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Oh, sleepovers. Nothing is better than spending a night with your bestfriends overdosing on junk food, laying around in your most comfortable and embarrassing pajamas and watching five movies in a row. Sleepovers can either be extremely relaxing or hard to recover from, but they are so funny and irreplaceable that I personally think there should be an international Sleepover Night. 

Movies, obviously, are a must-be according to the Sleepover Bible (made up by me right now), but sometimes it can be hard to choose what to watch. I guess one of the best ways to decide is having a marathon or establishing a theme: you can watch the whole Harry Potter/Pirates of the Caribbean/Star Wars saga, go for a tv series like Friends or Grey’s Anatomy or follow a fil rouge that links together a few films.

What I’m proposing you today is one of my favourite themes: teen movies from 1990 to 2000. Beside being extremely funny and unmissable if you are a movie amateur, they definitely left a mark in the filmmaking history, defining a generation not so far in time from ours. They can also teach you something about style or pop culture, so you have no excuses left not to watch them!


People worshipped them and cursed them, but everybody wanted to be them .

In Jawbreaker you have all the ingredients for a classic teen movie: a high school, a popular and mean clique of Queen Bees, a kind-hearted girl loved by everyone, a prom, hot guys - with the only exception that this is not a classic teen movie.

Jawbreaker is a dark comedy and (surprise!) it involves a kidnapping, a death and police investigations. Written and directed by David Stein, the movie revolves around the “Flawless Four” of Reagan High School, Los Angeles:  Courtney Shayne, Marcie Fox, Julie Freeman and Elizabeth Purr. They all rule the school with a terror regime, except for Liz. She is not as mean as her friends and makes no differences in relating with others - her beauty and honesty, then, make her the most loved and admired girl. 

Obviously, this generates jealousy in Courtney, Marcie and Julie, who decide to prank their friend on seventeenth birthday, by performing a fake kidnapping. They take her off guard early in the morning, binding her with ropes and pushing a jawbreaker candy into her mouth. The girls lock Elizabeth in the trunk of a car and drive towards the mall to celebrate their friend’s brithday with breakfast. However, once they open the trunk, the sight is definitely not what they expected it to be…

Jawbreaker is worth watching not only for the twisted, surprising plot and the iconic (and definitely realistic) language used by the girls, but also because it explores the dynamics of a group of girls with the voice of an outsider, Fern Mayo, who finds herself involved in the events against her will. This movie is gonna make you laugh, startle and maybe regret not living in 1999.

Cruel Intentions (1999)

In the game of seduction there’s only one rule: never fall in love.

Drugs, sex, a hot step-brother, games of seduction, classy and total black outfits, rich mansions. If you like this list, Cruel Intentions is the perfect movie for you. Beside having an incredibly attractive cast, a young Reese Witherspoon included, its plot twists the usual “mean clique” dynamics.

Set in a wealthy Manhattan, the film is about an oddly assorted couple: Sebastian Valmont and his step-sister Kathryn Merteuil. He’s well known for his countless sexual conquers and seductive manners, which perfectly match Kathryn’s inner wickedness and malice - but they always both manage to get away with it thanks to their fascinating looks and charming attitudes. 

The tight relationship between the two not only sees them accomplices in many misdeeds, but also gives rise to explicit sexual innuendos, as Sebastian’s not-so-secret fantasy is to sleep with Kathryn. Despite wishing the same, the girl likes to play it hard to get, so she decides to set up a bet: if Sebastian will be able to seduce Annette Hargrove, Kathryn will have sex with him - otherwise, she’ll get his vintage Jaguar. It’s not as easy as it seems: Annette is the daughter of their school’s headmaster and has recently written an article on saving her virginity for marriage.

As the time goes by and the relationship with Annette develops, Sebastian will find his controversial morals hardly tested. He’ll also have to manage the seduction of the young and naive Cecile, the new girlfriend of Kathryn’s ex, and he’ll be soon torn between his usual lifestyle and a wager maybe too hard to win, even for his unbeaten ego.

