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maluma: #VITAMINA PARTE 2!! Que artista ven en esta canción?? @therudeboyz_ #se✖️ 💀💀”

ID #57291

Name: Jess
Age: 17
Country: The Isle of Man

Hey there,
I’m Jess, I love to travel and do so frequently throughout the year, so I’m always moving around. I love music and listen to various different artists such as The 1975, Halsey, Paramore, Pvris, Lany and blackbear. I play guitar in my free time and am also an avid field hockey player.
As well as this I often watch ice hockey, my favourite team being the Montreal Canadiens, and enjoy many TV shows. These include Orphan Black, Supergirl, Game of Throne, The Walking Dead, with others along the same lines.

Preferences: Anyone aged 16


maluma: #VITAMINA PARTE 1!! Con que artista les gustaría esta canción?? @therudeboyz_ 💀💀


Born on this day: May 29, 1960 - Singer, songwriter and musician Jesse Johnson (born Jesse Woods Johnson in Rock Island, IL). Happy 57th Birthday, Jesse!!

musical ratings based on if children swear
  • falsettos: great at first, but slows down a lot. 7/10
  • annie: terrible. so many children, so few swears. 0/10
  • into the woods: none, but if it was made now im certain little red would drop an f-bomb. 1/10
  • music man: not even trying. 0/10
  • fun home: idt there are any? 0/10
  • billy elliot: incredible. set the standard. if u like children swearing this is the show for u. 11/10
  • spring awakening: theyre not child actors, but gosh do they swear a lot. 2/10
  • matilda: they say hell a couple times. 5/10
  • spelling bee: again, not child actors. if "erection" is a swear, 3/10, if not, 0/10
  • a christmas story: no full on swears, but quite a few near swears, so its alright. 2/10
  • school of rock: very good. bonus for talking abt hating the man, minus for being a not great show. 8/10
  • sound of music: can u imagine if one of those kids started swearing thatd be hilarious. 0/10
Parts of musicals that make my heart feel Full™

* the fast talking/rapping(?) in ya got trouble
* the last little bit of non stop where everyone sings over each other
* when adult simba swings in like a badass for the last couple line of hakuna matata
* The harmonies in letters
* The key change in waving through a window
* The key change in what you own
* key changes in general tbh
* “strike! strike! strike strIKE STRIKE STRIKE”
* the harmonies in blackout and THOSE NOTES THEY HOLD FOREVER OMG
* “he’s not here. I AM HERE”
* The final chorus of do you hear the people sing
* The entire song of purple summer tbh
* “I hope you’re happy… my… friend”

do you ever get those song cravings, where it’s not like you’ve got a song stuck in your head necessarily, but you just really need to listen to this one specific song, and when you do it’s just so satisfying and perfect?

This has been a long standing actual honest to goodness request from Dalek Tea Service that I’ve been promising him for months now after geeking out about the idea with him waaaaay back when I first joined Discord.

Nick as Professor Harold Hill from The Music Man! Aaaahhh! And Judy as Marian, Finnick as Marcellus (but angrier), Bellwether as Charlie?

Check the video, Nick and Harold are conman soul mates. XD