the mountain goats project


Oh man I never posted her!

THE YAGA is a spell/magic item merchant of questionable everything. She is a part of my Slavic-Russian fantasy RPG project codenamed Lukomoriye for now!

I love thinking about how she would move, probably skipping and hopping off branches and standing at impossible angles, like mountain goats.

anonymous asked:

After getting tea in my nose thanks to the laughing fit over that goat joke I want to say two things: thank you for making my day so much better on my mountain peak and this goat will be my next art project because that mental picture will bring me joy every time I get a dose of binary pestering from now on. You are a brilliant person and a knight in shining armour to every enby out there (and here).

im glad that u feel that was thank you for the message also i have a question what kind of tea was it and was it liquid tea or were u just snorting looseleaf dry tea 

File this under something you don’t see every day! 🐐

In Glacier National Park , you expect to find mountain goats on mountain tops or steep, impossible-to-reach pinnacles. This week, visitors were able to find a goat quite easily – on the roof of the park’s Logan Pass Visitor Center! This is one of 24 mountain goats with a radio collar, part of a research project to find out more about goat behavior and movement patterns. National Park Service photo.


Yeah, this was directly inspired by cotton.

Hey folks, over 100 followers now! Pretty impressive stuff. After next week this semester will be over, freeing me to finally upload those videos from the concert I promised in October. My bad, ya know how life gets. Busy and all.

But! We still need submissions! (As always) so don’t be so shy! Use your holiday break time to do something creative, 9/10 times people do not actively regret creating things, studies show. Studies also say that submitting art to blogs increases your chances of merry holidays and makes food taste better than it would prior.

So get to it!