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The Signs as Drake songs
  • Aries: Hold on, we're going home
  • Taurus: Started from the bottom
  • Gemini: Come Thru
  • Cancer: 0-100
  • Leo: Take Care
  • Virgo: Best I ever had
  • Libra: The Motto
  • Scorpio: No new friends
  • Sagittarius: Furthest thing
  • Capricorn: Headlines
  • Aquarius: All me
  • Pisces: Tuscan Leather
The signs as Drake songs

Aries - 0 to 100

Taurus -  Worst Behavior

Gemini - Energy

Cancer - Best I Ever Had

Leo - Started from the Bottom

Virgo - Headlines

Libra - The Motto

Scorpio - How about Now

Sagittarius - Hold on, We’re Going Home

Capricorn - Over

Aquarius - Right Hand

Pisces -Hotline Bling

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When Young Sam and Nate break into Evelyn’s home and they meet the old woman, Nate asks if their mother was Evelyn’s translator, to which she replies that Cassandra was “the greatest historian she’d ever met”, which seems to really surprise Nate.

This makes me think that like, their dad probably tried to minimise their mother’s accomplishments and dismiss any questions Sam and Nate had about her. It would fit with him selling off all their mother’s things, which makes me really sad :(

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