Cruel Intentions is weird, explicit, somehow shocking. It points out the differences between boys and girls as it comes to sex, providing a few interesting reflections under a chic, witty and dark atmosphere. Kathryn’s outfits are ICONIC and the movie will make you want more - and you’re lucky, because there are a prequel and a sequel.

Clueless (1995)

Dear diary, I’m more fabulous than five minutes ago.

I don’t even know how to start with this and if you’ve never seen Clueless before… oh my gosh, you can’t imagine what you’ve missed. This movie is p-e-r-f-e-c-t! 

Yes, we have a Queen Bee, Cher, with her sidekick Dionne. And yes, she’s vain and superficial. But she is funny, gorgeous, good natured, harmless and extremely relatable. You could easily make any quote from her character yours, really. She’s crazy wealthy and lives in a mansion in Beverly Hills, obviously being the most popular girl at school.

The movie explores Cher’s life and her attempts at making “good deeds”, showing how her attitude is more innocent than biased. She decides to give Tai Frasier, a “tragically unhip” girl, a makeover aimed at initiating her into the popular universe of their high school; she tries to act as cupid and match two professors (also to raise her grades); all of this, just for the sake of “giving back to the community”.

Cher’s hilarious adventures continue as she finds herself facing a new, attractive boy at school, her annoying stepbrother, the driving license exam and other teenage things we’ve all been through. I loved this movie because she’s fierce and self confident in a positive way, for once - and I won’t even mention the outfits of almost every character, which I’ve seen more than once reinterpreted in the latest collections of many fashion brands. And let me add that Alicia Silverstone’s facial expressions are the best thing in the world… In a few words: watch it. You won’t absolutely regret it.

The Craft (1996)

“You girls watch out for those weirdos” - “We are the weirdos, mister”

Everyone loves a bit of magic. Candles, chanting odd words, summoning the supernatural, meeting in the middle of the night - all things you probably don’t do but that still sound fascinating and attractive, especially if you are a young girl with a mysterious past in a new school where you know no one.

This is how it goes for Sarah Bailey once she arrives to the catholic academy of St. Benedict, Los Angeles. A group of outcasts, with difficult, gloomy lives and rumored to be practicing witchcraft, notices that Sarah is not as normal as she seems, thus luring her into joining their coven. The powers of the four girls reach a whole new level as they try to fix their messy lives and make up for any wrong that had been unfairly done to them.

However, nothing is easy when it comes to unearthly powers - the group will face difficult personal struggles and they will soon understand that everything comes with a price. 

This thriller will open your eyes on the hard life of social rejects in a surreal way, making you think twice before exposing someone not as lucky as you - you never know what may be their revenge. I loved The Craft because it explores a different side of the world depicted in the movies listed above - it gives voice to the unheard and shows things from a different point of view.

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

But mostly, I hate the way I don’t hate you, not even close.

Sisters can be so different. Take Bianca and Kat Stratford, for example. One is popular, beautiful, admired and elegant, the other is a smart, casual, ironic bookworm. Cameron James (and adorable Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is head over heels for Bianca as soon as he sees her, but he’s warned by a friend that the girl’s father doesn’t allow her to date anyone. This doesn’t only upset Cameron, but Bianca as well - that’s why before the prom she quarrels with her dad until he agrees on letting her go at one condition: Kat has to find a boyfriend and go to the prom, too, causing Bianca to become furious since her sister will never want to be with someone.

Cameron finds out about the new rule and decides to find a boy who will date Kat, so then he’ll be able to go out with Bianca. The mission seems impossible, but of course we have Heath Ledger, in the role of Patrick Verona, who once again becomes the hero and (obviously with a heavy salary) agrees on trying.

Will the mission stay professional? Will Kat resist to Patrick’s charm or will she be trapped by the good-looking outcast as bitter as she is? Will Bianca go to prom with Cameron? You need to watch the movie to find out. This is one of my favourite ones, I’ve seen it at least three times and it’s just great - I always like watching the development of a romantic relationship, because each one is different from the other. And the singing scene on the bleachers? Iconic.

