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VIDEO: Ariana Grande - Everyday ft. Future


Fi7i- Eclipse

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It’s likely many of you have already enjoyed this next behemoth collaboration which surfaced a few days prior, particularly if you’re a fan of the great Zedd, or a devotee of Alessia Cara and her ever authentic & endearing urban pop artistry. For those that haven’t, this is your chance to partake in their colossal song together, Stay. Zedd takes a future pop approach on his infectious new jam. The chill melodic, ethereal bouncing piece is reminiscent of some of The Chainsmokers’ biggest hits. Stay is out now on Interscope.

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The temperature may have dropped to the 40s yet again here in San Francisco, but for just a few minutes, we’re transported to a drafty summer day by New Zealand’s BAYNK as he waxes wistful with new single Poolside. The producer’s glassy glazed, gently thumping electronica is frothy light and soothing smooth. We lounge by that pool under a cool shade, daydreaming the day away as we gaze into its clear sparkly waters under a magnificent blue sky. BAYNK’s Poolside is out now on iTunes.

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I would just like you all to know

That I cried while drawing this part

And we’re not done just yet! There’s still one more left to go, coming along later…

–Dogs of Future Past–


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