the muth


My Photo’s from the opening ceremony.Demore showed he was going to be a lot of fun and I really like my photo of Scott. I loved Bryan’s flower crown jumper. He had rocking jumpers all weekend. Plus I love how Hugh had to get a pic of the other guests! 

Plus the Fannibals in all their flower crowned glory!

(sorry for blurriness - does make Hugh and Bryan’s clapping look funny tho)


I knew who I betrayed.

My short life was like our family outings to the circus. 

It wasn’t so bad. A bit with a clown, some cotton candy And just as things got interesting, I covered my eyes.

I know what that Wallenda smile at the end was about, why they were so happy with their midair flips and near misses.

They were happy because they were brave enough to be themselves.


Hanniween icons, part 3

Feel free to use them as you please. Credit is appreciated, but not compulsory. If you have any particular picture that you want Hanniween-ed, let me know! ♥