Poor Milady.  Not only does she miss her chance to save Armand’s life and have him seriously indebted to her but she ALSO misses probably her only opportunity to be the one looking down his shirt for a change.

(So thanks for nothing, Athos!)

(No, no, I kid, Athos.  Of course I’m happy you were there to save the cardinal from a fork worse than death.)

I finally was able to finish my re-reading, re-editing, my cursing and groaning, and have put all those stories into REAL BOOKS. 

If you like to have a copy please follow this link for more information:

LINK (leads to an extra page on my tumblr)

DEADLINE is: 14. February 2016 (Valentinesday, 9pm GMT +1)

If someone only wants a readable pdf for ipad/kindle, this will also follow soon, and will cost you just a smile ;).