the muses' alchemy


Holographic Top Coat by The Muses’ Alchemy

More photos!! Swatches are done with three coats of holographic top coat and is just brilliant indoors and outdoors! I love how it makes even the lightest colours holographic since they are probably the hardest to find. This is more holographic than the China Glaze Wireless and even more affordable.

Did you also notice the first swatch being a duochrome holographic?!! CRAZY PRETTY!!! Planning on painting my nails like that soon :-D AAHHHH getting ready for summer already with these bright colours


Pixie Purple by The Muses’ Alchemy

A dark purple linear holographic polish. Photos are taken with two coats but the polish is opaque at just one coat! My camera wouldn’t capture the true colour of this polish :-( It’s a more darker deep toned purple in person.. It makes my skin look milky white :-D

Photo 1: Direct sunlight
Photo 2: Front
Photo 3: Bottle closeup
Photo 4: Angle

The Muses’ Alchemy - Kozmik Kow

Let me introduce to you ——– KOZMIK KOW!! I’m so lost for words with this one.. Is it grey? Is it black? Is it brown? Is it just a glorious rainbow of awesomeness? AAHHH I just love it so much!!!! This is a brown/black jelly base with black and fine holographic glitters. I haven’t worn dark nail polish in ages, and I’m glad this one worked out well :-D Just look at the photos! I seriously wish I could have taken more better ones!! The photos are taken with 4 coats. The polish was a bit sheer, but dry time wasn’t too bad and well worth the wait!


Indoors with flash (You can really see the black glitters here!):

Indoors with natural light:


Do you love it?!?!!!!