the music from the balconies

Imagine you wake up in middle of the night to the sound of soft playing violin music. You climb out of bed to see where the music is coming from, to find Loki playing violin on the balcony of your bed chambers. You watch him silently as he plays and close your eyes as you savour this moment. Suddenly the music ends and open your eyes to find him looking at you. “You never told me you could play” you say. He tells you he doesn’t play for anyone and it was something he used to do for Frigga. He then pulls you close and whispers, “But for you, my love I would gladly give a private performance”. So he takes you into the bedroom and plays for you, till the last thing you hear before sleep is the violin.

It’s like Hannah Montana but better.

Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Genre: Fluff

Request: Omg i just had this thought. So reader always wears baggy clothes, nothing that showed off her curves or anything. And then theres a party and she wears this beautiful tight dress, it was still slightly modest, but it hugs her curves, and no one realized that it was her at first. (Also, reader is best friends with bts, but has feelings for one of them and then they get together?) Thank ya!!!!!!

(Credit to Original owner of gif)

You don’t really recall the exact that you became friends with all of Bts but you don’t regret it for a single momen- “Y/N! Is eating your food again! He’s straying from the diet and will blame you!” You heard the all to familiar voice of Jin yell down the corridor to you.

You sighed and finished pulling your jumper over your shoulders and hurried to the kitchen to see Jungkook with a mouth full of crisps and the most guilty look on his face “Aish! Stop eating my food you pig!” You yelled and grabbed the now empty can of Pringle’s from the boy.

You shoved three boys out of your kitchen and found another one in your pantry so you pulled him out as well and you all moved into the living room, you all sat and watched a movie and noticed all the boys were side eyeing you and each other and you knew straight away you had been stuck in the middle of either a prank or some dumb competition that they always did. An arm draping around your shoulder disrupted your thoughts as Taehyung nonchalantly glanced at you then back at the TV “What do you want?” You asked suspiciously.

“Oh nothing, there’s just this part-” “Y/N come I need water!” Jungkook yelled suddenly interrupting the other boy from speaking.

You looked at Jungkook and used the opportunity to move away from Taehyung, as much as you loved their hugs you knew something sinister was going on. “Go get it yourself, you know how a tap works.” You teased and moved away from Tae to a different couch.

The boys chuckled and all went back to normal but for like five minutes before your phone pinged and you were going to grab it but upon seeing the sly look on Yoongi’s face you ignored it. “Ugh this is killing me, Y/N We want to invite you to a party, nothing to fancy, the boys were making a game out of it to see who could get you to be their date.” Namjoon finally said being the first to crack.

Seven loud groans echoed around the room and they all began telling off Namjoon for spoiling their game. “Sure I’ll go, I didn’t know it was a competition though, Kookie asked me yesterday and I said yes.” You said and then laughed as all the yelling was suddenly turned on the youngest.

Once all the chatter died down you all went and ate some dinner and enjoyed a movie. You had slyly stolen Yoongi’s jumper and added your final addition to your baggy jumper collection as now you had one from every boy. It made you proud and you didn’t feel any guilt, they always took your stuff and ate your food. It’s probably why they never complain about their missing clothes. You fell asleep with them in the living room and your head was resting quite comfortably on Jungkook’s shoulder.

You woke up in the morning to an almost empty living room, the boys were up and about gathering all their stuff and getting ready to go to work with the exception of Jungkook who was still quite comfortably asleep and you still had your head on his shoulder. You moved away and shook the boy awake, to which he groaned as he had the most pleasant dream about you. His eyes shout open and realized how close you were and jumped away, you laughed at his odd behavior as he went about his morning before all the boys bid you goodbye and Jungkook told you what time he would pick you up.

After they had left you went upstairs to go see what nice clothes you did have and found one dress tucked away at the back, you weren’t one for going all out and making yourself up but if it was something to do with work for the group you wanted to make sure you looked your absolute best. The dress was simple, that reached just above your knees and hugged your waist before becoming like skater skirt. It was long sleeved and had slightly wider than normal neckline and you knew it was the dress to wear. You picked out a pair of nice small heels and set your outfit to the side and tried to contain your excitement.

When the time came you began getting ready and dolled yourself up and even did your hair before putting on your outfit for the night and stared at yourself in your full length mirror. Admiring how the dress and shoes made your legs appear longer and how the dress accentuated your curves without being to sexy. You walked down the stairs expecting to see Jungkook but only saw a driver and you couldn’t deny how upset you were, to be arriving on your own. 

The driver informed you that the group would meet you there as they ran behind schedule. You didn’t mind in all real honesty, you knew their work was important and would usually take up a little time, so you were thankful enough for the moments you did get with them.

You showed up the party and told yourself to beat up Namjoon for lying, there was paparazzi everywhere and their presence made this party seem a lot bigger than expected, the driver handed you an invitation on a small piece of paper and you exited the car and you were immediately blinded by the flashes of cameras. You did your best to smile as people loudly chatted about who you were.

You entered the party and skimmed the area and spotted the boys and made a beeline for them and jumped up next to Jimin who stared at you in surprise “Hello there,” He purred “My name is Jimin and you?” He asked surprise turning to something more flirty.

You let out a laugh and leaned close “Jimin its me! Y/N! You’re kidding right? I’m not that hard to notice.” You laughed in his ear over the music.

You pulled away to see shock settled back on his face and ignored him and went around greeting the boys and saved Jungkook for last “Kookie!” You yelled to catch his attention.

He turned quickly, knowing your voice from anywhere but when he saw you, he felt everything around him slow down. He loved it when you wore his clothes, He loved it when you wore anything really but this was the first time you had ever worn something like this in the time you had known him and he couldn’t stop the literal shock to spread across his features. “Yoohoo earth To Kook!” You called, rapping your fist against his head.

He dragged you away after snapping out of it. He pulled you onto the balcony and away from the thumping music “So some small, non-fancy party huh?” You joked looking back into the room to see Yoongi a thumbs up but he wasn’t looking at you.

You followed his gaze to Jungkook and saw the boy staring at the floor blushing madly. “Jungkook, are you okay?” You asked placing a hand on his shoulder.

He looked up and met your gaze. His mouth opened and shut a few times “You look beautiful tonight!” He blurted out finally, reverting away from his fishlike state.

You were about to thank him when you noticed him take a deep breath and step forward and wrapped an arm around your waist and the other rested on your chin as he brought his lips close to yours. “In fact you are the most beautiful person at this entire party.” He breathed.

You let your eyes flutter shut as your best friend kissed you. You wrapped your arms around him and got completely lost in the moment but eventually you had to pull away “So Kookie finally stopped being my blushy boy and became my manly man.” You teased.

It brought a grin to his face as you kept teasing him but all he did was just watch your face light up as you animatedly joked about him before getting distracted by your lips and kissing you again right in the middle of your insult and silencing you. 


Probably could have come up with a better ending I’m sorry!! This was actually really fun to write as I relate 100%. I hope you enjoyed it!!

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: betty just CASUALLY leaves a metal ladder outside her window??? where does she stuff her metal ladder. where does it come from. how is this allowed. does jughead bring the ladder. where’d he get it???? he definitely can't carry it anywhere hes homeless as hell. is this the andrews's ladder (maybe from their garage)?? does archie take it out of his garage and help his main homies hook up? do betty's parents know that their daughter's room is ladder accessible?? does betty keep a ladder in her closet?? does she haul it up from their basement?? wheres this teen romance bullshit coming from what kinda high school musical balcony scene bullshit???
About time.

A/N- Just an alternate more ‘mature’ story of my previous au.

Hope you enjoy this. Its really good, I promise. :) You’re in for a surprise huhuhu :3

Plot- Jungkook is your roommate for about a while now, but time seems to have gotten some strings attached. Lets see how it goes. Will resistance win?

Characters- Y/N, Jimin, Jungkook.

Word Count-  2.2k+.

Warning- Swearing.

