the music from the balconies

honestly i am LIVING!!!!! i had a massive day at work then came home and started putting up christmas decorations then did yard work and cleaned up the yard and pool area then put up some of our christmas lights then went for a swim in the pool for the first time in like….!!! so long!!!! and the lights were on and the water was ridiculously warm and the palm tree was g l o w i n g from the moonlight or whatever and mum and dad were laughing in the kitchen and i could hear my brother making music from his room bc his balcony hangs over the top of the pool and oh my GOD honestly… i love summer…. and smithers was watching me in the pool bc he hates water so he came nowhere near but was watching from the deck and omg.. honestly!!!! summer!!!!!! i love it!!!! i am thriving!!

Starry Sky

This is a little fanfic hahaha it’s actually a kinds long lol for my beautiful Secret Santa from my Fairy Tail SquadDrum roll please!!! tun tun tun tun tunnnnn…. It is no one more but the beautiful Kim!!! aka @kipio aka one of my favorite artists. Seriously, she rocks. I love you so much Kim! I was so glad that I got to be your Secret Santa

Pairing: Nalu

Soulmate AU/Fluff

Word Count: 2318

The view from Erza’s penthouse was beautiful, the sky was full of stars up high and down earth it was illuminated with all the lights of all the buildings, it was as if Lucy was staring into two skies, it was really a sparkly New Year’s Eve. The music from inside the party resounded even outside in the balcony, with the glass doors closed. At one point of the night Lucy had decided to go out and take a breath because, as fun as it was dancing with her friends, the moment a slow song started playing and the air changed from Party mode to Romantic mode Lucy knew she didn’t belong there. Even her friend Cana had someone that showed her all the colors of this world! But Lucy was the only girl left alone in a monochromatic world. That was the curse they were all born with. To only see black and white until that oh so called soulmate came and gave you that fairy tale kiss that would wake up the color switch in your eyes. But for some reason that haven’t worked for Lucy, she had dated a few guys the last years, but apparently none were her soulmate, and now she was alone, one day before a new year started, looking at the stars. But for some reason the stars calmed her, they didn’t have any particular color, and the city lights in her eyes looked like stars too, it was delightful, such a calming sight.

“Hey, what are you doing here? Soulmate-less too?” A really good looking guy with a dazzling grey hair and a plain grey dress shirt appeared, slowly closing the door behind him. Grey, grey, grey. Lucy rolled her eyes, she was fine looking at the plain colored sky, just black and white, but grey? She could not stand the color, it reminded her that there was a color hidden under it, one which she could not see. But for some reason, as annoyed as she was of his appearance, she could not take her eyes off him. Maybe it was his wild hairstyle?

Lucy shrugged at him. “I may be not interested anymore.” She looked up back again at the stars, resting both arms on the edge of the balcony. “I think the stars can be my soulmates, for all I care.” She could feel the boy’s eyes on her. He came closer and rested his arms the same way she had done, looking at the stars above too, as if mimicking her.

“Well, that’s a shame.” He looked at her once more, with a very serious face. “I don’t think you can kiss stars.”

Lucy giggled. And there she thought he would say some cliche and romantic thing like “I wanted for the two of us to find our soulmates together” or “I will have to kill the stars to beat them into being your soulmate.” Thinking about it… She was glad he didn’t, that would’ve made her cringe into oblivion.

Then he laughed, it was really warm, it felt genuine, his teeth were really white and the sound that came out of his mouth made her somehow excited. His eyes were pitch black, that she knew for sure, since it was the color she saw the most, and it also was her favorite. His eyes made her really ecstatic for some reason, despite his grey appearance his eyes made her less mad at his arrival a few minutes ago. Lucy wondered what could he see when he looked at her. Her friends had told her she had a beautiful blonde her, but what was blonde? All she could see in her hair was grey. She hated it.

She turned to him and he mimicked her again. “What is your favorite color? I know the options are not many but–”

“Grey,” he interrupted Lucy. She felt surprised, why do you like it? It’s so plain and painful, that was what she wanted to ask, but before she could open her mouth again the boy took a piece of Lucy’s straight long hair and looked fixedly at it for a moment. “Actually, I really like this tone of grey, it’s brighter than mine.”

Lucy felt herself blush and a little smile escaped her mouth. “Is that so?”

The balcony door opened and the music that later it seemed to be muted now blasted in Lucy’s ears and instinctively she covered her ears and let out a little scream. The boy next to her reached in concern for Lucy but then the intruder talked.

“Lucy!” It was Erza’s voice. Lucy looked up at the party’s host and she changed her eyes from her to the boy next to her and to Lucy again and back to the boy. She seemed somewhat surprised for a moment, then seemed to remember the reason she was there and spoke.

“Natsu, Lucy, come inside, there are just 5 minutes left!”

They looked at each other and somehow she could tell that he was thinking the same thing as her. Their name. Natsu huh? It fits him well.

“Let’s go, Lucy!” His smile seemed brighter than before, and when he pronounced her name it felt like her name was a secret he discovered, as if it was exciting news. Why did he felt so happy about that?

But now then, Lucy felt the same way. “Yes, Natsu!”

Maybe it was her imagination, but as both of them got out of the balcony Lucy could feel Erza smirking.

