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list of things i’m expecting for harry’s week at the late late show:

a) harry casually strumming his guitar with reggie on the side

b) crosswalk the musical featuring harry’s gangly legs stumbling away from upcoming traffic

c) a little skit of him waking up in the studio with his pj’s and a blanket lookin all cute and cuddly

d) a cocky ass smirk on his face when he battles james in a heated riff-off or drop the mic

e) is it too early to ask for a carpool karaoke????

Riverdale Jughead Imagine

He’s Just Not That Into You’ inspired - (Gigi and Alex)

- You are a hopeless romantic. Every guy you date you look for signs that he’s the one

-You go on a date with Archie Andrews to Pop’s, it’s entirely casual and on the whole he seems rather uninterested. 

-He tells you he’ll call you sometime, and that maybe you can do this again. 

-You readily agree and are excited at the possibilities of your future together, oblivious to his disinterest. 

-A few days pass and you receive no call and he doesn’t acknowledge you at school, it’s almost as though he’s forgotten who you are.

-You go back to Pop’s that night, he’d left one of his guitar picks and you hoped maybe you’d find him there and would be able to start a conversation with him.

-Instead you find Jughead Jones, who you know is his best friend, you sit across from him and explain your predicament, Jughead laughs sourly.

-’Listen, you seem like a cool girl so I’m just going to tell you - Archie’s never going to call.’ 

-’What? How do you know?’

-’Because he’s a guy, it’s what we do.’

-’But he said he had a nice time?’

-Jughead told you that it didn’t matter, it had been a week and he hadn’t called and wasn’t going to. You tried to argue that maybe he had tried to call but he had dialled the wrong number or had just been busy.

-’Or he’s just not into you.’ Jughead would bluntly confirm. 

-You begin to rattle on about your friend Ginger who had the same thing happen to her and in the end it had been one massive misunderstanding and now she and the guy were happily together.

-’Okay no, your friend Ginger is the exception. You’re the rule. And the rule is: if a guy is treating you like he doesn’t give a shit, then he genuinely doesn’t give a shit.’

-’Every time?’ ‘Every time.’

-After your eye-opening conversation with Jughead Jones you continued to return to the booth at regular intervals.

-Usually after a date

-You’d tell him all about it and ask him his verdict, his answer was always the same.

-’He’s not into you.’

-Sometimes you’d take your dates to Pop’s and he’d casually observe from his booth, mouthing those same words with a knowing look.

-Slowly a friendship was beginning to blossom between the two of you. You had exchanged numbers so that you didn’t have to run to Pop’s after every date to ask for his.

-You rang him one night, halfway through a date, the guy had made up some obvious excuse as to why he couldn’t see you for a while - you knew he wasn’t into you, yet you needed Jughead’s opinion on the matter.

-He answers in what seems to be midway through conversation with another person - probably Betty, you feel kind of touched that he answered. You let him know the situation and he laughs that you should just run out of there.

-’What so I’m just supposed to run from every guy that doesn’t like me?’

-’Uh, yeah.’

-’But there’ll be nobody left.’

-Over the following weeks you started to go on less and less dates. 

-You hung out at Pop’s a lot more, sometimes with Jughead and sometimes just hoping he’d show up.

-He always seemed pleasantly surprised to find you already sat in his booth.

-You had your own inside jokes with each other and shared what you believed to be flirty glances, small smiles that you took as signals that maybe there was this mutual feeling between you both. 

-He’d nudge your shoulder, you’d share your fries, you’d take it in turns to pay the bill. 

-Were you in a relationship?

-One night you decided to broach the subject.

-Oh God were you wrong. 

-’But the signs?’

-’What signs?’

-’The smiles, our conversations, picking up the bill’ You had started off cheerily, ‘I - I felt something?’ You faltered.

-’Y/N, what are you talking about? Oh man. What have I been saying since I met you? If a guy wants to date you, he will make it happen. He will ask you out. Did I ask you out?’


