the mountain brook

A Song Called Existence

[Playlist Prompt]

There is truth

In little corners of our lives

There are hints of it in songs

and children’s eyes

It’s familiar, like an ancient lullaby

“What do I live for?”

Existence is a mystery

I have a lifetime to unveil

While Purpose is that nagging question

That haunts my aimless will

This carbon shell,

This fragile dusty frame

A canvas, like my soul

I am a bruised and broken masterpiece

And it is not I who painted myself

I know there’s glory in this dirt

The dust I was crafted with

Just as a universe is within the sand,

An eternity within a man

I am more than dust

That means something

I am more than just

Blood and emotions

Inklings and notions

Atoms on oceans

I am breath,

I am mist,

A brilliant fool who ruled and kissed

Wandering in skin and soul

Searching, longing for a whole

Transcending beginning and the end

To justify each breath I spend

I found myself searching

everywhere i go

This question

like a shame no one will show

“What do I live for?”

Songs: Hosea’s Wife by Brooke Fraser; I Am Mountain by Gungor; Economy of Mercy by Switchfoot