Back inside everyone was holding hands and staring at the TV with the countdown. Just one minute and 7 seconds left. Lucy stood in the middle of the crowd, Natsu was at her right side and Erza, alongside Jellal, stood to her left. Lucy turned to Natsu’s direction and she could still see the sky from here, soon fireworks would be fired, they were still really close to the balcony. A new year was about to come, she would have more fun with her friends and she decided, after chatting with Natsu, that she will not worry anymore about finding her soulmate. Just being able to watch the sky tonight and be with Natsu was enough for her to have energy for this upcoming year. He gave her a very positive feeling, she would like to befriend him, he gave her almost the same vibes as Gray did, tho it was somewhat different, he was a great friend of her and maybe Natsu could be too.

Thinking about that made Lucy smile. A new friend. That is a good way to start the year.

“What are you smiling about, Lucy?”

She realized she was looking at his direction and beaming like a creep. How stupid of her, he might think she was staring at him. Oh God, how embarrassing.

“No, I– I was just looking at the sky.”

“Again?” He laughed. She chuckled and nodded her head.

Ten seconds left until the new year arrived.

“Hey, Lucy. Can I ask you something?” Seven seconds left.

“Sure, what is it?” Five seconds left. Everyone was holding tight to their respective partners. Lucy could see everyone in pairs of two, while Natsu and she stood individually next to each other. But she didn’t feel left out anymore, she was happy to have company in this black and white world. She didn’t need colors anymore, being friends with this guy will be as awesome as a colorful world.

“Do you mind if I become your starry sky?”

Lucy’s ears went numb, every sound was cut off and only his words she had been able to hear. “What do you me–” cut off again. But not by his voice this time. Not by the clock striking 12. Not by the sound of fireworks nor by all the people screaming Happy New Year. Not by any of that but by Natsu’s lips.

And that was it. Lucy’s eyes were wide open with total surprise and she could see it. Slowly, everything changed. Her mind started assimilating what she saw with names she never had the chance to use before. Erza’s walls turned light blue, her decorations were dark purple, the dance floor was full of rainbow colors that reflected with light under her. And then there was Natsu. His hair was the most beautiful pink ever. How did she know that? Suddenly all knowledge of colors came to her. Broken. This curse we were all born with was broken the moment his lips touched hers. Lucy looked at him and he had his eyes shut very tight, as if he was wishing upon a star. A star. That reminded her of what he said before he kissed her. Now it hit her, he wanted to be her soulmate. No, he felt that their souls belonged to each other, that they were the same color, the same vibrancy, made for each other.

He finally opened his eyes and was surprised with the sudden change of scenario. Lucy couldn’t help but burst out laughing and she jumped to Natsu, squeezing him with a hug, making them both fall on the floor. Tears were running down her face and dropped in Natsu’s shirt. She found him, or more like he found her. She had misunderstood completely what she felt when talking to him, the warmth he gave her was not the same that Cana or Gray could offer, it was her soul, banging out of her body, trying to reach its partner.

She could feel all eyes on them, maybe they thought they were drunk, but Lucy didn’t care at all for that. She looked at Natsu once again, and his eyes stayed the same black color she liked, but now it was surrounded by a beautiful tanned skin, a stunning pink hair, it was all too beautiful to be true. Lucy closed her eyes, tears still falling and kissed him again, she kissed him more and more, giving him a lot of little pecks.

“What a sparkly blonde hair you have.” Natsu was crying too. The moment she had always dreamed of finally arrived, just when she gave up he came and painted her life rainbow with his lips. Then Lucy looked at the balcony and there it was, the same steady sky, but… There was something more to it. Lucy got off Natsu, stood up and offered her hand to him and when he took it she held it dearly. That gave everyone in the room enough explanations of what their little scene was.

“Natsu, let’s go over there.”

They went back to the balcony and the view was something marvelous. The sky was not black, it was a deep blue, the stars were still shiny white, but it felt different, it felt as if the white had a new glow, one that she had never seen. And the most stunning part. The fireworks. There resembled exploding stars of all kinds of colors. Red, orange, blue, green, pink. All of them glowing in the dark sky and the shiny stars. Lucy watched them in amazement, holding tight to Natsu’s hand, knowing he was enjoying the show as much as she was. None of those colors were just black, or white, or grey. They all had their own diversity. And she could see all of them thanks to him. Suddenly everyone came out to the balcony, to enjoy the fireworks too.

The view was beautiful from Erza’s penthouse.

The colors Lucy thought she no longer needed were there, but the most beautiful thing was the person beside her. Gazing softly at Natsu he turned to her, when their eyes met she felt a big pang in her chest. This was the person she was willing to be with despite being in a monochromatic world, even if she didn’t understand their connection at first. But looking at his hair she could not be happier to have their curse broken. She knew that his pink would become her favorite color. As they smiled at each other Erza touched her shoulder from behind and she realized how stunning she was now, with her scarlet hair, her blood red dress and her shining smile; Finally she could understand the meaning of her last name. Lucy turned around to focus her eyes on all of her friends, she could see all kinds of amazing colors in their hairs, their skins, their eyes. Some hair colors made her laugh, they had the craziest colors ever! Blue, red, pink, purple! But they all had a color in common. Beside the multicolor glow of the fireworks reflected in their bodies they were all wearing the color red. Cana was right when picking that red turtleneck shirt Lucy was wearing, red was indeed the color of christmas, even if before the party she could not understand that. Natsu was also wearing red. It was a funny sight since his hair was pink, it was a really odd combination, but if it was him anything could be okay.

Lucy took a tight grip of his soulmate’s arm. She looked up at the sky and then back again at him.

“I think you could do a better job than the stars as my soulmate.”