Romeo + Juliet (1996) - trailer

If love be rough with you, be rough with love.

Do I even have to say something?? I mean, Leo DiCaprio, Shakespeare’s most known masterpiece, love and death, Baz Luhrmann. This is enough, isn’t it?

Romeo + Juliet is the modernized and adapted version of the famous, tragic love story. It’s visionary, surreal, heartbreaking and it should be seen at least once a week because it’s just too much. It is set in a imaginary Verona Beach, where the adventures and deeds of two families in war intertwine with the forbidden love affair of a young boy and girl. The plot follows Shakespeare’s script, but you won’t find swords or horses. Guns and sportscars, gas stations and a swimming pool are just a few of the innovative twists Luhrmann has used in this dreamy and loud film.

What about you? What are your favourite 90ies/sleepover movies? Let us know by commenting this post, the Facebook page or sending an ask! x

Reasons why tumblr should calm the fuck down about Le Fou being gay 

1. Luke Evans, Bill Condon, and Ian McKellen are all openly gay men. They were all very influential in the creation of the movie and character profiles (and given how respected Ian is, they will do what they can to make him happy) so you know they won’t resort to 90s stereotypes

2.The articles have at least stated that Le Fou will get a (probably redemption style) arc to himself where he comes to terms with his identity and goes through legitimate character development. While we do not know what will happen, we can at least be sure that he won’t just be a walking stereotype with three scenes and four homophobic jokes.

3. Did you REALLY think that Disney would go all out with an LGBT character? People freaked out over Gravity Falls and Star vs the Forces of Evil. You can’t just jump from that to something like a lesbian Belle.

4, We haven’t heard anything about Cogsworth and Lumiere. Yeah Lumiere is hitting on the maid, but who knows?

5. This movie will be shown in openly homophobic countries. They know that they have to ease people into this sort of thing.

6. A business is a business. Don’t expect them to make every character gay just to appeal to tumblr. These people need to make money, and they know that they will lose a certain amount either way by giving Le Fou screentime and an arc. 

7. Many people have had experiences of unrequited love and abusive relationships-gay or straight. The articles at least implied that Le Fou will have a happy ending, so why do you care if part of that involves getting over an unrequited crush and shitty relationship? As long as they do it well (*cough cough* OUAT) and believably, I’m all for it.

8. It is much better for them to use a well-known character and have them come out in the movie than create a side, one note character just for pandering purposes. They are giving Le Fou an arc. I would be much happier with a well developed, morally ambiguous gay character than a side character in a random town scene.

9. A lot of conservatives and people from the more homophobic areas will boycott the movie because of this, and that will hurt sales. If people boycott the movie because of one character that doesn’t fit their moral standards, the movie will suffer and Disney will immediately (and rightly so) root out Le Fou as the cause of it. You will end up setting this shit backwards.

10. Not every queer character needs to be attractive or in a position of power. It is important to display a variety of characters who happen to be queer.

Now, I am still skeptical of all of this myself. I hope that they give Le Fou some more characteristics outside of his love for Gaston and sexual confusion. But it is way too early for people to be freaking out like this over the movie.

Beauty and the Beast was the movie that defined my childhood, as well as that of many other kids. And now, a new generation of kids will be introduced to Belle’s world and see different kinds of outcasts fall in love. The story at its core, is beautiful in so many ways. It makes me very sad to know that many people find so much offense in one gay character that they would boycott what otherwise looks to be a visually stunning, intelligently updated remake of my all-time favourite Disney movie.

Just give it a chance. Nobody really knows any details about it. For the next two weeks, this is still all just speculation. 

And now…I humbly await your threats. Feel free to unfollow me at any time!

(in all seriousness though, I would be more than happy to debate this subject in a cordial manner. just message me with your thoughts!)

