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Church Mouse

Request: Can you make headcanons about the reader dating Wade but being shy? I am a very shy and non social person to strangers but if I know you well then I will talk about lot.

You sat in a booth by yourself waiting to see if your pick for the dead pool was dead or not. You had quite a bit of money, and a lot of faith on your bet. You watched the door seeing if your pick would come in. The bar’s phone rang and Weasel answered it; you watched him, wondering what news was being delivered. He looked upset, and after a sigh he hung up the phone.

“Hey! I got results on the dead pool!” he yelled. The bar quieted as everyone awaited who was dead, and who would get the money.

“Snake Eyes got stabbed to death outside of a Toys R Us. He is definitely dead and that means Church Mouse won the dead pool.” He announced. Groans and curses filled the bar and you got a few nasty glares. They didn’t bother you though, you were so good your name never even made it up on the dead pool. You got up and went to the bar to accept your reward.

“Alright, Mouse, $2000,” Weasel counted out the money in front of you and you accepted it with a small smile, “Nothing, no scream of happiness, not even a little word?”

“Shut up, leave me alone,” You grinned. Weasel was a friend… in loose terms. There was a reason you were called Church Mouse, mouse for short, you were as quiet as a church mouse. Most of the people in the bar had no idea what your voice sounded like. You just weren’t comfortable enough to talk around them. You preferred keeping to yourself. You only came to the bar for jobs and the dead pool. Weasel kept people from bothering you.

“Hellooo beautiful!” a voice called out as they came undoubtedly over to you. Weasel kept everyone from bothering you, everyone except Wade Wilson.

“I thought maybe you died,” you said with a smile.

“Ha ha, as if you could be so lucky,” he laughed, hands going to hold your waist.

“I don’t know, Wade. Tonight’s my lucky night. Snake Eyes died,” you grinned.

“Snaaaake!” Wade wailed out.

“As if he didn’t get enough of you Metal Gear Solid references when he was alive.”

“Well, you won, why don’t you take a pretty girl like me out for a night on the town.”

“I will, when I find a pretty girl like you around,” you threw back.

“Ouch,” he laughed.

“So this is what she’s really like?” Weasel asked, looking between the two of you amusedly. You rolled your eyes and put your money in your bag.

“Yes, but ssshh it’s a secret.”

“Shut up, Wade.” You laughed. You walked around him to leave. He took your hand and pulled you back.

“Wait, wait,” he spoke and you let him pull you back so you were in front of him again.


“Balls in holes?”He asked.

“I want the big ass Panda.”

“Come on then.” he was running off to the exit as fast as he could. You let him drag you along, laughing all the while. As you walked about the arcade Wade held your hand pulling you along to whatever caught his eye at the moment. He was good enough at ski ball that he got the Giant Panda for you without any problem. As you walked back home you carried the panda with one arm while Wade continued to hold your hand.

“Yes! A jalapeno popper grilled cheese,” You laughed.

“I have never even thought of that! Are these the things you think up when you’re so quiet?”

“Some of the things.”

“You’re like a junk food Einstein.”

“Oh and you’d love my cherry crescents,” you continued.

“Oh I’d love to eat your cherry crescents,” he grinned wildly as the two of you headed up the stairs of your apartment. You punched him in the shoulder, all the while laughing.

“Wade! That’s not went a meant!”

“I mean it in whatever way you meant, and how I meant it too.”

“Fine, come on up and we’ll see what kind of cherry crescents you get.”

~Mod Lillian (Yo jalapeno popper grilled cheese is the best thing ever. And cherry crescents are those crescent rolls with chopped maraschino cherries inside with a cherry glaze. They are soo good. They are both things that I found out could exist at like 3 AM.)

weird dreams w/ dan and phil that I actually had

I was playing hide n seek with them and they were hiding in a bed together so I made my first impression by screaming, “PHAN IS REAL, I FOUND YOU!1!!!1!!!”

I was at TATINOF and Justin Bieber came on stage twerking and at the end of the show, everyone melted into cheese and I turned into a mouse and started drowning.

Phil won 25 million dollars and spent it all on house plants. Dan died and I woke up with a broken heart. 

(to be continued…)

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There was a great gus vs mouse battle this morning. The mouse won. #catsofvine

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The boy was mean and quiet more often than not; he would stay while she got him some bread and then bolt as soon as it was in his hands, quick as a deer and feral as a wolf. In all the months since she had first spotted him, he still would not speak a single word, would not even smile. Kili was determined; each visit seemed more and more like a frustrating game of cat and mouse; the boy always won. "Don't go running off after I give you food this time." She grumbled. "I have a surprise for you."

