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“She’s as smart as I am. She plays the violin, loves the adagio movement of Nielsen’s fifth, just like I do.”

I like to think that Oriana’s love of music led her to find a special role in helping the galaxy rebuild after the Reaper war. (Titles inspired by The Planets, by Holst.)

[@meflashfanwork​ March theme: music]

  • Hufflepuff: staring into someone's eyes; soul searching; irrevocable trust; falling asleep on them; constant and immediate comfort while being with or around them; the feeling you get when wrapped in a blanket next to a fire on a freezing winter day; gentle smiles from across a crowded room
  • Slytherin: silent understanding; always being heard (even if you aren't always answered); blank faces but smiling eyes; the fear and rush of sharing secrets; hands comfortingly resting on or guiding shoulders; always knowing what you're coming home to; remembering the little things; inside jokes; the silence of listening to/sharing your favorite music
  • Ravenclaw: knowing looks exchanged from across the room; hiding smiles behind hands; falling asleep in the middle of a conversation (because you didn't want it to end); a good nights sleep after a restless week; finding someone who understands; a completely judgement free zone
  • Gryffindor: the adrenaline rush after riding a roller coaster; loud laughter from everyone in the room; always feeling included; when you can't stop smiling; inappropriately timed jokes in necessary environments; getting high-fived by a stranger; the feeling of being bear hugged

And the cuteness of Kashuu Kiyomitsu (Sato Ryuji), Yamatonokami Yasusada (Torigoe Yuki), Izuminokami Kanesada (Arisawa Shoutarou) and Hachisuka Kotetsu (Takahashi Kensuke) from the Musical Touken Ranbu on NHK’s “Shibuya Note” dated 02.07.2017 continues xDDDD

For BREAKERZ’s part of the “Bucchake Damedashi Hansei-kai” segment, the audience message that the group received ended up being,

“If DAIGO-san, who is next to the Touken Danshi, is given a sword to hold, he seems like he could become like a Touken Danshi.”

(For Team Shinsengumi with Hachisuka Kotetsu’s part of the “Bucchake Damedashi Hansei-kai” segment, it can be found: HERE )

LOL! Which, leads to the cameraman trying to get a shot of DAIGO with the Touken Danshi as well as the hilariously adorable exchange below,

Tokui Yoshimi (MC): Could, could someone-

Watanabe Naomi (MC): Is it possible for someone lend him a sword?

Yamatonokami Yasusada: (tries to detach his sword) I can’t detach it.

Watanabe Naomi (MC): Ah, you can’t detach it?

Yamatonokami Yasusada: The sword, I can’t detach it.

Kashuu Kiyomitsu: Because the swords are us.

Tokui Yoshimi (MC): Ah, I see.

Watanabe Naomi (MC): (to DAIGO) Ah, I’m so sorry. “Because the swords are us,” they say-

DAIGO: It can’t be helped.

Watanabe Naomi (MC): -it’s a bit difficult [to lend you one].


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honestly nothing means more to me than sharing and exchanging music with someone. that shit is my number one soul-healing activity 

so niall said that they have a group chat and they always ask about what they are working on and listen to the new music and stuff and exchange advices, liam said that nobody says a word about new stuff. pick ONE narrative for the love of god 

A/N : Been working on this for the last few days. A bit of a long one. Hope you enjoy :) <3 xx

[Y/N] knocked twice on the Parker’s door, backing up against the adjacent wall, she waited to be let in. [Y/N] knew that she was extremely early but also knew that Peter wouldn’t mind. Knowing them, it was probably a good thing that she had arrived a few hours earlier than they had originally planned because this science project was not going to get started until really late tonight if not at all. She could just tell. In all honesty, the two of them shouldn’t ever be allowed to be partners for anything school related. It always ended the same. The two would lounge around on his bed or in her basement, listening to music, exchanging their unrealistic life goals, eating enough Chinese takeout and pizza to end world hunger. And hours before the project was due, the two would scramble, stay up all night, trying to glue and cut their way into some bullshit work that always ended up in a B-. 

