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this is for all the people who won’t leave me alone about writing josh smut. i’m sick today but this is all i’ve got in me, while i work on the next bit of heartbeat.

You can hear Josh giggling on the other line as soon as you answer you phone, and immediately, you know what to expect. You let out a sigh, rolling over and switching your bedside light on so you can get you bearings; pulling the phone away from your ear, you see that it’s 1:30am.

“Josh, it’s one in the morning,” you grumble.

“Oh, shit, baby, I’m sorry,” he responds, dragging his words out. “I didn’t know it was that early. Or late. Or…” He trails off, immediately beginning to laugh; you hear another laugh in the background that you recognize to belong to Brendon.

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another gift to @verefex ! I’m already so in love with Jung and Storm and I can’t wait to see more of them :D 


The Mountain Goats concert was absolutely amazing! I got the Beautiful Rat Sunset liner (with that prime Agamemnon/Oresteia/ general Atreus House content) signed by John Darnielle! And actually, he recognized me when I went to go get it signed because I’d been singing fervently along to every song 3 feet from the stage, SO. Also I got up the courage to talk to him about ancient literature JUST a little (There’s a mountain goats song about Sophocles’ Ajax, Against Agamemnon, which I Adore and I love that play AND IM SO GLAD JOHN ALSO LOVES IT WE HIGH FIVED ABOUT IT so!)
AND THEN I got to take a picture with him, almost about burst into tears, it was a transcendent experience, etc

There’s two elderly men arguing in the booth behind me at Culver’s, and now that I’m eavesdropping I realize they’re fighting over the logistics of time travel and the fourth dimension?? Also one of them is named Kermit, I am living for this.