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The Starklings as Marina and the Diamonds Songs

Robb: Lonely Hearts Club, Mowgli’s Road, Gold, Weeds, Are You Satisfied?

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Jon: The Outsider, The Family Jewels, Savages, Blue, Miss Y

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Sansa: Hollywood, Seventeen, Teen Idle, Numb, Lies

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Arya: Girls, Can’t Pin Me Down, Sex Yeah, Just Desserts, Power & Control

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Bran: Immortal, Valley of the Dolls, Solitaire, The State of Dreaming, Living Dead

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Rickon: I’m a Ruin, Fear and Loathing, Hermit the Frog, Forget, Guilty

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Theon: Oh No!, Rootless, Starring Role, Obsessions, Happy

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All of them: I Am Not A Robot

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ghira belladonna will defeat adam taurus

its pretty obvious that  ghira belladonna is based on bagheera from jungle book heck his first name sounds like bagheeras name if you take out ba. and bagheera was born in a menagerie and ghira is from a place called menagerie heck he is a chieftain

“When Father Wolf and Mother Wolf of the Seeonee (Seoni) wolf pack adopt the human “cub” Mowgli and the pack demands that the new cub should be spoken for, Bagheera buys Mowgli’s life with a freshly killed bull and helps to raise him as one of the pack. Because his life has been bought by a bull, Mowgli is forbidden to eat cattle (coincidentally, just as the Hindu villagers of the region are also forbidden).

Bagheera shares in many of Mowgli’s adventures as he grows, but eventually the time comes when the man-cub becomes a man and has to return to human society. Bagheera frees Mowgli of his debt to the wolf pack by killing another bull, and Mowgli returns to his adopted human mother Messua. “

shere khan who sienna khan is based off  died because of a stampede of bulls  in the books and sienna khan was killed by a adam taurus a bull faunus and in the movies shere khan had a fear of fire which they called the red flower which caused his defeat and adam has a red rose on his jacket he has a fire dust sword    ( in black trailer it emitted a stream of fire  when he swung it ) which  he used to kill sienna 

so it would be a neat jungle book reference if ghira belladonna was the one who defeats adam taurus  who is a bull faunus who wants to enslave humanity possibly killing him   as a reference to how bagheera killed those bulls to buy mowglis ( who is represented by humanity) life and to free him of his debt  @celticpyro

In regards to Sierra Khan, one would think the one who inspired the White Fang to violence could actually defend herself in combat. Yet she didn’t even manage to defend herself when Adam attacked her. That’s because she’s all talk - a Paper Tiger

(A character is not as tough as their physical appearance and/or personality suggests.) if you will. which fits given that sienna is based of shere khan a tiger so it would fit in a bit of irony that while the woman who first advocated for violence couldn’t fight and didn’t have her aura unlocked ghira did have his aura unlocked and could fight and would in fact beat adam

birds of a feather//stozier playlist

hawaii (stay awake)-waterparks//la la lie-jack’s mannequin//so nice so smart-kimya dawson//love stuck-mother mother//say it, just say it-the mowgli’s//tongue tied-grouplove//remembering sunday-all time low//uh huh-julia michaels//sleep on the floor-the lumineers//wish you were here-pink floyd//i miss you-blink 182//ho hey-the lumineers//banana pancakes-jack johnson//the only exception-paramore//a daydream away-all time low//a part of me-neck deep//somewhere only we know-keane//my only one-all time low//everybody wants to love you-japanese breakfast//making breakfast-twin peaks//buzzcut season-lorde//your song-elton john//tossing tears-twin peaks//archie, marry me-alvvays//faithfully-journey//piazza, new york catcher-belle & sebastian//anyone else but you-the moldy peaches//angel-shaggy//i will follow you into the dark-death cab for cutie//first day of my life-bright eyes//peach-the front bottoms//honeybee-seahaven//always-panic! at the disco//passenger seat-death cab for cutie//love your friends, die laughing-man overboard//northern downpour-panic! at the disco//yellow-coldplay


31 | Study Break | Here’s a travel journal I did on one of my favorite trips ever, San Fran in 2016. Can’t think about that city without thinking about the Mowgli’s song though tbh | I lost my head in San Francisco, waiting for the fog to roll out // But I found it in a rain cloud it was smiling down

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Now i am curious why Adam hates Ghira and Kali. Not because Ghira is in his way. Its more personal. Totally think Adam is the kid from the jungle

Oooh damn. Considering his relationship with “Shere” Khan, this is very probable. However, if I remember correctly, wasn’t Bagheera and Mowgli’s relationship very friendly?

I think Adam might just hate the “Belladonnas” because he hates Blake in particular. However, considering the hesitance of the Albains, this clearly isn’t the first time he’s displayed his… passion, about the Belladonnas.

I don’t know! I don’t know. This Volume has raised some really interesting questions about Adam’s character aside from his Kylo Ren-iness. Can’t wait to learn more that DOES NOT involve him murdering someone!