The door opened, revealing Aunt May smiling bright. “Hey, kiddo.” She moved aside, allowing the teenage girl she’s known for years into the apartment. Aunt May adored [Y/N] and there was a big part of her that hoped that Peter would see what kind of girl he had right in front of his eyes. Anytime she tried to mention the topic of whether or not Peter liked [Y/N] more than just a friend, he’d freak out and change the subject, forcing May to drop it altogether until next time. 

“Hey, Aunt May.” [Y/N] said casually. She had been calling May, Aunt, for years now even though she wasn’t actually her aunt. It had began as an accident when Peter was helplessly trying to get her attention at a football game back in middle school. [Y/N] had climbed halfway up the fence and shouted Aunt May so loud that the entire game paused. And ever since then, it kind of stuck. 

Closing the door behind them, she moseyed on back to the kitchen where she was finishing up the dishes. “Planning on staying for dinner?” May asked, flickering a look towards the [hair color]. She had been prepping a slow cooker meal all morning. 

Grinning, she took a seat at the breakfast table, “Depends on what you made.” 

Chuckling, May shook her head and whipped a half wet towel in [Y/N]’s direction. “Have you ever turned down my cooking?” She placed a hand on her chest as if she was insulted and betrayed. “Have I ever cooked you a meal that was unsatisfactory.” 

Squealing loudly when the towel was inches from her shoulder, she laughed out. “You know I’ll always stay for dinner, Aunt May.” Resting her chin on her hand that lay flat on the table, she sighed. “Especially now more than ever.” 

May frowned, “Still that bad?” 

Groaning, she ran both hands through her hair. “Yes. I just wish they’d just agree on everything and get divorced already.” Her fingers toyed with the mess of pens that were no doubt from Peter’s backpack. “It’s frustrating and then when they do sit down and divvy things up, they fight over who’s going to take me.”

May kept her frown on her face. She hated that [Y/N] was in this kind of battle. Turning around, she popped open a container that had all sorts of baked treats inside. Sliding them over, she leaned against the counter. “Who would you choose?” 

“Neither.” [Y/N] said as she bit into an oatmeal raisin cookie. Groaning with her mouth full, she looked at May and half smiled. “How about I just move in with you and Peter.” 

May chuckled, “You know that door,” pointing towards the front door, “is always open to you, kiddo. Always.” Putting the lid back on the container, she firmly stated. “Always.” 

[Y/N] was about to respond with gratitude but was interrupted by Peter stumbling out of his bedroom. He wore a stupid, tired grin on his face while his hair looked like it had been through hell and back in his sleep

“Morning, sunshine.” [Y/N] spoke with humor in her words. Glancing down at her watch, she snickered. “It’s only half past noon.” 

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The First Time (In London) - Dave Hodgman x Reader

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Dave Hodgman x Reader

Author’s Note: Being that @maddie110201 and @ninja-stiles are two of my favorite human beings and they are hosting a Dave Hodgman Week, I naturally had to participate. I haven’t actually seen the movie, but they’re my girls, you know? You do what you gotta do for your people. This is my attempt at Dave. I hope you all enjoy :)

Additional Note: I have said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times, I will never write any Dylan character as anything less than a rabid Mets fan. It’s just how it goes.

Warnings: I don’t know, don’t read it if you’re afraid of flying?

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“Oh.. no.. please don’t put that there.. it’s closed.. for a reas….” You sighed as you stood up, leaning your head to the side as to not bash it on the low ceilings.

“Uh, umm.. but, uhhh…”

You sighed again, more exasperated than anything else. You could always easily spot someone who didn’t fly as often as you did. “Is it heavy?” You stared at his backpack in his hand.

“No.” He shook his head, a sweet ’puppy dog who had just gotten whacked over the nose with a newspaper’ look gracing his handsome face.

