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You sent in a art meme! Can I have a 4D Sans and a 3D Papyrus!

You’re in for a hell of a mood swing, friend!

Papyrus pulled out his cell phone and dialed that old familiar number. He didn’t know if he was expecting anything different this time…

I’m not sure what I was aiming for, here. 

DAY 3326

Jalsa, Mumbai                 May 6/7,  2017               Sat/Sun 1:23 am

Birthday - EF - Zain Hussain     Sun, May 7 ..greetings to you Zain from us all for your birthday .. and wishes for it to be a memorable day and for many many such days to come .. love from the Ef

Many scientists and those that deal with the concepts of the human figure, have researched to inform us that the most difficult body part of the human is the hand .. there have been many attempts to recreate it in the past and have been unable to do so .. it is also that element of the body which if kept still for long would freeze and perish in stiffness .. nature has made it mandatory for us to make use then, of the hand, as many times as possible .. and being a believer and follower of everything that others say or express, I wish to justify my borrowed theory by this :

The hand that moves, moves mountains, expresses the most intricate emotions, conducts itself in a manner which cannot be duplicated and is the most complicated machinery in the human ..

I cannot agree with this more .. a still hand is an invitation to its degeneration and stiff idleness .. and they also say that the one that uses their hands often in conversations or narrations, are the ones that are most truthful and honest .. no .. I am not trying to justify the imagery that I post before .. its just that when debate and discussion appear in heated argument, it may be wise to observe the hands of the person, in contention ..!

Just a suggestion ..!

I labor to push these B&W squares before me with some abandon .. I labor because the day has been quite a filling experience .. and I wish to continue, but the moment that I would wish could possibly be pushed back, like pushed backwards, other complications could arise .. and we are finding ourselves less in rest and rehabilitation .. we are ringing the bell so to say every some moments to express our worth in a sense, but failing to get the kind of attention that was expected ..

I leave then to discover another side to my bed .. but before that something to ponder over and comment later in the day tomorrow ..

We are all clowns .. and the Ganpati on the wall behind endorses that .. ( we as in me ) .. the wall behind me does not lie ..

I want to beg leave .. and with a promise to be with all of you again .. soon

My love

Amitabh Bachchan

In the Yin-Yang Mountains

The footprint of human activity is relatively light in the Yandang mountains. Mostly, it consists of Taoist and Buddhist religious structures neatly tucked into topographical recesses or built literally inside cracks and caves. When I realized that these crack-inhabiting Buddhist structures were usually dedicated to a female patron deity—Guanyin to be precise— it suddenly dawned on me that something powerfully “yonic” was going on here.

For the non-literary critics among my readers, “yonic” is the female symbolical counterpart to the imagery called “phallic.” I guess, everybody knows what phallic symbols are—swords, towers, spires, and the like. For some reason, the term “yonic” is far less well known. In any case, it refers to things that call to mind female gender-specific anatomical features, i.e. cracks, tunnels, and caves—you get the idea.

Now, quite a few philosophies are built on the idea that life is structured by the dynamic and fruitful engagement of male and female principles. One of the more well-known applications of this principle originated in China, exemplified by the Taoist theory of yin and yang, with yin standing for the female principle and yang for the male element. The mutually interdependent and complementary natures of these two principles—with none of them dominating the other—is emblematically encapsulated in the iconic yin-yang ball.

I don’t think it is too much of a stretch to see a connection between phallic symbolism and yang and between yonic symbolism and yin. Which brings me back to the Yandang mountains. Indeed, on first sight, the whole Yandang region appeared to be in the thrall of the yang spirit because it looked phallic to boot: wherever one turned, there were all kinds of tower-like rock formations and isolated pillars sticking up.

But on a second look, after one penetrated deeper into the scenery, one soon came across many fissures, cracks, caves, and hollows that constitute textbook illustrations of the yonic element. Here is one.

The Taoist and Buddhist monks who flocked to the Yandang Mountains long ago must have been fascinated by the powerful yin-yang dynamic that puts its stamp on this landscape. Although the two religions should not be easily lumped together, they do share some common traits. In essence, the Chinese form of Buddhism, known as Ch’an (Zen in Japan) has emerged from a blending of Taoism and Buddhism. So, it should not surprise that ideas of non-duality originating in Taoism were taken up and given a Buddhist slant in Ch’an. Specifically, the Buddhist principle of non-attachment can be interpreted as an imperative to move beyond duality. 

Despite the philosophical tendency to overcome dualism, the devotees of both religions in the Yandang mountains express a strong preference for the yin principle. Not one temple, shrine, or monastery was built to sit perched atop one of the soaring rock spires, although this would have been technically possible. Instead, religious dwellings here were built to fit snugly into the cracks and hollows.

