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Panic! At The Disco mysteries
  • What is Brent Wilson doing with his life?
  • Why doesn’t Ryan hate Shane Morris like the rest of us?
  • What happened during the making of the cabin album?
  • Why can Brendon barely say Ryan’s name anymore?
  • Is Kenneth a member of the band?
  • Why did the vices & virtues booklet say ‘Panic! At The Disco is Brendon Urie & Spencer Smith’ even though Dallon was already a member of the band?
  • What genre is this band?
  • Why do they still perform Camisado live?
  • Why did Spencer leave tour after already being sober for 7 months?
  • How did Dallon end up in a Doritos commercial?
  • Why are they still all so butthurt about the split?
  • Why does Dallon consider the Brobecks to be his biggest failure?
  • Seriously, is Brent still alive?