the mother tuckers

Be his mother Tucker x reader

Tucker x reader

Be his mother

“You want me to do what?”

“I told you. I want you to be the mother of my kid.”

Tucker had randomly approached you and asked you to do him a huge favor. You were a bit skeptical yet he looked pretty despite so you had to ask what he wanted you to do. That was when he dropped the bomb on you.

“It’s an alien baby! I don’t even know how to care for a regular human baby.” You told him.

“Pfft. How different could they be?’ You opened your mouth to answer but he cut you off. ‘Don’t answer that. Anyway, you’re the only one I can ask here for help. Doc can only help so much, Caboose has no idea how to even care for himself half the time, Church is still in denial over this and a ghost so he can’t do shit, and there is no way in hell that I’m going to the Reds for help.”

As Tucker continued to rant you took his words to thought. It was true that the other members of Blue team were just as in shock, and admittingly useless, about the alien baby situation, you could kind of see why he needed your help so desperately. He looked tired, his brown eyes looked heavy like he would fall asleep at any moment. He had been caring for this child nonstop since Doc left to go check on the Reds a few days ago.

Why not throw the guy a bone.

“Alright fine.” You finally said cutting off his talk about how Caboose still wasn’t really fully recovered from the first time Junior fed off his blood. “I’ll help you take care of Junior for a while.”

Tucker looked as happy as a kid on Christmas morning. “Thank you so much y/n!” He was so happy that he didn’t fully realize it himself when he pulled you in for a thank you kiss.

Everything seemed to stop when his lips met your own. Your e/c eyes widened in shock at first contact. Tucker seemed to realize what he was doing and started to pull away quickly. Moving faster, you pulled him back towards your waiting mouth and kissed him back, all feelings for him in the past now at the front of your mind and actions.

This time Tucker didn’t protest and gladly returned your affection with a soft moan and pushed harder against your mouth.

When it was time to get some air, you were both panting for breath.

“So *huff* where do we go from here?” You asked with a dark blush on your face.

After catching his breath, he gave you a little smile that lit up his tired face.

“I guess that means you’re Junior’s new mother.”

Pretty good for someone who has little romantic experience if I say so myself.

So me and @renaroo​ were really bored together and this is the result. AU with the Reds and the Blues on equally crappy ships always competing for bounties.

The blues techically have the better ship “the Tank’. But there Ai Sheila, whom they need to run it Hates church. and has tried to kill him a few times, So he hired Tucker and Caboose pretty much to Keep the Pysco passive aggressive Ai Happy.

The reds have a Crappier ship and smaller Ship, ‘The warthog’ while they need no Ai to get it moving, and its way easier to get parts for it, as they tend to brake it alot.