the movie is fine but not realistic

Querencia [SWH]

↠ wonho x f!reader; 16.8k; falling in love with someone who isn’t quite normal doesn’t always end badly; for both of you, anyway
↠ demon au, potential triggers (mentions of death), there’s some historical references which are probably inaccurate but pls enjoy 

Querencia - (n.) a place from one’s strength is drawn and where one feels at home; where the bull is naturally drawn to in the ring

“I thought you were annoying at first, and that you wanted revenge on an ex who also thought you were annoying. But now I see you are so much more than that, and you’ve taught me so much about everything. I look at you and my heart beats so quickly that I fear it may explode. I want to stay here with you forever. Does that sound like I’m in love with you?” 

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Man In Uniform {Part 4}

Fandom: Avengers/Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: James Barnes is the local neighbourhood cop known for saving cats from trees and walking people home at night. It just so happens that he lives in your apartment building, in the apartment across from yours.

Prologue X, Part 1 X, Part 2 X, Part 3 X

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types as imdb parental warnings

ESTP: During a supposed time of crisis, one character takes the time to view a local gas station’s wine selection. 

ISTP: These wounds only look *somewhat* realistic. 

ESFJ: A man with a fire extinguisher puts out a flaming skeleton. 

ISFJ: This may be offensive to some… Although it is meant to be comic. 

INTP: This is more surreal and strange than violent. 

ENTP: The ending is so horrible and awful, not in any violent or graphic sense, but you just feel completely robbed that you actually sat through this crappy film 

INTJ: All scenes of bloodshed are so unrealistic they cause no disturbance whatsoever. 

ENTJ: The movie gives false hope that characters might have died but they turn up just fine. 

ESTJ: nearly 100 f-words 

ISTJ: Historical inaccuracy in this movie may disturb some viewers. 

ESFP: A man punches another man’s head off. 

ISFP: In a humorous scene, a seemingly harmless rabbit bites several peoples’ heads off; causing blood to splatter everywhere. 

INFJ: The main character is gay and tries to be straight for social acceptance. 

ENFJ: A man is beat up for being racist. 

INFP: One use of “heck." 

ENFP: A martial arts fight occurs between a giant panda dressed in shorts and a young man.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why is there no blood in the narnia movies? let's be honest, if peter cuts off a guy's head in prince caspian, and reepicheep cuts a throat, then there has to be some fuckin' blood somewhere. there's even three big ass battles in the three movies. giant battles with a shit ton of death. granted, it is a kids' movie, but still. be realistic, disney.

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Can you do 57 with starmora please

“There is enough room for both of us.”

This…got incredibly sappy. That is all I can say for this. Also this probably won’t adhere to canon at all, but I can dream. 

“I can’t believe this.”

“Gamora, please-“

“This is pathetic, Peter,” Gamora says, utterly disgusted.

“Gamora, can you please just drop it,” Peter says, his voice cracking.

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ID #70000

Name: Emma
Age: 20
Country: Finland

My home town is quite small (only around 7000 people) so I’ve never really had more than maybe two or three friends at the same time. Though this can probably also be attributed to my introverted nature. Despite my lack of friends I am always curious to find out about different cultures and world views, especially the reasons and causes behind them. I hope to broaden my horizon and learn to look at things from new perspectives. This is why I’m looking for a pen pal.

Now, a little about me. I always have trouble to describe myself. I enjoy spending time reading, on my computer, cycling or going on a jog (i.e being by myself). However, I am a very outspoken person with strong opinions which has caused my friends and family to call me stubborn. I also have a very sarcastic and at time dark sense of humor. My greatest vices would be my somewhat pessimistic ( I prefer realistic.) view of life and my lack of interest for typical topics of conversation (gossips, small talk). My greatest virtue is my thirst for knowledge and also openness to any sexuality or gender.

My interest include, but are not limited to, deep conversations about life (morals, society, history, culture, objective rights and wrongs, religion, and anything else you want to talk about), music, I listen to P!ATD, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Kpop( EXO, Got7, BTS, BigBang mostly),80’s music and musical soundtracks. I am interested in astrology and all sorts of other methods that would help me understand myself better, but my knowledge in those fields is pretty non-existent, so it would be great if you knew/or were interested in them.

I would prefer email or possibly kik and tumblr. If you want to recommend bands, books, movies, artists, hobbies, or anything really to me I would be happy. I feel like I’m still looking for my own thing.

Preferences: I would prefer someone around my age or older, but if you really feel a connection I’m willing to make an exception. Any gender, ethnicity or sexuality is fine. Also, at the moment I only speak Finnish and English, so there’s that.

