the movie quality is terrible


A Vision to Behold (WIP)

“Erm.. nothing. I… uh…”

“You kept me waiting, darling. Oh! I managed to decipher the manuscript. Page two-thirty-eight contains instructions to create an instrument - something akin to a miniature cannibal star - that is sure to nullify the charges of anything that is a construct of similar constituents; designed to then consume the…”

“Baby, please. Please don’t do this to me.”

“Do what?”

“You can’t be unclad and immersed in water, looking like Nerites himself, and be throwing science at me. It weakens me in every manner.”

“And what if I say: everything you lay your eyes on is for your taking; will you then feel powerful again?”


Two of Us, directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg

John: I got me own way to protect meself.

Paul: It’s not always dangerous, you know.

kanayagf  asked:

2, 7, 13, 16!!

2: favourite pair of socks

the soft, fuzzy ones I wear to bed when it’s cold

7: dream Lego set

I haven’t even touched a lego block in years… but wouldn’t it be fun to imagine a Homestuck set???

13: favourite Terrible™ movie

all the movies I like are Quality, how dare you (jk it’s dead sushi)

16: a random useless fact you know

male cats with more than two colours in their fur are extremely rare

I just finished watching Terminator: Genisys and girl, let me tell ya! Matt Smith is the baddest bitch in town. He almost doesn’t appear, but when he does, he DOES. He was amazing and I can’t wait to see him more in the next two movies. You go, babe! Four for you, babe! Anyway, if you haven’t seen it yet, go and watch it!

Here are some screencaps from the movie, the quality is terrible, but it’s better than nothing.