the movie ruined it for me i'm sorry

  • my nemesis: i'm going to hurt you of course but first i'll go after all of your friends and--
  • me: i don't.
  • my nemesis: ...what
  • me: i don't have any of those
  • my nemesis: fr.. iends..
  • me: yeah
  • my nemesis: you don't.. have those. not even one
  • me: nope
  • my nemesis: and you aren't like.. lying. for your own/their sake
  • me: no i genuinely just don't have any and i wanted to save you the trouble of having to start the process of looking into it only to find nothing to work with, so
  • my nemesis: oh. ah. wow. that's.. polite. of you. i guess
  • me: mmhm
  • my nemesis: this is like.. seriously bumming me out right now. are you.. busy tonight? oh. fuck. obviously you aren't. sorry. i'm sorry. wasn't trying to be insensitive. god. anyway. we're.. going to go to the movies, okay? i'm not getting any satisfaction out of.. that conversation. any joy just.. whoosh. right out the window. that whole exchange just truly ruined my current state emotionally and i'm.. getting you out of the house. asap
  • Ryuu: I'm going to hurt you, of course, but first I'll go after all of your friends and-
  • Itsuki: I don't.
  • Ryuu: ...What?
  • Itsuki: I don't have any of those.
  • Ryuu: Fr...iends...
  • Itsuki: Yeah.
  • Ryuu: You don't...have those. Not even one.
  • Itsuki: Nope.
  • Ryuu: And you aren't like...lying. For your own or their sake.
  • Itsuki: No, I genuinely just don't have any and I wanted to save you the trouble of having to start the process of looking into it only to find nothing to work with, so...
  • Ryuu: Oh. Ah. Wow. That's polite. Of you. I guess.
  • Itsuki: Mmhm.
  • Ryuu: This is like...seriously bumming me out right now. Are you...busy tonight? Oh. Fuck. Obviously you aren't. Sorry. I'm sorry. Wasn't trying to be insensitive. God. Anyway. We're...going to the movies, okay? I'm not getting any satisfaction out of...that conversation. Any joy just...whoosh. Right out the window. That whole exchange just truly ruined my current state emotionally and I'm...getting you out of the house. ASAP.
Obligatory Star Wars Rant because I'm 1,000% DONE

You know what? I’m not letting the Sequel Trilogy fandom ruin TLJ for me. You all can continue your pointless fandom and ship wars all you want, you can continue to attack and destroy and bully complete strangers online over your opinions and varying theories, BUT I AM NOT LETTING YOU RUIN MY EXPERIENCE OF THIS MOVIE OR OF THE REST OF THIS TRILOGY OR OF THE ENTIRE SAGA IN GENERAL. My experience of TFA has already been tainted by the numerous jerks of this fandom, from EVERY CORNER of this fandom and every side of everything there is to bicker about. NONE OF YOU ARE EXEMPT. I am not letting this happen again because guess what? I love Star Wars. And I want to enjoy it without having to deal with adolescent or adults acting like adolescent assholes constantly turning what’s supposed to be a fun and exciting experience into a complete nightmare.

I’ve loved SW since I was a wide-eyed 7-year-old who fell head over heels for the franchise after seeing the original film on VHS because my dad wanted to show it to me. Before some of you were even born, before any and all of you showed up on tumblr to shit on anyone who doesn’t agree with you. You have NO RIGHT to ruin that treasured childhood experience for me, nor do you have the right to do that to anyone else. If you can’t chill out and let people enjoy Star Wars on their own terms, then honestly you don’t even deserve to be here. Stop making this a negative experience for so many people who, again, just want to revel in something they love.

(P.S.: This goes for all the hatemongers in the Rogue One fandom too. Don’t think I’ve forgotten you).

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“What We Do In the Shadows”