Aye you guys!!

So, it’s that time again. My work has improved, and I’ve updated my commission page!

Commission Status : Open


Now, time for TERMS:

✨ All payments will be processed  via invoice.

Contact me @ or message me here on Tumblr for inquiries.

✨ Half of the payment must be sent in advance, and the other half once I send you the sketch.

I will! ❤: NSFW, OCs, fan characters, TV/Book/Movie characters, animals, MILD grimoire/dark art, pretty much anything except what is listed in the “I will not”

I will not! 💔: Fetish art, hate, extreme gore/dark art/horror

☼ Additional pricing information


If you personally can’t afford to commission me, that’s perfectly fine! A share/reblog will work as well.

Thank you so much for your time; I wish you all love and positive thoughts 💖

this was meant to be a small noodle headcanon but i got carried away. :'3

When Noodle was little, she tried to watch a zombie movie with 2D. TRIED, to watch a zombie movie.

She was happy about it, repeatedly asking “Lemmie watch, Toochie!” but he was reluctant. He told her that she might have nightmares. But she didn’t stop, “Pleeease, I’ve watched scary movies before!”

Those were low-budget monster movies. The effects were not as good as the zombie movies 2D likes. She knew they weren’t real, and it’s just rubber suits, basic animatronics, and model cities. They still were able spook her a little, but it was so fun to her!

2D was still reluctant, she had never watched any of these before. Can she handle it? He sighed, “Are you sure you want to? I think this is scarier than what you’ve seen before.”

“Fine, you can watch.” 2D finally caved in and let her watch. She sat right next to him with an eager smile. He pressed play, and Noodle began watching her first ever undead film.

A little bit into the movie, everything is going good. The plague that causes the zombies hasn’t been made yet. Noodle became bored, and she started leaning on 2D. “Be patient, the zombies will come soon.” He pulled Noodle closer.

The zombies have appeared, it wasn’t as scary as 2D made it out to be. It was just like the army against the giant monster in her movies, just replace it with a reanimated hoard. This is fun, it was a little scarier, but only because it was more realistic. She jumped a bit, but giggled right after.

However, in the flick, things stated getting intense. The main character was in an abandoned house, the floorboards creaked and Noodle was in the edge of her seat. 2D knows this scene, it’s a jumpscare. The sounds of the floors, doors, and wind mislead. Every time the character made a sudden turn, Noodle got more tense.

She was throughly creeped out, and was holding onto 2D’s arm for what seemed to be dear life. Suddenly, a zombie appeared! The rotting flesh and groaning sounded so real! She closed her eyes and held his arm tighter as the zombie lunged at the character.

It was a girl, she was unarmed except a pistol with a single bullet. The girl on the screen shot at the living corpse, but she missed. Right before the zombie attacked again, Noodle moved onto 2D’s lap, holding onto him while trembling.

2D held onto her, gently rubbing her head as she tightened the hug. She refused to look until it was over, the screaming and the groaning stopped. She took a quick glance and she was horrified, the zombie had ripped off the character’s head and took a bite out of it. She was shaking harder, now. This was way more realistic than the monster movies!

2D was watching while reassuring the frightened Noodle. He spoke to her. It’s okay now, it’s done, the scene’s over, you’re fine, He whispered to her, “It’s past that now.” Noodle’s shaking lessened at the gentle sound. “Toochie?” She whimpered, still holding on. “Hm?” 2D replied, noticing how shook she sounded. “I don’t wanna watch it anymore.” Noodle couldn’t take that movie anymore.

2D got the remote and paused it. “I understand, it’s time for bed anyways. It’s super late.” He got up, holding Noodle in his arms, she yawned and nuzzled him. He smiled as the two walked to her room. The door opened with a creak, causing Noodle to tense up. 2D responded, “Hush now, it’s ok.” He gently sat her down on her bed and turned her lamp on to the lowest setting, it was her nightlight.

However, there’s a feeling of premonition inside her. Zombies aren’t real, she knows that, but she feels as though something might happen. “Toochie..?” Noodle’s voice was filled worry, 2D noticed how scared she looked. He sat on her bed, Noodle instantly held onto him. She felt calm and warm as he held on.

2D then began to sing, his voice calm, gentle, and soothing. Noodle’s tension eased as she practically melted, every word sung made her more and more soothed as his song went on. Finally, her eyes shut as she fell asleep. He let go of her, laid her down, and pulled up the blankets as he whispered the final part. He gently got up and out, careful not to make any noises. Not before going to his room, he glanced to make sure Noodle was still asleep.