I was tagged by @motherofkittens94, @proskenion04 and @misssfriday, all good eggs, to post ten songs I’m in love with and tag ten people afterwards. I hope that’s okay with you if I do this now :) I love music, something I may have discovered again recently, so I’ve been feeling all kinds of antsy about spamming people I know. Listing current but otherwise old slash new loves for convenience’s sake:

1. ZZ Ward / Move Like U Stole it

2. Soap & Skin / Me and the Devil

3. Marina & The Diamonds / Mowgli’s Road

4. Leonard Cohen / Come Healing

5. Serge Gainsbourg / Hold Up

6. Leonard Cohen / You Want it Darker

7. Fleet Foxes / Helplessness Blues

8. David Bowie / Lady Grinning Soul

9. Midlake / Roscoe

10. Asgore + Heartache / Toby Fox (Undertale)

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Do you think INHA is referencing Happy Meal? Specifically "I grew up hungry, hunger pangs for company". I think she also might have been referencing Mowgli's Road to in the middle 8. Do you think INHA is referencing her growth as a person (or an artist)?

she definitely could!! since froot marina has talked/hinted at a lot about her older work in her songs (gold, cpmd, happy, and now inha) so imo it’s v possible she was referencing happy meal. the lyrics are super close in this case so i’d be surprised if she wasnt tbh

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blue, or pink

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Last Song: i’m good by the mowgli’s

Last Movie: i’m typing this as age of ultron plays in front of me, so i guess AoU

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Pjo Characters as Marina and the Diamonds Song

  • Percy - Mowgli’s Road
  • Annabeth - Oh No!
  • Grover - Weeds
  • Nico - Lonely Hearts Club
  • Sally - Lies
  • Piper - Can’t Pin Me Down
  • Reyna - Fear and Loathing
  • Hazel - Solitaire
  • Thalia - Rootless
  • Drew - Primadonna Girl
  • Leo - State of Dreaming
  • Beryl - Shampain
  • Emily - Savages
  • Beryl - Starring Role
  • Power and Control - Hera

@luna-lalondegood tagged me to post 9 songs/albums ive been listening to a lot lately :o thank u dear !! aaa i dont listen to albums at all so this will mostly just songs rip (except for one)

1. Blue Magic - Bleu Velveta

2. MGMT - Kids

3. Nena - 99 Luftballons

4. Vashti Bunyan - Lookaftering (the only album i listen to tbh)

5. Gwen Stefani - Rich Girl

6. Marina and the Diamonds - Mowgli’s Road (acoustic)

7. MiyaGi - Бонни

8. IMUR - Breathless

9. Bednarek - Cisza

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Sebastian’s Spotify Playlist

San Francisco by The Mowgli’s

Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand

Young Blood by The Naked and Famous

In Too Deep by Sum 41

Trojans by Atlas Genius

Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down

You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid by The Offspring

Face Down By The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Unbelievers by Vampire Weekend

Nevermind by Foster the Kids

First by Cold War Kids

Riptide by Vance Joy

We Come Running by Youngblood Hawke

1901 by Phoenix

Past Lives by BØRNS

Fuel by Metallica

Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin

Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard

Better by Guns ‘N Roses

Numb by Lincoln Park


This might be a series I start, depends on if you guys like it or not. I feel like Sebastian would be into this kind of music XD

Thanks for reading :)

Hayden Romero Headcanons

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✨• Her fave colour had always been blue.

> She use to get picked on for teased for liking blue when she was little because they would say that it isn’t a “girly” colour.

> Hayden hates gender stereotypes.

✨• She is best jumper in the pack, this also stems into her love of sports, soccer, baseball, hurdles and high jumps.

> Hayden is on Beacon Hills soccer team.

> Hayden and her sister sometimes play baseball when they are both free and they are very competitive 😂.

✨• She becomes an English teacher at Beacon Hills High School.

>but also has a degree in teaching RE and History.

✨• Bubblegum and Lavender, she normal smells like those.

✨• Marina and the Diamonds is her fave artist.

>Her fave songs by her are Mowgli’s Road, Bubblegum Bitch, Obsession and Blue.

✨• Her parents died in a car crash, a drunk driver hit them and they collided into a truck and both died instantly. Hayden was in 8th grade and Valerie, her sister had just finished policing school when it occurred so Val looked after her.

✨• She could read books for hours on end. Some of her favourites are The Fault in ours Stars, The girl in between, Macbeth, To kill a mockingbird and Girl Boss

✨• She enjoys loads of poetry such as milk and honey, eighteen years, salt, and Emily Dickinson poetry

✨• Hayden loves Tim Burtons films especially his animations. Her favourite is The Corpse Bride and she always watches it when she feels sad. And she has made Liam watch it as well.