“Do you really think so? I will have to work hard then, so you don’t change your opinion and decide they are better than me,” he said, pointing at the sky with his chin. “I wouldn’t want to lose the opportunity to see a blonde this beautiful.” He took a piece of her hair and gently kissed it. Lucy’s whole body shivered and her face turned completely red. She wrapped him in a hug and while the fireworks were still exploding in the air, while everyone was still talking, while the blowing wind gently ruffled my hair, her lips embraced him once more, whispering a quiet “Happy New Year” in between.

kuroken month prompt: secret agents au

a collaboration with @anniekinkin / @bubblline 

(to see her beautiful art for this ficlet click here)

word count: 2,783

summary: During an important mission, Kenma’s irritation at his partner’s flirtatious antics brings things to a confrontation where true feelings are revealed.

Classical music plays softly beneath scattered conversations throughout the ballroom. The orchestra sits just outside a large window that overlooks the back garden, the music wafting in from the balcony. Waiters and waitresses in smart black and white weave in and out of the crowd, carrying trays of appetizers and drinks. The entire place holds an aura of sophistication and expense, from the pyramid of champagne glasses to the swan ice sculpture.

Kenma, standing near a marble pillar in the back of the room, feels distinctly out of place. Although he’s wearing a tuxedo that no doubt cost his department over 100,000 JPY, tailored and pressed to fit him like a glove, he’s not used to the expensive tastes of this side of Japan. He grew up in a modest town in a smaller district. He knows nothing of fine dining, nor does he really care. Even now he has to resist the urge to tug at his hair, pulling it from the tail it’s tied in at the nape of his neck, secured with a black satin ribbon. The style leaves his gaze too open, exposing his face. He doesn’t like it.

“Kozume, you’re supposed to be mingling with the guests,” a small voice crackles to life in his ear. Akaashi sounds irritated, but Kenma remains where he’s standing, swirling the untasted wine in its glass absently.

“Kuroo’s doing enough mingling for the both of us,” he says in reply, trying not to sound bitter but unable to keep a sharp edge from coloring his tone.

His partner has been flirting up a storm ever since they arrived at the party. Kenma knows that their mission is to get close to the host’s son, a high-ranking member of the local yakuza. Apparently the young man has information about a shipment of illegal weapons coming in from Russia. They’re supposed to bug his personal cellphone, but he never goes anywhere without it and a handful of bodyguards. So their plan is to isolate him somehow and pickpocket the phone, to return it after the bug has been placed. Kenma highly doubts any of that requires Kuroo to act as though he’s trying to get into the guy’s pants.

“Oho? Is that jealousy I hear?” Bokuto asks, his voice lilting with curiosity.

No.” Doesn’t the idiot realize that Kuroo can hear everything they’re saying as well? Akaashi and Bokuto are supposed to be backup, waiting outside in an unmarked van, on alert for any sign of trouble. Giving commentary on Kuroo and Kenma’s actions is not a part of their job description.

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panic! album aesthetics
  • afycso: frat parties; hard liquor; teenage rebellion; sneaking out; drinking to look cool; sex and drugs; your first taste of liquor; high school dares (i.e. hook up with _______); looking forward to when you can escape your parents, who are holding you down. colors: hot pink lighting, cherry-red lipstick, amber yellow, tar black.
  • pretty odd: reminiscing on boyhood; rolling fields; wildflowers; schoolboy desires; childhood crushes; hot summer days in the country; what used to be innocence but you don't know what it is now; drinking real beer but remembering root beer. colors: wheat yellow, lush green, faded pinks and blues.
  • vices & virtues: finding "the one;" tuxes and cocktail dresses; broadway musicals watched from the balcony; champagne; drinking from a fancy glass instead of straight from the bottle; a life of grandeur with someone you love; impressing your date with fancy dinners and flamboyant picnics. colors: tuxedo black, the white of a fresh handkerchief, champagne yellow, copper red.
  • twtltrtd: cigarette smoke; vodka; slight alcoholism; leading a busy life of daring in a big, vibrant city; limelight; discovering just how much your partner means to you just as they leave you, even if it's temporary; a wedding; the feeling of satisfaction as the fear of losing them fades away. colors: grass green, pearl white, smoky grey, neon turquoise.
  • death of a bachelor: self-freedom; discovering just how badass your partner actually is; being pathetic turned powerful; the feeling of finally achieving what you've sought for years; champagne. colors: neon pink, gold, ash grey, indigo.
Prince!5SOS // Part 13 // Officially Engaged

If you’re new to this series:

Prince!5SOS Fairytale AU Part 1


Sighing for the umpteenth time that night, you tried to ignore the ache in your muscles from all the dancing you’ve done from the still on-going ball behind the closed doors of the balcony, the different arrangements classical music seeping from the glass and helping you relax as it mixed with an orchestra of crickets and the shaking of leaves from the garden below as wind combed through the branches.

The ball this night was for the townspeople, just something to give back to the country, and something your mother has been doing for a long time once a year that you decided to incorporate in your rule as well.

And it’s been fun and all, definitely better than all those funeral-type balls or masquerades reserved for royalties that you’ve been invited to from kingdoms when you were just a princess. It’s just that the children of the villagers this time around just needed to dance with you, each and every one, you even made a huge circle of people at one point you recalled.

You used to it way back when too but you weren’t a queen back then and didn’t have to go visiting five villages earlier in the day as opposed to the one or two you did back as a princess.

It was nice to be able to give your mother the break she deserved though, and there was Calum too, always making the time to lighten up your day with letters or surprise week-long visits where he never failed to soothe you and let you know he was there for you.

