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Pagan Musicians Masterpost

Here’s a list of pagan bands/artists for your listening pleasure! Feel free to add more if you know them:

  • Damh the Bard - Folk (Celtic)
  • Blackmore’s Night - Folk Rock (Renaissance)
  • Castalia - Rock (Wiccan/Greek)
  • Elaine Silver - Folk/Acapella (Faerie)
  • Emerald Rose - Folk (Celtic/Wiccan?)
  • Enya - New Age  (Not actually pagan, but very calming/spiritual)
  • Faun - German Rock (Celtic/Norse)
  • Fleetwood Mac - Soft Rock (Again, not pagan, but spiritual)
  • Stevie Nicks - Pop/Folk Rock (Lead singer of FM, very witchy)
  • Fugli - Folk/Spoken Word (Shakespearean Faerie)
  • Gary Stadler - New Age Composer/Pianist (Celtic/Faerie)
  • Fehu - Folk Rock (Norse)
  • Wendy Rule - New Age/Rock (Faerie)
  • Heather Dale - Folk Rock (Greek)
  • KIVA - New Age/Chants (Greek/Celtic)
  • Spiral Dance - Folk Rock (Greek/Celtic)
  • Heather Alexander - Irish Folk/Acapella (Celtic/Arthurian)
  • Lisa Thiel - Acapella/Folk (Faerie)
  • Moonstruck - Rock/Metal (Wiccan/Celtic)
  • Lucidian - Folk (Wiccan)
  • Llewellyn - New Age (Arthurian/Healing Spirituality)
  • Robert Gass - Chants (Mother Earth Spirituality)
  • S.J. Tucker - Folk Rock (Celtic-ish, just generally Witchy)
  • Spiral Rhythm - Chants (Perfect for drum circles)
  • Threefold - New Age (Wiccan/Celtic)
  • Gheorghe Zamfir - Instrumental Pop (Pan pipes)
  • Loreena McKennitt - New Age/Folk Rock (Celtic)
  • Heidevolk - Folk Metal (Norse/Celtic)
  • Wolfchant - Viking Metal (Norse)
  • Arkona - Russian Pagan Metal (Norse)
Wishes for Season 19 of SVU

To actually have good quality cases, and not ones that have been so convoluted like this season (the rape by fraud one, the rape gene one, the hypnosis one) and more variety in kinds of cases SVU has had like past seasons (not just rapes but domestic violence, kidnapping, child abuse, rings) 

As much as I love Liv, more centric episodes with the rest of the cast particularly Fin, Barba, and Carisi.


Do bring back Huang, Melinda, Munch, Cragen, or Elliot!


If they are going to do ripped from the headlines episodes, do ones like in previous seasons where they may have been cases from smaller, local or regional as opposed to national and NOT ANY MORE ABOUT TRUMP!

Seeing where Barba and Carisi live and Carisi’s family!

Actually mention that Declan Murphy is Amanda’s baby daddy!

Keep bringing Rita Calhoun back as defense attorney, because she is the best defense attorney next to Langen! 

Have someone in the squad or Barba be falsely accused of a crime, like Liv was in Perverted in Season 11! 

Finally, crossover with Chicago P.D. again! It would probably boost ratings!


(*THESE ARE NOT MY PHOTOS! THESE ARE TREMAINE’S MOTHERS PHOTOS FROM HER REAL INSTAGRAM @amgt *) I just wanted to share because their family is beautiful & their connection/bond is something I wish I could have with my mom now but…ehh…long story y’all don’t care. Y’all just here for the picture. Enjoy.

Don't Leave (Craig x Reader)

Don’t Leave

Craig x Reader

(Trigger warning: This imagine involves depression and suicidal words/actions. Read only if you are comfortable with such scenes.)

        It was a beautiful October morning. The air was crisp and smelled of autumn. Leaves crunched under your feet as you walked on the sidewalk. Today was Friday and you had the day off of school due to teacher meetings. But that wasn’t the reason today was special. Exactly one year ago was the day you started dating Craig Tucker.

        One year ago, the two of you were in junior year of high school. You were fed up with the dumb asses that were your peers and needed someone to rant to. Who did you normally go to rant to? None other than your best friend, Craig mother fucking Tucker. But Craig was in detention for flipping of Mr. Garrison, so you did what any best friend would do. You broke him out.

        After sneaking out of the school, you two got food at Taco Bell and went down to Starks Pond. Sitting down on a bench, Craig ate and listened while you ranted about how everyone in the grade was a complete moron and he was the only smart one you knew. Craig was silent for most of your rant. When you finally finished, he swallowed the last bite of his taco and finally spoke. “Let’s go kill people in Grand Theft Auto.” Laughing, you agreed. Cracking a small smile, he stood up and you two walked to his place.

