the mounds


some Angies I sketched in-between some of my uni working

Bendy’s been mistaken for a cat a lot so it kinda makes me think some would think Angie was a sheep or cauliflower


Cors y Gedol Burial Chamber, near Barmouth, North Wales, 31.12.16. In the last few minutes of daylight of 2016, I managed to take a walk through the fog to photograph this burial chamber once again in North Wales. It was eerily quiet except for the fast flowing stream nearby. The chambered cairn is over 84ft long and most of the stones that originally formed the chamber lie behind the capstone and the remaining upright stone. The site was first sketched in 1766 and ordinarily the view of the whole bay from the site is impressive. Along with the cromlech at Dyffryn Ardudwy, this is one of the earliest constructed tombs of the British Isles, dated from well before 4000BCE.

Unsurprisingly, there weren’t any other people around. It’s probably my last prehistoric site of 2016; Happy New Year people!

azuzulira  asked:

In my campaign, I'm thinking about making a city, or town, of monsters. Not a "dangerous" place, in fact they would make sure to do no harm to outsiders. It would have Goblins who tinker and make things, (possibly a way to repair small objects) Imp bakers perhaps, a mimic barkeep, and possibly a dragon for a mayor. Do you have any ideas for more creatures and jobs, such as Blacksmith or Herbalist, as well as WHY the town is filled with non-aggressive monsters?

There are several monsters who are capable of thought, speech, and aren’t evil! Thats a fantastic reason alone. You could also add in calming magic or something simple like that.

Herbalist: Shambling Mound. Loves picking up new herbs, flowers, etc. Always rolls back into town come morning and loves to sell what it has for rare or new plant related things. Maybe has an Awakened Tree as a friend to speak to customers/watch shop while the mound is out. 

Blacksmith: Orc? 

If you have a dragon mayor you could have tons of little Kobold Guards, helpers, etc.