For better understanding, check out these!(or don’t, your wish :3)-

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casual texting- part 1, part 2  


This wasn’t just your average love story. This was an intense blend of being in a friend zone and being perpetually torn between lust and respect. 
Almost two years ago you didn’t even expect to be living with a boy too hot for existing. But there you were… With him, under one roof and almost painfully attracted to him. The amazing awkwardness was no longer prominent though.
Where on one hand we wanted to clutch onto each other like koalas and not let go and on the other hand, wanted to rip off clothes and sink your souls into each other’s skin. It was almost agonizing for you both to keep your eyes off one another. At this point in life, you were highly satisfied with the situation in general.
It was a quite uneventful Friday evening and this was going to be a long weekend. Jimin, you and your roommate of 2 and a half years, Jungkook were sat down on the ground in your living room, reading comics, texting and just casually wasting time.

“Hey Y/N, let’s go out. I’m bored. And its weekend anyway.” Jimin said yawning and streching his arms out. Jungkook sighed as he looked at you and you were least bothered about tonight.

“I don’t know Chimchim…” You breathed.

Jimin got agitated at this and got up and crawled to you and locked you into an Asian defensive embrace. 
“Chimchim, no!” You cackled trying to escape from his grip. 

You glared at Jungkook who was just straight face busy texting someone. You managed to kick him in the nape of his neck, making him lose his phone. 

“Y/N! You-!” He immediately got up and locked you with his muscular arms from the front. You were suffocating but couldn’t complain. It had been so long since you all were finally together, without any college assignments. 

“Ah! Jungkook! Jimin! You fuckers, let go, I’m dying!” You laughed as you held their arms so that they loose their grip on you. 

“Fuck off!” Jungkook growled. 

“Okay, I’m sorry! Ah, let go!” You cried. 

“Y/N, please let’s go!” Jimin said. 

“Fine! Fine!” You finally felt free. You coughed and hit them both hard. 

“Where do we go?” I asked as I lean onto Jungkook’s shoulder. He snaked his hand from behind, to grope your shoulders. 

“Let’s go somewhere fancy today.” Jungkook suggested while unconsciously lighting rubbing one of your palms. You nervously sweat at his touch, but you were kind of used to it. His fingers felt like electricity running through and down to you core. 

“Oh yeah! There is this, Italian place I saw.” Jimin said as he navigated through his phone.

“Let’s go! I’ll get ready.” You left Jungkook’s grip reluctantly and went to get ready. You needed a moment to settle in the atmosphere after escaping his comfortable heat. He tracked you with his eyes while you were going. 
Jungkook looks away at Jimin with a slight smile and found Jimin staring at him. 

“Just admit it already.” Jimin teased.

“What the fuck?” Jungkook frowned at him with flushed cheeks.

“Come on! We all know you are so in love with her.” He said.

“Oh shut up. I am not.” Jungkook deeply blushed. Unable to be aware about his own feelings towards you. 
“You ask anyone. Ask any Hyung, they all say the same. Have you even noticed the way you look at her. It’s insane and so magical!” Jimin dreamily told.
“No chimi. She is my roommate and my friend. I just care about her. A lot.” Jungkook said looking down at his twiddling thumbs. 
“I’m done. Let’s go!” You announced from a distance. You wore a cute little gravy, off-shoulder dress with timberlands. You had messy hair and a dark lip colour on, leaving the two men with ajar mouths. 

“Damn.” Jimin scanned you up and down. 

“Where is Y/N? Miss, if you’re free, join us for dinner tonight.” Jimin said making me roll my eyes at him. Although you lived for his cheesy compliments, you still made a face at him.

“You still look like a pig.” Jungkook teased without leaving his eyes from his phone. 

“Yeah whatever. You still look like a rabbit.” You teased him back which certainly offended him. You were still pondering as to why he had been stuck on his phone lately. Did he get a girlfriend without telling you? You felt a knot in your stomach on the thought of him holding another girl, laughing with her, kissing her, just being with her. You had not released it, but in this course of two and a half years, you might have started liking your roommate. It was obvious for you and him, that you couldn’t keep eyes off one another at times which made you jump. When he jokingly called you cute things like ‘baby’ or 'sweetie’ or 'sugar’, your heart would do a 360° flip. 
You finally headed out to the restaurant with both the men. You held Jimin’s arm while walking. Jungkook just saw that from the corner of his eyes and ignored. You all talked about life in general, jobs and stuff, whilst on the way. 

“Ew, your PDA disgusts me.” Jungkook finally said out of context. 

“Oh is someone jealous?” Jimin pouted sarcastically. You just clutched onto him more and kissed his cheek. 

“How about that, Kookie?” You poked out your tongue at him.

Jungkook frowned hard and to your surprise, held your waist tight. 

“Alright, I need my share too then.” He smirked. You blushed at his quick gesture. We soon reached our destination and had the fanciest meal ever. It was a bit pricey for you all to have but you had a good time. You all split the bill and then happily started walking back home. Once again, you were latched on Jimin and it was killing Jungkook this time, he immediately pulls out his phone and started tapping on it. This time you were low-key mad. 

“What is with you and your phone-” you snatched away Jungkook’s phone. He was startled. "The fuck woman! What are you doing?” He screams. 

“Seriously Kookie, what is it?” I ask furiously whilst desperately trying to find out. 

“Just give my phone back!” He ordered while attempting to snatch it away. 

“Can you just tell me what’s even up with you?” You yelled. 

“Y/N!” He screams and you fall to the ground bruising your arm. 

“Oh my god. Y/N!” Jimin got startled and reached out to pick you up. Jungkook was just stood there with his eyes widened and shook expression. 

“You know what? Fuck you, Jeon Jungkook!” I spat as I dusted myself. “You! Don’t talk to me these days, don’t share anything with me, don’t come home till late, always leave the house early, don’t eat the food I make, and you just are so ignoring me. What’s wrong with you?” You were low-key red.

“Y/N, calm down.” Jimin whispered while holding me in place. 

“ASSHOLE.” You stared at your wound as you eye him from the corner.
His phone beeps and you read he message there.

//are you jealous? <3//

“Y/N I-” As Jungkook was about to say anything, you left before placing his phone on his hand. 

“Well done, Kook. Now she hates you for sure.” Jimin sarcastically says. 

“Aish! I’m an idiot!” Jungkook face-palmed hard. 

“Indeed.” Jimin said while punching him lightly. 

“Now go get her. She’s hurt and she needs someone. I’ll be leaving. Taehyung must be home.” Jimin says and leaves. 

“I better come up with an apology of reasonable explanation.” Jungkook was really in dilemma and he wanted to really make up for hurting you. Jungkook rushes to a store to buy your favorite beer and Thai food. 

“Y/N, are you in?” Jungkook sweetly called you out. You frowned at him and ignore without saying a word. 
You were sat in the balcony with music blasting from the speakers. 
The night was breezy and you were just sat there in silence and mild darkness. Jungkook keeps the things aside on the dining table as he steps towards and lightly wrap his arms around your shoulders. 
You were still slightly annoyed at him but the way he holds you made you want to turn around and hug him. Tight
“Y/N. Sorry, baby.” He mumbles like a little 5-year-old boy against your skins. He still had his arms wrapped around you with his head resting over your left shoulder. You were still taken aback at his intimate touch that had happened in the past as well, but not in a situation like this.

You sighed and replied to him finally. “Kookie, what is even up with you I swear I can’t-” as you turn to face him, he gives you the puppy eyes which makes you pout in return. You cup his cute face and tell him to not do it. 

“You made me fall.” You tell him making even his heart skip a beat.

‘Only if it were in the way’, Jungkook thought.

“I realized it. I have been an asshole recently. I have been so stressed and I thought I should talk to you but I just didn’t know how.” He didn’t know how to respond to that but he confessed his ignorance towards you. He looked at your bruise which nearly killed him on the inside, seeing that he was responsible to scar you like that.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I never meant you hurt you, I just… Sorry. But hey! Look, I got your favorite beer and Thai food!” He tells me yet with a voice filled with regret and sadness. 