And regarding the prince, it’s been five months since you and Calum reunited that day in the throne room, then a little over four months since you two finally got around to starting a relationship that has been going strong ever since.

Levry teased you that your ‘relationship’ with the prince probably started sometime way back into your royal visit to Wisteria though, and while you thought that was true as well, it’s only four months ago that you and Calum vocally announced you two were together in a boyfriend/girlfriend kind of way and were sure about being together as opposed to the awkward romance you both had before where you were just testing the waters.

Juggling a romance while ruling over a kingdom alone was pretty hard thing to do though, but you’d have to say you were managing fairly well.

If you had any doubts about your decisions then your mother was always there for you too. The woman was probably the only ‘advisor’ you listened to alongside Levry, and though it was an unofficial job of the two, you’d rather listen to the words of the former queen herself and the best friend you’ve been with since you were nine, instead of people who seemed like strangers despite having known them for a good span of months.

A knock on the glass door behind you made you turn around, and you smiled weakly as you saw Calum on the other side, giving his silent permission to get to the balcony a yes before you turned back around and looked up to admire the navy skies peppered with clusters of stars.

It wasn’t long before you felt arms around you in a calming hug and you couldn’t help but lean away from the railings and into the prince. Calum then hummed a tone of approval as his hands clasped together and pressed lightly against your stomach.

“I thought you wouldn’t come…” You said after a few minutes of silence.

“You know I would.” Calum responded, and pressed a kiss to your head that you smiled at.

A breeze blew by and combed through your hair and it’s silent for a while, you just listening to Calum’s heartbeat like a bass drum to the music in the ballroom, the thumping sounds oddly relaxing you to the point that you might just be able to sleep like this.

But sleep never happened when the warmth of the prince left you, and you opened your eyes quickly as you turned around, brows drawn to a furrow especially when you saw the prince now sitting on the marble floors of the balcony next to a basket of white roses.


“It’s your stress-reliever and I heard you were stressed lately.” Calum cut you off and patted the spot next to him, and you wordlessly sat down, thinking people inside the ballroom might find it a little off that their queen was sitting on the balcony floor.

You never were the typical queen anyway after all.

“Did Levry put you up to this?” You chuckled after Calum eagerly dropped a handful of thornless roses on your lap.

Calum only shook his head with an amused smile. “No, actually I put her up to this.” And you thought you imagined it but there was a nervous tone to the prince’s voice. “I uhh… borrowed some from your gardens.”

“Of course.” You stated with an amused smile.

So you and Calum just strung together the roses and talked about life in general, feeling like it’s been years since you’ve last talked to each other even though you just saw him last week. And you can’t deny that you’ve missed this.

You’d take stringing flowers to make crowns instead of reading pages and pages of font. Honestly, when was the last time you ever completed a crown now? Three months ago? Probably. Your sense of time was lost since you became the queen with all the adjusting you’ve been trying to do to get used to this lifestyle.

Sometime along the way you and Calum began a contest of who could finish the crowns first before you both would go back to the ballroom, and of course you’d win, Calum taking a good ten minutes more than you did before he finally finished.

He looked really nervous too and you didn’t know why, perhaps there was another thing going on in Wisteria? Princess Mali-koa’s coronation was due in two months too so was it stress?

You didn’t expect Calum to toss his crown on your lap though, and you looked at it quizzically before looking back at the prince.

“Do you mind checking if I did it right?” Calum asked.

“You do know you’re actually better than me now, right?” You chuckled.

It was true, whenever Calum came here Levry was with him when you were in meetings, the two of them just having these little contests of who could make the most flower crowns and you were a little confused that one day you left the meeting room to find most of the castle staff wearing flower crowns on their heads.

“Please…?” Calum asked with a smile, and you gave him a mocking sigh though the slight sparkle in your eyes gave away that you weren’t annoyed at all.

You took the crown in your hands and just looked at it, not really sure how to inspect it when there wasn’t anything wrong with it at all. Nevertheless you played along and acted like some critic, trying to humor your lover but you stopped when you felt something cool in the pad of your thumb, your brows furrowing as you delicately pushed away some roses only to find a silver ring with a beautiful diamond perched on the top, strung to one of the stems of the roses in the crown.

And you looked at Calum with wide eyes, mouth opening but no words coming out, then the prince smiled at you before taking the crown in your hands, the sounds of a faint snapping being heard before Calum took your right hand and carefully slid the ring from the flower crown on your ring finger.

“I know I’m supposed to be kneeling right now and there’s supposed to be a speech about how much I love you and want to live the rest of my life with you…” Calum paused before taking a deep breath. “But you know this isn’t my forte, and frankly speaking, I probably would never be able to stop talking if you wanted me to tell you just how much I am in love with you. Actually, I don’t think words can ever equate to how much you mean to me (F/n).”

Calum then took the crown in his hands before he laid it snug on your head, and then he pulled you by the sides of your face for a chaste kiss that lasted a bit longer than usual, and when he parted he had a nervous smile etched across his features.

“So uhh… what do you say about being my queen?”

At his question you finally broke out of your shocked trance, and it’s not a second later when you leaned forward and brushed your lips against the prince’s, Calum’s hands on your cheeks dropping to your waist as you parted and sent him a smile alongside your answer:

“Yes, please.”


“Milady, the queen has sent me to remind you that the prince will be arriving shortly.”

You looked up from the canvass in front of you, your hand held in the air mid-stroke, the fine bristles of the brush just a probable millimeter away from the petals of an amaryllis flower you tried to replicate via a painting. As carefully as you could, you took the brush and placed it inside a jar half-filled with water, the ochre paint from the ends of the brush seeping through the already tainted water as you stood up from your seat and set the palette of colors in your other hand on the small table with the jar and the brushes.

