the mother's prayer for its daughter

God loves to use women. Girls, follow the dreams God put in your heart. Proverbs 10:24 “The desire of the righteous will be granted” Follow your dreams. Maybe it’s to be a mother. Maybe it’s to be like Jael, maybe you’re called to go into the military as a woman. Jael was a solider, she defeated Sisera with a tent peg. Or maybe its to be a judge like man I wanna go to law school. I wanna be like Deborah. I wanna be a judge doling out true justice. Or maybe your thing is a prayer warrior like the widow who persistently asked for justice, then go be a prayer warrior. Maybe your desire is to speak forth the oracles of God like the virgin daughters of Philip. Go speak forth the oracles of God as a prophetess. Maybe you want to be a super spy, maybe you want to go into the CIA like Rahab. Maybe your thing is to be a businesswoman. A stylist. A president. A singer. An artist. A pilot. Whatever God has called you to be. Go be that! And don’t let anybody stop you from your dream. Don’t let anybody stop you from your destiny. Don’t let anybody stop you from being everything that God has called you to be. Throw water on the fire of your fears and throw gasoline on the passions of your dreams. And with humble humility, confidence, being beautified with salvation, you rise up. you stand up and you know that God has his hand on your life. So like Philip’s daughters who spoke the oracles of God. Like Esther who saved the Jews. Like Ruth who showed loyalty to Naomi. Like wisdom personified as a woman. Like Deborah who was a judge. Like Jael who was a solider. Like Huldah who was a prophetess. Like Sarah who was a mother. Like Rahab who was a super spy. Like Proverbs says the woman is to be desired above rubies. The woman who fears the Lord she shall be greatly praised. God loves to use women and don’t let anyone tell you anything different.
—  Ben Courson
Because Emily Brontë was looking oppositely not only for heaven (and hell) but for her own female origins, Wuthering Heights is one of the few authentic instances of novelistic myth-making, myth-making in the functional sense of problem-solving. Where writers from Charlotte Brontë and Henry James to James Joyce and Virginia Woolf have used mythic material to give point and structure to their novels, Emily Brontë uses the novel form to give substance–plausibility, really–to her myth. It is urgent that she do so because, as we shall see, the feminist cogency of this myth derives not only from its daring corrections of Milton but also from the fact that it is a distinctively nineteenth-century answer to the question of origin: it is the myth of how culture came about, and specifically of how nineteenth-century society occurred, the tale of where tea-tables, sofas, crinolines, and parsonages like the one at Haworth come from.

Because it is so ambitious a myth, Wuthering Heights has the puzzling self-containment of a mystery in the old sense of that word–the sense of mystery plays and Eleusianian mysteries. Locked in by Lockwood’s uncomprehending narrative, Nelly Dean’s story, with its baffling duplications of names, places, events, seems endlessly to reenact itself, like some ritual that must be cyclically repeated in order to sustain (as well as explain) both nature and culture. At the same time, because it is so prosaic a myth–a myth about crinolines!–Wuthering Heights is not in the least portentous or self-consciously “mythic.” On the contrary, like all true rituals and myths, Brontë’s “cuckoo’s tale” turns a practical, casual, humorous face to its audience. For as Lévi-Straus’s observations suggest, true believers gossip by the prayer wheel, since that modern reverence which enjoins solemnity is simply the foster child of modern skepticism.


Having arrived at the novel’s conclusion, we can now go back to its beginning, and try to summarize the basic story Wuthering Heights tells.


There was an Original Mother (Catherine), a daughter of nature whose motto might be “Thou, Nature, art my goddess; to thy law / My services are bound.” But this girl fell into a decline, at least in part through eating the poisonous cooked food of culture. She fragmented herself into mad or dead selves on the one hand (Catherine, Heathcliff) and into lesser, gentler/genteeler selves on the other (Catherine II, Hareton). The fierce primordial selves disappeared into nature, the perversely hellish heaven which was there home. The more teachable and docile selves learned to read and write, and moved into the fallen cultured worlds of parlors and parsonages, the Miltonic heaven which, from the Original Mother’s point of view, is really hell. Their passage from nature to culture was facilitated by a series of teachers, preachers, nurses, cooks, and model ladies and patriarchs (Nelly, Joseph, Frances, the Lintons), most of whom gradually disappear by the end of the story, since these lesser creations have been so well instructed that they are themselves able to become teachers or models for other generations. Indeed, so model are they that they can be identified with the founders of ancestral houses (Hareton Earnshaw, 1500) and with the original mother redefined as the patriarch’s wife (Catherine Linton Heathcliff Earnshaw).


Looking oppositely for the queendom of heaven, she insists, like Blake, that “I have also the Bible of Hell, which the world shall have whether they will or no.” And in the voice of the wind that sweeps through the newly cultivated garden at Wuthering Heights, we can hear the jaguar, like Blake’s enraged Rintrah, roaring in the distance.
—  Sandra M. Gilbert and Susan Gubar, “Looking Oppositely: Emily Brontë’s Bible of Hell,” The Madwoman in the Attic: The Woman Writer and the Nineteenth-Century Literary Imagination   

One Direction With Kids. Alternately titled STOP GIVING THEM FUCKING CHILDREN. 