-’Then why would you do this? Oh shit. Why do girls do this? Why do they build up every little thing in their minds, take each little thing a guy does and then - then twist it into something else?! It’s insane.’ He had gotten up to leave the booth. 

-’I’d rather be like that than be like you.’ ‘Excuse me, what’s that supposed to mean?’

-’I may dissect each little thing and put myself out there too much but at least that means I still care. You may not get hurt or make an ass of yourself that way but you don’t fall in love that way either.’ You had pulled yourself up from the booth, ‘You have not won, you’re alone Jughead!’ 

-You stormed to the door before turning around and staring at a dumbfounded Jughead.

-’I made do a lot of stupid shit, but I know that I’m a lot closer to finding someone than you are.’

-’I’ll call you.’ You said and smiled as Reggie Mantle placed a kiss to your cheek and got up from the booth.

-’I had a really nice night, Y/N.’ ‘Me too, Reggie.’ With that he exited Pop’s.

-You stared down into your milkshake until a cough alerted you to another presence. ‘Did you forget something? You questioned without looking up, believing it to be Reggie.

-’Yeah, I did.’

-You looked up and saw Jughead looking down at you sheepishly. 

-’Oh yeah, and what did you forget?’ ‘To return this.’ He held up a hair grip. 

-’So you came all the way to Pop’s, at a quarter to 11 at night, to give me a hair grip?’ 

-‘Yeah, yeah I thought I should just come up with some really great excuse to come over here, that’s how its done isn’t it?’ ‘Sometimes.’

-’Look I can’t stop thinking about you it’s a problem, I keep walking by your locker, writing out texts and deleting them, I’m turning into-’

-’Me.’ You smiled at him softly. 

-’Yeah.’ He smiled.

-’A wise person once told me, that if a guy wants to be with a girl he will make it happen, no matter what.’ ‘That’s true.’ ‘But when I was throwing myself at you, it didn’t seem like you wanted to make it happen.’

-’Yeah, well here’s the thing about that.’ He was sat beside you now, his body was drawn closely into yours. ‘You were right, I’ve gotten so used to keep all of these people at a safe distance, that I didn’t know - didn’t know what it actually felt like when I fell - fell for one of them. I didn’t know.’ 

-Silence fell over you, your cheeks felt like they wanted to break into smile but you couldn’t allow yourself to bend that easily.

-’Look I just went out with Reggie, maybe he’s exactly what I need right now? No drama. He calls when he says he will, does what he says-’

-’I can do those things too.’ He drew himself even closer to you with desperation.

-’But you didn’t! And that same wise person told me that I’m the rule, that I have to stop thinking that every guy will change, that I have to stop thinking that-’

-He cut you off with his mouth. He brought his hand up to the side of your face, his hands curling into your hair as he cemented his mouth to yours, his thumb gently caressing the side of your cheek. He pulled back almost unwillingly.

-’-I’m the exception.’ You finished your sentence.

-’You are my exception.’ 

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Okay geez that went on for longer than I expected (I just couldn’t stop) and yes I used a lot of dialogue from the film but I think some of the things Alex says can totally be applied to Jughead! All mistakes are my own and basically this is a substitute for me being too lazy to write a fic right now and I’m also procrastinating from doing real work.

Hope you enjoyed regardless of the fact this isn’t a real fic. 

Muse - “No Skills”

hi guys!!! here’s the next part to the series :) (aka part 2 to this post)

i’m about to put a link to a masterlist so it’ll be easier to navigate (masterlist with a grand total of 2 pieces)

ANOTHER HEIGHTS REFERENCE TITLE i know guys it’ll make sense the further along we get (unless ur already onto me)

anyways - like i said i am a newbie so any and all feedback is appreciated (roast me if u want)

summary: man, he was cute. right? he was so cute! he was sweet and tall and so so so cute and his name was… oh my god what was his name?

word count: 3150+ lmao

warnings: swearing bc i’m a sinner and even more motherfucking smiling (lin’s smile makes me weak in the knees and that translates in2 my work sorry about it)

oh god here we go

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(…) “How did you feel about him before being akumatized?” She turned the recorder to you. “It’s for scientific purposes, so please try to answer truthfully.”

