the mutant warrior


(seriously, almost all the “Tales” in season 5 are just non-canon “What If?” side-stories)


The TMNT Post-Apocalyptic Raphael Story

I didn’t much care for TMNT 2017′s post apocalyptic tale for several reasons. 

One of which is turtle hair. The others include Donnie being basically himself in a robot body (A next-gen Metalhead with an AI based on his “father” that Raph treats as Donnie would have been more, well, post-apocalyptic), and Mikey/Leo’s roles being too obvious (would have been more interesting for Leo to find peace in the goofy, hippy-dippy lifestyle of his brother once his whole world vanished and for Mikey to thrive in the new environment as he does in Dimension-X), the fact that the oasis map is clearly a subway map and no one, not even Mikey, brings this up, and.. well, because it doesn’t really compare very favorably to what probably didn’t inspire it, but ought to have. 

In the original release of Road Hogs, a TMNT: After the Bomb supplement for the Palladium TMNT and Other Strangeness RPG, we get a nine page minicomic, where the titular Road Hogs decide to raid a mutant settlement. As you can see above, it features a wizened Raphael and his young pupils, and here we see what could have been the root of a really good mini-series. Bonuses:

  • While obviously a different mutant breed than Raphael, the Turtle boys (and girl, maybe?) and their sensei all lack hair (not letting that go).
  • Raphael’s age means the apocalypse could have happened at any point along the way, meaning the canon fate of all the characters you know from the show doesn’t have to be dying or being corrupted in a mutagenic apocalypse. The war could have happened when they were older, they could have had many adventures after the big boom before time caught up with them, etc.
  • Raphael becoming a teacher like Splinter is character development, him still being an angry loner is stasis. 

So here, for your approval, is a different take on Raphael beyond the world’s end.

TMNT 2012 ends tonight!

The finale of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 airs tonight at 9 on Nicktoons.

This show has been such a huge part of my life for the last five years. Being an aspie, I get super obsessed with like one thing for a long time, and TMNT 2012 has been that thing.

Unlike past aspie obsessions though, I’ve actually been able to make friends rather than drive them away through this.

Tori @adrenalinerush247 became my college roommate in Fall 2015 (we’d met during my first semester, Spring 2015, in Acting I) and one night she saw me wearing a TMNT 2012 t-shirt to bed and she was like, “I’ve actually heard good things about that show. Should I watch it?” I was surprised anyone would want to watch what I watch, but I was like, “If you want. I mean I like it.”

Not only did she volunteer to watch it; she watched all three seasons in eleven days! And then to tide her over until season 4 premiered, I offered her my fanfic, which she also loved! Such a good feeling. :3

TMNT was the thing we bonded over as roommates, friends, and near sisters, and it was so amazing getting to live with someone as obsessed with TMNT as I am.

I’ve met a lot of awesome people here on Tumblr, too! 

Shelle and Pie, I love you both so much! We should do a Skype video call soon! Like maybe when you two meet up in Scotland! @mamashelle80 @pie-thinkings

Brit, I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I’m so proud of you and you’re such an inspiration. 

Poetique, Reddy, Millin, Kallie, Kleptotello, Faithy, Myrling, it’s been lovely making your acquaintance and even getting to know some of you.
@poetique823 @redworld96 @millin21 @kalliecolors @kleptotello @faithfulwhispers @myrling-art

Leo, Raph, Donnie, Mikey, and April, as well as everyone else that’s part of your blog system, you all do a great job with your blogs and you’re so patient and brave doing what you do!
@ichiban-turtle @raph-the-muscle @donatellotmnt @mikey-angelo-hamato @blog-ask-april-o-neil

I love this community, and it wouldn’t be possible without Brandon Auman and Ciro Nieli. 

Their version of TMNT has been the cleverest, funniest, feelsiest, most action packed and ship-tastic version ever. Even Kevin Eastman praised it as the finest version of TMNT. And dude, the plot twists in this show! Making Karai Splinter’s daughter??? It’s been four years and I still can’t get over it. Absolutely brilliant. 

Whatever happens tonight, I won’t be going anywhere. I still have a lot of blogging to do. I haven’t even gotten to the monster arc and crossover arc yet! (I mean I’ve seen them, but I haven’t blogged about them much.)

Plus I really wanna try that timeline thing. Let’s see if any sense can be made of this weirdness. I’m sure I’ll notice a lot of fun things going through the show again and I’ll want to share those, too.

I’ll be around for a while and I hope you all will be, too. This will always be a TMNT 2012 blog. If I get obsessed with something else, like the new Ducktales or something, I’ll start a different blog for that.

As for the finale tonight, let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst (because let’s face it, the finales in this show… they hurt). 

The show may be ending…

…but the fangirling won’t stop here!

I’m still a little in shock over this nerdy thing . . .

Because after an extensive inventory of characters, it turns out that Marvel comics has had more teenaged heroes and villains than DC Comics. 

Possible because of the Teen Titans being so successful and the lineup being relatively stable for over a decade, while Marvel had Teen team after Teen team with all new casts. 

Conversely, there are more teen villains in DC by about the same margin. 

Probably for the same reason.

baby animals have been known to play with their parents tails whenever the parents babysit them, it’s especially seen with lions so I thought it be cute that Mona would use her tail as a toy for little Irrilia and it would probably be her favorite thing to play with whenever her mom is around and would miss her tail the most when Mona left for space.

Irrilia belongs to @myrling-art


Some Sailor Turtles… *cough*

Leo as Sailor Mercury
Raph as Sailor Mars
Donnie as Sailor Saturn
Mikey as Sailor Venus

I’m so sorry! XD
Please don’t hit me… >.<

(Well… These are just the paper sketches, who have been lying around here since a while… I’m not sure if I ever will draw them ‘neatly’ at my tablet…, but I didn’t wanted to hide this dumb crap from you… :’D *lol*)

(Btw… I wanted to draw another picture…, with Shina as Sailor Moon and Raphael as Tuxedo Mask… X3 But I don’t know how to draw Raph in this stupid costume… -.- Meeh…)