Following this preference for yonic locations, the faithful have built structures that were textbook examples of vernacular architecture: using local materials, notably hewn rock and timber, they erected buildings that responded naturally to the forms of the land.These structures seemed to be cradled by the the landscape, adjusting the human need to the lay of the land, rather than the other way around. Here, nature was primary, and human activity a beautiful and respectful afterthought.

Respect for the environment and love of the natural world are inherent elements of Buddhism and Taoism, to the point that one could consider them quintessentially ecological religions. Along the paths in the Yandang mountains, I saw sign-boards that read “Every tree, flower, or bird is pervaded by Buddha nature.” Based on this philosophy, the faithful had build sustainably constructed, “vernacular” dwellings. Trash was sparse along the walkways and gullies surrounding the monasteries, and the streams here flowed crystal clear, quite an achievement given the multitudes of tourists that this place attracts and given the widespread lack of environmental awareness among Chinese in general.

As indicated above, the most frequent object of religious veneration in these parts is Guanyin (or Avalokiteshvara), i.e. the goddess of compassion and mercy. One cavern featured a Guanyin figure that reminded me of the Virgin Mary statue in the grotto at Lourdes. Some ideas do seem to be quite universal, such as the pairing of the benevolent female deity and the cave.

Next to this statue of Guanyin, we found a tunnel that led to an underground cave with a positively “amniotic” pond gently illuminated by greenish backlight, with colorful flower cups–the insignia of Guanyin–floating on its surface. Here was an instance of yonic symbolism raised to the third power: cups floating on a pond inside a cave located at the end of a tunnel!

Guanyin was also on display with hundreds of helping hands at the topmost temple built into the mountainside far back in the valley.

But the most impressive manifestation of Guanyin that we came across was inside the largest cave in the mountains, at the base of “Spiritual Peak.” One first had to climb up a steep set of stairs to reach the base of the crack where the temple to honor Guanyin had been erected. Then, the pathway narrowed to a tunnel-like passage which one followed up another 60 feet or so until one emerged into the womb of the mountain, a vast cave at the center of which sat a regal, golden Guanyin surrounded by countless smaller deities gleaming in the shady nooks and crannies of the cave. The water dripping down from a hidden source deep inside the mountain completed the yonic associations of this place.

This site exerted a magnetic force that attracted not only tourists. Some serious religious activity was going on as well. For instance, in front of Guanyin one woman frantically shook a cylinder with rattling divination blocks inside, agitating the container until one of the blocks fell out; then, she scrambled after it in the semi-darkness, trying to see whether the message from the Goddess of Compassion contained reassuring news or perhaps a warning to avoid a dreaded outcome.

From the topmost terrace of this temple inside the crack, one looked outside toward a blinding mix of sky and rock. After one’s eyes had adjusted to the sharp contrast, one began to see a number of phallic spires that constituted the perfect yang complement to the shady, dripping interior of the yin cave.

Call it yin & yang in action or good feng shui or simply manifestations of dramatic geological activity. In any case, the contrasting landscape sent a powerful symbolical appeal, i.e. that we should consider opposites not necessarily as antagonistic but as complementary aspects of a larger whole, and that observable dichotomies were merely forces interacting in a dynamic system. It is a message that our world today could be heeding more often, especially the leaders who try to exploit opposition, division, and exclusion for their own gain.

Of course, Taoist and Buddhist monks have been drawn to unspoiled, remote natural locations for millennia. It is in such pristine settings that devotees of these religions develop their fullest potential, i.e. in close proximity to nature and away from the distractions and temptations of urban life. As indicated above, Buddhism and Taoism are innately ecological religions, teaching the interconnectedness of all things and emphasizing compassion with all phenomena, both natural and man-made. In that regard, eastern religions have a leg up on the monotheisms which tend to treat ecological considerations as an afterthought. Pope Francis is frequently the object of vituperation by conservative Catholics because of his ecological stance on global warming and his critique of capitalism’s environmental toll…

Anyway, I recently read an article in the New York Times (“What a Buddhist Monk Taught Xi Jinping”) about the relationship that Xi had built with a Buddhist monk during his formative period as a young party functionary. The article speculated that Xi might be a closeted Buddhist. It would be nice if the innate ecological respect of Buddhism had somehow rubbed off on China’s Premier. If that’s the case, then perhaps it is not so surprising that Xi Jinping has started to act as a global leader in the fight against climate change and as a staunch supporter of the Paris accord. At least it is nice to entertain this thought for a moment.

yoongi; my sleepy human (abusing the hyung card)

❝when you’re tired and worn out, yoongi decides to play his cards
►1144 words // scenario, vampire!yoongi
/in the middle of writing college!taehyung and vampire!yoongi pt2, this is a little something i have been picturing??? i can’t go wrong with more vampire!yoongi

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“Not here for the drinks,” Yoongi says, easily slipping past the younger to head for the stairs and Namjoon snorts, shaking his head, “You’re going to give her a heart attack one day! And we’re closed!”