You looked at the expectant eyes staring at you. (…) “I think he’s pretty hot.”

Adrien made a strange sound in his throat and then quickly put a hand over his mouth. The shocked look on the boys’ faces was priceless, but Alya didn’t seem surprised at all.

The Muse, Chapter 10

#NOTMYPRESIDENT - an 8tracks playlist by whimsicalMedley

To the millions of women, people of color, LGBTQ+, disabled, and terrified. If we are set back, he will have to drag us, kicking and screaming. He will try to erase us, but we will thrive. We will not break, or bow. We will not surrender. We will not go down without a goddamn fight.

Listen to it here


1. Now - Paramore
2. Uprising - Muse
3. Beggars - Krewella
4. Ready Aim Fire - Imagine Dragons
5. Wretches And Kings - Linkin Park
6. Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
7. Revolution - Diplo ft. Imanos, Faustix, & Kai
8. This Is War - Thirty Seconds To Mars
9. Battle Cry - Imagine Dragons
10. Handlebars - Flobots
11. American Oxygen - Rihanna
12. Wisdom, Justice, And Love - Linkin Park
13. Rise - Skillet

u know what would have been really genuinely interesting?? getting to see anya as a thousand-year-old ex-vengeance demon instead of reducing her to the adorable comic relief

now don’t get me wrong!!! i absolutely love the anya we got with my whole entire heart. but can you IMAGINE getting to see things like anya correcting giles when he translates something wrong & anya being a respected source of knowledge while still managing to be a little clueless about some social norms??

maybe i just want the scoobies to respect anya a little more. that might be it

Muse - “Crazy Hypotheticals”

oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!! an update!!!!!!! finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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also: i hit 200 followers and i know it may not seem like much to some of you but i’m so new here and your support as been OVERWHELMING i absolutely adore all of you thank you thank you thank you thank you
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summary: *to the tune of ‘what’s this’ from a nightmare b4 christmas* first date? first date!! there’s magic in the air! first date, firs- wait!!!! Karen, what should i wear!!!!!!!!!!
word count: 5600+ lmao kill me 
warnings: swearing !! as per usual i’m sorry yall i cannot help myself - also drinking, bad dancing, some terrible spanglish!!! lots of stuttering !!!! terribly formatted texting + facetime, lots of dopey smiles + way too many commas

part one / part two / part three 


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Masterlist :D

Yup, I’m finally making a masterlist to make things easier for my lovely readers. I’ll update it as I write so keep an eye out, and it’ll be linked in my description box. X

Chris Evans

New Romantics 

  • Part 1 - Imagine sitting next to Chris on a flight to New York.
  • Part 2 - Imagine cooking dinner for Chris at your apartment.
  • Part 3 - Imagine staying up past midnight with Chris.

Daddy Merman - Imagine coming home to your husband, Chris singing to your six year old after she had a horrible day at school.

Sock Drawer - Imagine finding a Tiffany&Co ring box in Chris’ sock drawer.

The Interview - Imagine Chris and The Avengers cast talking about you.

Weddings - Imagine attending a wedding with Chris.

Long Distance - Imagine doing the long distance thing with Chris.

Fight Me - Imagine fighting over the TV with Chris.

Ice-cream and Kisses - Imagine having a bad day and Chris comforting you.

‘Cause You’re Together - Imagine being constantly teased ‘cause you and Chris are the only couple on set.

Food Fights - Imagine food fights with Chris.

Sick Puppy - Imagine taking care of Chris.

The Dentist - Imagine Chris tricking you into going to the dentist.

Mr. Brady - Imagine taking Chris to meet Tom Brady.

Welcome Home - Imagine Chris surprising you and your daughter.

Fan Fictions - Imagine Chris being a fan of your work.

