the munchkin book


So I recently found out that my pastor’s kids have never read “Where the Sidewalk Ends” and as an adult who is still in love with Shel Silverstein, I obviously had to go out and buy it for them. It came in the mail today and I’m so excited to give it to them on Sunday!

Ok so I’m making a book to give to Troye about how proud we all of him and how much we love him and stuff like that

Each person that submits/says something will get a page (or more if needed) so you can submit edits, photos etc (all credit will go to you) or just say something (a bit like a letter) you can submit them on my tumblr or message me, tweet me or dm me I don’t mind :)

I really excited for this and hope we can get lots of pages and it’ll be really awesome and fab :)

If you are writing something you can literally say anything you want (but no hate please) and if you are making an edit or submitting a selfie you can make it anything you want too (but nothing offensive or rude please)

Oh and yes you can shamelessly self promote in all the submissions if you wish ;)