Ori had learned from a young age that nothing was for free. Or at least people never gave things away for free. They always wanted something in return. And Ori had nothing. So he learned to take. Take and never regret it. It was how the world was simply meant to be. That was, until he met one little girl that changed his life. She grew up different than him, that was obvious. She was nice. Nice people were always taken advantage of. She gave him bread and he would run, hoping that she would never catch him and demand something in return. But before she gave him his food, she spoke. Ori never talked, he never had a reason to. He just listened warily.

Possibilities ~5

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Part 4

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Today he was going to Alexandria, you baldly wanted to see Darly and then there was Rick. You wondered how they were doing. Negan sat by the edge of the bed, whistling the stupid tune. 

“ Negan?” He stopped whistling, turning his head to look over at you over his shoulder. He waited for you to say what you wanted. 

“ Can I go with you?” 

He chuckled, turning around facing you, “ And you think I’d fucking allow you to come with me mouse?” 

You gulped, looking away from him before you yelped as he crawled on tope of you. Biting his bottom lip, he pinned your arms on the bed staring down at you.

“ And what would I get from you?” His eyes darken a bit as he looked at you, so small in his grasp. He placed a kiss on your jaw before going to your neck, tugging on the skin with his teeth. Arching your back, moaning as you turned your head to give him better accesses. 

“ You fucking like that mouse? You want me to fuck your tight pussy?” He growled, taking the sight of you. You were only in shorts and a tank top, he licked his lips before he released your hands as he glided his hand down to your chest gripping your breast through the fabric. 

Moaning softly, he removed your tank top and shorts, he unbuckles his pants that he was wearing throwing them aside letting his spring free. 

You didn’t get another word out as he thrusted himself in you. Whimpering in surprises as he rocked his hips against yours. Each thrust was harder than the one before, his chest was against yours. He was moaning and groaning into your ear as he thrusted in you. 

“ Fuck…” he mumbled. Biting down your earlobe, you soon followed with the same words grabbing onto the sheets, arching your back in pleasure as you came. He howled out your name, following after you. 

He collapsed on top of you before rolling over to your side, looking over seeing you trying to catch your breath. He laughed, “ I think you deserve it.” 

You let a small smile lit on your face, you were going to see your brother. 

As you got closer and closer to your once so called home, the gates opened as you drive in sitting next to Negan. He had a strong grip on you, he took Lucille with one hand in the other he had your arm dragging you outside. 

He didn’t need to be such an asshole. It was like you weren’t going to run way or anything like that.

Gripping your arm, he tugged you back placing his mouth near your ear, “ If you try anything mouse, I won;t just bash someone’s head off, I will do it to whatever his name is..” he growled letting you go. 

You nodded, whatever his name was your brother. Daryl. Negan can never remember his name. 

As he let you go, you didn’t hesitate to run. Rick’s house was up ahead. The door opened as soon as you run up the steps seeing Carl step out holding Judith in his arms.

“Y/N!” He yelled seeing you, wrapping one arm around your waist. Hugging him, not wanting to let go. He was okay, for now and so was Judith. Looking down at them, tears brimmed your eyes. You were so happy to see them, the door opened once again. You’re head shot up seeing Rick coming out, he smiled widely seeing you.

“ Y/N…” he said reaching out to you. You let Carl go as you wrapped your arms around his neck. He was here. In your arms. “ Rick..” He gripped on you tighter, his face buried into your shoulder.

Pulling away, Rick cupped your face with his hands. “ He hurt you?” he asked softly examining your face for any cuts or bruises. “ Not the way you think…” He moved away your hair as his eyes got wide seeing the hickey’s on your neck. “ Y/N, no.. I …. no..” Shaking your head, taking his hand, kissing his palm. “ No Rick, don’t. Don’t blames yourself or anyone.” 

He looked like he wanted to cry in front of you, instead he pulled you to his chest raking his fingers through your hair. “ I just want you all safe, I don’t care what happens to me.” 

Rick was about to say something when you heard your brother’s voice, “ Y/N?” 

You slipped out from Rick’s arms turning to see Daryl staring at you. He dropped his crossbow racing up the steps to you, pulling you into him hugging you. He began weeping into your shoulder, “ I’m here… but not for long..” 

A whistle brought you out from your hug with Daryl. He frowned, this meant that Negan was ready to go. 

“ I don’t want you t’ leave” you sighed, bringing him into a hug once more. “ I know, I know but I have to. I have to keep you safe. For you. For Rick. For Carl. For everyone. You all are my family and I love you all.” 