Mark Tuan as your boyfriend

This literally killed me on the inside. This was also highly requested as well! I’ll probably do one more post tonight and then back to studying for midterms!

  • Though he doesn’t talk much in interviews and or around a lot of people he would constantly want to talk to you
  • He’ll want to get your opinion on things that might not matter to you
  • “But do you really think aliens exist? What if they’re already on earth.”
  • “Mark for the eleventh time can we just watch the movie in peace!?”
  • He’ll always leave a rather long sweet voicemail or text messages on your phone early in the morning
  • Just so you can start your day off in a good mood.
  • A lot of dates for Mark would be in a casual setting
  • Most likely go to a farmers market, or go star gazing
  • There won’t be too much pressure on the either of you to feel/act a certain way you both aren’t comfortable with.
  • Always reminding you why he loves you.
  • Because he’s lucky to have you and vise versa.
  • When you’re asleep in his arms he’ll still tell you how much he loves you because he can’t believe he’s holding you and spends his nights with you.
  • Forever thankful for finding someone who understands how crazy his career can be and is willing to deal with it when they don’t have.
  • You’ll be thankful for him to give you his undivided attention when he should be focusing on other things rather then yourself.
  • There won’t be much fights between you unlesssss
  • “Oppa… Why is Jackson here…….”
  • “He missed me jagi.”
  • *cue jackson giving you smug look and mouthing the words ‘Markson forever’ to you*
  • or 
  • him getting jealous because someone else was flirting with you.
  • So he’ll go around and wrapped his arm around your shoulder and give you a kiss on the top of your head while giving a death glare to the other person
  • There is a romantic side to Mark so he’ll create this amazing date night for you
  • It’ll involve a theme probably something like “Starry Night in Rome” and have dinner outside with Italian food THAT HE MADE himself
  • He seems that he’ll try to do the lady and tramp thing with the meatball and where you put the noodle in each others mouth and try to kiss
  • But that’ll fail miserably 
  • Not such a PDA type of person
  • Probably will hold your hand a lot
  • And play with your fingers
  • Leaning his head on your shoulder
  • But rather not make other people feel uncomfortable with too much PDA
  • “No Mark I don’t want to know what scent shampoo y/n uses!”
  • “….fine…”
  • Though he isn’t the greatest with words when it comes to his own personal feelings like him being upset or mad he’ll trust you completely with them.
  • He’ll try his hardest to be an open book with you and you realize when he’s having a tough time so you’ll give him the reassurance that he needs.
  • Buy you things where it has a meaning behind it
  • Like he’ll get you sunflowers and say something cheesy like “you’re my sunshine” to you.
  • Your relationship with Mark would be that fairy tale love you always see in movies or read in books. Yet its more with a realistic view on it. You both better each other, and help one another on getting out of each other’s shell. You’ll always feel loved from the gestures you both do for each other. Just remember to take each day you have with each other slowly so you both appreciate each other even more when the tough times come around.

Super Junior’s Yesung Talks About Acting In “Voice” And Possibly Having To Rap With Jang Hyuk | 170221

Super Junior’s Yesung sat down for an interview about his drama “Voice” with news outlet Star News.

The interviewer asked, “Some viewers are saying that the crime scenes in ‘Voice’ are portrayed too explicitly and realistically. What do you think about that?” and Yesung answered, “I think it’s fine. If you look closely, we don’t actually show everything. I’m more sad about the age rating, and sometimes I wish we could just get an R rating and show more explicit scenes. Some say that our drama is similar to ‘Signal,’ but I think it’s closer to the movie ‘The Chaser.‘”

Following the storyline of “Voice,” Yesung recently got the chance to get out of the studio and start filming outside. In the scene, he had to act like he had taken an hallucinogen, and he revealed some of the efforts he went through to portray the situation realistically.

“It was really hard. I did basically anything I could besides actually taking the drug. I went to the filming site after getting almost no sleep, forgetting that I had other scenes to shoot afterwards. So I wasn’t in my right mind, and my eyes were half closed. Before shooting, I studied Bradley Cooper in “Limitless” and Shia LaBeouf in “Charlie Countryman” and tried to copy them. I even tried drooling. It was hard but fun, and I learned a lot from it,” he said.