“Can I?” You held your hand out, barely touching one of the straps on his bag. He nodded and let go of it. You judged the weight and deemed it as not that heavy. You handed it back to him and sat back down in your seat. “Can you just close the compartment again after you put it up there?” He nodded and lifted the bag over his head. Please don’t let him sit next to me. I cannot be stuck on a plane with this idiot for twelve hours. Please, airline gods. I don’t ask for much, just don’t crash and kill me and don’t let him sit down next to me.

He sat down next to you, and you rolled your eyes at the airline gods, hoping that that was the only promise that they would break that day. You went to place your headphones back over your ears when you heard his voice again. “What?” You said, pulling your headphones around the back of your neck, annoyed.

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heya, i know this'll be a load of hassle for you and i completely understand if you don't want to but could you explain the whole mclennon thing a bit more for me? i know they were obviously very close but i'm kinda new to it all so i'm still a bit clueless about things.

Once upon a time, in a land called Liverpool, lived 2 young boys named John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

John was a witty, funny guy, who didn’t like school and preferred to wander the streets with his school mates and play banjo. Paul was a smart guy who had really good grades at school and occasionally played piano with his father at home. Since his mother’s death, Paul became obsessed with music, exchanging the trumphet his father gave him for his birthday for a guitar. He really knew how to play it, and sometimes he showed his music skills to his friends at school. One of them, Ivan, saw his talent and thought it was a good idea to make him know another friend who was into music as well: John. They met on a hot, humid day in 1957 in a church hall, and it was love at first sight.

Paul thought John how to play the guitar, how to tune it, John thought Paul how to skip school and write songs together in his house when Jim was at work. For his birthday John got some money and he decided to spend it in Paris with Paul. They stayed one week, visiting the city, frequenting art cafés pretending to be artists, planning their future, and sleeping in one bed in an old motel. They loved to be alone just the two of them, and sometimes they felt reality and the pressure of their family too suffocating. ‘Playing the guitar is all very well, John, but you’ll never make a living at it.’ said Mimi. “You have to find a steady job.” said Jim. When they wrote ‘Oh Johnny Johnny!’ , one of the very first songs of them, they expressed their hopes and dreams to go away, cause Paul’s father and Mimi were too oppressive and they wanted to leave Liverpool and live happily just the two of them.

When fame arrived, they became closer than before. They wrote songs eyeball to eyeball in Jane Asher’s house, and while they pretended to adress those songs to their supposed girlfriends, they were nothing but love letters they sent each other. If I fell, a song they recorded while holding hands or Here there and everywhere, a song Paul wrote at John’s house while waiting for him to wake up. And Nowhere man, You’ve got to hide your love away...the list is too long to mention them all. They were the most important person in each other’s lives, and the songs they wrote were the proof. “John’s princess”: that’s how the people who worked at Abbey Road called Paul. Maybe they were joking, or maybe they listened to some weird kisses noises while they were busy recording ’Think for Yourself’. When the Beatles made a Shakespeare sketch on tv, Paul played Pyramus while John played Thisbe. After that, they both bought 2 cats naming them Pyramus and Thisbe: John gave Thisbe to Paul, and Paul gave Pyramus to John.

While the Beatlesmania hit the world and the Beatles too, John’s main problem was try to find someone who could keep his feet on the ground (Help!): a crying need for help only Paul could solve. They even had a secret code they used in public to talk to each other, the spider hand thing’. In Florida they ended up crying together one night confessing how much they loved each other. Cause they knew it, but they never had the courage to say it, and in that moment, in which the whole world seemed to love and want the Beatles more than anything else, what they really needed were just each other. When the ‘bigger than jesus’ issue emerged, John was on the verge of quitting. Before the interviews he cried, he couldn’t stand one more question about it without feeing guilty. And it was always Paul who helped him, talking for him, reassuring him, telling him it would pass.

