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MCL Fandom: A Broken Fandom

If you’ve been in the MCL fandom for a while, then you probably have noticed it. Blogs are losing motivation, more and more people are leaving, negativity is at an all-time high and ‘community’ is at an all-time low. This fandom has been getting worse and worse by the minute.

It seems like every little thing that happens must be criticised over, every bit of drama must be analysed and and any sense of positivity in the situation is being overlooked. For the past few months, myself and others have noticed the growth in ‘negativity’ in this fandom and with more and more people just growing tired of it-

It needs to stop. All the drama, all the conflict and hostility needs to stop. Now, it’s not everywhere, I’m not saying that. And I’m also not saying that everyone is doing this or being like this, that is definite. But no one can deny that this is an ongoing issue that has effects on many within the fandom.

Now this needs to be said now.

Yes. You are allowed to voice your opinion. Yes, no one can take that away from you, it’s freedom of speech. But there becomes a steep line between freedom of 'speech’ and the freedom to 'cruelty’.

It feels like something that is supposed to be a community is slowly becoming a competitive battleground where it becomes survival of the fittest. Where the weak are picked off, the strong are targeted and those in the middle must fend for themselves and try to keep away from the violence.

Watching it all unfold is so stressful.

It seems like everyday, someone has to express their hate for *something* and some days are worse then others. And it comes to a point where it feels like no one supports one another. It grows to become exhausting, characters are undervalued, hate spreads around like wildfire and it just doesn’t stop.

This fandom has changed a lot since I first arrived. Or at the very least, it was more subtle. Now the cracks are more visible then ever and it makes people want to run away from it.

As someone who wants this community to thrive, the only way to solve this issue-is to stop the conflict.

I’m aware, it’s much easier said then done. There will always be conflict. There will always be something someone will be angry about.

But if we can all be just a little bit more tolerant.

A little bit more sympathetic.

A lot more kinder

And that slight bit…more aware, more 'together’ in the fandom, not hiding in corners and scowling at what goes wrong and what contradicts our ideas, but coming together a little bit more,

Then maybe we can bring this fandom together again.

And To certain people; You don’t have to like everything. You don’t have to agree with everything or everyone. You don’t have to like an event or like an outfit or a character.

But you sure as hell could try to make this place just one bit more comforting and appreciate the work that goes around.

im gonna be marking this week to being where i prioritise old asks / drafts / starter calls on all my accounts cause the amount of i have on each have really been a big influencer on my mood. as much as some may say a good clear out may be good. however, i really don’t have the emotional capacity to delete / avoid so many. this may take me a few weeks, but i really want to do it, so. if you see things that are months old & wonder why im responding, it’s because i can. the oldest things will probably be the asks at least. 

Minor things i keep in mind when writing Hithfaeril's dialogue

Hithfaeril will always use someone’s full name. She rarely uses nicknames or abbreviations. Hithfaeril’s speech pattern will always use as little contractions as possible. It is rare for her to be foul-mouthed or swear.

Of course these things may happen if something, like substances, are altering her personality. In writing her this way I hope that its different yet subtle enough to make her feel more Elven.


and the shortest speech award goes to.. our English Rapper Eric Alien Mun! 
Eric, if it was only “Thank you”, then Minwoo could’ve said it already xD
trans @.NOO_NP

Leadernim Speech Sabotage

see how Dongwan Oppa laughed even before Eric Ssi can start XDDD

but still this shy alien tries to do his best to speak human language ~

MinWoo Oppa performs his sneaky plan too XDDD

uri alien got distracted but he gathers his strength to recover fast XDDD

BUT BUT BUT!!! Baby Bird joined in and ~ he lost his words XDDD

OMOOONA look at that annoyed cutie face of uri Leadernim XDDD

in the end.. Baby Bird resolves the sudden mental break down :”)

clearly this ritual of speech sabotage began since 1998 XDDD

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Okay, let's try this again, DO YOU MASTURBATE RIGHT OR LEFT HANDED?

Ardeth sighed and shook his head. “Are you always this crude and prying with your speech?”

[The mun says he has to answer.]

He smiles and shakes his head again. “That is between me and Allah.”


With the 12th album title song, Sniper, Shinhwa sets a new personal record with 10 music program Trophies.
It’s the goodbye for Shinhwa’s 12th album “WE” promotions TT.. Thank you Shinhwa for this wonderful comeback ♥

Uh..I’ve already said everything I prepared so I’m in big trouble now. On the way to the awards show, my member Dongwan asked if I can shout “Shinhwa forever”, but I don’t think I should act so flippantly on an awards show like this. I’ve already thanked most of the people I want to previously but I missed out my parents and family. Thank you to my parents, who gave birth to me and raised me. As well as all the directors, writers and actors that has allowed me to act till now, thank you. Happy New Year. Thank you.
—  141231 KBS Drama Awards - Excellence in Acting (Mini Series): Mun Junghyuk thank you speech
Dallas Dance: Free Speech in Self Expression
A young man at my high school is currently not able to recite a poem at our senior talent show because his poem topic is about the "black lives matter" movement.His piece did not contain anything offensive but our principal claimed it was too controversial and an attack on police. It does not contain...

Hey guys I usually don’t post things outside of this blog’s theme but an issue of freedom of speech has just occurred in my county, Baltimore MD.

Senior, Marcus Shaw has been told that he can not read his poem about the Black Live Matter movement at his senior talent show. He is an outstanding person and his poem is incredibly powerful. I encourage you to read it here and sign the petition.

Marcus was quoted, “My name is Marcus Shaw and I am a senior at Towson High School. Since I was enrolled in the Law and Public Policy Program in 9th grade, I have attempted to make an impact at my school, county, and country. During my 9th and 10th grade year, I played JV basketball and was the captain in my 10th grade year. In my 11th grade year, I created a writing club at, I was named Law Student of the Year finalist, and I received an award for being an AP scholar with distinction. During the summer after my junior year, I interned for the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office and participated in programs that allowed me to meet with the President of the United States. As a senior, I am the class president of my school, the co-legislative director for Baltimore County Student Councils, the vice president of the Habitat for Humanity Chapter at my school, the founding president of the newly established National English Honor Society chapter at my school, and mentor of at risk youths at my high school. I also write spoken word poetry. This year, when the senior talent show was open for auditions, I auditioned my poem that was published in Towson High School’s literary arts magazine, Colophon. The poem is attached to this email. My principal Charlene DiMino declined my admission to the performance. She called it offensive and an attack on the police. During my meeting to review the poem, she could not articulate which lines were offensive but instead invited Towson’s SRO (school resource officer) into her office. Then they both explained to me that the poem could not be performed at the senior talent show because of, what they described as, the overall offensive tone of the poem. Mrs. DiMino then went on to imply that my lack of relationship with police officers could be the reason why I wrote such a poem until she learned of my grandfather’s 33 years of service as a police officer with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. She never took the time to give constructive criticism. Instead, the meeting left me feeling frustrated, censored, and helpless because I had no further recourse. I was not instructed, but rather derailed from the very thing I’m taught in my enrolled program.”

Thank you for reading.

Hello, I’m Kang Taeha from Discovery of Romance. Firstly, thank you for giving me such a good award. Thank you to CP Ham Younghoon and directors Kim Sungyoon and Lee EungBok, writer Jung Hyunjung and Jung Yumi, as well as all the actors and staff, and my family from the company for allowing me to work in an enjoyable environment. Above all, I’d Iike to thank the netizens and viewers. Have a happy new year and I’ll greet everyone through Shinhwa’s full album next year.
—  141231 KBS Drama Awards Netizen Award - Mun Junghyuk thank you speech