“Voice” is doing incredibly well, and its viewer ratings are approaching OCN’s highest all-time ratings. “Voice” lead character Jang Hyuk previously made a promise to rap over a walkie talkie if the drama hit 8 percent in ratings and also promised that he would have Yesung and Baek Sung Hyun rapping behind him as “TJ Boys” (TJ is Jang Hyuk’s old rapper name).

Regarding this, Yesung replied, “I’d love to do it. I’ve actually been practicing for it recently. 8 percent isn’t easy to reach, so if we achieve that, I’m willing to rap more than a hundred times.”soompi


The Consequences Of Wearing A Skirt

Newt (The Maze Runner):

After Jorge captures the gladers and ties them upside down Jenna’s skirts hangs down and the gladers stare at her bare skin. Newt gets very possessive and starts yelling at them.

Requested by @hogwartsfanfiction03.


I knew that wearing a skirt would turn out to be not the best idea. But I liked it so much. The colour and the way it made my hips look more attractive.

The first time I cursed because of the skirt was when we had escaped. Running through the hallways and jumping over the broken windows wasn’t really as easy as I had hoped…

The second time I cursed because of the skirt was when we had ran away from the cranks. The loose fabric which blowed in the wind made it possible for a crank to grab me and pull me down. But thankfully, Newt was right next to me. He had punched the crank and pulled me up again to drag me with him.

The third time I cursed because of the skirt was when Jorge had captured us:

Hanging upside down, I tried to hold my skirt. My hands clutching the soft fabric and pressing it to my thighs but the skirt still hung down, revealing my underwear.

“Good plan, Thomas.”, Minho said sarcastically, “Just hear what the man has to say. Really working out for us!”

“Shut up, Minho.”, Thomas sighed, probably rolling his eyes. After a few second of silence he spoke again, “Maybe I can reach the robe.”

All of us tried to grab the robe that held us above the seemingly endless ground. I found out pretty quickly that it wasn’t working out - especially for me. So I went back to holding my skirt.

The others groaned, they couldn’t reach the robe either.

“Enjoying the view?”, I heard a voice and I tried to turn around, seeing Jorge approaching us.

“What the hell do you want?”, Thomas wanted to know and Jorge answered with a chuckle,“That is the question.”.

“My men want to sell you back to WICKED.”, he startet, “Life has thought them to think small. I’m not like that.”

“Yeah, sure.”, I scoffed and rolled my eyes before I heard Minho agreeing with me.
“Something tells me you’re not either.”, Jorge continued, ignoring my comment.

“Is the blood rushing to my head or is this shank not making any sense?”, Minho asked and I chuckled. “I’m pretty sure it’s both, Minho.”

“Tell me what you know about the Right Arm.”, Jorge demanded, ignoring us again, and pointed his walking stick at Thomas.

But before Thomas had the chance to reply, Newt spoke up, “I thought you said they were ghosts.”

“I happen to believe in ghosts.”, he shrugged, “Especially when I hear them chattering on the airwaves.”

We all kept still as he wandered to the lever wich was connected to the robes that held us. “You tell me what you know, and maybe we can make a deal…”, he said.

“We don’t know much.”, Thomas murmured and Jorge clicked the lever, his facial expression stone cold. We all fell maybe two foot deeper, shouting due to the shock.

“HEY!”, Thomas exclaimed, “They’re hiding in the mountains!”
Jorge didn’t seem very content with this information and Thomas continued, “They attack WICKED. They got out a bunch of kids. That’s it. That’s all we know.”

Jorge approached us slightly, opening his mouth to say something but another guy interrupted him. “Yo, Jorge.”

Jorge turned around to the guy who looked at us. His eyes lingered on me -or rather my butt- while I was still holding onto the fabric.

“What’s going on?”, the guy wanted to know and Jorge shrugged. “Me and my friends were just getting acquaintance.”, he pointed his walking stick to us, “We’re done now.”

“Wait, you’re not gonna help us?”, Thomas asked and Jorge chuckled. “Don’t worry, hermano. We’ll get you back to where you belong.”

“Totally trusting a guy who ties us up upside down.”, I mumbled sarcastically, loud enough for him to hear and Newt shot me a strict glare.

“Hang tight.”, Jorge laughed and left without another word while the other guy looked at my butt again before he left.

“That guy is disgusting.”, Newt groaned, making a face.
“At least he was staring at your ass, Newt.”, I mumbled and then there was silence.

Every second felt like an hour, time seemed to be frozen at this place. My head hurt from all the blood that has rushed to my head and I knew that I couldn’t hold my arms up for much longer.

I decided to let my arms have a short break, folding them in front of my chest.
Instantly feeling the shameless stares on my skin, I blushed.