18 years old is the worst age to be alive.

“You have the whole world in front of you”  they say. 
That’s it, that’s the problem.

Just yesterday I was worried because I HAD TO study the whole fucking philosophy book (which I really dislike) to pass my final exams, and today you come to me and say that I have the whole world in front of me. After 18 years of being held back by everything, parents, school, friends, even myself, now I need few years to adjust to this.

But “hey, you have to apply to uni, so come on, you have only 2 weeks left to decide who you will be for the rest of your life” if you’re lucky. If you aren’t your train has already left. 
(I’ll never become a doctor like my parents *cries* )
(wait, what? you never wanted something like that)
Thank you society!

So suddenly I felt so overwhelmed by the whole situation that I wanted to become everything, I couldn’t stand the fact that this decision would have defined what I would never have the opportunity to be, that I had to leave my childhood dream to be an astronaut (or a hairdresser)
(Kierkegaard, I know you’re laughing somewhere out there)
(maybe I have been brainwashed by philosophy).

In the end, like in the worst movie ever, like all the students who can’t make up their minds, I decided to take business. I’m already starting to queue for my unemployment benefits or, if I’m lucky, for a boring job in a lousy bank.


So, now, I won’t be anything at all. And I’ve started to tell myself “who said that you have to enjoy your job? It’s just an invention of the wealthy kids of our generation” or “it’s just work, it doesn’t define who you are”.

(oh yes, Miles Teller, told by you it seems almost real)

The saddest thing is that I am young and I’m supposed to be still full of dreams and expectations, still excited about life.
And now, after a year, I feel like I’m losing the deepest essence of myself.

*Chopin’s funeral march plays softly in the background*

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What would someone need to watch, read, or listen to in order to really know and understand you? Basically, what media defines you and made you who you are today?


  • Stardust
  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
  • Star Trek: Beyond
  • The Prince of Egypt
  • Hercules

Tv Shows

  • Shadowhunters
  • Star Trek: The Original Series
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Pushing Daisies


  • Harry Potter
  • Sunshine
  • The Book Thief
  • Lord of the Rings




  • i carry your heart with me - e.e. cummings
  • Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening - Robert Frost
  • Blackberries
  • (also check out my poetry tag)


  • Les Miserables
  • Phantom of the Opera

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“In the 34 years that have passed since the birth of MTV, I have grown up.  I have struggled, I’ve failed, I’ve succeeded, I have partied way too much.  

I have squandered, resisted, surrendered, repented, labored, begged for second chances, and literally crawled my way to the top.  

I have tried to live honorably and never forget my love of the game or my friends.  If a man is judged by the company that he keeps, then I must be doing something right because look at who I’m running with [looks at his fellow Avengers]. 

On behalf of my fellow Avengers, I invite you to dream big, work hard, keep your nose clean, and be of service, and yes because you can, define your generation.”

– Robert Downey Jr. at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards (April 12, 2015).

This moment was when all hope was lost for me. This was when I sat up to attention because I became acutely aware that I was in a theatre in 2015 watching a Star Wars movie, that this was a defining moment of my life, that the world and myself and my entire generation were about to change, that I would share this story with my children and grandchildren someday. This is the moment I became hooked.

And here I am, a month later, and all I can think about is the fact that underneath that mask may or may not have been this face:

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CS emma teaching hook about pop culture

“Trust me, Killian, this is all part of your continuing cultural education of the real world,” Emma tells him, settling into his arms on the couch and pulling the blankets up around them. She presses play on the remote. “You’ll thank me for it one day.”

“Will I really?” Killian sounds sceptical, turning over the DVD case in his hand and reading the blurb. 

“Yes,” Emma asserts firmly.

“Are you sure there’s not some more”- Killian’s lips find the side of her neck and Emma sighs in pleasure, her eyes sliding shut- “enjoyable activities in which we could be partaking, Swan?”

