the mustache

***Sherlock ignored John at the Baby Shower
***Sherlock ignored John at the Christening
***Sherlock consults Mary instead of John
***Sherlock can’t tell the difference between John and a red balloon
***Sherlock tells John to take the bus because he doesn’t want to share a cab

And then on the bus John flirts with a woman and takes her phone number in order to get the affection he can’t get elsewhere. 

Who the fuck do you think he’d rather get that affection from?  

I’ll give you a hint: probably the same person he was dreaming about within a month of married life. Probably the same person he hoped would take him back, which is why he kept his shirts folded and ready to pack. Probably the same person he talked about incessantly to his wife within the first month of marriage. Yeah. John’s been unhappy for SO LONG. He’s wanted a certain lifestyle for SO LONG. A calm life with a wife and kids in the suburbs doesn’t suit him – that was made clear in His Last Vow. 

John cheated?? Oh, honey, John’s been cheating on Mary since the day he shaved off that mustache.