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tUnE-yArDs - Bizness (Official Video)

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Do you have any reference drawings for your Leader Noodle AU?

YES !!!

I have lots actually

I focus a lot on phase 1 and 2 which is when Mud is still really young. Stu has both eyes and is Noodle’s best friend. Noodle is the band leader and Russels actual adopted mom and a role model to Mud. Mud has a dumb crush on her and he’s really jealous of Stu for being the cool leadsinger and older brother type. Mud love Russ like a little brother and is very protective of him. Overall a cute family that’s trying to make it big in the music biz. Feel free to ask anything about this, I’ve really gotten in the mood to bring this back <3!


Biz - İçinden Gelen


Kelly Clarkson talks about her new Album // Music Biz 2017

I’ve translated and subbed this news segment from 24 December, 2015, right before the second show of the Hetalia Musical! Germany’s actor is in his full gear giving a weather report lol. (*´艸`*)

Aaah I missed a bit it should be “an illumination art area called Orange Garden” not just “an area called Orange Garden”. Welp.

(Video from Gilblitz112)