Gathering herself, Emma reaches behind her and pushes his head away lightly. “No. Not until you’ve seen this movie. It’s a cultural milestone; it defined a whole generation, Killian!” Emma argues passionately, pressing the ‘play movie’ option on the screen.

“Fine. I’ll watch your 'movie’.” He says the syllables individually because he’s unfamiliar with the word. Emma rolls her eyes. “Better be better than sex though.”

- - - - - -

For the next week, Killian finds every way possible in which to work Mean Girls quotes into conversation, each one more creative than the last. Emma declares this lesson in pop culture a complete success.

An interview with Tom Hardy from the Italian magazine Tu Style, no 4, 2015. Translated with the help of google.

In Mad Max Fury Road plays the loner Max Rockatansky, the same role in a trilogy about 35 years ago made the fortune of Mel Gibson. Did you get his blessing?
He called me and was very friendly. But, let me clarify, I actually stole his job … This film was to be done in 2003, and then it would have been him. Because of lot of financial problems, geographical, meteorological, even war (Gulf) it’s been continually postponed and eventually Mel decided he was too old. Frankly, I nearly was too: I signed on in 2009, filmed in 2012, did reshoots in 2013. Now at last I’ve seen it and we are in 2015.

If you could choose an item which has stuck in the memory of the original Mad Max?
The leather jacket of Mel, and of course the V8, the super rigged car called Interceptor.

When calling you ‘the best actor of his generation’ what do you think?
Damn, what happened to Leonardo Dicaprio? Does he really not count? I understand, he’s already passed the fateful barrier of 40 years, just like Christian Bale! I, on the other hand, at almost 38 is just a kid …

Are you a movie buff?
I’m inattentive and lazy. My human Wikipedia is Noomi Rapace, since we shot both The Drop and Child 44 together.  She meets my every question with resignation: 'Yes, he is famous. You know the Godfather? Here, he is the director.’

How would you define success?
The fart of a fly.

In Mad Max you play a hero, but in The Revenant you’re once again a villain, like Bane, the archenemy of Batman in The Dark Knight Rises. What roles do you prefer?
In reality I’m not that analytical. When I accept a part, I go by instinct, but most of all I don’t want to repeat myself.

It is said that you don’t even read the script.
I prefer to get someone to tell it to me. I read that of The Revenant because Dicaprio forced me. It was he, with whom I had worked in Inception, who suggested me to Iñarritu.

Did you like it?
I read half and hastened to accept the part. Let’s face it, only a crazy actor would not trust a suggestion from Dicaprio and a director like Iñarritu.

But it is true in Mad Max there was no real script?
Well, there were 3,500 storyboard drawings, all the scenes described as a super bubble. In the film there is little dialogue: So, who cares about the script.

The rumors from the set say that you had a little problem with Charlize Theron. Possible? And what about your reputation for toughness?
First of all, she is taller than me. And then she, in the role of Emperess Furiousa, and his tribe of five wives, all models, young and beautiful, doesn’t make them go through poor Mad Max. But jokes aside, Charlize is a great actress and a super professional . It is me who can be difficult, because sometimes I stay in character even off the set.

Did you have to do dangerous stunts?
For those which were impossible there was a professional, Jacob Tomuri, who’s also in my other two movies, Legend and The Revenant. He looks so much like me that we are taken for brothers; the only difference is the accent, he is a New Zealander. Otherwise I managed myself, like when I had to take a leap of a few meters from a vehicle that went at 40 kilometers per hour. The worrying thing was that director George Miller wanted the effect of Wile E Coyote, the cartoon character which is constantly smashed but then keeps chasing the enemy Beep Beep.

Does he have other extreme roles planned?
Well, I’m going to play Elton John in the musical biopic Rocketman. A little extreme, no?

Then you know how to sing …
As a young man I did a bit of rap, and deep down, there are always songs. I practice doing the singing taxi driver in the film London Road, based on a stage musical in London.

