the mustaches


New stuff!!!!

The hat was a very unfortunate impulse. It wasn’t just too late to have attempted such a thing, it was too cold. When I realized I was starting to mess up the face with all the handling, I stopped bothering it and baked it as it was. Then come morning it was time for an “Oh, no!!!!!” round of disappointment.

ok but lance leaving post it notes on keith’s door every day that keith keeps on a wall in his room to look at whenever he needs it. just things like:
         - “pidge and hunk looking for a guinea pig. watch out”
         - “caught allura raiding the kitchen @ 3am again”
         - “do u think shiro could rock coran’s moustache?”
         - “sharks >>>> hippos”

but also things like:
         - “good work today, samurai :)”  
         - “the person reading this is very beautiful”
         - “your smile warms me more than the sun ever could”
         - “hey guess what? i love you”