The maid offered you a smile when your eyes met, and you returned the expression before you turned to give your art tutor an apologetic look that she quickly understood, the kind woman then walking towards the vase of amaryllis flowers by a small podium a few meters away, probably to set it aside as there was no use for the reference because the lesson was done for the day.

You lingered inside the room for a while to thank the royal tutor though, and you even held a small discussion about a couple brush techniques and the palette you chose for the assignment. But after those few short minutes it wasn’t long before you were threading the corridors, following the maid from earlier without the need to question her because you knew she’d lead you back to your bedroom and set up a bath in the joint bathroom you had inside your private quarters.

Of course, because Ashton was coming and you had to look as best as you could for after your brother’s wedding five months ago, it wasn’t a secret anymore that you and the prince were now in a relationship that didn’t classify as friends, as much as it did to lovers.

You didn’t want to meet him with splatters of paint by your arms that you used as makeshift palettes when the wooden palette in your hand wasn’t enough for the many color combinations you were trying out, and you’re willing to bet your mother wouldn’t want you meeting the prince in such a getup too.

You knew Ashton wouldn’t care what you looked though, but your mother wouldn’t hear of it so you just abided by her words.

You were only thankful your parents allowed the relationship despite the last one that ended in shambles. And when you came home from Erissia, the country that was now being ruled by your older brother and his fiancé, you were more than relieved that the townsfolk had been open-minded about your new relationship and was extra supportive.

There was a ball that was held too, something your parents had set up as a way to celebrate you finally finding someone you actually wanted to be with as opposed to just being thrown into an engagement with no choice like before.

So it’s been about five months since you and Ashton have been together officially and honestly this has been the best five months of your life. The thought alone that you and Ashton could be open about your relationship this time around meant the world to you.

And though Ashton was never really vocal in the relationship, you knew this bond he had with you meant the world to him as well.

He preferred to show his affection with little actions, like playing you a song on the piano you had in the grand ballroom here in the palace, or maybe sending you bouquets of flowers that differed in content every time you received them, those letters that you always loved to get too, and last but not the least, Ashton always arranged for these frequent visits that often were a surprise and never failed to shock you because of the sporadic times he would arrive.

There was even that one time he appeared in your room at two in the morning and you almost stabbed him with a lampshade had he not stepped back and nervously announced his name, then there was that other time just a month ago when you were having dinner alone, your parents gone for a couple days to negotiate something with an ally kingdom, then all of a sudden Ashton had arrived to make your lonely week a tad brighter.

The past five months Ashton would visit at least two times in a month, maybe even three if he had the time to spare, and you often told him you were okay with just letters for a while because you knew he was busy helping his mother rule the kingdom. As a plus, the travel time from Amaryllis to your kingdom took three days at most and that required a lot of effort.

Whenever you would mention the travel time though, Ashton would just shut you up with a kiss before telling you to spare him since he did need to make up for the one year he got deprived of you.

You were brought back from your thoughts when the maid you’d been following had stopped by your bedroom door, and soon enough you were in the throes of thick layers of bubbles, your head popping out of the slightly lavender hued bubbles as you were left to soak.

Then it was half an hour later when you were dressed up, following the same maid from earlier into the castle entrance because since it was the first time Ashton’s going to come without that flare of surprise, you and your parents decided to welcome him formally.

And when the brunette prince did arrive, he spent a couple minutes conversing politely with your parents before the two of you were off into the hallways and on the way to your room where you two often spent time together, just conversing about how each other’s life was going, and only leaving when a maid would call you out for lunch or maybe tea with your parents.

“So how was that appointment you were telling me last week?” You started the conversation, nestling in Ashton’s embrace as he rested his back on the headboard, sitting you between his legs as his arms wrapped by your abdomen.

“Oh it went okay…” Ashton trailed off, his mind seemingly not with you at the moment and that was odd.

“What are you thinking of?”  You asked, and you leaned your head back onto the prince’s chest, relishing in the sound of his heartbeat that you listed off as one of your favorite sounds to hear.

And the prince was silent for a while before he sighed, a hint of anxiousness in his exhale and that made you hold his hand to calm him down because you assumed maybe there was some problem back in Amaryllis.

“You know you can tell me anything, right?” You began.

“I know.” Ashton chuckled, and you felt him place his head atop yours before he pulled you tighter in an embrace. “I was just looking at your sword over there.”

You hummed and looked at the wall above the dresser where an assortment of swords was kept on some kind of rack. In an order from top to bottom, there was the first sword you ever got, made of polished wood and usually something you used in play fights with your brother, then there was the fencing sword, your militia sword that your uncle, head of your kingdom’s military forced has given you on your fifteenth birthday, then your ornamental sword for the ruined wedding about two years ago, and then lastly there was your sword from Errisia that you used in the match with your brother—which ended a tie unfortunately.

“What sword exactly?” You asked after a while.

“The one with my kingdom’s namesake flower.” Ashton said.

“Oh… well umm… I made it with you in mind actually, though sadly I never got around to using it for its purpose.” You said with a small smile. “It’s ornamental but it every sense true as a weapon, a wedding sword that never got through its wedding.”

“Well what do you say about fulfilling its purpose now?”


You shifted in your spot so you could face Ashton, your brows furrowed as the prince tilted your chin and pressed a kiss to your lips.

When he parted you looked down to find Ashton holding out a small box, and when he opened it for you to see a ring lined with white diamonds, you couldn’t help but feel your eyes watering in surprise.