Daryl sniffled before he leaned down kissing your forehead, “ Better go. I don’t want ya t’get into trouble” you nodded your head, sighing turning to face Rick, Carl and Judith. 

You send Rick a smile, a real one. For him. Looking down at Carl, you winked at him before bopping Judith’s nose turning to Daryl, you pat his shoulder walking down the stairs to where Negan was waiting with a look of displease on his face. What crawled into his pants now and died? 

“ It’s a pretty clear view from here to that house..” you had an idea what he was talking about. He saw the affection between you and Rick. He was jealous of the way Rick had his hands on you. 

“ Don’t pout sweetheart, get in the damn RV before I fuck you in front of them” 

Tonight was going to be another night where you preferred to be in hell then with Negan. 

He laughed seeing the disgusting look on your face, he pushed you into the RV making you stumble on the small step. Glaring at him, you walked into the RV with Negan strolling behind, slamming the door shut. 

“ You are fucking mistaken if you think I am going to let this go mouse. You belong to me. Me. I fucking own you. That pansy has nothing on me. I am going to fuck you until everyone hears you scream my name.” 

Negan pushed you inside his room, slamming the door. He was furious with you. Sitting on the edge of the bed, a knock came to the door. He opened it screaming what. One of his wives stood there, staring at him.

“ I-I he-eard you were back.. I came to please you baby. You want to have a good time? Let me please you tonight” 

He growled, “ Get the fuck out before I bash your face into that wall.” She nodded before running the way she came for. He slammed the door, pinching the bridge of his nose. 

“ Women..” he mumbled. 

He looked up, his dark gaze turning to you. “ You. I don’t fucking like sharing what’s mine.” 

Negan still had Lucille in his hands, you were afraid he was going to end you right here and there. He chuckled, seeing you eyeing her.

“ I am not going to hurt you with my baby girl. No, what I want is to fuck your tight pussy so hard. You make me so hard sitting there like a beat up puppy”

He made his way over to you, ripping your shirt off before pushing you down on the bed as he tore down your jeans from your legs. He growled at the sight, “ You’re so hot mouse.” 

Negan undressed himself before crawling on top of you. “ You will regret even thinking about him. Prepare to scream tonight sweet heart.” 

He laid on the bed, his dick in his hands as he stroked it watching you. “ Well…?” He motioned to his dick before adding, “ It’s not fucking going to suck itself sweetheart.” 

You crawled up to him, on your knees taking him in your mouth. He growled grabbing the back of your head as he pushed himself into your mouth, fully. You gagged a bit, he laughed, “ Too much?” 

Bopping your head up and down, he threw his head back moaning your name out. He let your head go a little for you to breath before you started to suck faster meeting his rhythm as he thrusted himself into your mouth. 

A few more thrust before he came into your mouth, you didn’t want to swallow. He sees that in your expression, gripping your chin making you look at him. 

“ Don’t you dare spit it out. Swallow for me.” 

You grimace as you swallowed, before yelping as he rolled you over on your back with him not top. Negan glanced down at you, lust and hunger in his eyes before he smirked as he thrusted himself into you. 

He was thrusting into you hard and rough, wincing not used to being rough. But as time passed, you moaned to his thrusting. He chuckled darkly, “ good girl. “ 

Ramming into you, deeper peering down at you hitting your spot. You couldn’t help it but moan louder. 

He continued to thrust, hitting the spot over and over. Kept mumbling fuck and good girl underneath his breath. You were a moaning mess, gripping his arms as you threw your head back as he thrusted into you once more sending you to your climax. He followed after a few more thrusts. 

Collapsing on top of you, he pulled out of you, pulling you to him as he laid down next to you closing his eyes. He nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck, his breathing became slow. 

He was asleep. He was a monster but then why does it feel so right being with him but yet wrong. 

He didn’t seem like a monster, just a man scared of something. You were going to break him. You didn’t care what it took. 

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Imagine Steve trying to cheer Bucky up after he comes back to him and in the end he takes him to DisneyLand and Bucky becomes over excited about everything there and Steve just melts :DI dunno something like that, where Bucky runs around the park like a kid and Steve just falls even more in love with him. I hope I did that right? :)

“Can I set it on fire?” Bucky asks eagerly, staring at the huge Mickey Mouse hat monstrosity Steve won for him.

“What–Bucky, no!” He pauses. “Well, not here anyway,” he says, eyeing it too.

Bucky pouts but puts it shamelessly on his head. “Can we go to the roller coasters?” 

Steve throws an arm over his shoulder. “Yeah, Buck. Whatever you want.”