the mouse market

“The stock market is all about fear and anxiety, best shown in how a mouse reacts to a cat,” the Dutch cartoonist Joost Swarte says of “The Mouse of Wall Street,” his cover for this week’s issue. When Swarte first sent his sketch, the markets were in free fall—but then a day later they had rebounded. Swarte amended the image to show “the optimistic mouse.”

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This week’s Tortie Scouts is all about showing resourcefulness in Entrepreneurship!

My dream is to open a photography business! I have learned from Mommy that taking pictures is lots of fun. I even have my own Kirby-sized camera!

anonymous asked:

mouse poop spreads horrible diseases (you can google a list) that ends up being fatal to more pets than people. Once mice have gotten used to living in a house they'll rarely stay put in the wild if you relocate them. best case scenario they end up eaten by a snake before they can make it to a new house and kill someone's pet through their poop. pls kill your vermin.

so like i know I’m being an unnecessarily big baby about this (most mouse killers on the market are such horrible ways to die tho!!!!!) but would it still be acceptable to catch & release somewhere in the wild miles away from residential areas? like at least that way they’re not anywhere that their poop will kill a pet. if I absolutely have to kill this thing I will but if there’s like….. ANY alternative I’d rly prefer to go w that…..


As you saw yesterday, I tested out being a professional photographer for this week’s Tortie Scouts Entrepreneurship badge!

Turns out I am going to need a very big budget for cameras…I am going to need to get new cameras all the time because they just look too tasty to resist!

anonymous asked:

u know what i just Realized??????? dnp have two different computer mice bc different hands but instead of sitting where it would make most sense where they can both easily reach their mouse, they sit opposite, where they have to reach over the other to get their mouse

is this accurate market research because i think they just keep one mouse in the middle where dan can easily reach it with his left hand and phil can easily reach it with his right hand. that’s what it’s always looked like to me at least