“Stop it.”, Newt spoke up calmly. “It’s like I can hear your thoughts.”

I looked at him, confused. And when I looked around I saw the others turning their head away.

After a while Newt spoke up again, pretty angry this time, “Could you stop being so disrespectful shanks and stop staring at Jenna’s ass for a second?”

“You’re one to talk…”, Minho chuckled and Newt groaned loudly, covering his face with his hands. I couldn’t help but smile; Newt was so damn protective and it just made him much more cuter than I already found.

Feeling too embarrassed again, I decided to hold my skirt again, even though it didn’t make much of a difference.

“I- I’M NOT- I didn’t…”, Newt exclaimed, then sighed and continued a bit calmer, “ I’m think about a way to get out of here. You could do the same.”

“Well, then you got an idea yet?, Minho asked and Newt shook his head. Minho scoffed, “See? Even you-”

“Guys, I got an idea.”, Thomas interrupted, “Teresa, try waving around a bit. Minho, catch her and than push her. Maybe she can reach the lever.”

After several tries, Teresa reached the lever and pulled it, making us fall down deeper. But she was able to climb on the floor and freed herself before she came to me, helping me to get free. “Now, the boys can’t stare at your butt anymore.”, she chuckled quietly. “Yeah, that’s so said.”, I said sarcastically but gave her a smile.

While she went to Thomas I helped Newt and as soon as he was free he stood up to hug me tightly. “You okay, Jenna?”, he asked quietly while I snuggled my face into his shoulder. “Yeah. Just embarrassed…”, I mumbled and he pulled away to look in my eyes. “Jenna, I swear I didn’t-” “I know, it’s fine.”, I smiled and gave him a quick kiss on his lips, making him blush.

A smile appeared on his face but before he could say something, we heard Minho’s voice. “Hey, lovebirds. Do you mind helping me or are you too busy with snogging?”

“Ugh, shut up, Minho.”, Newt groaned but went to him to help him.


I finally finished it!!! I’m awfully sorry that it took me so long… I copied most of it from the movie to make it more seem realistic. (I hope that makes sense…) Anyway, hopefully you like it!
Feel free to send in requests! :)

ok last post on realistic space movies bc its filling up too much of my feed

star-wars-esque movies are completely fine alone, but branding them as scifi only works culturally but not definitionally. its a fantasy movie in space, and if you want to call it a “science fiction” movie (fiction rooted in science) then please detail to me the science of it

the movie i was describing that i want to see isnt anti-star-wars or anything, but rather pro-science-fiction. The space warfare we see today is fantasy, not scifi, because its rooted in suspension of reality rather than real science.

I made the mistake of viewing Star Wars
in the same genre as Interstellar, because its not accurate in the slightest. There’s SCIENCE fiction, and then there is scifi-fantasy. My apologies for not articulating that.

I don’t hate star wars, so we can all put the pitchforks and torches down

Not In That Way [Dick Grayson x Reader]

Y/N nodded as tears ran down her red cheeks.  “I understand, I really do” she shook her head, how could she be such a fool; it was clear as a cold night in the middle of winter. Maybe if she had kept her mouth shut, nothing of this could be happening… it hurt so much. She clenched her eyes trying to stop the stubborn tears from falling, apparently; it didn’t work as more tears ran down her cheeks. “I am okay, forget that I say that” her voice was weak and she looked down at the wooden floor. “I think it’s best if you leave”

Confessing to your best friend that you were love with him, was far from realistic as she had seen in so many romantic movies or the scenes fabricated by the words of authors on romantic novels…

It was far worse… but deep down she saw it coming… this was the end of something beautiful, something that she had reconstructed in so many sleepless nights… something that not even in a parallel universe would happen.

“I am so so─”

She raised her hand and stood up from the small sofa they were sitting at, “It’s okay, it’s going to be fine” Y/N said, whether it was for his comfort or for her trying to pretend that after this everything would be alright… Not because he had rejected her, but because she knew that he would never love her.

“Y/N, I really love you;” Dick stood up from the sofa and walked to the door. “But in not that way”

My Problem With Age Of Ultron


First, I want to say that I liked the movie in general and I think it’s mostly a worthy follow up to the original Avengers, and the Marvel Universe.

That said, I have one major problem with the film. And I have to qualify this by saying I’m a very body-positive individual, I think our bodies are nothing to be ashamed of showing, but I feel the close up shot of the hulk penis was unnecessary and gratuitous, and in poor taste.