The prince chuckled before wiping your tears away.

“So will you marry me?”

Ashton smiled as he said the words nervously, resulting in you nodding your head while still trying to furiously wipe the tears away, earning you another chuckle from the prince as he tried to shush your little sobs before he slipped the ring to your finger.


Being in a comatose for one year definitely took a toll on you, and no one really expected you to get better overnight which you were thankful for, but more than anything you appreciated Michael always taking the time off of his schedule to visit you every night after dinner, regardless of whether you were asleep or awake, because only then would he be truly free from his lessons and duties.

Whenever the prince had breaks in the day he would sit in your room and watch you sleep though, or if you were awake then you both would converse, often times in the position where he was sitting on your bed and you were sitting between the protective cage made of his warm hugs and his legs on either side of you because that position made you feel more at ease and Michael never minded his sore limbs later because it was always worth the pain to be with you, especially when you slept like that, soft snores leaving your lips as you made him a makeshift bed, pillow, and blanket ensemble rolled into one.

It was days like that where Michael would even dismiss all his appointments until you woke up, never minding having to stay up late because he’d personally murder someone if you were disturbed from your rest.

Michael knew the comatose state had drained you physically. To add onto that, improper nutrition for a year and the countless injections you took for them (he doesn’t think he’ll tell you any sooner about it) couldn’t fully support you as much as full meals ever did too.

So it went without saying the prince never pushed you into doing anything. Contrary to that, Michael was obviously spoiling you and being extra patient with your recovery.

Michael wouldn’t deny he was happy when recently you were becoming more active though.

So when that one time a month ago came that you visited him in his study mid-lesson and nervously asked if he wanted to go for a walk in the garden before joining you for lunch prepared by Rian, Michael was quick to rush towards the door and accept your invitation.

The queen allowed him skipping his lessons that day too, because she knew Michael needed the break and as a plus, you two hadn’t spent much time since that one week off Michael was allowed when you woke up and needed as much support as you could.

After that day, you’ve considerably been trying to exert effort to go out more and start taking in food that didn’t always have to be soup. Occasionally you drained yourself in the process which Michael wasn’t really happy about, but this was a huge leap from being bedridden for so long that you figured while he didn’t show it, the prince was relieved that you were finally getting better.

Today you learned from Rian that the prince had a break, and because you slept at about early in the afternoon yesterday—you were still getting around to fixing your whack sleeping schedule—you were fully awake at about four in the morning, and coincidentally Rian couldn’t sleep and decided to check you on your room, resulting in the both of you sitting by the bed and talking about just whatever came to mind which was mostly about the past war.

Michael and Rian had told you so much about the wars and what happened after the palace attack enough that you might pass as a person who didn’t just sleep through all those events if someone quizzed you on such matters. What you couldn’t believe was that your grandmother had died though.

As much as you did hate her, she was family and you unfortunately didn’t have her heart of stone so you couldn’t just brush off her existence under the rug like that like she did with you and your parents. Besides, if there was one thing good she’s done for you, it was actually agreeing to have Michael buy you out of Edelweiss.

Without her you wouldn’t have met the prince, and you owed her this new life of yours too.

Sometime along the gloomy topic of wars, Rian decided to change the direction of the conversation to a lighter tone and dropped that Michael had a break today which you were quick to plan spending time together as it’s been so long since you and the prince spent more than an hour together.

You were worried Michael would just want to sleep-in though, but Rian brushed your concerns away and told you that Michael actually planned for you and him to go baking sometime after lunch and was actually the one worried you’d decline his invitation if he asked you.

Of course you agreed to it, though when the time came, you honestly thought you were going to make a cake but it seemed Michael had other plans when he mentioned fortune cookies, the prince saying he went to visit a distant kingdom as a child and became extremely fascinated with the treats and how they always had those little ‘fortunes’ inside them.

You never made one but you remember your mother experimented on it some time ago so you guessed why not. It was a good two hours later when you and Michael finished, and he even got so into it he made little fortunes with you on strips of paper, mostly just wishes of luck or greeting people with a nice day which Michael said he’d have distributed to the staff and his parents later.

Once the papers where stuck inside the cookies and cleanup was done, you decided you’d just have the fortune cookies alongside for afternoon tea which would commence in just an hour, and to pass the time Michael offered to take a walk with you to the gardens.

Before you two left Michael had to discuss something with Rian briefly, and you would have loved to know what they were talking about since Rian looked so amused and Michael looked partly embarrassed, but they were talking in such a low volume and away from you who was arranging the cookies in a little basket.

You guessed it was about castle affairs so you didn’t bother much about it and went on your day as usual.

When afternoon tea came after your stroll in the gardens, Michael became a little fidgety and you couldn’t understand what was wrong. The prince looked like he needed the bathroom and stat, but he didn’t leave your side and reassured you he was fine when you asked.

You were by the east gardens, seated by a glass table with Rian setting up the platter of snacks and tea or juice, and then after a slice of cake, that’s when you finally got around to the small arrangement of five or so fortune cookies Rian had set out for you and the prince.

You were a little confused when Rian told you to eat the cookies from left to right, but complied nevertheless.

‘Hi, I love you (F/n)!’

You smiled when you cracked the cookie and saw the strip of paper with Michael’s scribbled writing, and for a moment you felt bad because you wrote generic messages and never prepared anything for the prince, but it was too late to do anything now.

You noticed Michael wasn’t eating any of the cookies and you frowned. Michael seemed to catch on to what you were thinking though, and was quick to tell you he had quite a heavy lunch.