“Sue me!”

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Unexpected Chapter Two

Chris Evans x Reader

Summary : You and your best friends decide to spend the day in Disneyland, and you bump into the one and only Chris Evans.

A/N : You requested another part and HERE IT IS!! I hope you all enjoy this as much as you did the first part. I had fun writing it. Thank you!! 

Word Count : 2,497

Warnings : Language. Thats about it.

Cover - Chapter One

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“Where the hell were you guys?!” Penny asked. 

Both you and Rashelle shared a glance, a smile forming on your lips. As she opened her mouth to spill what had just happened, the worker tapped her shoulder. 

“How many people are in your party?” She asked. 

Addie pulled her hair up into a messy bun, averting her eyes to the worker. “Five.” 

“Okay, three and two.” She pointed to the line. 

You all nodded, and made you way over. You were still overwhelmed from running into Chris. You couldn’t stop yourself from thinking of him, of his hypnotizing blue eyes that made your legs weak. And those plump lips you yearned to taste. 

There was a nudge at your side, that snapped you out of your trance. Pulling you back into reality. “Hello, earth to Y/N.” Charm chuckled. 

Glancing up, you flashed a soft smile. “Hmm?” 

“Did you guys get the fastpasses?” She asked.

You turned to Rashelle, wincing, realizing you both had completely forgotten about Space Mountain. Your facial expression was all Charm needed to know the answer. 

“Seriously?! You had one job! The fuck happened?” She teased. 

“She was flirting with Chris Evans!!” Rashelle shouted, her smile growing by the second. “And he was totally flirting back.” 

The girls all looked at you. There eyes growing wide. 

“Bullshit.” Addie exhaled. 

“I am serious! Y/N ran into him and girl–” She raised a brow, flashing a cynical smile “He couldn’t take his eyes off her.” 

“Shut up.” You groaned, shaking your head. “He was just being nice.” 

“Y/N, that man was practically drooling over you.” She cackled. 

Luckily for you, the conversation was cut short due to the ride. You all hopped in. Charm sat next to you while the others sat behind you. Its been so long since you’ve been on Indiana Jones, and you were excited for the ride. 

“Picture!” Charm yelled, putting her phone into the air. She snapped a picture quickly, before taking off. 

A risk. That’s exactly what he kept telling himself, so he wouldn’t turn back and forget the whole thing. In all honesty, this was something Chris never did. He was nervous, trying to figure out exactly what he was going to say. And no matter what he came up with, he talked himself out of it. Telling himself it was stupid and redundant.

His anxiety was beginning to take over. And just when he was about to turn around, his eyes fell on your silhouette. There you were, walking out of Indiana Jones, with a few girls next to you. Smiling as you mumbled something to the girl on your left. 

Chris felt his stomach flutter, watching the way your hair bounced with every step you took. You were radiantly breathtaking to say the least. And damn, Chris was hooked. 

“Okay, so since you losers didn’t get the fast passes-” Addie groaned. “Guess we have to wait in that long ass line.” 

“I’m sorry!” You chuckled. “But if any of you met Chris Evans, I am sure you would forget too.”

“Are you sure you actually met him and not just some guy who looks like him?” Penny muttered, linking her arm with Rashelle’s. “I mean, you did make that mistake once before.” 

You rolled your eyes, “One time!” 

Chris strode over to you, determined and excited all together. Just seeing you again, took all the doubt and anxiety away. He felt at ease. 

As you were all walking toward Tomorrowland, chatting about the plans for the day, you didn’t notice Chris until he walked right in front of you, making you all jolt. 

“Shit!” Addie exclaimed, clutching her chest. 

He raised his brows, throwing his hands up into the air. “I-I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to frighten you ladies.” He chuckled. 

After a second to pull themselves together, they all simultaneously looked up, and in that moment, they were frozen in their stance. You especially, with your breath hitched to the back of your throat, you couldn’t believe he was standing in front of you. After running off with Rashelle, you were sure you would never see him again.

Chris locked his gaze with yours, a small smile playing on his lips. “I think this belongs to you.” He muttered, holding the minnie ears in his hand. “Uh, Miles found it on the ground.”

