the movi was pretty meh

guess who got to watch wonder woman in all her 3D glory this afternoon

this girl

I think the most hilarious thing to me about the bs ‘Jyn stole Cassian’s line’ thing is that I took it as the ironic echo trope because when Cassian originally says it he sounds pretty sarcastic to me  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


Dedicated to Amy.

Cross my heart and hope to die
I’ll see you with your laughter lines

*the golden filigree from the room literally begins disintegrating, floating onto the fabric with vine-like designs to adorn Belle’s dress*

*camera zooms out for a full view of the Belle’s dress while she stands at top of the staircase*

Me: I feel so underwhelmed.

Like/loved elements from the movie but as whole it was pretty “meh” to me. I know I’d be in the minority which is fine. 

People do realize though that the stinger isn’t exactly a confirmation, right? It’s an implication that the story has been left opened for it to continue and I know that a 3rd is likely to happen but I’ve been reading so many “3rd movie confirmed!” comments when it really hasn’t just yet.

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1. What’s your favorite portrayal of a superhero? 
Probably Sir Ian McKellen’s Magneto.

2. If you could travel to any time and any place in history, when and where would you go?
American Civil War. New York.

3. What’s your favorite Star Wars movie, spin-offs included?
I might get shot, but I’m pretty meh about Star Wars. I guess Rogue One, if I had to pick, but I really don’t feel strongly about any of them. I just love the cast in that movie.

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sausage party
  • me upon watching the trailer: Hmm...doesn't seem half bad...the art's's got a nice premise...alright...
  • me upon reading the script: OH MY GOODNESS NO!
  • me upon giving it some thought: Egh, it's immature and the script's bad but I mean it could lead to greater things in the animation industry.
  • me upon watching it: Haha, the hotdog said fuck.
  • me upon writing the review: Meh, pretty underwhelming for a movie with a food orgy. Could have been so much worse.
  • me upon seeing the animators were treated like shit: Well fuck me.

fuckyeahmaxwelledison  asked:

No, I'm serious. You obviously really liked it, and I, while I saw some bright spots, was pretty meh about the movie as a whole. DC is stubbornly refusing to learn from any of the MCU's successes. I'm trying to figure out what you saw that I didn't, and while I was a bit sarcastic there, I am genuinely curious. I obviously cared enough to have pre-ordered midnight showing tickets, I wasn't bored on a tuesday when I saw this movie.

“DC is stubbornly refusing to learn from any of the MCU’s successes.”

Because there’s only one way to tell super hero stories, right? Or are, say, Batman ‘66 and The Dark Knight Returns equally valid interpretations of the same character?

Dear god, I enjoy the Marvel films as much as the next person, but at the same time I’m getting tired of the same formula over and over again. There’s room in the world for different takes, interpretations and styles.

When it comes to Superman, it feels like people want the Christopher Reeve take again and again and again…but Superman Returns showed that what that leads to is me falling asleep in the cinema. I liked Man of Steel and BvS because it showed a different Superman, a Superman who’s still developing his moral compass, who’s still learning what it means to be Superman. That doesn’t mean that other takes on Superman aren’t still valid…that’s precisely my point…these characters have been around for seventy years, there’s no definitive Superman, or Batman, that’s the one true version of those characters.

Why is “grimdark” valid when Marvel adapt a character closely associated with Frank Miller but not when DC do it? Why the acclaim for Daredevil and Jessica Jones (and DD season 2 was a hot mess plot wise) and not for BvS? Because one’s for adults and one’s for children? My kids loved BvS! Look at the video games and TV shows kids are watching…I think they’re ok with Batman and Superman having a bit of a fight.

As for the point about seeing Bruce’s parents die again (which we saw in Gotham, remember, and nobody complained about that)….yes, you and I have seen many times before…but, I can guarantee you that a large slice of the BvS audience hasn’t, or if they have they’ve completely forgotten about it. Because most people really aren’t into this stuff like we are. That said, I think they did it really well, didn’t dwell on it, got it out of the way quickly and moved on.

I think a lot of the problem here is that people went into the film wanting a Marvel movie. If I want a Marvel movie then I’ll go see a Marvel movie, god knows there are enough of them. I want DC to give me something different, else what’s the point?

Now, can I get back to reading my book?