> Liam pretends he doesn’t like it that much but Hayden knows he likes it really


jocelyn reed && playlist 001 ! @gogreekpoints

listen here

Fireflies - Owl City // Bad At Love - Halsey // Ain’t My Fault - Zara Larsson // Electric Feel - MGMT // Giants - Lights // All Time Low - Jon Bellion // Star Spangled - REMMI // Edge of Seventeen - Stevie Nicks // Cheap Thrills - Sia // Younger Now - Miley Cyrus // Boys - Charli XCX // Everybody Lost Somebody - Bleachers // Good Old Days (feat. Kesha) - Macklemore // San Francisco - The Mowgli’s // Flowers in Your Hair - The Lumineers // Cecilia And The Satellite - Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness // Butterfly - Grimes // Sweet Dreams - BØRNS //  All Star - Smash Mouth

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Favorite Solo Artists: lana del rey, khalid, kendrick lamar, childish gambino, halsey, lady gaga, ed sheeran, lorde, julia michaels, rihanna

Song stuck in my head: have a holly jolly christmas - michael buble

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rule: list 10 of your current music faves and tag ten people

1. “Bad Habit” by Carousel Kings
2. “Mess” by Real Friends
3. “Six Feet Under The Stars” by All Time Low
4. “Royal” by Waterparks
5. “Best Mistake” by Seaway
6. “Sparkle and Shine” by Econoline Crush
6. “Don’t Feel Quite Right” by Payale Royale
8. “Alone Sometimes” by The Mowgli’s
9. “Attractive Today” by Motion City Soundtrack
10. “You To Believe In” by Paradise Fears

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@guerrilla0perat0r tagged me to do the shuffle my playlist and list the first 10 song challenge (thing?), so here are those 10 songs (and I included genres for reference):

1) “This is What Makes Us Girls” by Lana Del Rey [epitome of dream pop, elements of baroque pop, and similar bits of trip hop)

- Some say “art pop”, but I find the term redundant because all music is technically art (so saying pop music isn’t art sounds dumb to me)

2) “Teardrop” by Massive Attack [trip hop]

3) Moth Wings (Stripped Down Version) by Passion Pit [neo-psychedelia, indie pop, indietronica also I think called electropop, and alternative dance]

- Again, Passion Pit is also known as having art pop features and “alternative dance” I think isn’t a very specific genre name, so indietronica I feel better clarifies

3) “San Francisco” by The Mowgli’s [described as alternative rock, but I personally think they also fit with neo-psychedelia just with more instrumental]

4) “Your Song” by Elton John [pop rock, soft rock, glam rock, and rhythm/blues]

- Honestly can’t go wrong with Rocket Man and I’m sure you can start seeing the connections to all these songs influences already

5) “Salt” by Bad Suns [indie rock, and personally I think they have other influences in this particular song but I can’t pinpoint them]

- Wiki says they are american rock, but I disagree with that

6) “Smalltown Boy” (Classic Mix) by Bronski Beat [new wave, and electropop]

7) “Intimate” by Crystal Castles [electroclash, electro pop, witch house, and punk rock]

- I think this band is by far the hardest to define what they are because honestly Alice Glass (lead artist until she left for good reason aka the creator/best person of the band) is so punk rock and gothy and her music doesn’t feel like what Grime’s witch house genre is like it’s got darkwave traits but more electro pop and I think electroclash is probably the best way to capture all that without saying all that

8) “No Face” by The Suicide Machines [punk rock, hardcore punk, ska punk, and melodic hardcore]

9) “Spring Collection” by The Vapors [power pop, and new wave]

10) “Forward to Death” by Dead Kennedys [punk rock, hardcore punk, and US punk]

I liked to see @cenobitesof1987 (you’re the closest to a 80′s sultry sinister business woman who wears Mugler that I’ve ever seen- so a femme fatale character), @afuckinskater (honestly be down to see what music you got), @fadedroseee (because you my love), @fortykillz (although I think you’ve done this before??), @cactus-fruits (because I love your blog and think you’re such a cute person). As always, don’t feel pressured or guilty if you don’t do it because this is suppose to be fun

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A song where the lyrics summarize:

1. your childhood: Suburban War by Arcade Fire

2. your love life: Alone Sometimes by The Mowgli’s

3. your high school years: Good Times by All Time Low

4. your sexuality: Your Heart Is An Empty Room by Death Cab For Cutie

5. your personality: Diet Soda Society by The Maine and Best I Can Do by Misterwives

6. your opinion on a hot topic: The Poison by All American Rejects and The Down Fall Of Us All by A Day To Remember

7. your best friend/s: Another Night On Mars by The Maine and Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy

8. your thoughts on growing up: Slowtown and Forest by Twenty One Pilots

9. you on a night out: Sex, Drugs, Etc. by Beach Weather

10. your flaws: Rose Colored Boy by Paramore

11. your perfections: Dear Life by William Beckett and Whoever She Is by The Maine

12. your year: Bliss by The Maine

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