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Fragments of an aborted recording session at Battery Sound NYC in 1986 which brought together fledgling rapper Mark Sinclair–today better known as the actor Vin Diesel–and avant composer/dance music maven Arthur Russell in a project midwifed by Gary Lucas, who discovered Mark Sinclair rapping and break-dancing on the streets of the West Village, and greenlighted by Geoff Travis of Rough Trade Records and Barry Feldman of Upside/Logarhythm records.

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01. Intro (canto III) (red)
02. castle
03. yellow flicker beat
04. castle walls
(christina aguilera)
05. young god
06. roots
(imagine dragons)
07. teen idle
(marina and the diamonds)
08. no one here’s to sleep
(naughty boy ft. bastille)
Song titles tag

Rules: using only the song titles of one artist/band, ‘cleverly’ answer the questions and tag people. 

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Artist/Band: QUEEN (duh)

What is your gender: Killer Queen

How do you feel: Under Pressure

If you could go anywhere: I’m Going Slightly Mad (get it? because it says go… never mind)

Favourite mode of transportation: Spread Your Wings

Your best friend: Love Of My Life

Favourite time of day: It’s Late

If your life was a TV show: Keep Yourself Alive

Relationship status: We Will Rock You

Your fear: Too Much Love Will Kill You

Ok, confession time:

I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a tag more. Seriously. I spent SO much time filling these out, so the people I tag are serious music mavens or book wizzards, and I’ll sit here all day with pen and paper in hand, waiting to add new amazing songs to my collection! (Also, sorry for going classic with my answers,it’s hard for me to find ONE BAND whose most songs I know and like). Ok, here goes:

@koalamuffins (counting on you) @shaelinwrites (although you might not have the time, finals and all, in which case forget about it, BUT you might need a fun break so yay) @bassguitarwitch (miss you duuude) @nerdishfeels @glorious74 @eggletine @elliewants2write @cassyunicorn @bymeganwithmeraki (meraki sisterrrr) @aelinqueenofshadows (lyyy)

Sorry if you’ve done this before, just tag me on your answers :) xx


((A year ago, a girl stumbled across a long-dead rp blog that she had. Oh dear, what can I do with this? she thought.

After bringing it up with her friend, he convinced this girl to start an independent OC blog. After much confusion and key smashing, she wrote what she thought was a passable bio, hunted down a blog theme she liked, and made a single post stating the blog’s immediate change to an independent LoL RP OC. 

So as stated last night, one year ago today I made that post officially opening my blog. I find it really amusing that my second post was then a giveaway for said friend

So…it’s been a year. Hooray?

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Vans Girls Music Crushes: WICVH

From the Bay to LA comes our all time girl-crush, DJ Noodles, AKA Micah, AKA “hey, what should we be listening to right now?” This talented girl has been all across the globe spinning our favorite tunes, dropping style everywhere she goes, and touring with music maven Kehlani. Now that we’re swiftly closing the door on summer, (sad, we know) and walking right into fall, we asked Micah to put together a little mix to help us boogie into the new season. Listen to her latest mixtape now! 

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