You swallowed hard, looking at your Minnie Ears, then back into his alluring blue eyes. “T-thank you.” You exhaled. 

Reaching for your headband, your hand grazed against his, creating an immediate shiver that rippled up your spine.

“Holy shit, you’re–it’s really you.” Penny muttered, her mouth dropped. 

“I told you he was real!” Rashelle cackled. 

Chris scrunched his brows together, tilting his head to the side. “What?” 

Pulling yourself out of your daze, you shook your head, chuckling to yourself. “They–they didn’t believe I ran into you.” 

“Ah. I see.” He nodded, digging his hands deep into his pockets. “But I assure you ladies, I’m a real boy.” He winked. 

They all belted out into laughter, including you. Your cheeks were beginning to ache from all the smiling, but you couldn’t help it. Just being around him, you were a flustering mess. 

“You know, You left before we got to find out who the winner is.” He smirked. “So, I guess I win by forfeit.”

The blood rushed to your cheeks, as you shook your head. “No way! I was forced to walk away.” You exclaimed. “I didn’t forfeit. You’re just scared to lose.” 

The girls all shared a glance, as Rashelle nodded, flashing a cynical smile. 

Chris chuckled, seeing the competitive side of you was kind of a turn on. But as the seconds ticked by, he cleared his throat, trying to shake the ideas of you in his head. “Well-” He turned his attention to your friends, and exhaled. “Any of you ladies have a disney trivia Y/N and I can answer? We are kind of tied at the moment.” 

Addie, was the first to pull her phone out, putting a finger into the air. “I need to double check this answer real quick.” She mumbled. As she took a second to scan her phone, You and Chris shared a few glances. Smiling at each other as you awkwardly waited. 

Man, he was gorgeous. Especially in person. You were definitely smitten. 

“Okay. I got it.” Addie exhaled. “When does Mary Poppins say she will leave the Banks’ House?” 

Both you and Chris furrowed your brows, as you took a moment to ponder your thoughts. It’s been so long since you’ve seen Mary Poppins, and you weren’t sure of the answer. But luckily for you, Chris was stumped as well. 

He looked up into the air, wincing. “Shit, I don’t remember.” 

“Do you give up?” Addie chuckled. 

You and Chris shared a glance. You scrunched your nose, shrugging your shoulders. He thought for a moment, trying to remember everything that happened in the movie. From the songs, to the dancing penguins, to Mr. Banks fixing the kite. No matter how hard he thought, he just couldn’t figure it out. 

“Fuck!” He cackled. “I don’t know, I honestly have no fucking clue.” 

Addie flashed a smile, looking down to her phone. “When the wind changes.” 

He let out a groan, placing his hands onto his hips, shaking his head. “Fuck me, I knew that!” 

“So what does that mean?” Charm asked. “Who won?” 

Chris locked his gaze with yours, he took in a deep breath as his lips curved. “Tie?” He muttered. 

You slowly nodded, lips curving at the edges. “Tie.” 

The longer you two stared at one another, it had felt like everyone around you disappeared. Like you were alone and nothing bad could ever happen. There was something about Chris that made you feel safe. Like everything was in its place. 

Rashelle cleared her throat, snapping you out of your trance. “So Chris, since theres an odd number here, do you want to ride Space Mountain with Y/N?” 

You shot her a look, clenching your jaw, making her chuckle. He looked between you and your best friend, and shrugged his shoulders. “I would love too.” He smirked. 

Your stomach fluttered in that moment. All of this felt so surreal. Like something out of a dream. You didn’t want it to end. 

“Sweet. Then lets go! I bet the line is super long already.” Addie exclaimed. 

Being the face of one of Marvel’s big movies, Chris was able to score passes to enter rides without waiting in line. Which made it a lot easier for you and the girls. 

Sitting in your seat, you held on to the bar in front of you, growing excited by the second. 

“You ready?” He asked, glancing at you, with his lips curling. 

Turning your head, you smiled. “I am so ready.” 

The ride began to move, and your heart began to race in your chest. The lights flashed red on the sides, as were slowly going up. Clenching on to the bar, you could hear the countdown begin.

“in Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five-” 

Suddenly, Chris reached his hand out, and covered yours. You quickly looked over, though it was too dark to even see him. You felt your stomach flutter, as your breathing fell slower. 

With the finally countdown, you were off. His grip tightened. Screaming at the top of your lungs, feeling the cool air hit against your face, you were on such a high. 

As the ride was now coming to an end, it was time for the picture. You were so overwhelmed with Chris being next to you, that you couldn’t come up with anything to do but smile. 

The flash came and gone, and you were all back to the lightly dimmed room where people awaited to go on the ride themselves. 

