the mutant ninja turtles


Meet Nadia Vurbenova-Mouri, the multi-talented Art Director on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! She gave us insight behind the look of TMNT and inspiration for aspiring artists.

I finally saw the episode and broooh, Yojimbo is sooo good. They really pumped up the fight choreography. I’ve just watched some season 1 episodes and let me tell you, the animation has become so gorgeous in those last few years!
Oh, and of course, Yojimbo himself, I adore that rabbit, he’s so chill I love him.

Best part of the episode however is that I get to see le B team kinda murdering people? Like, Donnie freaking ran over a guy with his goddamn horse and Mikey just pummeled the peeps.
You even so a head rolling? Yep, definitely a show for children, 100%