth and Daryl did the piggy back and Daryl made the comment about the “damn romance novel” in connotation to Beth.  Serious piggy back indeed…serious enough for TPTB to make call backs to events 3-4 seasons ago!   

Regardless of what happens in the finale, this is not the end for TD. Plus, give yourselves a pat on the back, I have never encountered such an intelligent, creative, dedicated group of fans. At least our hobby involves critical thinking! 

future goals: obtain the harry james potter philosophy to life