“Oh, my god! This is what I really needed now!” You cleared him off the way from the balcony and rushed to the table to grab the beer can. You pop open it up and have a big sip. You could never be mad at him for bringing you alcohol. It was such a uni student thing.

“Ah~ this is good.” You say walking back to balcony where your roommate was. You toss him another can of beer. 

“You know it’s been too long that we have actually hung out like this. Remember the one time we went hiking and I slept all over you…” You look up at the beaming moon and reminisce the old times when you were both new and naive. 

Jungkook lets out a breathy chuckle, making sure not to choke himself, cringing at his childish nature back then. 

“Not going to lie, I enjoyed it.” He winked at me with that killer bunny smile of his. 

“Mate, I bet you did. And I think your alcohol is kicking in.” You laugh and slap him lightly in the arm. 

“Oh Y/N, we used to be so awkward. Now look at us, were chilling in our balcony with beer.” He smiles.

“Jungkook, honestly, I would have never even thought I’d get along with you well.” You lean your face to face him.

“Well, same.” He taps the time of your nose making you smile like an idiot. There was a numb silence in the air that night.

“Y/N…” He broke the winds sound with His own lovely voice. After knocking down the third can of beer

You hum in response and look at him with intoxicated eyes. Your eyes were burning at his visual. You wanted to clutch into him so bad, you start to dig your own skin in resistance. 

“Why did you want to know what I had been up to these days? Why did you become so curious all of a sudden?” He quietly asks, touching around his hands over your bruise. 

You stood quiet and said, “I don’t know, I felt like you changed… And you don’t want my company anymore… I’m sure, she is pretty and nice to you. She has no idea what a gem you are, Jungkook.” You said, trying to look at him who was completely wasted now. 

“You were jealous? Weren’t you?” He stares right at me.

Your eyes widen at his sudden abrupt yet kind if true answer. 

“I-I-I…” You couldn’t help but stammer. 

You want me all to yourself. Right?” With every word he spoke, he was inching closer to me like never before. You had goosebumps all over your body. He had never crossed lines without context. This time, you felt jolts of thrill and nervousness running in your body.

“Jungkook, I-” before you could say a word, he was cupping your face and admiring you.

“Such a cute little thing you are, Y/N.” With these almost inaudible whispers of his, you felt his hot breath hovering above your lips, almost brushing it against yours. His eyes seemed to feel heavy and closing so lightly.

You felt even more enticed than you already where. There was a nip in the cold air, but his presence made it weirdly warm. You weren’t sure if it was alcohol or his touch that made your squirm to core. You lightly whisper his name and felt your eyes closing. He softly touches his rose petal like soft pink lips to yours and just as so, you melt. You didn’t waste time in grabbing his hair and holding him back in place. The movement seemed so natural, so effortless. it felt as if you both wanted it and it was finally happening. The need of feeling each other so close was finally there. He moved even closer to you, without disconnecting your lips. He was properly holding you now. His lips were dancing along yours, occasionally making his tongue run across your lower lips. You gently part your lips to give him a better access of your pretty little mouth. Both of your hearts were threatened to beat out of your chests.

You were so lost into kissing him deeply and passionately, that you forgot what had even happened. You were his roommate and here you were, making out with him. You couldn’t care less when all you needed was right in your arms, kissing you, holding you, making you feel wanted. You couldn’t ask for more. Even if this act was out of lost consciousness, you want to savior the taste of your desires. 

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Checkov and Basorexia – An overwhelming desire to kiss.

Chekov + Basorexia – An overwhelming desire to kiss.

The night air is chilled and the music from the party is muted by the closed balcony doors. Chekov isn’t sure how he ended up out here, with you nonetheless, but he doesn’t mind. He’s honestly grateful for whatever led him to be in this situation, standing close so to you, arms occasionally brushing against each other.

You sipped your champagne, a sigh falling from your lips as you run your finger along the rim. He can see the stress in your eyes, but doesn’t know if he should comment on it. There’s a lull in the conversation of your rambling, too caught up in your mind to really pay attention to the conversation. Although while your mind is straining with anxiety, Chekov is thinking about how soft your lips look.

“Are you okay?” Chekov asks, placing down his drink, body turning to face you. You look up from your drink, mouthing a ‘no’.

“I-I don’t know if I’m ready to leave.” You explain, eyes drifting back to the party. Tomorrow you were leaving for your longest voyage yet, nine months at space and you are beyond petrified.


“We’re going to be gone for so long, I don’t know h–if I can handle this.” You admit, taking another sip of your drink. Chekov hums in response, not quite sure how to comfort you. He glances down at you glass, lipstick stained around the rim as you down the last of it. “Maybe I shouldn’t go.” You whisper, it’s more to yourself, although you know Chekov heard. He’s standing too close not to, but you don’t mind. You can feel the heat radiating off of him, and you know he’s trying to figure out what to say. You turn to tell him you’re fine, but your faces are closer than you thought. “I want you to come.” Chekov matches your tone, taking his bottom lip between his teeth to suppress urge to grab your face and press his lips against yours.

Your expression softens faintly, and Chekov thinks you look the prettiest like this. There’s a warmness in your eyes and a small smile tugging at your lips. You look calm and beautiful. You thank him, but he doesn’t hear you. All he can focus on is how much he wants to kiss you and how little self control he has left.

Fuck it. He’ll blame it on the alcohol if it goes south.

Chekov’s lips are on you instantaneously and you’re almost not sure how to react, and aren’t given anytime to as Chekov pulls away, eyes glinting with anxiety. He mutters something in Russian, an agitated hand running through his hair as he anxiously tugged on the ends. “I uh s-shouldn’t have done that, i-it was a mis–”

You caught off his rambling by practically throwing your body into his, arms wrapping around his neck as you kiss Chekov like it’s the last time you might. One of Chekov’s hands snake around your waist, pulling your even closer, while the other cradles your cheek. You both hear the shatter of you champagne glass, but are too caught up to care. When you pull away, you laugh at the lipstick smudged against his lips. Chekov laughs too, one of his hands tangling with yours as he mumbles, “Finally.”


The hum of the music seemed distant from the balcony. The suave man stood quietly as he watched the people within the ball room speak quietly to one another in fancy clothes, sipping expensive champagne all while reminiscing about the good old days. He couldn’t help but smile at the awkwardness that encased the entire thing. It was the 10 year anniversary of the end of the Titans and someone had the bright idea of throwing a charity ball. Friends who hadn’t spoken in a decade were now forced to see one another, opening painful wounds that had healed long ago. Who knew that the family he once loved and cared for would become strangers, that he would have a hard time even talking without noticing their darting eyes and sideway stares. They all blamed him for their rocky end and well, when it came down to it, it really was his fault.

His eyes were caught by a flash of green. His vision followed the trail and he finally found her, the one he had really come to see. She stood beside and aged Cyborg as she smiled politely at the conversation. The green dress she wore hugged her curves in all the right places, leaving very little to his imagination. Her hair was like fire as it cascaded down her back in tight, perfect curls and he couldn’t help imagining how it would feel if he could run his hands through them one more time. She was perfect, more than that, she was magnificent.

He quickly gulped down the last of his gin, ignoring the burn as it forced its way down his throat. With the last of his courage he forced himself to near the door way, trying to imagine something to say that didn’t sound as pathetic as he felt. Once he neared the threshold he was forced to a stop as a rather tall changeling emerged from the crowd and took his place beside the beauty that had once been his. The green man’s arm extended as he pulled the woman close to him, planting a gentle kiss atop her forehead. She smiled, accepting his touch and leaning her weight into him with a lovers embrace.

This realization caused the onlooker to turn immediately, shaking his head as he made his way back to his previous perch. His hands bit into the railing with such force that he thought his fingers would break.  He felt his heart become a brick within him; the weight of what he had just seen tearing at his insides like a wild animal. She was taken, what in the world was he thinking.

Of course she was taken, a woman like that doesn’t say single for long, but why did it have to be the changeling? Why did they have to be so perfect for each other? For the love of God, why did he even come here? 

“It sure is something, huh Richard?”