So you two talked casually as you ate, thankful the cookies were a light type of snack as you grabbed the next piece, and when you opened it you giggled, causing Michael to look up at you nervously before you flipped the strip of paper to him.

‘Oh fuck I’m going to bust a nut.’

‘You mean the world to me.’ The next one read, and you figured by then that the cookies Rian set out were solely for you, containing messages the prince wanted to tell you.

‘I know I said I’d give you time but fuck this.’

You furrowed your eyebrows at the next one you opened, looking at the prince who was eyeing the last cookie on the little set of five. Curious, you ate the cookie quickly and took a couple sips of tea before you set the message of the fourth cookie alongside the previous ones on top of the tissue napkin beside your plate and you grabbed the fifth cookie.

When you cracked it you weren’t expecting to see a ring inside, strung into a strip of paper and you shakily grabbed the items that fell to your plate.

‘Will you marry me?’

Reading the last strip, it didn’t take long before you left your seat and tackled Michael into a hug, and though you never vocally answered him, your actions were enough to let him know your answer was clearly a ‘yes’.


If you could describe the past few months in one word, it would undoubtedly be: stress, a whole ocean of the thing, and you were the unfortunate person who was sinking deeper and deeper into its depths.

Since you arrived at the palace of Ianthe five months ago after hours of being convinced by Luke in Phoebe’s home, you had already told yourself a good handful of times on the short carriage ride back then, that whatever fantasy you had about getting your previous life back in its entirety, none of it was going to happen.

And by previous you meant you just being a castle maid and living with your mother in a fairly sized room just two corridors past the kitchen of the palace. It was the only life you knew of after all, the hard but very satisfying life filled with cleaning the halls or attending to royalty, and none of this ‘lost princess’ conundrum you never wanted to take part in.

You never had a say in the matter though, because once you stepped inside the palace gates you were already signing up for a drastic change to be implemented in your life.

Sure, you admitted that before you had envied the princesses you saw at the marketplace and often thought about life as royalty when you were young. It was a generic dream little children from everywhere would think of once in a while because royalty just had this flare to them, right?

There was just an air of mystery that surrounded the bluebloods, making their lives so enticing to people who’ve only ever watched from afar.

Now that you were actually living the dream though, you wanted nothing of it.

There were a few things you could list off as something good that came from returning to the palace though: One, was being able to reunite with your mother, well adoptive mother or sorts but she was your mother all the same, then two, was being able to see Yvonne again, the princess quickly scheduling a visit to Ianthe once Luke had sent you a letter that you returned and she’s been staying here since then because the princess wanted to help you adjust to your new lifestyle. And last but not the least, three, was getting to have Luke back in your life.

Luke was in all respects a great prince, and in terms of being a boyfriend since you two have announced being a couple two months after you returned, he was probably the best one out there.

At first you were a little skeptical about the relationship being approved by the prince’s family, thinking maybe they just accepted you because you were the princess of Viscaria. Luke was quick to wash away your worries though, by saying that even way back when you were only known as the castle maid, his family was actually supportive of him being with you because what mattered was that Luke was happy and if he was happy with you, then that was everything his family could ever ask for.

Now regarding Viscaria, the renovation plans Yvonne told you of one year ago began a couple months after you ran away and though there was a good deal of work to be done in order to restore the former beauty of your kingdom, the progress made so far was remarkable.

And because it was no longer a secret and everyone knew you were the last remaining monarchy of Viscaria, you were asked to oversee the renovation plans every now and then. There were a couple doubts from some royal families about your origin though, and understandable thing, but one look at the necklace your mother gave you and their doubts would be thrown to an imaginary window.

Apparently, once the kingdom was done, you would assume rule because it was only rightful you did so. And while you were happy Viscaria would rise again and the survivors of the kingdom’s massacre would have a home again, being queen for them just wasn’t something you were looking forward to.

When the renovations were done your mother would move in to you as well, and she will be named the Queen Mother despite not being your biological parent. Your mother was practically royalty as well, and everyone that remained of Viscaria plus the kingdom’s allied had labeled the woman a hero of sorts that she had saved someone from a bloodline everyone thought had finally seen its end.

You mother wasn’t a castle maid in Luke’s castle now too, but she still helped around for lack of anything to do, which was something you would have loved to do as well but Luke’s mother had given you a full schedule of lessons from the best tutors in the land to teach you everything you needed to know about being a princess.

Aside from the lessons, there were tons of meetings you had to attend as Viscaria’s allies wanted to meet you, showering you with gifts you didn’t really need, but accepted out of politeness anyway.

“Milady, would you please spare a dance?”

Your head was brought back from the clouds when a voice snapped you from your trance, and you looked from the throne you were seated on, you being the only one seated as the rest of Ianthe’s royal family was socializing in the crowds of the ball that just started, aside from Luke who informed you he would be late for some reason despite finishing all his lessons early.

Now that you thought of it, Yvonne wasn’t here too.

Deciding you couldn’t deny a request from a prince who was part of an ally kingdom to Viscaria, you offered an awkward smile before taking his hand, and it’s only then that you realized it was a mistake to do so as the offers for dances never stopped after wards.

You’ve been dancing the same boring slow waltz for about an hour now you’re sure, your legs hurting and your feet having that uncomfortable feeling to it because you still hadn’t gotten used to all these glass heels that were so much different from the comfy leather flats you used to wear.

Thankfully, when you were passed around once more, you were met with those familiar blue eyes, a sigh of relief leaving your lips as you visibly relaxed into Prince Luke’s embrace.