In The Rain - Imagine dancing in the rain with Chris.

Disney Princess - Imagine Chris being incredibly proud of you.

Anonymous - Imagine Chris proposing to you.

A Cup of Coffee 

  • Part 1 - Imagine meeting Chris at a coffee shop.
  • Part 2 - Imagine your first date with Chris.

Fans - Imagine Chris talking about you with his fans.

Baby Downey - Imagine announcing your engagement with Chris.

Thanksgiving - Imagine Thanksgiving with Chris.

Stealth Mode - Imagine Chris spying on you.

Beauty & The Beast - Imagine attending a costume party with Chris.

Comfort Zones - Imagine Chris proposing at a press conference.

As Luck Would Have It 

  • Part 1 - Imagine Chris falling in-love with you at first sight.
  • Part 2 - Imagine dating Chris.


Chapter 1 - Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts (Completed)

Part 1 - Imagine admitting you want to marry Chris while you’re drunk.

Part 2 - Imagine Chris helping you through a hangover.

Part 3 - Imagine road trips with Chris.

Part 4 - Imagine Chris proposing with dessert.

Part 5 - Imagine your wedding with Chris.

Epilogue - Imagine eating pizza at a hotel with Chris after your wedding.

Fan Boy - Imagine Chris finding you incredibly amusing.

Just a Little Visit - Imagine crashing Chris’ panel.

His Angel - Imagine Chris surprising you at work.

Hard To Get - Imagine playing hard to get with Chris.


Chapter 2 - Baby Fever (Completed)

Part 1 - Imagine babysitting with Chris.

Part 2 - Imagine Chris being a child whisperer.

Part 3 - Imagine early morning and Christmas decorating with Chris.

Part 4 - Imagine having a small get-together with Chris.

Part 5 - Imagine giving Chris his Christmas present.

Epilogue - Imagine spending Christmas with Chris.

Snowball Fights - Imagine having snowball fights with Chris.

Distracted - Imagine Chris freaking out after you get injured on set.

Mr. Protective - Imagine Chris being extremely protective of you.

Keys - Imagine Chris thinking you’re adorable.

Love and Losses - Imagine Chris helping you through a family loss.

Countdown - Imagine celebrating the New Year with Chris.

New Year, New Us - Imagine celebrating the New Year with Chris 2.0

Crushes - Imagine Chris admitting he loves you.

Thank You, My Muse - Imagine Chris thanking you in his speech.

Broken - Imagine Chris being a total assuring sweetheart.

Mini Series:

Chapter 3 - Memory Lane (Completed)

Part 1 - Imagine FaceTiming Chris while you’re painting the nursery.

Part 2 - Imagine browsing through your keepsake box with Chris.

Part 3 - Imagine shopping for your incoming baby with Chris.

Part 4 - Imagine your water breaking while arguing with Chris.

Part 5 - Imagine Chris introducing you to your son for the first time.

Epilogue - Imagine bringing your child out to public for the first time with Chris.

Brothers - Imagine Chris being terrified of your older brother, Tom Hiddleston.

Team Iron Man - Imagine Chris explaining how he found out you were placed on Team Iron Man.

Don’t You Dare - Imagine play fights with Chris.

Knots and Yarn - Imagine knitting with Chris.

The Super Bowl - Imagine surprising Chris at the Super Bowl.

Thin Ice - Imagine Chris teaching you how to ice-skate.


  • Part 1 - Imagine Chris helping you take care of your little sister.
  • Part 2 - Imagine Chris sending you on a scavenger hunt.
  • Part 3 - Imagine being Chris’ safe haven.
  • Part 4 - Imagine Chris asking your dad for your hand.
  • Part 5 - Imagine Chris taking you around your new home.

Surprise, Baby - Imagine Chris coming home early for your birthday.

Accidents - Imagine Chris finding out you got into a minor car accident.

Finally - Imagine sneaking off with Chris.

Just a Visit - Imagine Chris and your daughter surprising you at work.