Anyone who has seen the film will of course know that after a certain fight scene, we see the Hulk nude and that’s fine, and realistic beyond the usual stretchy shorts they give him, but the ten second long extreme close up of just the penis was out of place and added nothing to the movie, and frankly I feel in a PG rated film it was a bit inappropriate.

Again, I don’t think genitals are shameful or evil or any of that stuff, but to show a full unbroken graphic close up of the colossal digital green penis subtly throbbing with gamma radiation just wasn’t a good idea, nor was the “Hallelujah” chorus on the soundtrack during its reveal. That just made it too tawdry, too sleazy for a scene that would otherwise have been very sympathetic to Banner.

Also I personally think Banner would have been circumcised.

I’m so sick of people acting like cutting the Jason x Kimberly kiss in Saban’s Power Rangers (2017) is some major feminist movement. Because most of the people that say that also say Tommy is going to show up and I can’t wait to see Jason and Trini be jealous once Kim falls for Tommy. Because guess what, they cut the kiss because Jason and Kim barely fuckin’ knew each other. If you read the novelization after the flashback Jason does his stunt and gets into an accident then three weeks later the movie starts before detention.

Within the next few weeks (2-3) the teens become Rangers, train, form friendships and then save the world. The comic Aftermath hints heavily that Jason and Kim both have feelings for each other but don’t do anything because they still (BARELY FUCKING KNOW EACH OTHER!) So yeah I’m fine with them cutting the kiss to make the relationship MORE REALISTIC. Jason and Kim have more moments together throughout the whole movie over any other pairings BTW.

So if you support the deleted scene because it negates Jason x Kim solely to push up Kim x Tommy then you done fucked up. Because if Kim falls for Tommy in one movie then it falls into the troupe you “all hate.” The ‘heteronormative girl falls for guy because he is super prettybad ass mantm.’ So stop acting all high and mighty while you also ship couples meeting and falling in love after less than18 days.

Plus we’re probably not getting a sequel because y’all slept on the movie proving to Hollywood that diversity doesn’t sell tickets. Can’t wait for more bald white guys to dominate the next wave of films because it will make the studios billions and you all complain about no diversity. You done fucked up. Did you see the movie five times like I did? I tried to support this movie so we could get more diverse movies, I fuckin’ tried. I’M SO FUCKIN’ SALTY!

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u may have heard of autistic archie.......but what about Autistic Kevin™


Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! Okay okay okay my boy Kevin!!!!!

- Goes non-verbal when he’s processing stress. During the stressful situation he’s fine, is able to be in the moment, but after it’s over, he closes up.
- Good stims include: clapping, flapping, spinning in circles, jumping.
- Won’t let himself download phone games. He gets lost in them for hours when he’s meant to be doing other things
- Hyperfocus or No Focus there’s no in between
- Where Archie has like a billion special interests, Kevin has only a very select few. Disney movies, Legend of Zelda, and mystery novels
- His favourite mystery novels are still the first ones he ever got as a little kid, Secret Seven and Famous Five collections by Enid Blyton
- Knows every obscure fact about Disney movies ever. Even the terrible Disney Channel movies.
- Sweaters are his favourite clothes….. They’re so soft…….. So good.
- He goes non-verbal for three days after Joaquín leaves. He only starts talking again when Archie invites him over for a Teen Beach Movie marathon and hugs him for the whole time.
- Archie and Kevin, the most adorable stimmy boyfriends of all time
- Kevin: “Disney bought Marvel….. Now I gotta like superhero movies”
Archie: “Here’s Chris Evans shirtless”
Archie: *happy flapping*
- He will listen to songs on repeat constantly. Listening to one song and then a different one straight after??? It’s just not realistic
- Also a good stim, running his hands through Archie’s hair. It’s a good stim for both of them.
- Archie: “You ever get like that… Mush feeling?”
Kevin: “In your brain?”
Archie: “Yeah.”
Kevin: “Like static.”
Archie: “That’s exactly what it’s like!!”

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Thanks for doing my request, game developer anon here! How would the rfa+v+saeran react to MC being a film maker? Thank you so much and have a nice day! :)

No problem! Thank you! 

I tried to give MC mostly different jobs with film making w each character! 