“Sorry I was late.” Luke murmured, and after he gave you a gentle twirl you faced him before shaking your head no.

“It’s fine…” You said with a weak smile.

“Tired?” Luke asked, the worry he felt, evident in his blue eyes.


As soon as you said that, Luke began to lead you back to the thrones elevated by a small platform with about three steps, located on one side of the ballroom.

Before you could take a step up the platform though, the doors to the ballroom opened and you saw Yvonne emerge with a rush to her steps, headed to your direction once she spotted you and the prince by the thrones and she had the biggest smile to her face as she waved at you.

And when she reached you both, she passed off something to Luke before the prince had cleared his throat loud enough that the knight standing guard by the platform of thrones had heard and announced that the prince wanted to say something.

You were expecting a welcome speech or an apology for being late, but you definitely didn’t expect Luke to turn to you nervously and kneel down, a smile riddled with anxiousness to his face as he showed you a small wooden box and opened the clutch to reveal a golden band lined with little emeralds in the space in the middle of the ring.

“(F/n), I love you so much and…” Luke mumbled. “Uhh… wait fuck—sorry, I had a whole speech prepared for this…”

You heard Yvonne make some kind of exasperated comment that made the prince glare at the princess, and you couldn’t help but follow the crowd behind Luke that had chuckled at how awkward and yet adorable the youngest prince of Ianthe was being.

You spotted Luke’s family in the front of the crown, the smiles on their faces being registered in your mind before you looked back to the prince kneeling in front of you.

“Stop laughing! Fuck—Oh god…” Luke murmured frantically.

“Let me help.” Yvonne said above the giggling crowd, a lilt of amusement to her tone as she stepped forward and stood next to you. “He’s asking if you’d want to marry him.” The princess whispered to your ear, though it was loud enough for everyone to hear, and you couldn’t help the small chuckle leaving your lips when Luke’s cheeks burned with a blush.

And you suppressed another laugh before kneeling down to level with Luke, pressing a kiss to his lips chastely before you parted and smiled.

“I’d love to marry you, Luke.”

✖ A/N: I got a little nit-picky about this part and had to re-do things over and over again because proposals just aren’t my forte. I did my best though! Hope you guys like it and sorry for the delay! ;////;)’

Also, with Michael’s I know you have the official engagement ring already but he just gave you another one anyway because he’s never actually asked you the question and everything from the beginning of the relationship up to the offical ring, was something his parents planned as part of the fact that he bought you from Edelweiss. This time around he’s finally taking things into his own hands ^^

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I don’t know what this is

Eren sets his alarm for the last possible minute so while he’s scrambling to brush his hair and find a clean shirt the rest of the house is mostly awake. He can hear Reiner and his rottweiler clattering up the stairs, back from their morning run. Levi shaking the dust off his rug out on the balcony. He can hear music from Historia’s room and the weather report from Mike’s.

They assemble for breakfast and the sunlit kitchen is big enough for all of them, Petra offering to make tea, Ymir glowering until her coffee starts to take effect, Mikasa slicing fruit with elegant precision. And when they are fed and awake, they sit around the table and look a the day’s assignments.

“I’m working in a flower shop again?” Levi asks no one in particular.

“Just one?” Eren asks.

“One flower shop, three undefined office jobs, one auto repair, one coffee shop, one tea shop–yes finally–and a law firm.”

“Am I your boss?” Erwin asks innocently.

“Yes,” Levi scowls. “One of these days I will be your boss and you are going to suffer.”

“I already suffer,” Erwin says. “Have you seen the number of classes I have to teach today? University isn’t so bad but when you lot are in high school you’re a bunch of brats.”

Marco doesn’t mind being killed off so much; he practices his death scenes, and enjoys tugging at the audience’s heart strings. He gets really excited when he’s evil though, and usually drags Jean off to do that one first.

Armin regrets that he ever mentioned the damn ocean. “I only just got over my sunburn and last time I got stung by a jellyfish,” he says, his head resting on his pile of papers. He spends about eight months of the year at the ocean now. “You,” he looks up at Eren accusingly. “What are you doing today?”

“Uh, nothing exciting?” Eren tries, but he can’t fool Armin. “I’m a Formula One driver, an Olympic snowboarder, the frontman for three bands and I’m the new face of a fashion house.”

Armin thumps his head on the desk again.

“You die in this one, Eren,” Mikasa says quietly. “Canonverse. It’s just you and me, Levi.”

“Do you want to do that one first?” Levi asks kindly. “Get it out of the way?”

Levi’s stack of papers is almost as big as Eren’s. Eren sometimes feels overwhelmed, but Levi always sets a good example.

And I don’t know…add your own ideas?

Why the fuck did the old man always have to treat him like shit? Wolfgang ran up the spiral stairs as quickly as he could before clambering into his room. As usual, his girlfriend was sitting on his bed, waiting for him, as she always seemed to no exactly when he’d be there. Then he heard the music from the balcony, remembering that him and his adopted brother now shared a room, although he had been quick to put up wall between them so they had privacy. The balcony was on Wolfy’s side of the room, and not Nikolai’s, so Nikolai was constantly on the balcony playing. He had become so accustomed to the young lovers he didn’t even stop when they entered the room anymore. Wolfgang just sighed, “What is this, the room of Vullux rejects? Wait, no, Claudius would be here if it was.” Wolfgang threw himself onto the bed next to Rosa. “Sorry. It’s been a long, shitty day, and that was really rude of me.”