The fame was too much and they decided to quit touring and spend some time alone. The Sgt. Pepper era arrived: John and Paul lived a couple of miles away from each other, they all bought new houses, had an indepent life, but they always spent time together and not just to write songs. In that period they were more closer than ever. One night they were in the studio and John took too much LSD and he went to the roof, scaring the rest of the band. Paul took him home, and for the first time he took LSD too, cause he wanted to be with John, always. In misery and in fear. And they had this incredible, fantastic trip together, looking in each other eyes for hours, and Paul helping John to not get hurt. Their relationship was at its peak. When Brian died, everyone was shocked. The first thing John did after he heard the news was looking for Paul, when they met they hugged tightly. They felt lost, but they still had each other. They went to India, thanks to George who introduced them to the Maharishi, a ‘guru’  John saw as someone who could give him the right answers. But it didn’t happen, it turned out that the Maharishi took advantage of the girls in India, and John and Paul, who went there to try find the meaning of life, ended up discussing about each other and their relationship. Friends? No, we’re more. Boyfriends? Absolutely not. How dare you, we are the Beatles! We are in the 60s, a homophobic society who would bury us alive if we’d admit we feel something for each other. Suddenly, the person who mattered the most for John took a step back, cause John exposed him. Because they never really talked about what they were for each other, and for a long time it was convenient for Paul, who could play and joke with it as much as he wanted. But John never took it as a joke, as something futile. It was important for him, and he suddenly felt betrayed.

When they went to New York for the Apple press conference, in the car that took them to the airport Paul brought a woman he had met: Linda Eastman. John felt annoyed and bothered enough to step in Abbey Road a week later with a new fiancé: Yoko Ono, the woman who soon started to replace John, talking for him, taking decisions for him, and keeping her eveywhere, even when Paul asked to write songs together. Paul couldn’t talk to John anymore. John always needed to be reassured, he constantly needed someone by his side who could stay with him 100%, and this time the partner wasn’t Paul anymore. And he literally started using her against Paul. “I don’t want to hold your hand anymore” he told Paul right after a session at Abbey Road. Paul was devasted, he left Abbey road crying while Mal brought him home. He wrote Oh!Darling, Let it be, The long and winding road, the whole album was filled with tragic love songs. But why? He was engaged with Linda! He loved her. Who he really was talking about? During a Let it be session, they confessed each other that all those tragic love songs made them look like they were lovers.

They married their partners both in May, first Paul, then a week later John. They split up, you would say, this is the end. Well it’s not, they never really quitted. Because they spent 5 years, from 1970 to 1975 writing songs to each other: ‘How do you sleep’ ‘Dear Friend’ ‘Too many people’,Jealous guy’, in which John admitted that he got mad at Paul in the late 60s cause he was jealous.

John separated from Yoko in 1975. He met May Pang, and from that moment he started calling Paul again, dreaming to meet him again. He asked everyone if it was a good move to do. He asked May Pang, who said “Yes! of course! do it!” he asked to Paul Simon who replied Come back to Paul!”. They met in Los Angeles on a weekend. John was playing when Paul unexpectedly stopped by. When they met the room hushed. They looked at each other and started off tentatively, with a handshake and an inside joke: “Valiant Paul McCartney, I presume?” Lennon said, referencing the Shakespeare sketch they did. McCartney immediately responded: “Sir Jasper Lennon, I presume?”.

They played together and it was like coming back to the old times. John felt an excitement he hadn’t felt for years. He was ready, he wanted to come back to him, to England, to Julian. But Yoko came back, and all the hopes and dreams suddenly fell away. In 1976 Paul was in New York and they saw each other again, he didn’t know that was the last time he ever saw John. In 1980 John felt depressed, cause Yoko was leaving him for another man, and he didn’t feel creative enough to write songs anymore. He wrote a desperateJust like starting over’ on the tune of the old 50s song he played with Paul, asking him to come back together. Paul was ready, John too. Destiny maybe not. John died, and left Paul full of regrets and words never said to him that he transformed into songs: ‘Here today’, ‘The lovers that never were’ ‘My brave face‘, just to mention some of them.

