the mother otp

She is so in love

Jorah: “I’ll venture beyond the Wall!”
Dany: “Safe travels.”
Jon: “I’ll lead the expedition.”
Dany: *triggered* “I DID NOT GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO LEAVE (me) !!”


Dany learning the truth about Jon’s past: A Thrilling Saga™

July 15

On this day, three years ago - July 15, 2014 - we were blessed with Chapter 685 \(*///*)/

I can still remember it clearly. While preparing for the feast day of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel at the dorm the next day, I read this at our lobby - and all fangirling feels exploded. I was jumping up and down and I fell on the floor squealing… 

Well, I’m sure every SasuSaku fan went crazy, and tumblr witnessed it all :D

This was Kishimoto-sama’s entry for SasuSaku Month 2014… and definitely one of the best entries ever (*O*)9 I still think he knows July is SS month

Happy SasuSaku Month 2017!!!

There is nothing you can say, and by that I mean nothing, that will convince me their relationship was just the ‘heat of the moment’, that they weren’t supposed to end up together.