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watching the original buzzfeed unsolved videos is so weird because after a certain amount of episodes Brent just disappeared never to be seen again- I feel like I’m watching something forbidden


every BuzzFeed Unsolved episode [5/37?] → The Strange Deaths of the 9 Hikers of Dyatlov Pass

“Well, not if a missile hit the top of– you ever see Mulan? When she does the thing–” 
“Okay, right now you are… citing an animated feature film by Disney.”

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I really want them to do a 'mysterious disappearance of Brent Bennett' April fools episode.

I would also actually be down with this, especially if it ended with some awful but unclear chaos happening on screen while Shane and Ryan scream - and then we see Brent just sitting behind the desk on the True Crime set, staring straight ahead, unblinking.

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Looking at his new card, Bill was slightly relieved to see a name he had at least heard that night. At least that kid seemed easy to talk to. He made his way through the crowd until he found the other. Bill tucked his card away as he approached ‘Brent’.

“Brent, right?” he said as he made his way over. “We spoke for a little earlier in the night.” This is stupid. Just fucking play your part; stop acting like a child. “I’m Wesley, in case you forgot. But, I mean, you probably didn’t since that was only like, twenty minutes ago.” I’m rambling what do I say? “Anyways, hey again. So, I never got a chance to ask you earlier; what’s it like being an inventor for the kingdom?”

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can i ask why do you stan brunch

who else is going to lmao 



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Panic! At The Disco mysteries
  • What is Brent Wilson doing with his life?
  • Why doesn’t Ryan hate Shane Morris like the rest of us?
  • What happened during the making of the cabin album?
  • Why can Brendon barely say Ryan’s name anymore?
  • Is Kenneth a member of the band?
  • Why did the vices & virtues booklet say ‘Panic! At The Disco is Brendon Urie & Spencer Smith’ even though Dallon was already a member of the band?
  • What genre is this band?
  • Why do they still perform Camisado live?
  • Why did Spencer leave tour after already being sober for 7 months?
  • How did Dallon end up in a Doritos commercial?
  • Why are they still all so butthurt about the split?
  • Why does Dallon consider the Brobecks to be his biggest failure?
  • Seriously, is Brent still alive?