This is going to be rather extensive so probs a lot more picture then comments. I might die from my heart exploding before this post is even made so we’ll see what happens. 

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anonymous asked:

Any idea if Colin has ever really been homeless? In the q and a for parked, he sort of smiled and said no comment.wouldn't he just say no if it wasn't true? Also do u think Colin really did do drugs at all for filming, even just to try it to method act it properly? I know about the herba cigs but the heroin? Finally, any update about casting for the rising? I am kinda desperate for Colin to do an Irish national film, given how significantly the troubles affected his life!

Again, many questions, so I will just take them one at a time.

Any idea if Colin has ever really been homeless? In the Q and A for Parked, he sort of smiled and said no comment. Wouldn’t he just say no if it wasn’t true?

First, you forget that this is Colin we’re dealing with. He’s liable to say “No comment,” if you asked him whether the sky looks blue! However, I could see where his answer would beg the question, because it did make me wonder a bit as well.

And, no, I actually have no idea for sure if he’s ever been homeless, but given what we do know about his past, we can extrapolate a bit. He grew up in Armagh, and his family still lives there, which means they must have a home of some kind. So, unless they were displaced from their home for a time due to issues having to do with “The Troubles”, it’s unlikely this was an issue for him then.

We know he lived at home up until the time he went to RSAMD in Glasgow (since he travelled to and from Belfast Metropolitan on the bus). I consider it unlikely that an out-of-country student would not be required to have proof of housing.

Colin has never had a time in his career when he was not steadily working. He was even hired for his first starring role before he’d even graduated from the academy! I also can’t imagine that the director of Vernon God Little wouldn’t have helped Colin set up some sort of living arrangement, seeing as he was going to have to relocate to London for the role.

After Vernon God Little came All About My Mother and A Prayer for My Daughter right on its heels, and Colin was cast for Merlin while he was still performing in Prayer.

In a video taken during preparations for filming the pilot episode, Colin tells the camera that he “ran around his flat screaming” when he learnt he’d been cast, ergo, he had a flat to run around!

So really, the only time I could see this occurring was during the time he was researching for the role of Cathal, and since he did go to shelters and speak with homeless people as part of his research, it is certainly conceivable that Colin might actually spend a few days on the street to better understand it. I’m not saying he did, but this would be the time that made the most sense, if he did.

Also do you think Colin really did do drugs at all for filming, even just to try it to method act it properly? I know about the herba cigs but the heroin?

Normally I don’t do this when I’m answering a question since I wasn’t there, I’m not inside Colin’s head, nor do I have the access to ask him personally, but I have got to put a big, red stamp of NO on this one.

Not to “goody two shoes” Colin or anything, but considering that:

  • He is a lactose intolerant vegetarian.
  • He cooks his own food.
  • He buys his fruits and vegetables from Farmer’s Markets because he wants to get his food as fresh and chemical free as possible.
  • He carries a water bottle around with him almost constantly.
  • At least some of his clothes are from companies that recycle, and he obviously hangs on to his clothing for a long time.
  • He takes public transportation around London even though it can be a hassle for him because he cares about his carbon footprint and its impact on the environment.
  • He goes on eco-vacations to places like Costa Rica.
  • He does yoga regularly and believes in its health properties.
  • (And this is a big one…) His mother is a nurse.

I grew up as the daughter of a pharmacist (or druggist or chemist depending on where you’re from) and I can tell you that:

A) I learned a very healthy respect for medication at a very young age, and

B) I would have had my arse kicked to kingdom come if I had ever considered abusing them. I would think it would be a similar experience for the son of a nurse.

Now I know that he said he talked to several addicts who were in rehab and they taught him how to look authentic when filming those scenes where Cathal was shooting up. And he said he did a lot of research in the form of reading and talking to people. We also know Colin has a bent toward “method acting” (losing 20+ pounds while he was portraying “Skinny” for Mojo to be more authentic, for example). As I mentioned above, I could even see the possibility of him spending a little time on the streets of Dublin as research (though I would consider it much more likely that someone might have taken him on a “tour” rather than him trying to actually live on the streets).

But there is absolutely no way to convince me that Colin would have taken heroin—an incredibly addictive and highly lethal illegal drug—even once, for method acting or any other purpose.

Finally, any update about casting for The Rising? I am kinda desperate for Colin to do an Irish national film, given how significantly The Troubles affected his life!

I have to think that Colin has been approached by now regarding this project. The question will be whether it’s a project Colin wants in on. I agree that it would be exciting to see him in a film like this, but he’s the one looking at the script and determining if the part speaks to him, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Although originally the timeline given for announcements on casting was supposed to be July, it looks like that timeline has been pushed back a bit. On their Facebook page, someone asked them about whether the movie was fully cast yet and this was their response (as of September 10th):

We are making an announcement about casting this autumn. Please read about our opportunity on our social media and promotion team. Thank you for your interest in The Rising, we really appreciate it. - The Rising Team

If they are still on target for filming to begin in February, hopefully we will hear something about it soon!