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hecateathena  asked:

I have only used an Ouija Board once. It went like this: Me: "Is anyone there?" Board: *moves to no* *moves to goodbye* Me: -.-


Anonymous said to thepaganstudygrouppage:

Ahaha, i learned the hard way about not banishing after a Ouija board. I was like 10 and fucking around. Spirit said he killed kids, that we should kill ourselves. I got scared and left - one week later I swear it attacked and tried to kill me. ©

© I have since learned spirits are more powerful than we give em credit down and not to fuck around. People need to stay safe and protect themselves. There are spirits out there that will try to really hurt you. 

Many of us magic practitioners are of the opinion that the first thing someone should learn is protective magic.  Xochiquetzal Duti Odinsdottir has pointed out that there’s also a racial element to this: they said protective magic is often the very first thing that practitioners of color learn, and in response they’ve heard white-identified people ask, “Why?  We’ve never had to.”  Mortals are capable of hurting each other in ways that spirits never can, after all, and many people learn this much earlier and often much more forcibly than others.

- mountain hound

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