  • MC told him they had to work and usually you had a small studio to do this at but with this work you could do it at home for today 
  • “Oh! What do you do MC?” 
  • You told him you’re in charge of sound  
  • today you mostly just had to edit some of the sounds on your computer 
  • he thought it was really cool! 
  • “You know I’ve always liked movies, and I always pay attention to how much detail goes in the sound and its really cool” 
  • pfft okay Yoosung 
  • keeps watching you while you work 
  • “What are you doing now?” 
  • “I need it to be quiet while I’m working so I can hear it, Yoosung” 
  • “Oh! Sorry!” 
  • “…” 
  • “What are you doing now?” 
  • He delays your work a lot but makes up for it by being cute af 
  • Of course he watched the movies you worked on 


  • He was so excited when you told him you work with filming movies 
  • Has a screening of the movies you worked on at home for the RFA, 
  • “MC made that!!!! MC made that movie!” 
  • “Zen I was only filming certain things” 
  • insists you should be in front of the came not behind it 
  • visits you on set often 
  • which is starting to annoy the director since other coworkers get distracted by him. 
  • He really wants to work on something with you :’0 
  • You two often make silly homemade movies starring him 
  • and then show them to the RFA 


  • You had periods where you didn’t really have to work that much 
  • but then when you had to work it could be up to months of non-stop work 
  • And now was one of those times where you had to get to work 
  • You told Jaehee you were in charge of casting for an upcoming film 
  • She suggests you should cast Zen for it 
  • “I’m not sure if he would fit for this role” 
  • umm??? what are you talking about MC, Zen is perfect for any role tbh
  • She does  help you though when you’re having a hard time choosing people for call backs 
  • After the movie is done and has been screened the unknown actor you cast is starting to get a little fame 
  • Jaehee tells you its thanks to you 
  • nah they are just a good actor. 
  • who hadn’t been discovered if it hadn’t been for you 
  • but next time you’re casting for a movie you should cast Zen tbh 


  • You were getting frustrated after working so hard on this script and it was getting rejected
  • You had written scripts before that were worked on 
  • And now your favorite one was getting rejected which was really depressing 
  • It took a while for Jumin to notice you were upset but when he did he was quick to act
  • He asked what was bothering you and you told him
  • He got to read the script 
  • and he was really surprised ??? this is so good??? MC is a great writer wtf 
  • He will make sure this movie happens 
  • and he does. 
  • did he fund this himself???? 
  • He’s really happy to see you so happy about this happening 
  • Has a huge screening for it 
  • The movie ends up being pretty successful 
  • tbh none of your scripts will get rejected after this 


  • of course he knew you edit movies 
  • especially since you’ve won an award for it?? 
  • that would be impossible to hide
  • not that you were trying to hide it 
  • When you told him you edit he tried to seem surprised 
  • “You knew already didn’t you?” 
  • He wants to edit movies with you 
  • but you can’t let him edit the actual movies you work on 
  • so you two end up making a ridiculous movie together 
  • and it’s actually pretty great 

  • You told him you’re a cgi artist for films 
  • you reveal it to him when you were complaining about how it can take months to work on one scene 
  • you sometimes work with this at home and sometimes at a studio with other artists 
  • but when you work at home he just loves sitting next to you while you’re working, Listening to you breathe and the occasional grumble 
  • but also you’re an artist!! He’s an artist!! wow! 
  • He has to make sure you take breaks to eat because you are too focused on this. 
  • Loves everything you’ve worked on 


  • You worked on special effect makeup 
  • and you were doing small tests on yourself at home 
  • by “small” I mean you were practicing making it look like half your face was burned 
  • when you were done you admired it in the mirror. 
  • Right then Saeran walked in 
  • he screamed 
  • he ran to you panicking he grabbed on to you and was ready to go get you help 
  • you had to yell that you were fine so he could hear you over his yelling 
  • “It’s makeup!” 
  • “what!” 
  • you then explained to him that your job was to do special effect makeup for movies and you were just practicing 
  • this boy is so relieved but so annoyed at the same time
  • you scared him!! 
  • don’t do that again! 
  • You show him some movies you’ve worked on and he is pretty amazed that you can use makeup to make something so realistic 
  • you don’t ever practice at home from now on though 

addictwithapen1  asked:

Hey, would you guys be interested in doing an interview? It would just be over the phone or something. I am writing a book and one of my characters has DID. I don't want to write incorrectly about it, and I am trying to make it realistic (unlike the movies). I've done a lot of research, which is how I found your page. If you do not want to do it, that fine too. Thanks

That sounds cool but I’ve been lacking an adult around lately to organise stuff and check things are ok and safe.

