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Doctor Who + Out Of Context DnD Quotes

Bonus summary of this entire silly show:


got a couple lifehacks for y'all
step one: straighten your hair within an inch of its life so it’s shiny and people think you take care of it
step two: overuse your highlighter so your skin is glowing even tho you haven’t had a sip of water since 1993 and you have leathery mummy skin
step three: wear a harvard sweatshirt so people will listen to you and think you have something important to say when you’re really just talking about hannibal burress

The Pharaoh’s Bride




The group made their way into the Egyptian wing, thankful to have finally made it. As they stepped over the threshold, a woman appeared from the shadows.

“Mother,” Ahkmenrah whispered, stepping forward into the woman’s embrace.

A man stepped forward now, his stony face revealing a warm smile. He, too, welcomed his son back with open arms.

“Mother, Father, these are my friends,” Ahkmenrah said, indicating the group behind him. “This is Larry, guardian of Brooklyn. He’s the one who got us here, brought us to restore the tablet.”

“The tablet?” Ahkmenrah’s father said.

Larry handed the tablet over and began explaining what had happened to it. Ahkmenrah paid attention for a moment, but then his eyes were drawn back into the shadows once again.



Everyone watched as a young woman appeared, around Ahkmenrah’s age. The two ran towards each other, wrapping their arms around the other.

“Dad?” Nick asked. “Who’s that?”

“I… I don’t know… his sister?”

“Don’t be absurd, my boy,” Teddy said. “Look at how they’re embracing. That’s more than a familial hug. I would think that’s his wife.”

“Wife?” Larry asked. “Ahkmenrah’s married?”

The rest of the New York posse shrugged—they’d never heard Ahkmenrah mention a wife during all their years in the museum.

Finally, Ahkmenrah and the woman let go. Larry noticed Ahkmenrah’s hand slip down into the woman’s.

“Everyone,” Ahkmenrah said. “This… is Y/N. My wife.”

“Bully!” Teddy said. “Congratulations, my boy.”

“Wife?” Larry asked again. “I… she… that’s… that’s great, Ahkmenrah.”

“She’s been here the whole time,” Ahkmenrah’s mother said. “She was buried with us… buried with you, Ahkmen. But when you were transferred to the other museum…”

“She was left behind,” Larry finished.

Ahkmenrah gazed down at you. “I never thought I would see you again, my darling.”

“I never thought I would see you, either,” you replied.

“I have so much to tell you,” Ahkmenrah said. “I’ve had so many great adventures… adventures I wish you could have been a part of.”

“Go,” Ahkmenrah’s father said, small smile still on his face. “You two explore the museum. We’ll figure out what to do with this tablet.”

Ahkmenrah gave a slight bow to his father before leading you out of the exhibit.


The two of you wandered around, watching the other attractions come to life. You smiled at them in wonder; Ahkmenrah had to keep reminding himself that this was the first time you’d gone through this.

“It’s wonderful,” you said as if reading his mind. “Though I’m sure it’s almost boring for you.”

“I remember what it was like, the first time my eyes opened because of the tablet,” Ahkmenrah said. “It… is truly magnificent.”

“What’s New York like?”

“Beautiful. Though not nearly as beautiful as Egypt.” A trio of bronze statues clambered past, their footsteps echoing throughout the hall. “And not nearly as beautiful as you.”

“Ahkmen,” you said, a slight blush on your cheek.

“I cannot believe… after all these years… your beauty has not tarnished.”

“We can thank our preservers for that.” You gazed up at him. “You don’t look a day over twenty-five.”

“So much time has passed,” Ahkmenrah said, taking both your hands in his. “And yet… I feel as though we’ve picked up right where we left off.”

“I feel the same.” Your eyes grew sad. “But… what will happen when you have to return to New York?”

“You could come with me.”

“But what about your parents?”

“There is room in my display for all of you.” Ahkmenrah squeezed your hands. “Please, Y/N. I cannot think of spending another hour apart from you.”

“Ahkmen, won’t they think it strange to find no mummies here and three new ones in New York?”

“Exhibits change places all the time.”

“And we are one of the most popular ones here. If we left…”

Ahkmenrah realized that what you were saying was true. “Then I will stay here.”