His head perked up at the familiar voice. He didn’t need to turn to know who it was; after all she was always the one to find him in his most vulnerable state. The response to her question never made it past his tongue as she leaned against the railing beside him. Her long black gown swayed in the night air and he couldn’t help notice the lavender perfume that she wore. “Mind if I smoke?” She whispered gently. He only nodded, signaling the go-ahead for the empath.

She smirked as she pulled a cigarette from her purse and proceeded to light it. The faint ignition illuminated her face, exposing just how kind the years had been to her. He would have admitted that she was beautiful, but not in a gaudy way. She was the type of beautiful that would go unnoticed in a crowd, the type that would come second to the likes of her peers. That didn’t mean however that she couldn’t hold her own.

“Their married you know, got two kids at home.”

“I don’t know what you-“

“Oh please.” She retorted, snorting slightly as she shot him an all-knowing smile. He couldn’t help but return her smirk, running his hands through his hair in frustration. “Like I said, it sure is something.”

“Yeah, it is.” He replied softly, his response never making it above a whisper. “I would have never pictured those two together.”

“Time has a strange way of making a fool out of all of us.” She muttered, taking in a long drag of her death stick. 

He turned away from the lights of Jump city, instead facing the ongoing party just inside. His gaze followed hers to the handsome changeling who was now dancing effortlessly around the ballroom, his hand lightly gripping the small of Starfire’s back.  He slowly began to feel the regret that admitted steadily from the woman beside him. 

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Not really.

“I’m sorry Rae.” He whispered, pretending not to notice the tears that escaped the strong empath’s grasp.

“I am too Dick. I really am.” The perfect couple contained to dance, unaware of the two scorned lovers that watched them with empty hearts. “It just sucks you know?”

“What does?” he replied, unable to peel his eyes from the beautiful alien that floated around the ballroom effortlessly.

Raven took in one final drag of her cigarette before whispering the truth that they both knew so well. “The one you love most isn’t always the one you spend your life with…and that sucks.”

Infinity ; Jason Todd x Reader

Title: Infinity

Words: 1,487

Fandom: DC (BatFam)

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: One of the characters is smoking and the other tries to stop it.

Warning/s: Kinda angsty??? And a few swear words??

Legend: Y/N - Your Name ; Y/E/C - Your Eye Colour


You found him, in the balcony, leaning on the railings.

    His back was to you but you knew he’s smoking. You can see the wisps of white wafting as he shakily exhales.

    “Jason,” you said, softly but loud enough for him to hear and notice the seriousness in your voice.

    Your heels clicked on the floor as you walked towards the guy who meant a lot to you. It was the only sound that could be heard in the vicinity; everyone else was left on the ballroom, dancing and having fun.

    The moon was almost hidden in the clouds tonight. It was a starless night which made the sky looked like an expanse spreading towards infinity.

    Jason took a breath of his nicotine induced stick once more, blatantly ignoring your presence.

    You took a few steps forward until your body was pressed to the railing and were beside him. He didn’t even spare you a glance despite of your physical closeness; smoking was the only thing in his mind at this moment. It seemed like even though you were side by side, you both were far apart. So close, yet so far.

    And that worried you.

    When you met him, he was a cloud of smoke- literally and figuratively. He was with his signature black leather jacket and jeans of the same colour. Sunglasses perched on top of the bridge of his nose- the lenses hiding his piercing blue eyes -and a fag in between his long fingers. His lips blew out the smoke and it clung on the air with a desperate hope of staying longer.

    He had stood behind the convenience store your aunt owns, releasing his sorrows through the fag. You found that way several times and you were intrigued by him. He always had a leather jacket on and usually a beanie adorned his head when the weather was cold. He would buy fags at the store with some other nick nacks and head to the parking lot. You would often find yourself staring through the small window at the Manager’s office to look at the man who eventually became someone special in your life although at first glance the people already close to you disapprove of him.

    The reason you liked him at first glance was the reason they disliked him.

    It was raining when you both actually interacted with each other for the first time. No, you quite remembered it wasn’t just normal, light rain. It was a full on heavy rain that pounded on windows and roofs. You swore it could’ve been a storm but none of the news stated that.

    You had been at the mall for a few hours to help a friend out with a dilemma. You were quite sure the unnamed mystery leather jacketed person then would not be there at the store since it was raining hard as fuck and you were past the time he commonly arrives there. So, the shock that ran through you was great when you almost ran over the guy you found attractive and appealing at the parking lot.

    “Goddamnit!” Jason had yelled. The cigarette he had been smoking on fell to the ground as he unexpectedly shouted. You could say that he was surprised too.

    As you immediately got out of the car, apologies rolled off your tongue. He definitely was handsome but he looked like someone you didn’t want to fight with. Your bodily strength was only used to lift up a book or open a bag of something that is food. It was seriously a joke. You couldn’t match with him. Plus, the good side of his was something you aspired to be on because you wanted to get close to him. He had been sparking up your curiosity for days already and you wanted to crack the mysterious aura of this man with a beige beanie protecting his black hair from the rain.

    “I didn’t get resurrected to be killed again… And by a fucking car no less,” he mumbled after accepting your 99th apology. That made you more interested in him, instead of brushing off that odd remark people would typically pass for something as an irrelevant comment.

    Later, after two weeks of meeting up in the parking lot of your aunt’s store, about twenty five bags of crisps, five bottles of Jack, and 16 packs of cigs (his, obviously), you learned Jason was his name and that he’s been smoking since he was nineteen. He had an addiction that started because of his attempt to escape the desolation his life brings him due to reasons he said that were too messy to be untangled and understood.

    He told you he wanted to stop but felt like couldn’t because it was his release.

    “I smoke to forget the sadness and anger,” he had claimed which means he felt this negative emotions everyday because his smoking a daily habit.

    He stopped smoking when you both became close friends. You distracted him with your talks about Nirvana and their front man Kurt Cobain, dragging him to video game shops, discussing about a certain book that the two of you enjoyed and going restaurant hopping to buy loads of food. They were measly attempts but for some reason, it worked.

    He went from smoking a pack a day to none at all.

    Seven months and two weeks of not lighting one stick and he relapsed today. Out of all the days, the relapse happened today. Bruce would not be happy.

    He let out another shaky exhalation of smoke.

    You placed your hand on his forearm before facing him.

    “Jay, stop it.” You said to him. You received no response but only wisps of smoke.

    “Please, Jay… It’s almost eight months. Jason- you’ve been doing so well,” you pleaded. In those months where you spent time together, you developed feelings for him. It’s pathetic because he has enough burdens to carry and you did not need to add more confusion. Maybe your steady friendship was fine and perfect just the way it is. It would be something constant in the ever changing world of his.

    It’s saddening to see him stress and relapse.

    “Look, at me.”

    He turned his head to you, still leaning on the railings, finally some getting response from Jason.

    Jazz music from the party was heard even from here outside the balcony.

    “Old habits die hard, Y/N” he calmly stated before discarding his finished stick and whipping out a whole pack from his pocket.

    “Don’t do this. I thought you were happy now. I thought you were okay, Jay. Please, stop wallowing in your sorrow. I’m here. Talk to me.” You pleaded to Jason. Your whole body was turned to him and you were staring at his figure.


    His black hair framed his face so well and the little white streak added a depth of something mystifying. The blue eyes of his expressed thousands of emotions and buried secrets. Soft, pink lips that you found yourself looking at for a long period of time that is considered to be not the norm was pouted a bit at the moment as he an internal conflict with himself.

    He dipped his head down. He stared at the fags he had while you stared at him. You saw him making a move to light up one stick.

    This had to stop. You can’t let him be a slave to his emotions and what his past is doing to him. He deserves a life with no demons torturing him.

    He was an angel.

    Jason Peter Todd was a rare wingless angel that deserves goodness and happiness.

    Contemplating a minute or two on the fag or not, he decided to light it and get more nicotine in his system. He raised his hand to light the stick. You had to think quick.

    You need him to not smoke another stick or he’ll get back to finishing a pack a day. Or possibly even more than that considering what was going on with the present times.

