the mutant ninja turtles

This is Wrong

Raphael (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: I got you bb c; High-school reader btw!

Prompt: “I am craving something scandalous! I’ll leave the idea up to you ;) thank yOU I LOVE YOUR WRITING!”

Word count: 788

Warnings: Swearing, age-gap relationship, angst, heartbroken raphie

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3


Ping! Ping!


Raphael’s left eye twitched as the constant text tone rang through the lair. Movie nights were his favorite, and yours too, but apparently tonight you weren’t really interested in anything that was on. Your eyes were glued to your phone as a permanent grin was fixed on your face. That grin had been there for weeks now, unwavering and strong. He should be happy, that you were so happy. But he had nothing to do with that smile, and it made him feel useless.

He grew up in a loved environment, but he never believed he could never love or be loved by any one other than his family. Then you came along, and your strength lit him up, and a fire burned inside him that could put the depths of Hell to shame. How was he going to watch you smile like that, and know he wasn’t the reason why?

Ping! Ping!


“Y/N give me the fucking phone or turn it off!” his voice bounced off the concrete walls, as he reached out for the phone. Your reflexes were fast enough to move your phone, diving it under a cushion next to you on the sofa.  

“It’s away! Chill out!” your face was a deep red color as you bashfully stared at the television in front.

“What’s your problem recently?” you ignored the question, eyes fixed on the screen as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ continued to play.

He shouldn’t have, but his curiosity got the better of him and his fingers tapped the passcode out on the illuminated screen. You’d fallen asleep on the couch next to him, head on one of the many scattered cushions.

Just unlocking the phone made his heart sting. What used to be a photo of the two of you; was now one of the generic preset backgrounds.

What were you hiding?  He saw a name: ‘Jack’. In messages, the conversations were long, and your replies detailed and flirtatious. His chest tightened and he squirmed uncomfortably in his seat. He forgot of his weight though, and the fidgeting made you wake silently, and your eyes pierced into the darkness, at Raphael’s illuminated face.

“What the hell, Raph?” your voice was a groggy whisper, but he heard it and when he did he dropped the phone next to you, it landing right side up and a photo of you with ‘Jack’ shined up at the ceiling.

“Who’s Jack?” the name was spat out, his fists clenched. The anger didn’t come from you having a boyfriend who he didn’t know of, but the man himself.

He was older, probably in his late 40’s, and from what he could tell, you were not supposed to be in a relationship with him. 

Getting up from the sofa, you breathed out, your heart feeling heavy. Shouldn’t you be angry that he had gone through your phone? Shouldn’t you be yelling at him? But no, the feeling of guilt weighed you down as you rocked slightly.

“Raph…” You reached out to hold his arm, small tears pricking at your eyes. As strong as you may make yourself out to be, you were fragile, and you did care about what your loved ones thought of you. He picked up your phone, flashing the bright screen at you.

“This. This is wrong. You’re young, why’re you getting yourself involved with him?” His voice was a lot calmer, having seen your scared expression when the light hit your face.

To say you had daddy issues was an understatement. You’d met Jack in your science class, he was your favorite teacher, and had been since you were 15. You’d grown with him, and he had with you. He was married, with two children. You’d met both of them, and one of them: your best friend. You’d see him in school, after school and even after you’d come back to your best friend’s house, trashed from a party. You’d gotten into a mess, and your feelings were far to deep to get out.

“Please Raph, sit down, and I’ll explain everything.” So, very much unlike him, Raphael sat back down on the sofa, and you explained everything to him. Pouring your heart out to this heartbroken terrapin. Tonight wasn’t a good night for either of you, and it was beyond wrong but you fell asleep in his arms that night, and you felt okay.

Hey so I’ve recently learned that nearly all of my friends who like TMNT 2012 have turtle OCs- but here’s the kicker. Literally all of them have tried to keep them from me until I explicitly told them I wanted to hear about them. The point? People are scared to share their turtle OCs for this gosh darn fandom because they’re scared people will ridicule them because it’s ‘too cliché’ or ‘cringey’. And you know what? Screw that. I made a sea turtle mutant who’s name is Myrtle. Now THAT’S cliché. 

Send me your TMNT OCs. Mutants, turtles, fan kids, whatever. I want to hear about them. Im gonna draw them. 

As long as you’re polite and its a TMNT OC, I’ll draw them! I don’t care if you’re an artist who’s better than me, worse than me, never drawn before, whatever. Talk to me about them.

The actor who plays Snuffles/Snowball just admitted he was recently treated for cancer

Rob Paulsen is my favorite voice actor so I had to say something. My heart sank when I saw the article but after reading it, it looks like he’s already recovering and working again. But he can no longer taste food and his saliva glands don’t work. He’s taking it like a chap because one of his favorite passtimes is visiting sick children in hospitals so he feels blessed to come out as well as he has.

Please shoot him some sweet words on twitter, he’s @ yakkopinky and he always has a sweet word for everyone. He’s the kind of person who makes you feel special and loved 3 seconds in to a conversation with him. I’ve met him twice and I hope to meet him again some day.

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