You could hear some gasp, and pictures being taken as they noticed Chris Evans hopping off the ride. But you were so caught up at looking at your hands, you didn’t even notice. 

Even though you were all walking back out, your fingers were intertwined with Chris’. 

“Hurry!” Penny yelled, “I want to see the picture.”

And just like that, they all darted off. Chris squeezed your hand a little tighter, and flashed you a smile. “Come on.” 

Was this really happening? 

Finally making your way to the picture area, you followed the girls to a free monitor. After a few seconds, the picture showed up, and there you were, smiling like an idiot while Chris was looking right at you, with a smile of his own. 

A million thoughts roamed through your mind, but one stuck out more than the others. Why you? 

Out of all the girls in the world, especially with all the girls in Disneyland alone, why was he there with you? Holding your hand and looking at you that way? It confused you. 

But before you could even ask, the little boy you met an hour ago had appeared. 

“Uncle Chris!” Miles exclaimed, throwing his arms around his leg. 

“Oh hey buddy!” Chris smiled. “I was just about to call your mom to find out where you were.”

“We went on star tours!” He shouted, his eyes gleaming with excitement. “And I was the spy!” 

“What? And I missed it?!” He muttered. 

Miles glanced over to you, and immediately, he flashed a cheeky grin. “You found your minnie mouse ears!” 

You let out a soft chuckle, leaning down to him. “Yep! Thanks to you! I thought I had lost it forever.” 

“You’re welcome.” He muttered. Miles looked up to his uncle, slightly squinting his eyes. “Can we go on astro blasters now?” 

Chris nodded, giggling to himself. “Yeah man, we can.” 

The little boy jumped up, squealing out loud. Before you knew it, his tiny hand clasped yours and he began to tug. “Will you ride with me?” He asked. 

You felt your heart melt, as you gazed into the little boys face. How could you possibly say no to him? 

“Of course!” You exclaimed. 

Chris was taken aback. His nephew was never opened to anyone like that before. Not even with his ex, Minka. He seemed comfortable with you, like you had known him all his life. 

And for that, Chris was pulled in further into your trance. 

“Come on!” Miles yelled. 

As you were being dragged toward Astro Blasters, you saw the rest of the Evans. His brother had his niece in his arms, while Carly and Shanna stuffed their mouths with churros. 

Chris and the girls followed close behind you. He enjoyed watching you from behind, and couldn’t stop from glancing at your ass from time to time. 

“There you are!” Carly shouted, wiping her mouth with a napkin. 

“Mommy! I found Uncle Chris.” 

“I see that.” She smiled. Looking at her brother, she furrowed her brows. “A text would have been nice.” 

“I know, I’m sorry sis, I just–” He paused and glanced at you. “I wasn’t thinking.” 

Scott was smiling from ear to ear. “Oh, you found her!” 

Chris nodded, chuckling to himself. “Yeah. I did.” 

Carly scoffed, walking over to you. “Since my brother doesn’t know how to be polite and introduce his friends to his family, I am Carly and this is my sister Shanna.” She flashed you a cheeky grin. 

“I’m Y/N.” You laughed. “and this is Rashelle, Charm, Penny and Addie.” 

“Shit, I forgot you ladies haven’t met.” Chris exhaled. 

“Well aren’t you all just adorable.” Shanna smiled. “What are you doing hanging out with this dork?” 

You shrugged your shoulders, “I’m with the little dude. This guy–” You pointed to Chris. “Won’t leave us alone.” 

The girls belted out into laughter, holding their chest the same way Chris does when he laughs. You could definitely see the resemblance between them. It was crazy. 

“I like you!” Carly cackled. “You fit right in.” 

“Mommy, Y/N said she will go on astro blasters with me!” Miles interrupted. 

“Yea, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity.” You smirked. 

“Can we go?” The boy asked. 

“Yeah baby. Lets go.” 

You all started toward the ride. You still had Miles’ hand in yours while the girls walked with you, along with the Evans sisters. 

Scott pulled Chris back, grabbing his attention. “You finally took a risk.” He muttered. 

Chris nodded, his gaze lingering on your silhouette. “Yeah, and I am glad I did.” 

“Is that your princess Uncles Chris?” His little niece, Stella asked. 

She was really big on the disney princess movies, and that was her way of understanding love. 

Chris glanced at his niece, his lips curving into a soft smile. “You’re my princess, Stella.” He muttered. 

She shook her head, giggling to herself. “No, I’m too wittle!” She exclaimed.

The boys laughed together. 

“She’s got a point man.” Scott breathed. “This girl has already changed the story. The question is, whats going to happen next?” 

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