    His fingers moved to the little wheel at the lighter to spark up a flame when you gingerly picked his fag and threw it.

    “What the-?” He started to say, fingers itching away from the tiny wheel of the thin lighter.

    You slipped your finger under his chin and forced him to look up so your eyes will meet. Blue eyes met with Y/E/C ones.

    ‘A girl shouldn’t be doing this but fuck it.’ You thought. You desperately needed him to know someone cares and loves him genuinely and wholeheartedly.

    You leaned forward and pressed your lips to his. Fearing rejection, you moved away but only to pulled back by Jason and kissed you back deeply than before.

    You heard a thud of the pack falling to the ground and smiled into the kiss knowing it wasn’t only that pack of fags falling tonight.


Note: My first reader insert!! I hope this wasn’t too blah and et cetera. This is also the first time I wrote Jason Todd so I profusely apologise if there are any out of character-ness and mistakes in him. I am hoping to write more in my blog especially about our well loved Jaybird.

-Mika the Fangirl x

alleak  asked:

7, 11, 46!!

7. First kiss details? (If you haven’t been kissed, reply how and if you would like to be.) Mmm yes i have kissed no one but here’s my ideal first kiss: We’re sitting on a balcony under the stars. Music is playing from inside but it’s kind of muffled through the closed door. Our hands meet. I look into his eyes and they’re soft and purple because he’s Keith Kogane.

11. What is your hair like? Just posted a selfie actually but the short answer is that it’s curly and a little bit 20′s-ish :)

46. Do you blush? *sobs* yes and it’s super obvious when i do bc i’m a super pasty white girl

Starry Sky

This is a little fanfic hahaha it’s actually a kinds long lol for my beautiful Secret Santa from my Fairy Tail SquadDrum roll please!!! tun tun tun tun tunnnnn…. It is no one more but the beautiful Kim!!! aka @kipio aka one of my favorite artists. Seriously, she rocks. I love you so much Kim! I was so glad that I got to be your Secret Santa

Pairing: Nalu

Soulmate AU/Fluff

Word Count: 2318

The view from Erza’s penthouse was beautiful, the sky was full of stars up high and down earth it was illuminated with all the lights of all the buildings, it was as if Lucy was staring into two skies, it was really a sparkly New Year’s Eve. The music from inside the party resounded even outside in the balcony, with the glass doors closed. At one point of the night Lucy had decided to go out and take a breath because, as fun as it was dancing with her friends, the moment a slow song started playing and the air changed from Party mode to Romantic mode Lucy knew she didn’t belong there. Even her friend Cana had someone that showed her all the colors of this world! But Lucy was the only girl left alone in a monochromatic world. That was the curse they were all born with. To only see black and white until that oh so called soulmate came and gave you that fairy tale kiss that would wake up the color switch in your eyes. But for some reason that haven’t worked for Lucy, she had dated a few guys the last years, but apparently none were her soulmate, and now she was alone, one day before a new year started, looking at the stars. But for some reason the stars calmed her, they didn’t have any particular color, and the city lights in her eyes looked like stars too, it was delightful, such a calming sight.

“Hey, what are you doing here? Soulmate-less too?” A really good looking guy with a dazzling grey hair and a plain grey dress shirt appeared, slowly closing the door behind him. Grey, grey, grey. Lucy rolled her eyes, she was fine looking at the plain colored sky, just black and white, but grey? She could not stand the color, it reminded her that there was a color hidden under it, one which she could not see. But for some reason, as annoyed as she was of his appearance, she could not take her eyes off him. Maybe it was his wild hairstyle?

Lucy shrugged at him. “I may be not interested anymore.” She looked up back again at the stars, resting both arms on the edge of the balcony. “I think the stars can be my soulmates, for all I care.” She could feel the boy’s eyes on her. He came closer and rested his arms the same way she had done, looking at the stars above too, as if mimicking her.

“Well, that’s a shame.” He looked at her once more, with a very serious face. “I don’t think you can kiss stars.”

Lucy giggled. And there she thought he would say some cliche and romantic thing like “I wanted for the two of us to find our soulmates together” or “I will have to kill the stars to beat them into being your soulmate.” Thinking about it… She was glad he didn’t, that would’ve made her cringe into oblivion.

Then he laughed, it was really warm, it felt genuine, his teeth were really white and the sound that came out of his mouth made her somehow excited. His eyes were pitch black, that she knew for sure, since it was the color she saw the most, and it also was her favorite. His eyes made her really ecstatic for some reason, despite his grey appearance his eyes made her less mad at his arrival a few minutes ago. Lucy wondered what could he see when he looked at her. Her friends had told her she had a beautiful blonde her, but what was blonde? All she could see in her hair was grey. She hated it.

She turned to him and he mimicked her again. “What is your favorite color? I know the options are not many but–”

“Grey,” he interrupted Lucy. She felt surprised, why do you like it? It’s so plain and painful, that was what she wanted to ask, but before she could open her mouth again the boy took a piece of Lucy’s straight long hair and looked fixedly at it for a moment. “Actually, I really like this tone of grey, it’s brighter than mine.”

Lucy felt herself blush and a little smile escaped her mouth. “Is that so?”

The balcony door opened and the music that later it seemed to be muted now blasted in Lucy’s ears and instinctively she covered her ears and let out a little scream. The boy next to her reached in concern for Lucy but then the intruder talked.

“Lucy!” It was Erza’s voice. Lucy looked up at the party’s host and she changed her eyes from her to the boy next to her and to Lucy again and back to the boy. She seemed somewhat surprised for a moment, then seemed to remember the reason she was there and spoke.

“Natsu, Lucy, come inside, there are just 5 minutes left!”

They looked at each other and somehow she could tell that he was thinking the same thing as her. Their name. Natsu huh? It fits him well.

“Let’s go, Lucy!” His smile seemed brighter than before, and when he pronounced her name it felt like her name was a secret he discovered, as if it was exciting news. Why did he felt so happy about that?

But now then, Lucy felt the same way. “Yes, Natsu!”

Maybe it was her imagination, but as both of them got out of the balcony Lucy could feel Erza smirking.

Back inside everyone was holding hands and staring at the TV with the countdown. Just one minute and 7 seconds left. Lucy stood in the middle of the crowd, Natsu was at her right side and Erza, alongside Jellal, stood to her left. Lucy turned to Natsu’s direction and she could still see the sky from here, soon fireworks would be fired, they were still really close to the balcony. A new year was about to come, she would have more fun with her friends and she decided, after chatting with Natsu, that she will not worry anymore about finding her soulmate. Just being able to watch the sky tonight and be with Natsu was enough for her to have energy for this upcoming year. He gave her a very positive feeling, she would like to befriend him, he gave her almost the same vibes as Gray did, tho it was somewhat different, he was a great friend of her and maybe Natsu could be too.

Thinking about that made Lucy smile. A new friend. That is a good way to start the year.

“What are you smiling about, Lucy?”

She realized she was looking at his direction and beaming like a creep. How stupid of her, he might think she was staring at him. Oh God, how embarrassing.

“No, I– I was just looking at the sky.”

“Again?” He laughed. She chuckled and nodded her head.

Ten seconds left until the new year arrived.

“Hey, Lucy. Can I ask you something?” Seven seconds left.

“Sure, what is it?” Five seconds left. Everyone was holding tight to their respective partners. Lucy could see everyone in pairs of two, while Natsu and she stood individually next to each other. But she didn’t feel left out anymore, she was happy to have company in this black and white world. She didn’t need colors anymore, being friends with this guy will be as awesome as a colorful world.

“Do you mind if I become your starry sky?”

Lucy’s ears went numb, every sound was cut off and only his words she had been able to hear. “What do you me–” cut off again. But not by his voice this time. Not by the clock striking 12. Not by the sound of fireworks nor by all the people screaming Happy New Year. Not by any of that but by Natsu’s lips.

