the muppets celebrate jim henson

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Thanks to HensonRarities we can all sit and enjoy what I believe to be the best and more appropriate tribute to Jim Henson’s life “The Muppets Celebrate jim Henson”

Today is always a big bummer of a day, but this special proved that although Jim was the heart and soul and the father of the Muppets, they were so well loved and such strong characters that they wouldn’t change even if people under or behind the camera change.

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Grab your tissues, guys, cause you’re not getting away from this video without crying buckets of tears.

I always credit this video as to what first turned me on to the Muppets - outside of my childhood adoration for them. I was surfing youtube looking at random Muppet clips when I stumbled across this video, and by the end of it I was in tears. I then spent the rest of the day looking up everything about Jim, which eventually led to this devotion to all things Jim Henson.

But this video. Christ, this video. There is so much love and heartbreak and wonderfulness found in this video. It’s heart wrenching, yes, but it’s just so beautiful how all of the muppets come together, because that’s what Jim would have wanted. Then when Kermit comes through the door at the end… ugh, I’m not even watching it right now and already I’m tearing up.

Bless you, Jim Henson.


“Y'know, this Jim Henson may be gone, but maybe he’s here too, inside us, believing in us!”


“He’ll never be dead in my heart.”

Just One Person- The Muppets