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What is your opinion of the M*A*S*H movie, if you don't mind my asking?

I only watched it once, about a year ago. I don’t remember it all that well to be honest.

But I don’t remember particularly liking it. If I remember correctly it was like, all the worst parts of the early seasons and none of the fun parts. Also they gave Hawkeye the worst bucket hat in the history of television.

And my favorite part of the series is the character developement, something the movie severely lacked; It was hard to really enjoy the characters the same. The wit was less witty and the pranks were in poorer taste. Maybe I would have appreciated it more if I watched it before ever seeing the show and wasn’t constantly comparing them. But it did have good ole Gary Burghoff, which in some respects made it weirder to watch, but it was also a comfort.

I actually own the movie on dvd because it came with my boxset, maybe sometime I’ll go through and make a movie/tv show parallels gif set, that sounds fun.

  • Dionysus: I must say you are a gloomy looking kid. Why so glum?
  • Percy: My mom just died.
  • Dionysus (blandly): Ah, yes, of course. How very, very awful.
  • Dionysus: Wait! Let's do that one more time! Bring me the line again! Quickly, while it's still fresh in my mind.
  • Percy: [confused] My mom just... died?
  • Dionysus(gasping dramatically): Chiron... I shall raise this orphan as if he were actually wanted.

There are actually people worried we might not get a second season of Yuri on Ice?

Um. It’s one of the best-selling animes of the year, if not the best, and that without significant event tickets. The merchandising basically prints money. Kubo and Yamamoto have both said that they’re going to work on it as long as they can. The producer (? I think?) said that the plan is to let them do whatever they want for as long as they want. The movie literally has the catchphrase “We can’t be stopped!”

People. Please, please, please stop and take a deep breath.

My main worry about a season 2 was that they would try to rush a second season out in October of this year. I think that time is a good thing for creativity and I don’t want anyone burning out (or dying, or getting sick) from an unhealthy release schedule. 

A movie is PERFECT.

It gives the fans something to have between seasons. It gives the staff space to produce the best work possible for the next season.


And we will get that Season 2. There is NO WAY we won’t.


Y'all ready for this? ChiChi looks HOT AF.

Thank you sirmaconbacon for this gem.