“Please, darling. I cannot be separated from you again.”

You nodded. You didn’t think you could be apart from him again, either. And now that there was this tablet that had brought you to life… well, the world was full of wonder and possibility.


The tablet’s power was restored. Ahkmenrah approached Larry, prepared to tell him the bad news.

But Teddy intervened.

“Ahkmenrah,” he said with that little grin, his eyes shining. “We’ve come to a decision.”

“As have I, my good friend.”

“We want you and the tablet to stay here.”

“I… what?”

“You belong here, my boy. With your family. With your wife.”

“But… the tablet…”

“It’s yours. Always has been. We can’t ask to keep it.”

“But if you leave it here….”

“We understand. And we’ve agreed that… we’ve had our time in the moonlight.”

Ahkmenrah was quiet for a moment. “I cannot thank you enough.”

“Use your time wisely. Never take a moment for granted. And above all, love your wife with everything you have.”


Three years later, Ahkmenrah carefully helped you from your wooden crate. He plucked a stray piece of straw from your hair with a smile. “How was your journey?”

“Claustrophobic.” You looked around. “This is… New York?”

Ahkmenrah nodded. “Come. I have some friends I want you to meet.”

So imagine nineteen-year-old Sherlock bringing twenty-two-year old John home for the holidays.  Sherlock would lead John into the kitchen where Mummy is busy cooking a special dinner for Sherlock’s arrival (even though she knows Sherlock will hardly eat any of it), and Papa is reading the paper, and they would both look up, ready to say “Welcome home!” but they’d freeze at the sight of John.  

The sauce in Mummy’s ladle would be dripping onto the floor, and Papa’s paper would sort of wilt, and John would just be standing there, looking confused, and Sherlock would say as tersely as he can, without meeting anyone’s eyes, “Mummy, Papa, this is my…this is John Watson.  He’s come to stay for the holidays.”

And Mummy and Papa would just continue to stare for a few long, painful seconds during which John hisses to Sherlock, “You didn’t even tell them I was coming?!” and Sherlock shrugs, and John just glares at him briefly before smiling sheepishly at the Holmeses and stepping forward some.  "Sorry to barge in on you like this, someone was supposed to tell you I was coming" and he throws another glare over his shoulder at Sherlock, “but he evidently forgot.”  And Sherlock just scowls and crosses his arms.

Mummy Holmes just stares at John for a long moment, still completely thrown, and then she finally shakes herself a little bit and says, “And you’re…a friend?  Of Sherlock’s?”

And John’s lips quirk up into a happier sort of smile, and he says, “Well, boyfriend, actually,” and that’s when Mummy drops the ladle and sauce goes spilling onto the floor, and John is nearly knocked over by the force of her rushing past him and yanking Sherlock into her arms, tears in her eyes, and Sherlock is flailing and trying to push her off–“Mummy, stop it, you’re being ridiculous!”–but she’s got him held tight, and he eventually gives up and just sort of goes limp while she squeezes him and tells him she’s never been happier in her whole life.

John is staring at this spectacle, bewildered, when Papa Holmes comes up to him, hand outstretched and says with a smile, “We’re very pleased to meet you, John.”  And John reaches out to take his hand, but before he can he’s suddenly enveloped in Mummy’s embrace, and he’s sure he’s blushing bright red, and he can see Sherlock over her shoulder, looking ruffled and irritated and achingly adorable.  John pats Mummy’s back awkwardly and says, “So I guess Sherlock doesn’t bring guests home very often…”

Kids || Joe Sugg Imagine

“Mummy?” My three-year-old daughter’s voice comes into mine and Joe’s shared room.

“Yes, Madison?” I ask crouching down in front of her.

“Can I have another brother or sister?” She mumbles. Joe walks into the room, a towel in his hands.

“Ask daddy,” I say gesturing to Joe.

“What is it, sweetie?” Joe asks placing the towel down and then picking her up.

“Can I have another Brother or sister?” Joe and I lock eyes and we smile widely at each other.

“Mummy and I will work on it baby,” He says pressing his lips to our daughters cheek softly, “Now go find Brady.” He places her down. She runs off giggling the whole way.

Joe makes his way over to me a knowing smile on his face. We had been trying for another baby for a few weeks.

