the mountain goats

Wear Black

Rain every day
Fog all night
Wind in the evergreen cypresses
See me, Lord of Wind and Rain
See me, guardian of the Underpasses

Wear black when it’s light outside
Wear black when there’s no light
Wear black following the left hand path
Wear black but I get right

Waves at night
Hard waves at dawn
All this coast is vanishing
Check me out, I can’t blend in
Check me out, I’m young and ravishing

Wear black on your forgotten radar
Wear black in the present tense
Wear black when you come around
Wear black in your absence
Wear black high as a kite (wear black)
Wear black dead sober (wear black)
Wear black when the trouble starts (wear black)
Wear black when it’s over (wear black)

Sun through the trees
Head for the sun
Can’t find the path back to the main road
See me, Lord of The Thomas Guide
See me, Keeper of the Source Code

Wear black to the intervention
Wear black back to the car
Wear black wherever I go
Wear black wherever you are

from Goths (2017)

Somewhere, John said this was his favorite song on the album, and I completely agree.

My friend explained the DND alignment chart to me, so I made this

Who’s who?

Why Andrew Jackson Jihad/AJJ as Chaotic Evil?

Why Jared Mees as Chaotic Good?

Why The Front Bottoms as True Neutral?

If you want more explanations/evidence for bands lmk

Up the Wolves
The Mountain Goats
Up the Wolves

I’m gonna get myself in fighting trim
Scope out every angle of unfair advantage
I’m gonna bribe the officials
I’m gonna kill all the judges
It’s gonna take you people years
To recover from all of the damage

Our mother has been absent
Ever since we founded Rome
But there’s gonna be a party when the wolf comes home

from Come, Come to the Sunset Tree (2005)