And that was it. Lucy’s eyes were wide open with total surprise and she could see it. Slowly, everything changed. Her mind started assimilating what she saw with names she never had the chance to use before. Erza’s walls turned light blue, her decorations were dark purple, the dance floor was full of rainbow colors that reflected with light under her. And then there was Natsu. His hair was the most beautiful pink ever. How did she know that? Suddenly all knowledge of colors came to her. Broken. This curse we were all born with was broken the moment his lips touched hers. Lucy looked at him and he had his eyes shut very tight, as if he was wishing upon a star. A star. That reminded her of what he said before he kissed her. Now it hit her, he wanted to be her soulmate. No, he felt that their souls belonged to each other, that they were the same color, the same vibrancy, made for each other.

He finally opened his eyes and was surprised with the sudden change of scenario. Lucy couldn’t help but burst out laughing and she jumped to Natsu, squeezing him with a hug, making them both fall on the floor. Tears were running down her face and dropped in Natsu’s shirt. She found him, or more like he found her. She had misunderstood completely what she felt when talking to him, the warmth he gave her was not the same that Cana or Gray could offer, it was her soul, banging out of her body, trying to reach its partner.

She could feel all eyes on them, maybe they thought they were drunk, but Lucy didn’t care at all for that. She looked at Natsu once again, and his eyes stayed the same black color she liked, but now it was surrounded by a beautiful tanned skin, a stunning pink hair, it was all too beautiful to be true. Lucy closed her eyes, tears still falling and kissed him again, she kissed him more and more, giving him a lot of little pecks.

“What a sparkly blonde hair you have.” Natsu was crying too. The moment she had always dreamed of finally arrived, just when she gave up he came and painted her life rainbow with his lips. Then Lucy looked at the balcony and there it was, the same steady sky, but… There was something more to it. Lucy got off Natsu, stood up and offered her hand to him and when he took it she held it dearly. That gave everyone in the room enough explanations of what their little scene was.

“Natsu, let’s go over there.”

They went back to the balcony and the view was something marvelous. The sky was not black, it was a deep blue, the stars were still shiny white, but it felt different, it felt as if the white had a new glow, one that she had never seen. And the most stunning part. The fireworks. There resembled exploding stars of all kinds of colors. Red, orange, blue, green, pink. All of them glowing in the dark sky and the shiny stars. Lucy watched them in amazement, holding tight to Natsu’s hand, knowing he was enjoying the show as much as she was. None of those colors were just black, or white, or grey. They all had their own diversity. And she could see all of them thanks to him. Suddenly everyone came out to the balcony, to enjoy the fireworks too.

The view was beautiful from Erza’s penthouse.

The colors Lucy thought she no longer needed were there, but the most beautiful thing was the person beside her. Gazing softly at Natsu he turned to her, when their eyes met she felt a big pang in her chest. This was the person she was willing to be with despite being in a monochromatic world, even if she didn’t understand their connection at first. But looking at his hair she could not be happier to have their curse broken. She knew that his pink would become her favorite color. As they smiled at each other Erza touched her shoulder from behind and she realized how stunning she was now, with her scarlet hair, her blood red dress and her shining smile; Finally she could understand the meaning of her last name. Lucy turned around to focus her eyes on all of her friends, she could see all kinds of amazing colors in their hairs, their skins, their eyes. Some hair colors made her laugh, they had the craziest colors ever! Blue, red, pink, purple! But they all had a color in common. Beside the multicolor glow of the fireworks reflected in their bodies they were all wearing the color red. Cana was right when picking that red turtleneck shirt Lucy was wearing, red was indeed the color of christmas, even if before the party she could not understand that. Natsu was also wearing red. It was a funny sight since his hair was pink, it was a really odd combination, but if it was him anything could be okay.

Lucy took a tight grip of his soulmate’s arm. She looked up at the sky and then back again at him.

“I think you could do a better job than the stars as my soulmate.”

“Do you really think so? I will have to work hard then, so you don’t change your opinion and decide they are better than me,” he said, pointing at the sky with his chin. “I wouldn’t want to lose the opportunity to see a blonde this beautiful.” He took a piece of her hair and gently kissed it. Lucy’s whole body shivered and her face turned completely red. She wrapped him in a hug and while the fireworks were still exploding in the air, while everyone was still talking, while the blowing wind gently ruffled my hair, her lips embraced him once more, whispering a quiet “Happy New Year” in between.

La Vie en Rose

Newt has just moved into his New York apartment to take a break from adventuring, and to sit down and edit his manuscript. He soon finds that this will be a bit difficult, as his neighbour likes to play her records with the balcony door open.

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 855

Warnings: None

A/n: If you guys like this I may do a part 2!

Originally posted by boudoirduchaman

Newt sat down at the desk facing the big window of his new apartment. He let out a brief sigh as he uncapped a red pen, opening the notebook that contained the unheard stories and information on the wondrous beasts he had come to call family. He loved writing about them, truly, but when it came to editing he saw it as a (necessary) hassle. Just as the red ink started flowing onto the first page he found himself interrupted. He heard a piano’s notes, played in an array of a beautiful fluttering melody. Then trumpets. The creases in his forehead formed as he slowly stood from the desk and stepped towards his window, drawing the blinds apart and opening it. He squinted at the sudden light that lashed out at his unprepared eyes, trying to spot the source of the sound through the blazing glare.

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Neighbors (G-Dragon Scenario)

Requested by anonymous

I really hope this is what you wanted, anon! :)

Summary: Being a generally shy and awkward person, socializing with your incredibly handsome neighbour can be quite difficult - but not impossible

“Just man up and talk to her, dude”

“Not a chance”

“Why the hell not?”

“… What if she actually already has a boyfriend, even though there hasn’t been any signs yet?”

“You’ll never know for sure if your don’t ask”

The conversation between the two young men was one you tried to tune out and just concentrate on the book in your hands, but it proved to be very hard. With the door to your balcony open, it was very easy to hear each and every word they said - since they were outside on their balcony, right next door.

They were two of your neighbors; Dong Yongbae and Kwon ‘Kitty’ Ji Yong. How in the hell the latter had earned the nickname ‘Kwon Kitty’ was beyond you. Though, you could imagine that it was a nickname given to him by his closest friends, to annoy him. The two of them were, as mentioned, your neighbors along with three other guys. Kang Daesung and both Mr Choi and Mr Lee Seung Hyun. These five guys were really close friends and they also happened to be students at the same university as you. Even before you moved into the building you lived in now - and became their neighbor - you’d heard of them a lot. They were popular on campus.

Being their neighbor might automatically make it sound like you were friends with them and often hung out with them. This would’ve been the case, if you’d been a different person. Sadly, though, you’d been a person who was shy and awkward for most of your life and felt more comfortable being quiet and being by yourself, than putting yourself out there and trying to befriend five handsome and outgoing guys living next door. Just the mere thought about doing something like that made you stressed and a little panicked.

You hated the fact that you were so shy and awkward, though, because that meant that you couldn’t get close to the one person you longed to get to know. Kwon Ji Yong. Even before you moved into the building and became their neighbor, you’d had a major crush on him.

Now, just because you were such a shy and generally awkward person, it didn’t mean you wanted to run for your life every time you met them in the elevator or if they were on their way out at the same time as you. You always made sure to greet them and you’d had small conversations with all five of them a few times, but that was really it. You were so afraid to make a total fool of yourself, especially in front of Ji Yong, so you felt more comfortable with keeping your distance - no matter what you truly longed for.

“Ah, I gotta go, man”, Yongbae suddenly said and the sound of a chair being moved as he stood up was heard, “my baby’s getting off work really soon”

The fact that he sounded so happy and proud when he said ‘my baby’ put a smile to your face. You’d figured out that he had a girlfriend and that they’d dated for almost three years by now. The fact that he still seemed as in love with her now as he probably was when they started dating was amazing.

“Tell her I said hi”, Ji Yong called after Yongbae, who’d most likely walked inside the apartment.

Time went by and you soon heard a second chair move as Ji Yong most likely got up. It turned completely quiet and you figured that he’d probably gone inside as well.