“How you feeling babe?” He asks running a hand down my cheek softly.

“I’m hardly showing symptoms, But then again I didn’t show the typical symptoms with Madi or Brady either,” I say shrugging, “I’m about to take the test that’s in our bathroom.”

He nods his head his grin never falling from his gorgeous face, “Would you like me to come with you?” He asks. I shake my head no, “Can you watch the kids?” I ask softly. He nods ushering me towards the bathroom.

“I love you,” He calls after me.

A few minutes after taking the test, I pick up the sick, not looking at the result just yet.

“Joe?” I call out. He comes rushing in immediately a beautiful smile on his face.

“Are we pregnant?” He asks hope sparkling in his blue eyes.

“I don’t know, I can’t read it,” I say handing the test to him. He brings it up towards his eyes. I watch him cautiously waiting for his reaction. Tears fall down his face, I spring towards him to wipe them away.

“It’s okay baby, we can keep trying,” I assure him, but before anything else can happen he picks my up swinging me around.

“Baby, We’re Pregnant!” He says excitedly, tears fall freely from my eyes.

“Oh my god,” I say sobs ripping through my body.
“Mummy? Daddy?” A little voice asks. Joe and I kiss and turn to our children.

“Yes, baby?” Joe asks picking up Madison and I crouch down next to Brady.

“Why are you crying?” Brady asks, touching my face softly. I smile at my four-year-old’s kindness.

“Mummy and Daddy think that were going to have another baby, would you guys like that?” I ask grinning up at Joe.

“Yes!” both of our children cry.

The Adventures of Disneyland - Cole Fluff

Request: can you write something about Cole having a kid and spends the day with his gf and kid at Disneyland

Warnings: None :)

Notes: Y/k/n = Your kids’ name. Y/k/c/n = Your kids’ character name. Also, sorry it’s a bit short!

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“Mummy! It’s Peter Pan!” Y/k/n yanked on my arm excitedly. A laugh left my lips as we approached Peter. 

“Well hello there, Y/k/c/n!” Peter exclaimed excitedly, bowing his head. Y/k/n laughed and waved a shy hello. 

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“Can I take a picture with you?” Y/k/n shyly asks.

“Of course! But, how? Though your eyes?” Peter asks confused. Cole laughed and shook his head. 

“No, it’s a thing called a camera,” Cole smiles, taking his phone out of his pocket. 

“A camera?” Peter asks, confusion taking over as he scratched his head. 

“Yeah see,” Cole smiles, sticking out his phone and taking a selfie of all of us with Peter Pan, before taking a few with Y/k/n. After a few more minutes spent with Peter Pan, Y/k/n wanted to go on some other rides. 

“Alright, well I hope to see you in Neverland!” Peter waves, with a massive smile on his face. We say our goodbye and depart, going our separate ways. Cole gently grabs Y/k/n’s hand, whilst I grab the other as we continue walking. 

“What ride next, Y/k/n?” Cole asks, slightly bending down and looking at Y/k/n.

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“Teacup! Teacup!”


We all sat in the green tea cup, at the Mad Hatter Party ride. Cole and I were on either sides of Y/k/n. As the teacup started to spin, a loud giggle left Y/k/n’s lips, causing Cole and I both to laugh along too. 

The ride slowed down and stopped, and a worker came and undid the bolt on the outside, allowing us to step off. 

“Do you wanna go in the gift shop now?” I ask.

“Yes please, mummy!”. The three of us walked down to the gift shop, and keeping my eye on Y/k/n, Cole and I stood in the corner, looking at a few items. 

“Thanks again for coming with us. It means so much to Y/k/n,” I smile over at him. Cole places his hand on my cheeks, and lent down to place a gentle kiss on my lips. 

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“Well, thank you for letting me be apart of Y/k/n‘s life.”

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‘Y/N’ said Jack, you looked up at your younger brother.

'Yeah Jack’ you said softly returning to the table after helping your Dad take the dishes into the kitchen to be washed.

'Will you watch videos of Mummy with me?’ he asked you.

'Of course I will buddy’ you replied not being able to turn Jack down.

