the mothering blackness

I hate when I see videos of black mothers yelling, beating, & cursing at their kids and everyone commenting “Good parenting” and approving such behavior. Black mothers have this stigma that we’re mean, too hard, & rough with our kids. These rough aggressive styles of parenting ruin black children more times than not I know bc I’m a victim of such parenting. Stop that BS myth that you need to be hard on your kids bc the world will. Be gentle, patient, & more affectionate with black children. Whenever I take my daughter to mommy & me classes I get extra stares bc black mothers are looked at as they mean figures rather than nurturing or gentle.


Went car looking and found a few mi like but gotta worry bout other shit right now. Bout tuh go try this food place call Chipotle, apparently it big out in LA. 

Just showin mi face pon y’all dashboards. 

This is for anyone who can’t really relate to Mother’s Day sentiments due to cutting themselves off from toxic parents. Eternal hugs to all of you. I personally haven’t spoken to my mom in over 4 years so it’s always kinda white noise for me when this time comes around. Always remember your feelings are VALID.

“But she’s your MOM.” has to be one of the most insensitive, ignorant, pious fucking statements I’ve ever heard too many times in my life. I can’t stand people who say that to me.

It’s really so generalizing and damaging when people say things like “But they’re you’re family…” as though that mandates that you to continue to enable someone to treat you horribly. IT’S NOT OK.

For those of you who are still dealing with toxic family members, even more hugs to you. It’s a difficult path and we all have our own journey. I wish you strength and peace. You’ll get there.

Much love.