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Music Videos

For hundreds of years music was one of the most important things in people’s lives. Its history is really long and I could write about it but right now I want to tell you about music videos.

Music videos are basically short films for songs, produced for some promotional purposes.

You probably don’t know that the first ever music video was made in 1894! That’s crazy, right?

It was sung by The Old Man in the Woods and it was called ‘The Little Lost Child’. The music video for this song wasn’t like the music videos that are made now. It was just a song with some appropriate illustrations and it was presented in theatres.

But now, let’s get to modern music videos. Here I’ll give you some, in my opinion, the best music videos of all time.

Queen – I Want To Break Free

The greatest and the funniest, actual masterpiece. Is there anyone who doesn’t know this music video? Probably not.

A-ha – Take On Me

A comic, cartoon style combines with a realistic one.

The Smiths – This Charming Man

80’s, flowers and Morrisey. What could you want more?

BØRNS – American Money

The lyrics, people, landscapes. It’s just so. Aesthetically. Pleasing.

The 1975 – A Change of Heart

I must say, the 1975’s music videos are the best and the worst thing I saw. But I still love them. And you should too.

As I said, the music videos were chosen by me. There are tons and tons of amazing music gems. And what are yours?

Written by

Michalina Paradowska


The Grammys just made it crystal clear: It values music that is plain, safe and white.

Beyoncé’s Lemonade went into the night a critical favorite by far, but every time it went up against Adele’s 25, it lost. Adele’s “Hello” took best pop solo performance over Beyoncé’s “Hold Up;” it also took song of the year over “Formation,” making for a clean sweep for Adele.

The Lemonade visual album — arguably the most powerful aspect of Beyoncé’s release, and a film widely hailed as one of the most ambitious and profound creations in that medium — was beat out by a Beatles tour documentary for best music film.

We’ve seen this special brand of erasure year in and year out at the Grammys. For the past eight years, white artists have taken the show’s album of the year award over black artists. 

Adele’s win simply reinforces the norm and provides even further proof that Grammy voters have trouble recognizing quality black art. Read more (Opinion)

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i was so sleep deprived that my mom walked in on me crying while packing for school and she was like “what’s wrong??” and i was like “i just… elton john so much…….rocket man is such a beautiful song….” and she made me a cup of coffee and told me to get it together

yeah, i’ll always love you guys too :)


There are a lot of people who have prejudice against me, let me introduce their prejudice.

I appreciate the prejudice against me and hope you to make more in the future. (x)


in loving memory of the wednesdays we had new episodes

yes this has definitely been done before

yes i cried at least 4 times making this