You glanced at you own balcony door and suddenly saw that the book you’d been reading yesterday afternoon was laying on the table out on the balcony. You silently cursed yourself for forgetting it, but simply just sighed and put the book in your hands down and got up from the couch. As you reached the door, you opened it a little wider and took a small step out onto the balcony and reached for the book.

“Oh! _____-ah!” a voice behind you startled you so much that you jumped a little, the owner to the voice chuckled a little, “sorry for scaring you”

You turned around and looked at the balcony that you had thought was empty now. However, right in front of you stood none other than the one guy that made your heart beat fast from giddy nervousness whenever you thought about him. Kwon Ji Yong. He was leaning against the railing of their balcony, but stood up straight as you turned to him.

“Ji Yong-ssi”, you quietly greeted and felt how a blush spread across you face.

“Haven’t I told you to just talk comfortably with me, _____-ah? We’re neighbors after all!” he said and smiled at you.

“Ah, w-well…”, you started.

“I was just joking, don’t worry about it”, he interrupted you when he saw how uncomfortable you felt with the question. That was one think you really loved about him. Even though you didn’t know each other that well, he still knew you enough to make you feel comfortable.

You simply nodded and bit your lip slightly, unconsciously hugging your forgotten book to your chest. As you looked down at your feet, you failed to notice the small smile that spread across Ji Yong’s face as he studied you.

“No music today?” he suddenly asked.


“I can pretty much always hear music from your apartment whenever you have your balcony door open”, he said, “but your stereo’s not on today?”

“A-ah… No, it’s broken”

“I could come over and try to fix it if you want”, he immediately said, looking excited. This excitement confused you.

“H-huh? That… You don’t have to do that”, you quietly said and looked down at the book in your hands again, feeling a blush creep up to your face. Being alone with him, in your apartment?

“Don’t worry about it”, he said, “besides, I’ve been really curious as to what your apartment looks like for a while now… So, are you okay with it?”

“Um…”, you bit your lip again - a habit of yours when you became nervous, “I… Okay”

The big smile that spread across his face at your answer made your heart beat fast. He really was extremely handsome.

“Hey, Kwon Kitty!” a voice was suddenly heard from inside the apartment the five guys shared.

“What?” Ji Yong didn’t look amused at the nickname.

“Where’s my grey jacket?” it sounded like it was the maknae of the five of them; Lee Seung Hyun.

“How the hell should I know?” Ji Yong answered, sounding annoyed.

He then turned to you, a slightly apologetic look on his face - for the stupidity of the maknae, it seemed.

“I’ll be over in a sec, okay?” he said and when you’d nodded in response, he disappeared into the apartment.

When he was finally gone, you quickly walked back into your own apartment and let out a breath you hadn’t even realized you’d kept. Your heart was beating so fast you almost felt lightheaded. He would be coming over to you apartment? Right now? What?!

You put the book down on the small table by the couch and tried to calm yourself down as much as possible before the man of your dreams showed up. Sadly, for you, you didn’t get many seconds to calm down, because there was soon a knock on the door. This made your heart stop for a second, before you forced yourself to walk over to the door.

When you opened it - even if you were prepared for who would be on the other side - the sight of him that close to you still made you dizzy. You really did have a seriously major crush on him.

You let him in and when he’d taken off his shoes, showed him into the living room. You didn’t say much, mostly because you were so nervous you felt like fainting. Ji Yong didn’t seem to mind, since it seemed like he’d figured out what kind of a person you were. The fact that he seemed to respect the fact that you were a really shy person made you happy. There were many people who didn’t do that.

“This is really nice”, he commented as he’d looked around your living room and glanced into the bedroom, “it’s much nicer than our apartment… And definitely cleaner”

You simply just smiled and said a quiet thank you. Even if it was your apartment, you didn’t really know what to do with yourself. Should you keep standing there by the side of the couch? Or should you sit down? Did he want coffee? Tea? Water?… Food? In an attempt to not be awkward in front of him, you simply just asked if he wanted some coffee or something like that. He told you that’d he’d like some coffee and that allowed you to finally be able to escape into the kitchen, to try to make your heart beat like a normal person’s.

You didn’t get that much time to accomplish that, though, because Ji Yong followed you into the kitchen after a short while. You made coffee and the two of you made your way into the living room again when it was done. He was kind enough to actually look at your broken stereo, but failed to fix it. He looked annoyed with himself about it, but you reassured him that it was okay and that you’d been planning on buying a new one anyway.

After he’d looked at your stereo and finished his coffee, you really expected him to go over to his place again. He stayed, though, and the two of you ended up talking for a long while - sitting on your couch. Well, it was mostly Ji Yong talking and asking you a lot of questions. You answered as best you could, trying to not make a fool of yourself in front of him.

“So you’ve lived in Seoul your whole life?” he asked and you nodded.

He absentmindedly nodded as well as he seemed to think about what to ask next. You glanced at him as he studied the black screen of your TV, deep in though. You couldn’t help it when a small smile spread across your lips. Even if you were shy, you still felt really comfortable around Ji Yong - something that surprised you a lot. He was the last person you’d expected yourself to feel comfortable around, since the mere thought about him had made you extremely nervous.

Eventually, it seemed like he’d figured out what to ask next. He looked nervous, though, which confused you. Why would asking you a question make him nervous?

“So…”, he started, not really looking at you as he played with his hands, “you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but I’m just curious whether… You have a boyfriend or not”

The question surprised you a lot. Why would he be curious about that?

“U-um… Well, no”, you said and bit your lip, “I… I don’t have a boyfriend”

“Really?” his nervousness seemed to disappear as soon as he got your answer and he turned and looked at you with a smile on his face. You nodded to confirm that you were indeed single and this made his smile even bigger. You were majorly confused by this behavior.

“Can I ask you two more question?”


“Are you doing anything next weekend?”

“W-… No”

“Do you want to go on a date with me then?”

At this, the only response he got from you were a set of big and surprised eyes directed towards him. You reaction made him chuckle and he tilted his head to the side, studying you with a small smile on his face.

“Why would you want to go on a date with me?” you quietly asked after what felt like an eternity and Ji Yong only smiled in response first.

“I like you, that’s why”, he said, making it sound like it was the most obvious thing in the world.


“I like you”, he repeated.

You bit your lip again as your heartbeat picked up for the umpteenth time that afternoon. He liked you? You? How was that possible? He had to be joking, right?

“But if you don’t feel the same, then you really don’t have to say yes to the date”, he told you, “I get it if you don’t”

“No!” you called out in a - for you - unusually loud voice, “I-I… I”

“Yes?” he said, looking at you with hopeful and expectant eyes.

“I… like you too… A lot”, you finally managed to say - well, whisper.

Those words put the biggest smile on his face that you’d ever seen and you felt lightheaded again. Was this really happening? Soon, it didn’t look like he could contain his happiness, because he leaned in and crashed his lips to yours, placing his hands on your cheeks in the process. This shocked you so much you almost forgot to breath. The fact that he’d even told you that he liked you had been so overwhelming, you’d felt dizzy. This new development was simply just too much and you had no idea what to do.

Ji Yong seemed to realize what he’d done after a short while and quickly drew back, but kept his hands placed on your cheeks for a few seconds more.

“Sorry!” he quickly said, “I couldn’t stop myself”

You opened your mouth and tried to say something, but your brain had effectively been shut off.

“We’ll take things slow from now on, I promise”, he said, “okay?”

You managed to nod in response and a small smile spread across you face when you brain caught up and realized what had actually happened only a few moments ago.

Sometimes it might be a good idea to befriend your neighbors. Right?

New Year ll l.h.

New Year’s Eve was meant to be a night of partying. A night of pretending the last twelve  months weren’t complete shit and counting down to the next twelve months that were looming in the future with a promise of being better. Everyone seemed to be doing a good job at it too, expect the lanky boy in the corner who kept tugging on his tie in a nervous fit.

Luke Hemmings wasn’t new to the party scene; in fact, he was quite the partier back in his early twenties when all that mattered was downing the most beers without getting sick in the morning — a talent he happened to acquire. But that was years ago, Luke’s days of partying were long gone just like you, his best friend and ex-girlfriend.