So my husband and I got to see a showing of Jupiter Ascending in Copenhagen

We enjoyed the heck out of it. For me, the only problem was that throughout most of the movie, I had a growing sense of rage and a running rant at the back of my mind. I know our society is fucked up, but watching JA and comparing it to the criticism it’s received? It just opened my eyes to a whole new level of fucked-upness.

I’m really exhausted from both my workout yesterday and the long day today, but there is a possibility of a rant coming up in the next few days. For now, I’ll just say this: The attitudes towards it–that it’s terrible, that it’s garbage, even that it’s like something you’d write when you’re a teenager–are all bullshit. It’s not a movie that’s so bad it’s good, it’s just plain good. And if you don’t understand why I say that, ask yourself this: Why is it that a farmboy turned space samurai with a laser sword and telekinesis is defining of a generation, but a woman who happens to be a Queen of space royalty is utter trash the likes of which only teenage girls could possibly enjoy?

P.S. I was a teenage girl once. Fuck you if you think what teenage boys like is fine and dandy but what teenage girls like is pathetic. 

i asked the something awful star wars expanded universe thread (which is way more chill than the awful cinema discusso star wars thread which is nothing but constant bickering about the prequels, but i’m kind of curious what star wars people on here think as well.

i’ll just paste my post here instead of writing the exact same thing except with less capitalization and punctuation for that nonchalant tumblr tone

It’s so interesting to me to think about the different experiences each generation has had with Star Wars since it’s so long-lasting. I was in sixth grade by the time TPM came out, so I’m just old enough that the thing that initially defined Star Wars for me was that mid-‘90s Original Trilogy revival– those THX VHS tapes, the Special Edition bringing the movies into the theaters, '90s EU stuff like Shadows of the Empire or the Thrawn trilogy or whatever, the Decipher card game which taught us all the names of every dumb alien in the cantina. Somebody who grew up with the prequels would see Star Wars differently. So would somebody who grew up watching the Clone Wars cartoons, even if they deal with a lot of the same characters and events as the prequels. Now there’s probably kids growing up and thinking of Star Wars as the story of a heroic young Jedi named Rey and her friends Finn and Poe.

So, question for the thread, I guess– what was the Star Wars you grew up with? Or, I guess, the first Star Wars thing that made an impression on you and defined what Star Wars was, if you got into when you weren’t a kid.
Robert Downey Jr. Humbly Accepts Award From His Avengers Squad

Bow down to the acting king!

MTV saluted Robert Downey Jr.’s talents with the help of the Avengers:Age of Ultron squad. He was commemorated tonight at the MTV Movie Awards receiving the Generational Award, honoring his great achievement in film.

His Avengers: Age of Ultron co-stars including Scarlett Johannson, Chris Evans,Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner introduced him by saying, “He can be charming, intensely funny and seriously intense.” They went on, “Now when you’re describing the character, you’re also describing the man who played them. So we are honored to present our friend, our hero, our avenger, the invincible Robert Downey Jr. with the Generational Award.”

Following their loving prelude was a montage of his movies including the Iron Manseries, Sherlock Holmes, and Due Date. The recently turned 50-year-old had quite the epic entrance strolling in the steam-filled room colored by black and red lights.

Looking cool as ever, the star rocked some red-lensed shades with thick black brims while saying his speech and accepting his golden popcorn.

“When I witnessed the first MTV Movie Awards,” RDJ stopped to notice his co-stars taking a knee and graciously thanked them. “The first was in 1992, and that’s my generation’s version of the Oscars. And when the first Generational Award was given in 2005, I thought where’s mine!?”

You’ve just got to love this man’s honesty!

He continued, “In the 34 years that have passed since the birth of MTV, I’ve grown up, I’ve failed, succeeded, partied way too much, begged for second chances and literally clawed my way to the top…. Because you CAN define your generation.”

After his touching and humble speech about the hardships he’s endured throughout his acting career, he thanked his fans by sharing an exclusive world premiere clip of Marvel’s Avengers: Ave of Ultron.