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im up for some sporty eddie headcanons there anna

  • alright so eddie is really fucking fast okay? 
  • hes like regina george in the sense where he can get all his frustration out in a sport and he picks soccer
  • it also helps him because his mother keeps calling him delicate and weak, but playing soccer makes him feel really fucking powerful honestly. he’s almost glad his mother never goes to his games
  • but the losers sure the fuck do
  • they paint their faces and bring posters to every game. it’s usually the same poster every game but beverly and richie make a new one each time
  • bill is the one who makes up the cheers and starts them
  • stan takes a lot of pictures during the game to show eddie afterwards
  • mike is also part of the team and he knows how awesome eddie is and he kicks the ball to him more than half the time
  • ben gets super fucking into it too. he knows all the cheers and the losers are surprised when he sometimes goes all the way out and joining richie on trash talking the other team. richie is LIVING
  • eddie acts annoyed with the losers but their encouragement really gets him in the mood, and he loves them so much
  • one time he was tripped and he fell, and he looked up and saw the other losers fall dramatically on the bleachers and his face went so red he had to cover his face because his friends are MORONS

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I was just wondering, but were Richie’s parents abusive in the book? People say that they were but when I read it I didn’t get that. They were only in a few parts but I remember his mom offering richie and one of the other kids drinks when they came over and his dad joking with him about mowing the lawn before giving him his allowance. I know his mom sometimes wished Richie was a daughter with more normal hobbies but other than that did I just not catch something that everyone else did?

Yeah his parents aren’t really what people make them out to be. The only thing is his dad makes fun of him in that one scene at home about the money and his mom wants a daughter she can understand. They don’t seem neglectful or abusive really. There’s one instance where Richie’s trying to tell his mother that he was pushed and that’s how his glasses broke and he was almost crying cuz she wouldn’t listen to him and was angry. That’s about it but that isn’t considered neglectful or abusive lol. People get that idea from Finn bc movie Richie according to him is neglected by his parents which is why he’s so loud and wants attention. I think people mistake that for book canon. Book Richie’s parents might not be the nicest at some points but who’s parents aren’t sometimes lol. short answer: no

And she would never speak of it to anyone.

She’d killed the soldiers that held the other children of her village hostage.

Nice work. Not sure how you pulled it off, honestly.

After the first, she had feigned fear, pretended the guerrilla fighters were in the woods.  Then she had waited for the moment they were too busy watching the woods and mowed the rest of the men down with an assault rifle.

Oh, that’s how. But why did they trust you after you shot at one of them?

She didn’t even feel bad about it, nor did she lose much sleep that one of the children, Behar, had been shot in the skirmish.

Rest in peace, Behar.

…also it’s not like she has much sleep to lose in the first place, is it?

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Hej 💜 Codziennie cwicze takie krotkie cwiczenia+rozgrzewka. Raz na tydzien chodze na conajmniej godzinne spacery. Plywam 2 razy w tygodniu po 40 minut+1h w-fu. Mam tylko jeden problem. Rano nic nie jem bo mi noe dobrze. W szkole jem kanapke i cos. W domu obiad i... miliony kalorii. Nie moge sie powstrzymac. Jeszcze jak na zle cala rodzina twoerdzi ze sie odchudzadzam, pilnuja mnie i kupuja mase slodyczy ktore musze jesc przy nich. Co robic? Jak sie powstrzymac?

To masz tą diete czy nie? bo jak jesz to znaczy ze jej nie masz a chcesz. Nie wiem jak powiedziec twojej rodzinie stop, bo nie jestem tobą, ale ty mow im stop. Najlepiej ich znasz ze wszystkich. Cwiczysz dobrze. Te cukierki zawadzają. Albo je jesz albo nie. Jak nie masz wyboru to szukaj ucieczki, do pokoju, łazienki. Wyrzucaj je albo dawaj żarłokowi z klasy. Są wyjścia.


Honestly imagine how cool it would be if everyone just stopped mowing their lawns.
After a few months we would have meadows and tons of bees and rabbits and toads and stuff. After a few more summers there would be trees, and eventually your neighborhood would become a forest. There would be so much shade. The air would be so fresh. You would see deer on your walk to school, we could save the Earth.

Love is, “I know I’m going to be late to that important thing but I just had to see you.” Love is remembering to pick up the milk on the way home. Love is tiptoeing out of your room so they can get a few more minutes of sleep. Love is not moving when their head is on your shoulder and you have to pee. Love is the look shared when you’re surrounded by other people and it’s loud and they’re across the room from you. Love is memorizing the words to their favorite song. Love is not something you can see, but you can tell when it’s there.