        The two of you played GTA5 for hours, killing random bystanders and laughing when the cops tried to kill you. “Craig, I need you to pick me up,” you said.

        "Okay, where are you?“

        "In front of the convenient store by the strip club.”

        "I’m on my way.“

        "Yeah… Could you possibly be on your way a little bit faster?”

        "Why? What did you do?“

        ”…I may or may not have four stars right now…“

        "Damn, Y/n,” he said, “What did you do?”

        "Let’s see… I killed a cop, stole a cop car, drove it to the airport, stole a jet, exploded it, robbed this store, and shot the clerk.“

        "Holy shit.”

        "Yeah… Oh! Just killed another cop…. And now I have five stars…“

        "Alright, I’m here.”

        "Which one are you?“

        "The red sports car.”

        "I see you. Oh shit they’re shoot at me. I’m in! I’m in! Go! Go! Go!“

        "I’m going!”

        "Faster man! They’re right behind us!“

        "Thanks to someone.”

        "Hey! That cop was shooting me. It was in self defense!“

        "He was shooting at you because you robbed a store and shot a clerk.”

        "That’s completely beside the point!“ Craig laughed. "Oh! Wait, I think I have a sticky bomb!” Only a few seconds later, there was a giant explosion.

        "Did you seriously just sticky bomb a cop car?“

        "Yeah, but I’m pretty sure I blew up at least three. Alright, now drive to the airport. I want to steal a helicopter!”

        It was another twenty minutes before you were finally shot down by the cops for killing all the strippers at the strip club. “Dude, why did you kill that stripper?” Craig asked as your player reset.

        "Her lap dance sucked.“

        "Okay, but why did you kill all the others?”

        "For the hell of it.“ Craig laughed and you grinned. Finally, Ruby kicked you two out of the living room, so you went up to his room. Falling onto his bed, you sighed. "Dude, you sister sucks.”

        "Yeah. What do you want to do now?“ You shrugged.

        "I don’t know…”

        "….Hey Y/n…“


        "Can I tell you something?“ You rolled over onto your belly and looked at him. He sat cross legged on the bed in front of you.

        "Sure man. What’s up?”

        "I… I think I like someone.“ You arched an eyebrow.

        "You think?” Craig bit his lip.

        "Okay, I do like someone.“

        ”…Is it Clyde?“

        "What the fuck,Y/n? No!” he exclaimed, his cheeks bright pink. You shrugged.

        "What? It was a valid question! You never said if it was a guy or not.“

        "It’s a girl…”

        "Okay….“ He was silent and you rolled your eyes. "Go on…”

        "It’s just… I don’t know how to tell her. I’m not really good at these sort of things.“

        "Maybe I can help you. What’s she like?”

        "Well… she’s straight forward, blunt, doesn’t really put up with any bullshit…“ You gave an encouraging nod and he continued. "And she’s really cool. She likes video games, especially violent ones where she can kill people.” You chuckled.

        "I need to meet this girl,“ you said, "She sounds bad ass.” Craig cracked a small smile.

        "Yeah, she is…“

        "Well,” you said, thinking, “She doesn’t sound like the kind of girl who wants the whole ‘overly romantic’ thing, ya know? Like roses, chocolates, and all that shit. Or any beating around the bush. I say get the girl some food, maybe a few cheat codes, and tell her you like her and you want to go out.”

        "And you’d think she’ll yes?“

        "If she likes you, she will.” Craig nodded. Then he stood up.

        "I’ll be right back,“ he said and left the room. Shrugging, you walked over to Stripes cage and began to play with the little guinea pig. About eight minutes later Craig came back, hands behind his back. You turned around, Stripe’s head sticking out of your sweatshirt pocket. Craig smiled at the cuteness of it all.

        "Took you long enough. Where the hell were you?” Craig only walked in and stood in front of you, who was sitting on his bed, his hands still behind his back. Silently, he handed you a bag of chips and a slip of paper.

        "What are these for?“ you asked, taking them.

        "Food and cheat codes,” he said quietly. It took you a moment, but finally the realization hit you like a smack in the face.

        "Oh…“ Craig shuffled his feet nervously.

        "I’m really not good at these things,” he said in his nasally voice, “but I really like you, Y/n. You’re fucking awesome and if you went out with me, I’d be so happy…” You smiled and set the bag and paper down before standing up.

        "Well, I do like it when your happy,“ you said. Craig stared at you with wide eyes and you laughed. "Oh for fucks sake, Craig. Yes, I’ll go out with you.” Craig smiled and pulled you in for a kiss, mindful of the fragile rodent in your front pocket. You felt the small animal nuzzle your stomach and laughed. “Looks like Stripe approves.” Craig laughed and kissed you again.