Though, technically Luke’s partying days were back on now that he found himself in the crowded hotel suite with hundreds of other bodies. Bodies that belong to random people around town who claimed to know Calum, Luke’s friend and the parties host.

Luke had arrived late, the party already in full swing with music blaring and bodies pressed closed together, the familiar scent of sweat and alcohol lingering in the air. Calum was already working the room, chatting with various guest though Luke wasn’t sure how considering the volume of the music. Regardless, it was clear that Luke was going to be solo tonight so he made his way to the kitchen, grabbing a quick drink, before finding an uninhabited corner of the room to stand in.

From his position in the corner, Luke observed everyone around him. He watched as they laughed and smiled as if they hadn’t a care in the world. He watched as they danced, clinging to those they loved or maybe those they just met and swaying back and forth to the music. Luke watched as they tossed back drinks, stares lingering on someone’s lips for a second too long. He watched it all, memorizing the fluidity of their careless movements all the while trying to suppress the memories of you.

Luke tugged on his tie, trying to loosen in it. The room was getting hot, the memories stirring in his brain made it seem like there wasn’t enough air in the place. He had met you here three years ago. Your gold sequin dress had caught the lights from the ceiling in just a way that sent them towards Luke, captivating his attention. He remembered the way you smiled that night, the way his hands clung to your hips as you danced without a care in the world. You were his first New Year’s kiss. His first and his last — your relationship crumbling on the 30th of December that following year, leaving Luke alone and heartbroken.

You. You. You.

That’s all his mind thought about.

Your smile. Your lips. Your laugh.


He couldn’t take it anymore, leaving his drink on the floor he made his way to the door. He didn’t even bother to bid goodbye to Calum, the brunette already too drunk to even notice the blonde’s absence. Luke was almost to the door when he stopped, a familiar laugh catching him off guard. He whipped his head around fast, his neck cracking in agony. His eyes searched the area frantically, until they landed on you. You, in a simple black dress laughing at something Calum had said.

Luke was stunned, he hadn’t expected to see you here. He hadn’t expected to see you ever again and yet there you were, standing a merely few feet away from him. He wanted to hug you, wanted to pull you close and smell the familiar scent of your vanilla shampoo you adored. But he knew better, taking one last glance he willed himself to walk away. Though, he didn’t get fair, a gentle hand on his shoulder stopping him.

“Is that Luke Hemmings?” you asked.

“Hi Y/N.”

“I knew you were Luke,” you squealed, pulling him in for a hug. “What’s it been two years?”

“Feels like five,” Luke mumbled, hoping you didn’t hear but knowing you did when you chuckled.

Luke’s bitter attitude faded fast, small talk carrying most of the conversation until both Luke and your throats were too scratchy from yelling over the music. He ushered the both of you out onto the balcony where the music from inside could be heard but not enough to disrupt the conversation.

“You look good, Y/N,” Luke said, a bit of confidence flowing through him despite his nerves.

“Thanks,” you smiled, before pulling at his tie. “You looked good too. I like this, very sophisticated. You never used to wear ties around me.”

“I was twenty-one, where would I have wore a tie too?”

“The bar?” you teased, giggling.

“Oh yeah that would have done well. Rich probably would have kicked me out,” Luke laughed, remembering the burly bartender that often served you and him in the late hours of the night. “Remember him?”

“I do actually,” you confessed. “I remember the time you got up on the counter and tried to get the whole bar to line dance. Rich had a meltdown.”

“To be fair, I think that was partially your fault Ms. I dare you to line dance on the counter.”

“Those were the days,” you sighed, eyes leaving Luke’s to focus on the skyline in front of the two of you.

Luke knew he was about to cross the line, his mind shouting at him to stop but he couldn’t let the conversation end. He couldn’t let you get away from him again. Unfortunately he was too late, his grand declaration of his affection being interrupted by the high pitched beeping of your cell phone which left you no choice but to excuse yourself to answer the call. You came back shortly, something Luke wasn’t expecting at all but was sure glad it happened.

“Sorry about that,” you apologized. “My fiancé just wanted to wish me a happy new year before he went to bed, apparently waiting for the ball to drop is a waste of time.”

At the mention of the word fiancé, Luke’s world came to a halt. His heart falling and the familiar sense of loneliness making it’s way back to his chest. He hadn’t know you’d been dating let alone getting engaged; though, it was silly of him to think you hadn’t moved on. It had been two years after all. And yet, part of Luke swelled with hope. Hope because the two of you had been talking for several hours and this was the first he’d heard that you were engaged; not to mention their was no ring decorating your left ring finger.

“Congratulations Y/N,” Luke said, even though he really didn’t mean it. “Where’s the ring?”

“Funny story,” you said, rolling your eyes in the process. “Engagement rings are overrated, we bought an apartment instead.”

“No new year countdowns and no engagement ring? I don’t mean to overstep my boundaries but the Y/N I knew loved all that cliche stuff.”

“That was two years ago,” you sighed, clearly not wanting to go into much detail.  “Anyway, I better go find Calum. I’m in charge of making sure he doesn’t kiss some random strangers at midnight tonight.”

Luke laughed, remembering what happened when he had that job but got distracted by you, leaving Calum to make out with his roommate’s girlfriend. This time, that wasn’t going to happen though because you were responsible and nothing was going to distract you, not even Luke.

“Happy new year, Lu,” you said, stopping at the sliding door to face Luke.

“Happy new year, Y/N.”

“Don’t be a stranger, okay?” you said, eyeing him.

“I won’t,” he answered.

Luke watched as you smiled at his response, a small nod of your head acting as a goodbye before you sashayed into the party leaving Luke alone on the cold balcony. In those fleeting moments before midnight struck, the sound of the party guests counting down in the background, Luke reflected on the past few hours.

He may not have gotten you like he wanted but at least the two of you were talking again. As far as Luke was concerned, having you as a friend again was enough of a reason for Luke to believe the new year wasn’t going to be as shitty as this past year was.

Masterlist l Request

panic! album aesthetics
  • afycso: frat parties; hard liquor; teenage rebellion; sneaking out; drinking to look cool; sex and drugs; your first taste of liquor; high school dares (i.e. hook up with _______); looking forward to when you can escape your parents, who are holding you down. colors: hot pink lighting, cherry-red lipstick, amber yellow, tar black.
  • pretty odd: reminiscing on boyhood; rolling fields; wildflowers; schoolboy desires; childhood crushes; hot summer days in the country; what used to be innocence but you don't know what it is now; drinking real beer but remembering root beer. colors: wheat yellow, lush green, faded pinks and blues.
  • vices & virtues: finding "the one;" tuxes and cocktail dresses; broadway musicals watched from the balcony; champagne; drinking from a fancy glass instead of straight from the bottle; a life of grandeur with someone you love; impressing your date with fancy dinners and flamboyant picnics. colors: tuxedo black, the white of a fresh handkerchief, champagne yellow, copper red.
  • twtltrtd: cigarette smoke; vodka; slight alcoholism; leading a busy life of daring in a big, vibrant city; limelight; discovering just how much your partner means to you just as they leave you, even if it's temporary; a wedding; the feeling of satisfaction as the fear of losing them fades away. colors: grass green, pearl white, smoky grey, neon turquoise.
  • death of a bachelor: self-freedom; discovering just how badass your partner actually is; being pathetic turned powerful; the feeling of finally achieving what you've sought for years; champagne. colors: neon pink, gold, ash grey, indigo.
the worst witch movie (1986)

many are familiar with the worst witch tv and book series, but let’s reflect on the 80s movie for a moment as it was simply a masterpiece

I’ve lost my VHS copy tragically, but youtube has my back

we begin with this:

  • even if you’ve never seen tim curry’s standout halloween song you already know you’re going to be in for a treat with these special effects just from those clouds
  • the first person we see is miss hardbroom and you can’t help but be instantly impressed by this:
  • both her eyeliner and cheekbones could kill a man and I firmly believe that she’s done it before and would do it again because she just would

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