the mow

At eve last midsummer no sleep I sought,
But to the field a bag of hemp-seed brought;
I scatter’d round the seed on every side,
And three times in a trembling accent cried,–
‘This hemp-seed with my virgin hand I sow,
Who shall my true love be, the crop shall mow.’
I straight look’d back, and, if my eyes speak truth,
With his keen scythe behind me came the youth.
—  MIDSUMMER SUPERSTITIOUS CUSTOMS;  Popular Romances of the West of Englandcollected and edited by Robert Hunt[1903, 3rd edition]

Honestly imagine how cool it would be if everyone just stopped mowing their lawns.
After a few months we would have meadows and tons of bees and rabbits and toads and stuff. After a few more summers there would be trees, and eventually your neighborhood would become a forest. There would be so much shade. The air would be so fresh. You would see deer on your walk to school, we could save the Earth.

everyone always writes michael and rich pining over jeremy and jake together but the fact of the matter is jeremy and rich would hang out a lot to talk about squip stuff and bond and heal, leaving michael and jake to start a somewhat uncomfortable at first friendship out of convenience before getting closer than expected and talking with each other about their seemingly hopeless crushes on their adorable best friends

you see, i love you because you look at the sky the same way that i do. and you held my hand when i reached for yours and you didn’t let go, not even when it got sweaty. i love you because you spent that entire day with me and you didn’t even want to leave by the end of it. because you looked at me that day, and you decided to love me, and you never thought twice about it. i love you because you recognize who i am and you still choose to text my phone.