      That was a year ago. Things were so different back then. You two played video games like GTA5 and just derped around, causing mayhem and destruction wherever you went. You ate junk food and Googled cheat codes. You laughed. He laughed. You missed those days.

        Now, you two never played video games or really did anything for that matter. You hadn’t heard him laugh in so long. Hell, you could hardly remember what it sounded like! He never smiled, not even when he spent time with Stripe! It got so bad that his parents actually began to notice. They took him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with depression and prescribed medication. But you knew he didn’t take it. He always hated taking pills. But since he didn’t take the medicine, he didn’t get better and your relationship was starting to seriously suffer.

        You two never really hung out that much anymore. You never kissed. Hell, you can’t remember the last time you two even hugged! It didn’t feel like a relationship any more. He just wasn’t the Craig you fell in love with. So that is why you were headed to his place, to talk to him. As much as you loved him, both of you were suffering and the best thing for both of would be to end it. He could focus on getting better, and you could focus on school and college applications. It was for the best.

        Slowly, you walked up the steps of his porch and knocked on his door. You noted the car was absent from the driveway along with Ruby’s bike, indicating he was alone in the house. You guessed that was a good thing. The last thing you need were eavesdroppers. The door opened and Craig motioned for you to come inside. You walked in and sat on the couch and he shut the door and sat next to you.


        "Hey,” you said quietly. You two were silent, the only sound was the quiet ticking of the second hand on the clock on the mantle. You took a deep breath and let it out. “Look, Craig,” you started, “I need to talk to you about something.” He said nothing, but stared back at you. You took this as a cue to go on. “Lately, thing haven’t been…well… the same… And we are older now and have to deal with different things than before. You know, like making sure we graduate high school with good enough grades and the whole college thing is a pain in the ass. And we… well, we aren’t exactly 'us’ anymore.” Craig only blinked and you sighed.

        "Look, we only have one year left here before we go who knows where. And with everything going on all at once… I just… I think it would be best for both of us if we broke up.“ Craig had remained silent and emotionless throughout your entire speech, but with those last few words he stood up and walked into the kitchen. Confused, you stayed seated, unsure of what he was doing. But everything became clear when walked back onto the room… with a large cutting knife held to his throat. Startled, you stood up.

        "Craig! What the hell?!”

        "Y/n, I know you’re dealing with a lot of shit, but you are not going to leave me.“ His voice was hard and cold, so unlike the adorable nasally sound you were used to. You could only stand there frozen, silent, about a yard away from him. "You don’t know what it’s like, Y/n. It’s horrible. Nothing is good anymore. Everything is shit! Everything! And there’s nothing I can do about it!”

        "Craig, listen to me,“ you said slowly, careful of each word you spoke, "You can do something about it. All you have to do is take the pills-”

        "Goddamn it! I’m NOT taking those fucking pills, Y/n!“ he screamed, the blade dangerously close to his neck. "I’m NOT taking ANYTHING!” He was shaking now, and you were afraid he would end up slicing his neck, but if tried to walk closer, he’d press the knife harder against his throat.

        "Craig, please,“ you whispered.

        "No, Y/n!” he yelled, “Listen to me! The only reason I haven’t killed myself yet is because of you! Whenever I was about to, I had the fucking knife in my fucking hand, I thought of you. I thought of you and I couldn’t do it! You are the only thing keeping me alive and God help me if you leave me, I WILL do it!”

        Tears stung your eyes as you stared at him. He was watching you intently, his eyes wild with emotions. You don’t know how long you stood there. It felt like hours. The only sound was the ticking of the clock and his harsh, angry breathing. Slowly, you took a baby step towards him. "Craig,“ you whispered. His hand twitched, but he didn’t say anything, his eyes on you, unblinking. "Craig,” you spoke again, this time a little louder, but this time your voice cracked. His hand seemed to relax ever so slightly on the blade. “Craig, I’m not going to,” you said as you slowly walk to him. His gaze softened slightly.

        "What?“ he whispered shakily. You shook your head, still slowly making your way towards him.

        "I’m not going to leave you, Craig. I’m not leaving you.” His grip on the blade loosened more and when you finally got to him, you were able to slip out of his hand and drop it to the floor. He broke down crying in your arms. You fell to your knees, but he didn’t seem to notice, clutching onto you like a lifeline. You said nothing, but held him close, gently rocking back and forth. When he stopped crying, he slowly looked up at you. You cupped his cheek in your hand.

        "Promise?“ he asked, his voice raw and cracked.

        "I promise,” you whisper, leaning your forehead against his, “We’ll get through this together.” Craig let out a shaky breath and closed his eyes, feeling safe in your arms. Finally, after months of not being able to trust anything anyone said, not being able to trust his own mind, of not having anything to hold onto, Craig finally had something he could rely on. He had you and your promise. And one thing he knew he could trust, was you and your word.         

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