John is dead, Mclennon is over? Nope. Cause Paul will not just keep writing songs about John and their beautifully tragic love story, but he even got a song from John, from the afterlife. I’m not kidding. In 1981, Paul worked on his tribute album to John Lennon called Tug of War. One song in this album is Get It, to which he invited Carl Perkins. Carl loved the experience and the following morning he wrote My Old Friend for Paul in appreciation. In fact, he recounted to Paul that usually when he writes he needs a pen and a sheet of paper to record his thoughts on, but this time the words just stuck with him. He then played the song to Paul. And Paul, upon hearing the song, went out of the room crying. Linda who was left with Carl explained that Carl’s words hit Paul hard because John’s last words to Paul when they last met before he was shot down were, “”Think about me every now and then, old friend”, words, which Carl unknowingly put into this song. In an interview Carl Perkins said: “Paul was crying, tears were rolling down his pretty cheeks, and Linda said, ‘Carl, thank you so much.’ I said, ‘Linda, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry.’ She said, ‘But he’s crying, and he needed to. He hasn’t been able to really break down since that happened to John.’ And she put her arm around me and said, ‘But how did you know?’ I said, ‘Know what?’ She said, ‘There’s two people in the world that know what John Lennon said to Paul, the last thing he said to him. But now there’s three, and one of them’s you, you know it.’ I said, ‘Girl, you’re freaking me out! I don’t know what you’re talking about!’ She said that the last words that John Lennon said to Paul in the hallway of the Dakota building were, he patted him on the shoulder and said, ‘Think about me every now and then, old friend.’‘McCartney really feels that Lennon sent me that song, he really does.’”

Close friends to Paul revealed that he talks about John in the present tense, and sometimes he admits that when he is writing a song but can’t finish it, he asks John for help, feeling him by his side and always being able to correct it and finish it.

This is the story of two men who loved each other so deeply that they wrote the greatest songs of music history about it.

heya, its audrey again, im a schizophrenic trans girl and survival sex worker whos spend most of the last 3 years homeless after being outed to her abusive parents. this month was very rough for me because of the college, phone, and hormone related expenses that have been stacking up lately. I’ve got an overdraft of $300 on my checking account (which im $5 away from reaching) and a $1000 credit limit (which im over by $35).

I still have $40 of my phone bill to pay by the 20th, and even though i can lean on my roommates for groceries, we’re already in a toxic situation and i feel guilty for taking advantage of my economic situation to make them pay for all the food. I’ve been told that there are fair chances that i’m developing osteoporosis, both because i’ve been on blockers for almost a year without any replacement hormones, and due to my inability to have a proper diet. We’re out of easily-edible food most of the time and i want to be able to buy myself even the most basic groceries but i cant.

i can write poetry/music in exchange or sell nudes if people are into that. my paypal is, every dollar and reblog helps <3 


“In the Summer of 1990, I was hired to assist with props and minor special effects for the film Dogfight, featuring Lilly Taylor and River Phoenix, which was filming in Seattle. River and I eventually migrated towards one another as we had many interests in common. Mutually we were both big fans of the English band, XTC. While on the set, and sometime between takes, one of us would sing a line from an XTC song, and the other would sing the next. The rest of the crew was mostly baffled by our spontaneous musical flurries. During lunches, River and I would often go to his trailer to eat, smoke American Spirit cigarettes and fiddle about on guitars. He was a fantastic musician and song writer. With our days off, we would grab some food together, then head to his house to drink a few beers and jam. We spent our time exchanging musical ideas and improvising. We even wrote a couple of songs together. 

By the end of the film, River and I had become close. The evening during the wrap party, I was sitting at a table with him and some of the crew. At one point he opened his wallet to pull out some cash for tips or something, and pulled out his U.S. Armed Forces Military identification card that was a prop for the film. I asked if I could look at it. He handed it to me. When I attempted to return it to him, he waived his hand and said, “keep it.” Over the next couple of years, we kept in touch. The last time I saw him was in 1992, backstage at the Cow Palace, in San Francisco, where I was doing flaming helmets for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. That next year I sent him an invitation to my wedding. He responded, saying he could not make it due to his filming schedule. River died on October 31st, 1993. I was married on the same day. I miss him a lot”