Undead hilarity for all your Roleplaying needs

  • “I think we drink virgin blood because it sounds cool”
  • “I think of it like this. If you are going to eat a sandwich, you would just enjoy it more if you knew no one had fucked it.”
  • “We’re Werewolves, not Swear-Wolves.”
  • “He’s a really great guy. A bit a of a pervert.”
  • “Leave me to do my dark bidding on the internet!”
  • “I lost a really nice silk scarf in about 1912.”
  • “I tended to torture when I was in a bad place.”
  • “We should get some slaves!”
  • “If you’re going to eat a victim on my nice clean couch, put down some newspaper on the floor and some towels.”
  • “We’re vampires, we don’t put down towels.”
  • “The point is that you have not done the dishes for 5 years.”
  • “I was thinking, maybe… I just should bring a broom down here for you if you wanted to sweep up some of the skeletons.”
  • “Well, I’m glad to hear that I’m cool.” 
  • “At first I wanted to kill him. But now I’m glad I’ve spent the time to get to know him.”
  • “I transformed into a dog and had sex.”
  • “What are you doing tonight? Are you going to kill some perverts?”
  • “I go for a look which I call dead but delicious.”
  • “Yeah some of our clothes are from victims. You might bite someone and then, you think, ‘Oooh, those are some nice pants!’.”
  • “Vampires don’t do dishes.”
  • “The other day, I dragged mans body down the hallway, and noticed that there was no dust. Like, I kind of… I kind of swept the hallway.”
  • “We have the kind of master-servant relationship which works nicely.”
  • “Who would have sex with her, I wouldn’t.”
  • “Like one big circle, just biting each others dicks.”
  • “I am doing an erotic dance for my friends. And you ruined it.”
  • “I don’t want to break that friendship but.. then again, what do you do when
    someone tells you that they’re a vampire?”
  • “Get up and stand on this ceiling like a man!” 
  • “Well, his soul is in hell, so…” 
  • “Get your hands off my balls, Beast!”

Sorry, all. I won’t be hopping on the Star Wars bandwagon. The series was more or less ruined for me by an ex-friend of mine, and I just can’t get into it as much as I used to. No shame to those who are excited about the next movie. No doubt, I’ll go see it too because I’ve seen all the others, but I’m not gonna flood my dash with SW posts. GB still has me by the throat, and I’m more than happy remaining here in this fandom.

  • Me on a date: so how do you feel about the fourth Indiana jones movie " kingdom of the crystal skull"
  • Them: ugh that movie was the worst . A human being can not survive a nuclear blast in a fridge . Totally ruined my childhood. And what was those aliens anyway ?
  • Me, shoving breadsticks in my purse: sorry I have to go home right now , effective immediately

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Does editing games the day they come out ruin/spoil them for you? If yes, I'm sorry. Spoiled things are less fun, whether the be movies, books, games, eggs, milk, or kids. :(

Not really, I’m not THAT sensitive to spoilers anyway, I’m more of the “even though I know the destination I can still enjoy the ride” kinda mind. Unless it’s for some special games, like back when Uncharted 4 was new - where I really cared about the story and characters. But that one I didn’t edit anyway, because Jack didn’t want me to get spoiled :)

Otherwise I don’t really care, I just like looking at games regadless!

Freshman year me would probably be shocked to know that I don’t spend most Friday nights at home watching Netflix anymore, but who can really blame me when they’re taking classics down left and right? I guess I missed the memo over the summer that they were taking She’s All That off, because I went to try to watch it tonight, and it wasn’t there anymore! I’m not usually a big fan of movies where a girl has to change herself to be what a guy wants her to be, but Freddie Prince Jr. and Rachel Leigh Cook, who could really say no to that? Apparently Netflix, since it’s not on their roster anymore. They didn’t even give me any acceptable alternatives in their ‘similar titles’ recommendation. Thanks a lot for ruining a rare Friday night at home, Netflix. I hope you’re happy now. 

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I'm sorry but I need to rant to someone. With Rogue One near, I've been seeing more angry men commenting on how SW is ruined because there's too many female protagonists, how it's unrealistic for women to fight, how every woman is a Mary Sue, blahblahblah. Ugh, can't we just enjoy the movies in peace without being reminded how men can never relate to female characters at all? All of this fanboy whining makes me hope that Rey and Kylo have like 6 daughters and they all get their own SW movies.

Hahaha, OMG YES! That would be wonderful and the perfect middle finger to all those insecure enough to feel threatened by the prospect of - gasp! - two female protagonists in a row.

I would like to say that fandom is getting better, but the recent debacle with Rebel Force Radio clearly shows that it isn’t. I aspire to the day when having a female-led SW movie will be so normal that it’s not even remarked upon as anything out of the ordinary, but that still feels a long way off.

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Hi! I'm looking for this fic where Dan does something with fashion and Phil is a movie critic. And one day Phil hangs up his shirt but then Dan sees it and he stops Phil from doing it because it's bad for the shirt. Sorry if it's vague but I can't remember the author or title for the life of me and it doesn't really fit into any master lists.

Wait for the Colours to Turn to Gold - fashion blogger!Dan and movie reviewer!Phil are neighbours, and when Dan sees Phil about to ruin a shirt by hanging it on his balcony, he has to stop him in the name of fashion.

- Rachel