I’ll throw this post out to the DID community for now and say if you’re reading this and would be happy to volunteer your time to a writer then please get in touch with this person and help them 🙂

(I don’t know how long it would be before I can get an adult in the system to sort it out and I’d rather not keep you waiting. Hope that’s ok). From Ollie

Okay so, I’m gonna sound like an asshole, but it kind of pisses me off when people who discover Heathers the film from the musical write paragraphs about how much they hate it?

Let me let you in on a little secret: the two are so different that they are better than each other in multiple ways depending on what you look for in media!!!

The reason Heathers the musical was made is because everyone involved fucking LOVES the film Heathers. So why would you spend your time ranting about how much “it sucks compared to the musical”

Heathers the movie is meant to be a satire. It is a dry, emotionless comedy meant to make you laugh and then feel uncomfortable. It takes jabs at the nerds who think they’re better than the popular kids and the way the media glorifies suicide (which by the way, the fact that someone was exploring this subject matter almost 30 years ago is fucking revolutionary because it was nowhere near as prevalent in society as it is today) You aren’t meant to pull for the romance between JD and Veronica. It’s a deconstruction of all the other John Hughes-esque movies of the time, where the popular girl falls for the rebel instead of the jock. This time she finds out that the jocks are assholes and that the rebel is a fucking psychopath. The ending where she makes a bunch of selfish decisions (“You know what I want, babe? Cool guys like you out of my life”, lighting a cigarette to show her lack of remorse that an asshole is dying, etc.) is empowering. It’s one of the first movies of it’s time that aren’t about a girl realizing she’s falling for the wrong guy, it’s about a girl realizing she’s done with being controlled and manipulated by assholes, whether it’s the Heathers or her boyfriend.

Heathers the musical is a dramatic story that wears its heart on its sleeve that often utilizes comedic relief. It tells the same story, but it is NOT A SATIRE. Many of you say that the characters are, “more complex” (which, personally I disagree with, I think movie Veronica is way more complex) I think that y’all confuse “emotionally complex” with “this character sings a 3 minute song talking about his/her emotions which make them more clear to me”. Veronica in the musical is entirely different: in the film Veronica is kind of a bitch who makes a lot of flawed decisions, but she can recognize that bullying people and murdering them are wrong. In the musical, Veronica is a sweet heart who finds herself in the wrong crowd and is often manipulated. She’s someone who believes that the world is good, and holds that belief even after everything goes wrong (making for a perfect reprise). Veronica is heroic and willing to give every piece of herself away in the musical: even running from the school with a bomb planning to die for assholes that never even gave a shit about her. She even has empathy for JD in his final moments, wishing she could fix him. Many of you like the relationship more between JD and Veronica in this version. And, that’s fine, because it was written in a way where you’re supposed to. That makes the ending more sad and “beautiful” if you will. 

In essence, the movie and the musical have the same plot but are perfect in their own ways. The movie is a realistic cynical story, using characters to convey a message and producing an iconic badass female character while doing so. The musical is a beautiful story about an idealistic girl who chooses to do the right thing even when obstacles face her, stating that even after she watches her boyfriend explode, she believes life is beautiful. THEY HAVE TWO DIFFERENT MESSAGES, BOTH ARE COOL AND BOTH ARE IMPORTANT.


vaguestblogging  asked:

So I really respect your opinion, which is why I'm asking this. I saw Mad Max: Fury Road and I really liked it. It created a new visual language that was thrilling and disorienting. The cinematography, the score, the acting: all great. But...I just didn't find it to be as amazingly feminist as others have. In particular I really didn't like the way the wives were filmed or their costumes. It still felt very Princes Leah in a Gold Bikini.

2/2 A lot of the plot points still felt really dehumanizing and misogynistic: the women being milked, the baby being cut out of a dead woman. And I think the ways these things were shown was still fairly leering. I don’t know if you noticed these things or if you felt the same way. But I really wanted to ask your opinion.

YOOO, sometimes I feel like I’m not loudly feminist enough on this blog, so it means a lot that you would respect my opinion on this kind of thing.

Also, your points are very legit. There are absolutely several scenes in this movie showing men dehumanizing women. The major plot point in Fury Road is escape from sexual slavery, full stop, and I would get it if that means some people just cannot enjoy it. That is completely valid and understandable.

But I think there’s a fine line between a movie treating a theme and a movie exploiting a theme? I want to qualify this statement somehow, but I actually can’t think of a moment where I saw the way Fury Road was shot as leering at women. It was brutally realistic about the violence perpetuated against them, but it never enjoyed it, and never asked the audience to either. I love that you made the Princess Leia connection, because I actually cited the exact same thing to my friend as an example of what I feel like Mad Max didn’t do?

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