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opinion: the muppets 2011 was better than muppets most wanted but most wanted had better music

Muppet #s Meme

Just a couple questions regarding the Muppets that you can have your followers ask you!

1. What celebrities (whether from movies, TV, music, YouTube, Vine, etc, would you want to see perform alongside the Muppets?

2. Which Muppet character that has not been seen in a long time do you want to return on TV?

3. Which Muppet character do you not want to see anymore?

4. Who’s your Muppet crush?

5. Which Muppet(s) are you more similar to (Either looks like you or acts like you)?

6. What song would you want the Muppets, or a particular Muppet to sing?

7. What fictional story do you want to see the Muppets do a parody of?

8. What are your Muppet OC(s)? (Name and description of personality and/or appearance)

9. Which Muppets could you see hanging out with your OC(s)?

10. Idea for a future Muppet movie or special?

11. Who’s your favorite Muppet?

12. Which Muppet Show or Muppets Tonight or Jim Henson Hour guest star do you want to see perform alongside the Muppets again?

13. Who was your favorite guest star in any one of the Muppet variety shows?

14. Any Muppet AU ideas?

15. What’s your favorite Muppet film?

16. Favorite Muppet TV show?

17. Muppet Merchandise you aim to get one day?

18. How’d you get into the Muppet fandom?

19. Favorite Muppet Puppeteer?

20. What are you hopes regarding the future of the Muppets?

ai-2-ai  asked:

7, 10

*already answered 10 (x)

7. What fictional story do you want to see the Muppets do a parody of?

I want them to try Wizard of Oz again but, ya know, actually good. And I don’t think they’ve done Alice In Wonderland, I mean I know they did the episode with Brooke Shields but I’d love to see them do a special or a mini-movie.

Also this is more obscure but “Shock Treatment” would be cool, it’d be like a weird Veterinarian’s Hospital reunion that’s also a musical.

ai-2-ai  asked:

7, 8

7. What fictional story do you want to see the Muppets do a parody of?

Back to the Future. Give me Digit or Bunsen & Beaker as Doc Brown, and Scooter or Walter as Marty McFly.

Though that’s really an unfair question. The Muppets have parodied so much at this point. They probably have–

The Princess and the Frog. Oh my god, I know the general tale of The Frog Prince has been done at least twice in different materials, but listen. Jazz soundtrack.

8. What are your Muppet OC(s)? (Name and description of personality and/or appearance)

Buckle in, cuz I’m gonna link a lot to my character blog. (And yeah, a lot of the drawings there aren’t in color. Also I’m still working on developing a lot of them, and I need to update the design of at least one of them.)

  • Chippers the Squirrel is a young fun-loving squirrel who loves to play the kazoo. She’s around Robin and Bean’s age group. She will want to be a “bard” no matter what kind of make-believe game is being played. Chippers just wants to play her kazoo.
  • Alice Gumm has been described as some (namely some of my other friends) as “SJW lesbian rocker Muppet”. And that’s not far from the truth. She’s the “leader”/bass player of a band (The Gumshoes) and cares a lot about social issues of the day. But when she’s not out rocking or protesting, she tries her best to just kick back and be calm. She also majored in Sound Design in film school.
  • Ozzie Marie Johnson, totally Eighties. Excitable and friendly, she sometimes isn’t fully aware of her surroundings or her own strength. She’s either a Dance Major or wants to get into stunt doubling.
  • Kerry Basil is pretty quiet and pretty unintentionally spooky. She plays dead when frightened. Really into set design. She’s a psychic, and can read minds only if her hand is in contact to the other person’s hand.
  • Mindy Li, puffin and player of rhythm guitar and misc. instruments in The Gumshoes. Pretty knowledgable, wants to be taken seriously. Dating Chartreuse.
  • Chartreuse Knight, monster and drummer/percussion player in The Gumshoes. Kind of quiet, but that’s hardly her fault. Dating Mindy.
  • Barbara Holloway. Puns. Keyboard/piano player of The Gumshoes. Blonde monkey. And she’s more or less all about fun, which contrasts with her roommate Mindy.
  • Morrie Morrison is, well, an alien trying to blend in with Earth society. While they don’t want to get caught, they have a gig playing lead guitar in The Gumshoes, so that’s working out for them.

If you would like to draw any of these Muppet OCs, go ahead.


you must first see this which is based off this in order to get this

dakt37 i know you posted the original like a year ago but i just recently saw it and dammit all i couldn’t resist I’M SORRY. mainly i just wanted to see riku shrieking bloody murder

i’m going to post this under guise of contributing to soriku day haha 

the next person to call my muppets porn parody of world war 2 an “incredibly riveting tour de force” gets the postmodernist snark slapped right out of their fucking mouth

In honor of the news that Agent Carter is getting a second season I thought I’d share this :D It’s Piggy Carter! Agent of S.P.O.R.K. (I would pay good money to see the Muppets parody Captain America.) If you dig it, the design is available on t-shirts, stickers and so much more in my Red Bubble shop!


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