Helping Jack down from the table you both made your way into the living room, you grabbed the remote that was on the coffee table and settled yourself on your back on the couch. Once settled you watched Jack select a video of his 4th birthday, setting it up and then making his way over to the couch where he lead on top of you, using your chest as a pillow, his head facing the TV. When he was settled you pressed play on the remote before wrapping both arms around him, releasing him only to rewind the tape to re-watch it.

After your sixth time of re-watching it, you felt your Dad kneel at the arm of the couch next to where your head was resting.

'What you guys doing?’ Hotch asked you both softly.

'Waiting for Mummy’ answered Jack, all three of you watched Haley on the screen, a tear escaped and began to roll slowly down your cheek.

'It’s time for bed buddy’ whispered Hotch after the tape had finished his voice thick with emotion.

'OK, can I sleep with you again?’ said Jack sleepily.

'Sure’ Hotch walked around the couch and scooped Jack off of your chest and began carrying Jack towards his bedroom.

'Wait, can Y/N come to?’ asked Jack looking back at you as you got off the couch to turn off the TV.

You smiled before saying 'I’ll be there in a minute Jack, you and Daddy get yourselves in bed’

When the two had left you walked into the kitchen and splashed some cold water on your face getting rid of the tears on your face, before taking a deep breath you made your way to Hotch’s bedroom. Walking in you found Hotch lead on his back with Jack curled up on top of him already fast asleep. Seeing you walk in Hotch smiled sadly patting the bed beside him, you walked over then crawled up onto the bed curling into your Dad’s side resting your head on his shoulder. Hotch wrapped his arms around pressing a kiss to your head before resting his own on top.

The three of you fell asleep together, together you could get through, all you needed was to take one day at a time.

Be okay

Request:  Could write something where Harry and Y/n have kids and Y/n doesn’t tell Harry that she has Depression?? 


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About me

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It’s Supposed To Be A Surprise

Requested by: @we-are-but-stardust

Scenario: A pouty Jackson when your anniversary surprise gets ruined.

Genre: Jackson x Reader

Words: 1381

Disclaimer: As always, any gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!

It had fallen on your two year anniversary while you’d been in bed. A dozens missed calls of failed attempts from Jackson to try and wake you up and congratulate you on seven hundred and thirty days together. His voicemails a mixture of whining at you for not answering the phone: “How can you ignore your amazing boyfriend like this on your anniversary!?” to the last one full of regret at not being able to be there with you.

It wasn’t exactly the start that you’d been looking forward too, but you’d always understood that his schedule was hectic and left little room for romantic gestures. So when he called around noon you’d quickly answered the phone. Your eyes glued to the third bouquet that had arrived since eight that morning. This one a mixture of sunflowers and baby’s breath.

“Jackson, did you really have to send so many?”

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Dinosaur Girl (Pt 1)

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Requested by Anonymous: 

“Could you do an imagine where the first time Zach visited the park you were a year or two younger than him and really dorky/clingy and awkward, then he comes back and you’ve grown up and become this really strong and independent beautiful girl and you end up saving him while the gyrosphere is being attacked by the I-Rex.”

Warnings: Swearing & It’s quite long.

This took me ages to write so I hope you all like it xx

“Mummy look at the water!” I squeal as I point at the mini waves being created by the boat as it surged through the ocean. “I know sweetie how cool is that?” Mum smiles as she squeezes my shoulder. “I think I just saw a fish!” I exclaim as I continue to study the water as it passes by. “Sweetie, maybe you should spend less time looking down,” She says as she gently lifts my chin up. “And more time looking up.” She whispers kissing my cheek as she watches my eyes go wide as I take in the scene before me. The island. 

I grin as I look down at my dinosaur t-shirt and dinosaur sticker covered backpack. I hold my plush dinosaur in my hand tightly as my eyes widen in wonder. I can’t believe I was finally going to see real life dinosaurs.

“Welcome to Jurassic World sweetheart.”

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I was tagged by the lovely @raven-brings-light gah, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I adore these games (and the little tear in Loki’s jeans in And at last, summer!)

One Song: Dark Paradise-Lana Del Ray

Two Movies:

The Mummy


Three Series:

The Phantom of the Opera (Charles Dance version)


Shameless (cause Cameron Monaghan is perfect)

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Tom Hiddleston

Edgar Allan Poe (guys, I know the dude’s dead, but he rocks!)

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