Death by Pcap &Whouffaldi

This week on new series that Lilia is binge watching to try and fulfill her quota of Peter Capaldi, I have successfully finished The Thick of It, In The Loop, and now I start The Musketeers as well as trying to keep up with my nine other shows and college work. Safe to say this week I have done nothing but watch TV and read whouffaldi FF. My ever growing love of Peter Capaldi and whouffaldi have been the death of me.


Tom is interviewed for a few seconds. Interesting fact that his waistcoat was made out of The Musketeers Pantaloons! He’s so cute, he has to shout over the noise.

snuggly cuddly sleepy headcanons???? yes pls

Porthos is a bed octopus, sprawls all over the bed, do NOT let him sleep in the middle, he’ll push the other three out of the bed!!! snores a bit

Aramis likes sleeping in the middle, vry touchy, vry cuddly, hates being waken up too early, is adorable

D’Artagnan steals all the pillows, vry warm while sleeping, drools a bit, is the first to wake up

Athos will latch on to the person nearest to him and hOLD ON FOR DEAR LIFE, will not let go, resistance is futile, last to fall asleep.