Mini Series:

Chapter 4 - Little Ones (Completed)

Part 1 - Imagine your son watching his daddy, Chris, on TV.

Part 2 - Imagine early mornings with Chris and your son.

Part 3 - Imagine hosting a birthday party for your son with Chris.

Part 4 - Imagine late nights and birthday cake with Chris.

Part 5A/5B/5C/5D/5E - Imagine Chris taking you to Rome for a romantic getaway.

Epilogue - Imagine you and Chris getting an early Christmas surprise.

Love Story - Imagine attending the Oscars with your husband, Chris.

Move In With Me - Imagine building IKEA furniture with Chris.

Mini Series:

Chapter 1 - Just Another Magical Night (Discontinued)

Part 1 - Imagine meeting Chris at the Oscars.

Happier - Imagine Chris admitting he’s still in-love with you.

3AM - Imagine late night chats with Chris.

Have At It - Imagine Anthony teasing Chris about you.

Soup - Imagine Chris taking care of you.

First Time For Everything

  • Part 1 - Imagine going to Disneyland with Chris.
  • Part 2 - Imagine going to Disneyland with Chris.

Domestic Bliss - Imagine cooking dinner with Chris.

Tattoos - Imagine finding Chris’ tattoo about you.

Secrets - Imagine Chris admitting you’re his celebrity crush.

Early Morning Picnics - Imagine Chris bringing you breakfast at work.

Hikes - Imagine going hiking with Chris.

Mini Series:

Chapter 5 - Charlotte Rose (Completed)

Part 1 - Imagine you and Chris telling your families you’re having another baby.

Part 2 - Imagine being Chris’ voice of reason.

Part 3 - Imagine finding out your baby’s gender with Chris.

Part 4 - Imagine finding out something amazing with Chris.

Part 5A - Imagine Chris freaking out about you.

Part 5B - Imagine seeing Chris after giving birth.

Epilogue - Imagine Chris falling in-love with you all over again.

Worry Wart - Imagine face masks and pillow talk with Chris.

Drunk Confessions - Imagine dealing with drunk Chris.

Clowns - Imagine Chris making you feel safe.

Goodbye Kisses - Imagine Chris sending you off at the airport.

1st of April - Imagine Chris turning the tables on you.

Closer To You - Imagine Chris stealing your favorite sweater.

One Day - Imagine Chris fulfilling his promise.

Mini Series:

One Shots

The Magic of Disney - Imagine spending the day at Disneyland with Chris and your children.

Bedtime Stories - Imagine Chris reading a bedtime story to your children. 

I Love You - Imagine telling Chris you love him for the first time.

73 Questions - Imagine you and Chris answering 73 questions from Vogue.

Lost - Imagine Chris being your rock.

Yankees Girl - Imagine play fighting with Chris (Part 2)

Mini Series Spin-off:

Chapter 1 - Unexpected Reader (Completed)

Part 1 - Imagine meeting Chris at an airport.

Part 2 - Imagine Chris finding out you wrote his favorite love story.

Part 3A/3B - Imagine skipping class with Chris.

Part 4A/4B - Imagine Chris realising he’s in-love with you.

Part 5A/5B - Imagine getting together with Chris.

Epilogue - Imagine visiting Boston with Chris.

Little Wingman - Imagine finding Chris’ dog.

My Hero - Imagine Chris being there for you through it all.

Penguins and Jelly Fishes - Imagine going to the aquarium with Chris.

Mini Series Spin-off:

Chapter 2 - Little Ways Away (Completed)

Part 1 - Imagine long distance with Chris.

Part 2 - Imagine Chris worrying about you.

Part 3 - Imagine your first fight with Chris

Part 4 - Imagine Chris getting the first flight back to you.

Part 5A/5B - Imagine making up with Chris.

Epilogue - Imagine you and Chris talking about your future together.

Sebastian Stan

Happy Birthday, Seb - Imagine Sebastian surprising you.